Who’s the daddy?

Paternity can now be verified by a simple test – but that doesn’t mean it should be

23 October 2010

12:00 AM

23 October 2010

12:00 AM

It’s a wise child, they say, that knows its own father. Nowadays, however, wisdom is hardly required; DNA tests can do the job with scientific certainty. For the entire course of human history, men have nursed profound, troubling doubts about the fundamental question of whether or not they were fathers to their own children; women, by contrast, usually enjoyed a reasonable level of certainty about the matter.

Now, a cotton-wool swab with a bit of saliva, plus a small fee, less than £200, can settle the matter. At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers. DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with. And that holds true even though many women have the economic potential to provide for their children themselves.

The subject has resurfaced lately, courtesy of a story in the Daily Mail, about a married television presenter who for years had been paying for the support of a child conceived, as he thought, as a result of his relationship with a writer. It seems that after meeting the child for the first time, he asked for a DNA test; it duly turned out that he was not, after all, the father. Poor child.


The next Bridget Jones movie may turn this under-discussed issue into a talking point. For those who didn’t follow the columns that took our heroine into the next stage of female angst — about being childless rather than single — the gist is that BJ becomes pregnant, but she is not entirely sure by whom, having been seeing the nice Colin Firth boyfriend, and the bad Hugh Grant one, in pretty short order. The matter could have been fruitfully ambiguous, with Bridget having a choice of fathers, but it was resolved in sordid contemporary fashion, one of the candidates being wrestled to the ground by Bridget’s girlfriends, so as to swab his inside cheek for a DNA sample. And so she found out the paternity of the baby and the most ancient game of humankind, Guess the Daddy, wasn’t played any more.

Now I can see that some men might rather welcome an end to the old-fashioned scenario whereby they find themselves held to account for the paternity of children born to girls with whom they just happen to have had sex. The actor Jude Law recently found himself in just this position, and unhesitatingly and ungallantly demanded a DNA test.

By contrast, the old situation, in which women presented men with a child, and the man either did the decent thing and offered support, or made a run for it, allowed women a certain leeway. The courtesan in Balzac who, on becoming pregnant, unhesitatingly sought, and got, maintenance from two of her men friends, can’t have been the only one. Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them.

The point is that paternity was ambiguous and it was effectively up to the mother to name her child’s father, or not. (That eminently sensible Jewish custom, whereby Jewishness is passed through the mother, was based on the fact that we only really knew who our mothers are.) Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter? You can feel quite as much tenderness for a child you mistakenly think to be yours as for one who is. Piers Paul Read’s interesting new novel, The Misogynist, touches on just this issue.

A.C. Grayling, the philosopher, has written with feeling on this question this week, in an article for the Evening Standard. Noting that 4 per cent of men are, all unknowing, raising children who are not genetically theirs, according to a report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Human Health, he ponders the impact a DNA paternity test can have: ‘The result can be shattering, leading to divorce, marital violence, mental health difficulties for all parties including the children.’ Well, yes. Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.

Our generation sets a good deal of store by certain knowledge. And DNA tests have obvious advantages when it comes to identifying less happy elements of our heredity: congenital disease, for instance. But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice. I’m not sure that many people are much happier for it.

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  • John Waters

    A few questions for Ms McDonagh:

    1. Do women have any “moral obligations” or are these limited to men who happen to draw the short straw when a promiscuous, “choice”-happy female seeks to subject hims to extortion and at the same time deprive the child and the child’s true father of their moral right to know one another?

    2. Does she have any sons and, if so, does she ever reflect on the logical consequences of her opinions in their future lives?

    3. What “God” was A.C. Graying crediting with “knowing” about this stuff?


  • Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

    Ms.McDonagh seems to be grieving for a woman’s ability to decieve her husband/partner that he may not be the biological father of the child he rears and loves.
    Yes Ms. McDonagh it does matter. It matters a lot.

  • Coastal

    Of course, if the whole genetic aspects of parenthood are so insignificant, it seems like the NHS could save some desperately needed cash by scrapping all those wristbands, footprints and the like in maternity wards.

    The kids could all be put in cots on an airport-style baggage carousel and just take which ever one comes up next when they’re leaving. Sauce for the goose, eh, Mel?

    • WJ Alden

      “Hello, new mother – there’s a 96-99% chance this baby is yours. Enjoy!”

  • Stu

    “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with.”

    And there was me thinking that feminism was all about equality between the sexes. Seeing as men

    “The actor Jude Law recently found himself in just this position, and unhesitatingly and ungallantly demanded a DNA test. “

    So, gallantry is taking responsibilty for a womans mistakes? Must we me be martyrs to a womans infidelity?

    “Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them.”

    Why stop there? If lack of involvement in the conception of the child should be no barrier to a woman picking the best man for the job of “father”, why limit her choices to the men she has recently slept with? Why not let her just chose any man? So the girl who gets herself knocked up by the drummer from the band can take her pick of the “nice guys” she wouldn’t normally deign to sleep with just because they will be better providers?

    “You can feel quite as much tenderness for a child you mistakenly think to be yours as for one who is.”

    The lack logic in this statement is astounding. If you “mistakenly think [the child] to be yours” then of course you will feel tenderness towards them. The point is most men do not want to invest their time and time resources in a child that is not theirs – especially if it effectively robs them from having their own childen at some point.

    “Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”

    What moral obligation does a man have to parent children he did not conceive? Does having sex with a woman consign a man to be morally responsible for anything that happens to her for the rest of her life? If so, I’d like that priviledge extended to men – if I have sex with a woman then she should be responsible for doing my laundry and cooking my meals? Feminism fought for the removal of that kind of obligation but obviously not for men.

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”

    What about the choice not to be held accountable for an action that one didn’t commit?

    I’m amazed that the editor(s) of The Spectator have allowed this article to be published and even more amazed that Melanie MdDonagh got paid for writing this misandrist claptrap.

  • Salamandyr

    At first I wanted to point at this essay as a prime example of the vacuity of modern feminism; but on further reflection, all it really indicates is Melanie McDonagh is a moron.

  • ertdfg

    Ah yes, it’s sad that women can’t lie, demand support, and cheat men for financial gain. I can see the sorrow.

    Since we’re pining for the good old days; lets bring back some reason for women to be more honest (since we’ll be rewarding them for lying).

    Lets bring back the rule by which you can beat your wife/female child, etc. with a stick so long as the stick isn’t too large. that might keep the ladies honest.

    So, patriarchal society with beatings doled out to ladies who don;’t “know their place” and women who can lie to demand support for their kids from men who they may well know aren’t the father. Deal?

    Or were you simply looking to enable women to engage in criminal fraud for financial gain without any possible downside?

    Let me guess; it’s “for the children” that you need the right to commit fraud? Much less the lovely example of a woman who conned two men into each believing they were the father to get paid twice…

    Is there any other forms of fraud that should be legalized? Identity-theft perhaps? Or is it just women in these specific cases who should be allowed fraud for profit?

  • Patrick Brown

    Leaving aside the obnoxious sexism and entitlement of the article, are the Spectator’s editors aware Ms McDonagh has recycled this from a piece she wrote for The Times last year?

  • Rocks

    Next she needs to defend the “choice” of butchers and grocers to use invalid scales and perhaps the “choice” of people to pass checks with insufficient funds.

  • Wow just wow.

    To quote John Cleese
    What an eccentric performance

  • B Johnson

    Ah for the good old days when the police didn’t have the unfair advantage of DNA testing in dealing with serial sex offenders. This intrusive test has gone a long ways towards removing from serial offenders a powerful instrument of choice. The choice to go on offending.

  • BobW

    Written by someone who will never doubt who the mother of her child is. The subject doesn’t even come up for you.

  • Finbarrok

    Wow. This woman actually thinks it’s better to fleece innocent men of child support and to burden them with the guilt and responsibility of children that aren’t theirs, and to lie to children about who their fathers are? Because the alternative might inconveniencde women?? I wonder what ms. McDonagh’s response would be if this situation was reversed and a man had written an artifcle arguing that women should be deceived because the truth might be awkward for men, but i think I can guess. Words fail me with how repellent I find this article and its author. Vitriolic and vacuous in the extreme. Mcdonagh argues that it has ‘removed from women a powerful instrument of choice’ and laments this development. Wrong, it has clearly removed from women a powerful instrument of deception, a progression which is to be lauded.

    • Take The Red Pill

      Just a typical narcissistic feminist who wants her life supported by some man whom she also doesn’t think is “worthy” of her at the same time.
      It’s spoiled entitled tw*ts like her who are making MGTOW grow by leaps and bounds. And the great thing is that we don’t have to do any ‘recruiting’ at all — hypocrites like her do all our ‘recruiting’ for us!

  • SZ

    “Paternity was ambiguous…”

    Paternity is only ever ambiguous in the case in which the mother happens to be a prostitute or is promiscuous (what used to be called being a “slut”). By making such a generalising statement, is Ms McDonagh suggesting that all women are prostitutes or sluts?

  • Ben

    Melanie McDonagh argues that since good women have been deceived by bad men, bad women should be allowed to deceive good men.

    How vile.

  • Rip

    “moral obligations” ha. This drivel is some sort of practical joke, right? Or just another attempt of feminists to avoid responsibility for their actions. If this is feminism, it’s pretty pathetic. All it does is reinforce negative stereotypes that women are incapable of acting responsibly and have no intention of achieving equality.

  • Will S.

    Thus the bankruptcy of modern ‘conservatism’, when an ostensibly conservative magazine like the Spectator publishes such feminazi drivel as this.

  • Michael maier

    October 28th, 2010 4:28pm
    At first I wanted to point at this essay as a prime example of the vacuity of modern feminism; but on further reflection, all it really indicates is Melanie McDonagh is a moron.

    Actually, it looks to be both?

  • Mikesbo

    You’re out of your mind.

    Do you honestly think men are collectively your servants waiting in line for you to decide who will be given the honor of supporting you and *your* child?

    Have you heard of such a thing as consequences, or does that only apply to men? I mean, if it’s his child, he needs to pay for it, right? Yet, you may sleep around, have your lover’s child, yet *good* is best served by your provider-man, your husband, the cuckold, thinking the child is his? No consequences for you is best.

    This is feminism at its shining best, men.

  • Luke Smith

    “Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt. “

    Uh, what moral obligation does a man owe to an ex-wife who has cuckolded him? Frankly, such a faithless woman deserves any “misery, recrimination and guilt” she receives. And, any consequences to the child are all on her head; SHE is to blame for intentionally acting in a way that brings a child into the world without its mother being married to its genetic father.

    IMO, paterntiy tests are a good thing. They make women have to finally grow up some and take responsibility for their actions. This is the essence of being an adult, something most men have long understood.

  • kurt

    Glad I’m not her son.

  • Uncle Sol

    Seriously. I wonder how many years of therapy it took to arrive at this conclusion

  • Devon Lee

    I’m afraid I could only accept this scenario, dear author, if all the babies born on a particular day were randomly assigned to a pair of parents. If this doesn’t appeal to you, I invite you to consider how a male might feel in the scenario that you outline.

  • Ram444

    This article makes me sick.

  • Pat H.

    What a vile article. Paternity testing should be made mandatory. It would help prevent quite a few very violent divorces that come up when the truth comes out, as it always does.

    When feminism is equated to Men v Women instead of helping women bridge the gap to equality it’s not really feminism anymore, it’s just misanddrist.

  • Dream Puppy

    You are pushing men towards the already increasingly popular “never marry” route, leaving millions of women who like me, actually WANT a loving committed marriage SOL.

    You do know men are human beings right?

    I have a suggestion, perhaps when you pop out some devil spawn from your fang laden vagina, CPS can swoop in, snatch it and take it to a more loving and nurturing mother, with better resources. You will still have to provide a monthly stipend, as it is yours, after all. Fair’s fair.

  • Sam Spade

    Ambiguous paternity = promiscuous mother. Plain and simple.

  • Alexandra Selkirk

    This article is either a (sick) joke, or a deliberate provocation of a male mysogynist pig pretending to be a feminazi to rally other men to his cause…

  • Goran

    This article is so staggeringly egoistical and vile that I am at a loss for words. Deceiving your partner about one of the most important things in anyone’s life is not a choice or right, it is a CRIME.

    If you believe this then you, Madam, deserve to be cheated on and dumped by all of the men in your life. I can only hope that they use condoms before doing that.

  • steven

    I want to sincerely thank Melanie and other feminists I’ve read or spoken to over the years. I am a young man who used to consider myself a feminist when I thought it was about promoting the idea that men and women are both valuable and one sex isn’t intrinsically better than the other. That was my definition of “equal.” Not equal in all abilities or biology, but equal in worth as human beings with complimentary roles in life.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that I was misled. Feminism does not stand for what I believe in. Your article makes this quite clear. Please keep letting the world know what feminism is really about.

    You’re right when you say “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science.” But they are a pro Humanist application of science, and must be mandatory.

  • John Boy

    This is why the legal concept of, “Everything inside the marriage is his and everything outside the marriage is hers” evolved. In times of yore, there had to be some sort of accomodation. I think the modern idiotic feminist position is now, “Everything his hers, and nothing is his”. It won’t work.

  • Antoninus

    So this is the feminist promise? Our civilization is on its last leg. It was a good run.

  • Stephanie Sinclair

    “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with.”


  • Daniel

    How about you take responsibility for your own actions and don’t engage in sexual intercourse with men who you would not want to be the father of your children?

    Stop having sex with deadbeats and trying to manipulate and trick “provider types” into raising your mistakes.

    The fact that you call this is a woman’s choice is absolutely disgusting.

  • A.S.

    This is some new kind of insane craziness. Paternity now never needs to be ambiguous and it should be criminal for a woman to deceive a man about his relationship to her offspring.

    You know, cudgels are also powerful instruments of choice. That doesn’t make them just or right or moral to use. Much of society has matured beyond the Stone Age. Melanie should consider following suit.

    You just single-handedly demolished any shred of credibility the feminist movement had left of it.

  • Sarah

    Oh dear god. On a very, very weak level the argument that a woman should be able to choose the father who would “best suit her child” makes sense–in the sense that, if she were unable to support herself she might be able to find a willing man to take on the role of father (if the real father refused to stand up), but of course that entire argument is made moot by the fact of modern day child support.

    PERHAPS in the olden days when a woman a) could not work and b) would be ostracized from society because her child had no father, this would have made sense ONLY in that it would be a last-chance survival mechanism. But now? Especially when a mother naming the father essentially means the man is on call for child support for the next 18 years? How can one even try to argue that it’s acceptable for woman to just point at a random guy off the street and call him the father, and throw him on the hook for child-and-emotional support?

    This would literally be the same as saying that punishing rapists/offering women assistance in finding their rapists is unfair to men. Back in the day when women were all weak and unable to work and such, how did men choose their future wives? A lot of them just went ahead and raped the girl, hmm. Well, now all these anti-rape laws are really just standing in the way of men making that “important choice” of who should be the mother of their children.

    I am honestly in awe that someone would try to make this argument. You’re actually trying to say that women have the right to take any man they want, call him the father (whether he likes it or not), not allow for paternity testing (so he can’t contest the claim), and put him on the hook for 18 years of child support. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Obviously, if the child support and the legal obligations didn’t exist, this wouldn’t be as inane of an argument (well, it would be, but it’d at least be less of an issue), but really? Are people really this stupid?

  • No Ma’am

    Dear Melanie,

    If we assume 6 billion people on the planet, we’ll divide that by 2 to get a rough count of men. 4% of 3 billion is 120 million. Now, we know that not all men reproduce; in fact genetic studies show that something like 40% of men across all time as a species reproduced, with about 80% of women reproducing.

    Do you think that some of the probably at this point billions of men that have lived and died who have been tricked into raising a child that isn’t theirs might possibly disagree with your assertion that it “doesn’t really matter”?

    Given my estimation of your intelligence based solely on this article let me clarify; that’s a rhetorical question designed to make you think.

    I know, I know; thinking is hard an’ all that, please try occasionally.

    You may find that probably a significant majority of not only men, but (I hope) just people in general find that starting a family on lie that large may in fact be a really bad idea.

    Let’s put it another way Melanie. Pretend you’re a man for a minute. You’re seeing some girl. Whether you want to start a family with her for this example is irrelevant. She tells you she’s pregnant. If she knows it’s not your child, (it is irrelevant who the father actually is) and acts as if it is and you go along with the whole thing assuming that it is your child and you raise it as such, when you find out 10 years along will you:

    a) be happy that you spent 10 years of your life being lied to and giving away the resources to raise someone else’s child
    b) be angry that you spent the last 10 years of your life being lied to and giving away the resources to raise someone else’s child, as well as lost a significant opportunity to father a child that you are biologically linked to, or
    c) think gosh, it’s really no big deal that i’ve been cheated on, lied to for years, and probably lost the opportunity to start a real family, because *the child that isn’t mine has a great life, even though i’m furious about my losses*

    Again, this is rhetorical and designed to try to instill the not male or female specific, but human specific trait of empathy in you.

    Oh, and please, don’t breed. We don’t need you tainting the gene pool.

  • guest

    Cuckoldry is the female equivalent of rape. Suppose that some man made the same argument that you’re now raping about rape kits, and DNA testing to determine who the rapist was.

    How on earth can you be paid to write this drivel?

  • James Brooks

    Ms McDonagh, what you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent article were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having seen it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Paul

    Think of how many people you’d have to lie to. The father, the “father” the child, your family, his family, friends, the government.

    Pretty much everybody but God, if he exists.

    Please, never reproduce. If only for your own well-being.

  • Mark

    This depth of doublethink and hipocrisy required to arrive at your conclusions is breathtaking.

    Under what circumstances can you possibly claim the true materity of the child is meaningless either in evolutionary or moral terms? For the child or the father?

    Essentially ou are advocating women being allowed to have sex with muliple partners, and freely choose (trick) one of them into raising the child as his own with impunity. Are you sure what you want is called equality and not something else? How do you think the child will feel about this?

    I assume you would have no problem at all being handed the child from a different mother after giving birth. You would happily raise it as your own? How about if you were banned from even being allowed to ask – you as you are essentially advocating for men?

    Is this honestly what feminism has degenerated into? My mum would be sick reading this.

  • Jeff Brown

    The sheer self-righteousness, selfish arrogance of this article absolutely astounds me. For you to even attempt to make the claim that it isn’t a big deal that the baby that a man will spend close to twenty years of his life on isn’t actually his own is so monumentally arrogant that I am having a hard time coming up with the words necessary to describe it. Certainly a man can feel love and affection for a child that is not his own, and I applaud anyone who undertakes the difficult and life-altering decision to adopt a child. However, for you to claim that it is perfectly acceptable to lie to a man for possibly the rest of his life, to cheat him out of his own earnings, to make him spend years of his life on a child that is not his is not only arrogant, it is pure evil.

    The very idea that women somehow have the “right” to lie about who their baby’s father is is perhaps the single most vile and disgusting thing that I have read in quite some time. After we strip away the veneer of concern for “marital violence” and “mental health difficulties for all parties, including the children”, here is what your article boils down to: “We women have the right to lie, cheat and steal with impunity, because that’s what we feel is best for our children, and I for one don’t like the fact that some fancy new technology can expose us for the lying, cheating, stealing vermin that we are.”

    Personally, I thank God that the women who have responded to this wretched article seem to have enough morals to realize that lying, cheating and stealing is wrong, even when you dress it up as “for the children” and try to paint men as evil people running out on their responsibilities when they refuse to support a child that isn’t theirs. I am thankful that morals and conscience do not appear to be as lacking in the women that have responded to this article as they are in you, Ms. McDonagh.

  • Peter

    What a creepy woman. Guys, check out Citizen Renegade and be forewarned!

  • Fernando

    looking at this woman’s other articles i see they have little to none comments, which in turn makes me think she made this article intentionally polemic so that what she could get more views and comments, this makes her a poor untalented journalist

  • Counter

    You sound like the greatest troll to ever touch this site.

  • Bob

    I assume Ms. McDonagh will not object to serving as the surrogate mother for a woman with better DNA. Of course, for the sake of the child, it’s best not to tell Ms. McDonagh that she is a surrogate, and in fact tell her the child is hers. Assuming she doesn’t murder it in the womb, she can raise it as her own, devoting her own time and resources to raising a baby without polluting the gene pool at the same time.

    Think of this, too – every time a provider-type is cuckolded, the next generation inherits a slightly larger fraction of whores and players.

    The right to defraud a person of two decades of their income is neither God-given nor sanctioned by any legitimate government. That the crime is only now reliably detectable should be a cause for celebration, like the invention of DNA testing in rape cases or shelters for victims of domestic violence. I suppose, though, that those last two advances took choices away that criminals had grown accustomed to over the last two millenia.

    Last point: deliberately preventing a man from having a genetic heritage is the equivalent to forcibly sterilizing him. It’s taking away his informed choice to adopt or not. Neither of those is acceptable for any man or woman.

  • Jsa

    Melanie the Moron somehow forgot that without paternity tests there would be absolutely no way to force a man to pay child support.

  • Helen

    What an awful, shocking article. I cannot believe that any sane woman would think it acceptable to lie about something so important, outside of soap opera land or Jeremy Kyle. It’s just plain WRONG, whichever colour you paint it. If that’s feminism, I’m glad I’ve never described myself in those terms.

  • Ivan

    And there we have it. Proof positive that modern feminists are completely insane. A child has a right to know who his/her biological father is. But then feminism isn’t about childrens rights as we all know feminists love abortion.

  • Peregrine John

    I’m a little confused by the comments, here. Why is any of this a surprise? Rights without responsibilities has been the guiding principle of feminism since the early 60’s.

  • Larry

    When people question why I say modern feminism is anti-science, I can now just point to this conveniently stupid article. Thanks Melanie!

  • Moron

    Better for a child to have a false father than to know its true father because that is more convenient for the mother? Modern feminism has truly become a parody of itself.

  • Deke Jones

    FEMINISM = Treat me like an absolute equal, right up until the point that I need to get my grubby hands on your wallet. Then, treat me like an 18th century courtesan.

    • Take The Red Pill

      They deserve to be treated like 18th century streetwalkers.

  • Jack

    Are you serious??? Is this article a joke? How is it a bad thing for a man to know if he is the father of a child? Why should a woman be able to “choose” the father? You seem to be saying it’s ok for women to sleep around and if they get pregnant, to just announce who the father is, willy nilly, regardless of the TRUTH? What if the woman is married or in a committed relationship? If she cheats and gets pregnant, you think it’s ok to just declare her husband the father? This is possibly the most ridiculous article I have ever read. My apologies if this was some sort of weird satire.

  • Jason

    The feminist movement used to be about creating equality between the sexes.

    Demanding the right to vote is fine and just. How did that morph into the claim that a woman can sleep around with as many men as she wants and then “choose” which one is the father? I’m guessing that the grounds for choosing will be based on who can pay the most child support… unless of course it can be pinned on the poor schmuck who married her.

    The author seems to that it just fine for a woman to shackle an innocent man with someone else’s spawn. However, how dare any man question these babies that are presented to them.

    Disgusting, pathetic, outrageous…

  • Paul from Hamburg

    Wow. I am in the US. In the UK, is today November Fools Day?

    • Take The Red Pill

      If you have anything to do with such vaginazis as the author of this article, YOU are the fool — EVERY day.

  • KK

    Wow, I went to the Spectator website and somehow wound up looking at an article that surely belongs on Mother Jones or Slate! The Internets must be broken today.

  • Kelly Jefferson

    This is the most anti-feminist thing I’ve read in a long time. How is it feminist (feminism being rooted, first of all, in fairness) to give women freedom from the truth? Is it really feminist to promote the abuse of stereotypical feminine wiles? What’s next, a “feminist” claim that women are most empowered when they’re tethered to the kitchen? Please, stop. Feminism isn’t about women getting what they want. It’s about women getting what they deserve, nothing less and nothing more.

  • Phyllis

    In this article, Melanie makes a compelling case for extending the right to abort into the 200th trimester, and possibly later.

  • Francis W. Porretto

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”

    If the author actually means to lament this development, she has enlisted on the side of fraud — paternity fraud, a form of extortion no better than any other sort. And if that be the position of “feminism” in this year of Our Lord 2010, then a decent woman will want no part of it.

  • Paula

    I am a woman. I believe in equality for women, yet I never use the word feminist to describe myself. You, Ms. McDonagh are the reason why. You give all women a bad name.

    Just imagine a if you were raised in tribal times, and a man from a rival tribe’s wife died and he raided your town, kidnapping you and forcing you to raise his children. How could you protest? He’s doing what’s best for his children. They do need a mother after all.

    A woman’s choice is either to keep her legs close, or use one of those nifty birth control devices if she wants to sleep with a man who will not be a good father. If she finds a man worthy of raising her kids, the best way to keep him around is by being faithful and honest.

    I assume you’re single?

    • blunt005

      >being this reasonable

    • Brandon

      Welcome to the Men’s Rights movement.

      • jacquelope

        Welcome to EGALITARIANISM.

        • Megistus

          Your on disques,good to know. found you on tumblr by accident really.

        • Marco Simm

          Men today have less rights than women, therefore a men’s right movement is necessary.

    • Nicholas Quin Harris

      I like you.

    • Lilian

      >I believe in equality for women, yet I never use the word feminist to describe myself.
      That’s unfortunate. You are way more feminist than the author of this article.

    • Engelbert Humperdinck

      Even if she isn’t, I doubt any emasculated unic lucky enough to submit to queen painthuffer & land this winner would be capable of fathering children.

      Here’s hoping that in her quest to milk the last dick dry in the world in her crusade for child support, that she contracts more STDs than a CDC research lab and dies before she actually harms anyone.

  • Mastro

    The author’s argument fails on most moral levels.

    One point that other posters have not touched on is that paternity is often discovered later when blood types or physical features become more apparent. The devastation of being lied to for 10-15 years is surely greater than the disappointment (or relief) of finding out at birth.

    But- men’s feeling don’t matter- do they?

  • MB

    I move that VD testing should be abolished as well. Its hardly fair that a woman should lose her choice of sleeping around just because she passes a venereal disease to her husband and hence gets caught.

  • Dr. Lemonist

    I don’t see the big deal. How else can you get a bloke to hang around and give you a chance to live your own life and not just be a mummy. Women are at a distinct disadvantage because they get stuck with the main consequences of pleasure and passion.
    It is unfair that Father Nature is such a misogynist and forces us to make up constraints like marriage, fidelity, chastity, and all that customary conceit just to get men to grant women some basis of commonality, partnership, and equal trust with them so we can fool around without paying for it like they can if they don’t buy into society’s lies about sexual honor and decency.
    Until wombs can be safely removed and cared for by science, we have to keep men in line and held to a standard of responsibility by which the rightful Priestesses of Gaia can judge them. I say take what you can for now, girls, while he’s still blind to the truth. Once we free them from this burden they will run wild and only cause trouble for everyone. There is no other option, for now.

  • Eric

    This column is a joke, right? A sort of “modest proposal?” Please tell me it is. Because if not, how sad. How pathetic. If this was composed seriously, I don’t know who is more in need of help: the author, or the editor who allowed it to go forward.

  • LordJiggy

    This is a logical extension of the Feminist’s pro-choice policies, which are, by definition, sexist.

    Look at it logically. A man and a woman have consensual sex. Up to the point of conception, they share equal rights and responsibilities.

    As soon as the woman becomes pregnant, she has 100% of the rights. She can “choose” to become a parent. She can choose to have an abortion. The man has NO rights in the matter, by law. Yet, if the woman decides she wishes to become a parent, at birth the man suddenly has 50% (or more) of the legal and financial responsibilities.

    It is patently unfair and unequal, and completely stacked in favor of the woman. Picture what would happen if a man forced a woman to become a parent against her will, and further, expected her to pay for 50% of the support of the child she did not “choose” to have. That man would be hanging from a lamppost before nightfall.

  • John B

    Consider what happens to the child/marriage when later in life the alleged father is called upon to donate bone marrow or a kidney only to find he is “not a match” as “his” child lays dying.

  • Californio

    A man cannot be “gallant” or do the “right thing” unless we adopt a rigid set of gender roles. As the author seems to reject narrow, “moral” (ha, what an old-fashioned concept) precepts for behavior – then men are free to behave badly as well. And isn’t everyone happier now? Eagerly waiting for the article on how financial regulation is bad as it deprives frauds from their “choice” to cheat the unsuspecting.

  • mike

    no father’s name should appear on a birth cert until a DNA test is performed.

    if you want him listed, prove he’s the dad

  • Weary G

    “By contrast, the old situation, in which women presented men with a child, and the man either did the decent thing and offered support, or made a run for it, allowed women a certain leeway… Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them.

    “The point is that paternity was ambiguous and it was effectively up to the mother to name her child’s father, or not…Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    Wow, in a world already overrun with people having a nauseating sense of entitlement, this was certainly a stand-out article. Congrats…I think.

  • Ken Kupstis

    I guess there’s no need to heap further vilification on Melanie.

    But I thought I’d point out that a lot of women are doing this by proxy: getting married, having children, divorcing the biological father, retaining custody of the children, then ‘shopping’ on internet dating sites for some sucker who’ll play Stepdad. It seems almost 2/3rds of the women my age are single mothers and all they’ll get from me is the time of day.

    • Take The Red Pill

      “…all they’ll get from me is the time of day.”

      And THAT is more than they deserve!
      (“You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din…”)

  • Smarty

    This once again exposes one of the pillars of feminism- the perceived right to be a tramp and make others pay for it.

    • Alogon

      Pillars? More like a few lawn chairs, a step-ladder and a couple of pieces of plywood stacked on a beach ball.

  • MrBuddwing

    From the column: “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers.”

    Projecting much?

  • John

    As a man who fought tooth and nail to determine the paternity, and who also retained a lawyer to guarantee that I could support my child, when the mother refused to name me the father, I am extremely OFFENDED by this feminist harpy and her writings.

    I have, at great expense in lawyers fees, fought tooth and nail for my daughter, whose mother does not allow me to see my own flesh and blood, still the father section of her birth certificate remains blank.

  • Dave the Sage

    Cheerleading dishonesty, promiscuity, and cheating is pathetic. Actions have consequences.

  • Mike in Seattle

    It seems to me judging from the level of shock and outrage that this article has generated that no one is actually paying attention to what is being taught in out post-modernistic, feminist liberal arts programs.

    Melanie’s article is clearly derived from the world view that gender roles are a zero-sum power struggle between oppressed woman and the patriarchy.

    This article summarizes nicely their world view that choice and pregnancy are nothing more than tools of power to gain leverage over their ‘oppressors’.

    In other words, a vile, abhorrent pile of pseudo-intellectual bilge we subsidize through taxation and tuition.

    Which, I suppose, does make us the idiots they imagine us to be.

  • Stephanie Tohill

    I think there is nothing much else to add to Salamandyr.

    What a most ridiculous article. Yes, Melanie, of course it matters! It shouldn’t be down to a woman to force a man into fatherhood because she has deemed him the best option. If it isn’t his child, tough tittie to her. What about his rights not to be saddled with a child he had no part in creating?

  • DRJ

    “Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them.”

    Being monogamous allows that, too, not to mention it’s healthier, safer, and more ethical.

  • RSun

    Banning DNA paternity testing gives license to arbitrage: sex the alpha, marry the beta. In the reverse, this situation would immediately incur media wrath. That it apparently does not says more about the women who are against testing than the men who benefit from it.

  • Chops

    I am glad to see so many men fighting back about the extreme anti-male bigotry that ‘feminism’ has become.

  • Jeff Medcalf

    What about the moral responsibility of the actual father? Why does he get a pass, while the “father” named by the woman does not?

    • gwallan

      He doesn’t earn enough.

      • Take The Red Pill

        Or he was a ‘romantic’, ‘exciting’ “bad boy” who dumped her and took off when he found out that he had knocked her up, and now she can’t find him.

  • Morgan

    You’re out of your mind. This is a completely immoral, sexist outlook that views men as second class human beings. Thankfully, I don’t really believe that you believe what you wrote is true…because to have this view-point you have to have no experience with or love of males.

  • Immolate

    Choice… the Holy Grail of feminism. Men get to make a choice too. The difference is that we have to make the choice without knowing whether we’re going to get busted for it.

  • Francis Chalk

    For those who think, “Why this writer is expressing absolutely absurd logic with regard to the purpose the Feminist Movement. After all, I thought it was all about EQUALITY between the sexes.” I say, “You don’t know much about the true goal of Feminism,” which is to advance worldwide Socialism/Marxism/Communism and absolutely NOTHING ELSE! Feminist “logic” doesn’t have to make any sense what so ever because the movement has no true connection to its stated objectives/goals. Its only goal is to destroy freedom, democracy and Capitalism. Thus, it’s a fool’s game to try and make sense of useful idiots like the writer. By the way, the same is true of every aspect of the Environmental Movement and all its offshoots, the PC movement, hate speech types, multiculturalists, leftists, and all their associated political parties, etc… So don’t bother to point out the flaws in the writer’s argument. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about paternity in the first place. She is only trying to do her best to advance the “true cause,” albeit in a stunningly moronic fashion.

  • CogitusRex

    Let’s be honest – the whole point of wave two feminism was presented to the public as “equalizing what was thought of as an unequal playing field” when in reality it was totally meant to stack the odds in women’s favor and against men. Because we’ve figured out a defense against the obscene tactic outlined in this piece of garbage, she doesn’t like it because it counters all of the systematic hurdles they’ve been building over the last 40 years!

  • Hughman

    Yet more proof that feminism has nothing to do with humanistic ideals, and everything to do with female supremacy and gender fascism.

  • Tom A.

    Best argument to commit to only participating in anal sex I’ve ever read. Thanks, Mel. 😉

  • CO

    This article is so insulting!

    A mother selecting a man to father her child against his will?

    When a man selects a woman to father his child against her will, we call that rape.

  • Penguin

    The situation is not as bad as Ms. McDonough paints it.

    It’s much worse. France has banned paternity testing. In the USA medical “ethicists” will flat out lie to the cuckolded husband about the paternity of a child, testing or no.

  • myth buster

    Well I am inclined to believe that it would do us good to return to the Old Testament standard on this- kill the adulteress and her paramour.

  • kyleb

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    Congratulations for penning the most callous statement I’ve ever read on the subject. Would you force a woman to carry a child even for 9 months? I thought not. Yet it’s nothing to your for a man to be enslaved for 18+ years of his life. Do your see us as human at all, or should we just don the slave collars now.

  • Naif Mabat

    “Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”

    Talk about blaming the messenger. Are the misery, etc., really caused by the science that discovers deception had taken place? Or rather by the deception itself?

    And whose moral obligations are being relieved here? Surely not those of a man who has actually fathered a child. What about the moral obligations to tell such men the truth?

  • malclave

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”

    Just to be clear… you’re suggesting that a woman’s right to choose to lie must be held inviolable?

  • John C.

    A lawyer friend of mine once handled a case for a man who had been told that he was the father of his girlfriend’s unborn child. He accepted the responsibility, married her, and helped raise the little girl as a father should.

    When the child was 4, the mother said to him that he wasn’t the biological father after all; the sperm donor was a former boyfriend whom she had decided to move in with, taking the child with her. He demanded a DNA test, and found that the girl was, in fact, not his biological daughter.

    But she was his DAUGHTER, biology or no, and he was the person she knew as her father, so he fought for visitation rights; unfortunately, he was unsuccessful.

    There is more to being a father, or a mother, than biology.

    • sway

      But, being FORCED by the courts to pay for and provider for that child? Very different. That, and men and children have the right to know. To suggest otherwise is complete misandry and insanity.

  • California Girl

    After reading this diatribe, I can only draw one conclusion:

    She has no idea who her father is.

    The man she called ‘Daddy’ doesn’t meet her exacting standards, and for the better part of her life she has resented ‘Mommy’ not “choosing a better man”.

    Usually women with Daddy issues end up on a stripper pole. Of course, Feminist Studies lauds that, too.

  • Scott M

    I guess we have more proof that the left is exactly what Jonah Goldberg claimed, “liberal fascists.” The left reserves the right to force anyone to do whatever is required to create their Utopia, all in the name of “fairness”, of course.

  • Bloodtiger

    Wow. The author really sounds like she really hates men. Men, blah, who cares how they feel. It’s perfectly alright to commit fraud on them. I havn’t seen that big a misandrist in a long time. And women wonder why men don’t trust them.

  • Darrell

    What a disgusting article.

    To think this woman imagines herself to be something other than a lying, cheating skank. She is an insult to sluts.

  • DANEgerus

    Melanie McDonagh is the father of my baby! Please start sending the checks immediately and don’t you dare deny your paternity based on some genetic excuse like your gender.

    • http://pantheondweller.blogspot.com/ Pantheon Dweller

      Absolutely, those are her “moral obligations” as she puts.

  • Bob Y. Uncle

    These comments renew my faith in humanity.

  • Walk Like a Man

    So this is feminism eh, that a man should pay for another man’s fun with a slut.

    Is it any wonder so many good men now go ghost?

  • Peter Kasting

    Isn’t the “powerful instrument of choice” here the ability to decide to have unprotected sex with multiple different men in a short period of time? If a woman really wants Guy A to be a father of her child and Guy B not to, can’t she choose to sleep with Guy A and not Guy B? Or is it anti-feminist to suggest that one should choose a course of action whose consequences one can accept?

  • Don Buchanan

    “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away,”
    Not giving much credit to women are you? I would suggest they have more than this going for them.

  • Grant

    Recently I urged a friend to go ahead with a test that established that he was not the father of his long time girlfriend’s infant.
    For showing this support I was drummed out of my social circle. Trouble maker, I was.
    How dare I not ignore the bamboozlement of my best friend.
    Ms. McDonagh is daft but she does voice what seems to be the prevailing yet unspoken sentiment among women. Screw men.

    • Pincuishin .

      Dude find other people which I’m sure you have sick cunts like that don’t deserve good people in their life I hope by now you’ve found great people to have in your life who aren’t imbeciles like these.

    • Take The Red Pill

      At least you found out who your REAL friends are — those hypocrites obviously WEREN’T!
      AND you dodged a bullet (who wanted an 18 – 21 year annuity from you) at the same time!

    • Kiaz

      “Prevailing sentiment” among women?! That’s really insulting toward women. The author is an individual with hateful views. Don’t confuse her with Every Woman. Ugh.

      • gwallan

        Fifty percent of women surveyed in the UK said they would lie to their partner in order to become pregnant.

  • Chrysalis

    This article made me SO VERY ANGRY. I cannot believe what McDonagh wrote, suggesting it doesn’t really matter if it’s the man’s child or not, if he thinks it is, it’s good for her child, and he can go to hell; that women should have the right to deny their husbands the ability breed and generally succeed at life! Instead he serves her life, and his genes disappear into the void. Forever.

    Men: the right argument to get that paternity test is because you are obsessed with the chance of your baby getting swapped in the hospital. All babies look the same to you, so you want to know to make sure. SIMPLE!!!

    Make her understand it’s not about your trusting her, it’s about you not trusting the faceless, nameless hospital bureaucracy. You’re planning to raise it for 18 years, so she must allow you your peace of mind, and she has no reason to deny it whatsoever.

    She can’t defend the nameless, faceless hospital bureaucracy with the same passion she would defend her supposed trustworthiness, nor can she be offended by your distrust of said nameless, faceless hospital bureaucracy. It is illogical, weird, and suspicious. If she’s hiding something, she won’t want to point that out anyway.

    BTW, men can also find a way to test her opinion on this logic before getting married:

    “Honey, I can’t wait until we’re married and can get pregnant! By the way, since we can’t 100% guarantee that hospital workers won’t accidentally swap our baby with someone else’s, something I will need to have is a DNA test to make sure we got the right baby back. Babies all look the same to me, so, it’s something I will need just to make sure.

    Oh, and while we’re on the topic of marriage, I was checking out those rings you liked! They’re great! I especially like the one with the [whatever design element]!”

    In other words, set the expectations shortly before you plan to propose. Then, while she’s digesting your plans for the DNA test, you can soften the blow by flirting with her immediately afterwards regarding that precious One Ring of Power…

  • Frank

    This absurd neoluddism makes me sick. Women have another tool for them to choose which man should be the father of their children: it’s the anticonceptive pill.
    So, we have a win-win situation here: women can choose the father of their children and men can be assured that they really are the biological fathers.

  • myth buster

    Let’s play “How many of the Ten Commandments does this idea violate?”
    1. You shall not commit adultery- this one is obvious and needs no further explanation. Cuckoldry presupposes cheating.
    2. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor- Falsely accusing a man of being the father of your child when he is not damages his reputation to save yours. It is slander.
    3. You shall not steal. The cuckold stakes a claim to resources she has no right to.
    4. You shall not covet your neighbor’s spouse. This is really what cuckoldry is about- a man coveting his neighbor’s wife and a woman coveting other men.
    5. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods. The cuckold covets the resources of a man, wanting to leach off him, but not bear his children, but rather those of a paramour. Some versions don’t render this as a separate commandment, but consider it listed again for emphasis.
    6. You not commit murder. The wages of sin is death, and cuckoldry scandalizes the child, setting a bad example by teaching the child that it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal when it happens to be convenient. That lesson can destroy a child. Better to drown than corrupt a minor, especially your own child.
    7. You shall not take the Name of the Lord, your God in vain. When you get married, you swear to God your fidelity to your spouse. From that moment forward, your sexuality does not belong to you, but rather to your spouse. Deliberately disregarding that vow and covenant means you lied to God and used His Name to deceive people. Anyone who uses the Lord’s Name in that manner is guilty of blaspheme, for it brings shame upon the Name of the Lord. You consider the Name of God to be worthless if you so cavalierly lie to God and invoke His Name to a lie.

  • joe

    Hi I’m a med student and I was talking to my genetic prof the other day. She does many studies of lineage and family history and she said that around 10% of fathers are being genetically decieved. She also said she does not tell them and indeed will lie if asked.

  • Ed

    What none of the commenters seem to understand is that as all intercourse is rape, all of a woman’s sexual partners are morally guilty, and thus valid targets for child support demands.

    And now I suppose you troglodytes will object to the intercourse = rape tautology!

  • René

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter? “

    Ehh, there have been several cases where hospitals switched babies, and ended up paying big bucks to the mothers for suffered psychological trauma. (In one case the switch was only a matter of hours.)

    Why is a mother finding out her child isn’t hers worthy of so much compensation, while a man just has to “man up” and swallow the pain?

  • Ashlyn

    Articles like this one are the reason so many people give me a look of vague distaste when I tell them I consider myself a feminist. Thanks, Melanie, for making the fight that much harder for those of us who DON’T think we’re entitled to deceive people about life-changing matters or to treat the men in our lives as a stable of potential providers from which we may pick our prize stallion.

    Thanks, Melanie. Thanks a lot.

  • slwerner

    This pile of crap is being widely panned around the Internet (many linking back here). Melanie McDonagh has managed to make the Spectator a laughing stock.

    As a matter of keeping up their reputation, the Spectator needs to dump her as a contributor.

  • A reader

    “Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”

    There would be no misery, recrimination and guilt if women didn’t sleep around. Hence men are not being relieved of their moral obligations. The moral obligation was always on the woman to make sure she was able to identify the father of her baby. Only thing that’s changed is that women can now be taken to charge for failing their moral obligations.

  • Darth H8er

    Dear author,

    Your suggestion that women not be held accountable for WHO they got pregnant by is preposterous. Saying that women should have the so called “choice” to have a baby by one man and dupe another into paternity is immoral and deserves to be shamed into oblivion. So shame on you.

    What if men could pull the same horsesh!t on women? I don’t think these attitudes towards the subject would persist then.

    Women don’t like having to take care of other people’s children against their will. And I am sure women would not like to be fooled into thinking a child is theirs. Of course such a thing is not biologically possible, as women know a child is theirs from birth. So I suppose the author cannot relate to the plight of the duped daddy. Nevertheless, such trite “choices” should not be defended and sure as hell should not be encouraged. I hope subsequent commentors continue to unload some rude awakenings on this issue.

  • bigbadmo

    Well all that can be avoided if women be up front from the start and not LIE. This person that wrote this article believes that women should have no accountability.

  • Ahsan

    “The actor Jude Law recently found himself in just this position, and unhesitatingly and ungallantly demanded a DNA test.

    Apparently it is not gallant to confirm your suspicions that a woman is a tramp.

  • Jono

    Ahsan – any woman who has a child out of wedlock is a tramp IMO, and Jude Law had every right to get a DNA test from the woman.

  • Johnathan Blaze

    Typical. Women want to have sex with the badboy alpha males, and then have the provider beta males help raise the kids.

  • Siamese

    So you dont only get the displeasure of being cheated on, you pay the way for the man she cheated on you with? And thats somehow good? A womans power should come from being a good partner to her man.

  • lurker

    Even with paternity testing, women would still have the power to select the father best for their kids. It’s called “having sex with the guy who would make the best dad in the first place.”

    • Take The Red Pill

      The men who would make the “best dads” likely seldom give constant ‘gina tingles — which are the most important qualities that modern women care about.

  • Mark

    Let me get this straight. You are whining because modern technology is robbing women of the ability to hijack the life any man they wish to, just because they have had sex?

    • Take The Red Pill

      No, “just because” SHE has a vagina!

  • Wes

    DNA tests upset the balance of power between the sexes? Into a more neutral area, perhaps. And when the mother sneaks around and then demands child support, what defense does the man have? I’m afraid “he doesn’t look anything like me” just doesn’t apply any more.

    Paternity tests are absolutely necessary.

  • Edi

    Doesn’t the moral obligation belong to the father? If it’s not your child, you have ZERO obligation.

  • Michelle M.

    I’m tired of seeing bullies like this use “feminism” to try to justify their cruelty and complete lack of morality. It just makes real feminists look like a joke.

    And it’s hard to respect any publication that gives voice to such bullies.

  • Dan Gutierrez

    Let’s call it what it really is:

    Genetic Fraud

    And I’m glad that medical technology (not science) is making readily available to the average person.

  • Telekinesis

    Amazing how such a sexist bigot as this can get a soapbox, how far we have fallen, men’s rights all the way and equality for all.

  • You suck.

    Ma’am, you are an idiot.

  • Jesus

    This is a truly despicable article. All it is is a horrid demonstration of the true nature of Feminism.

  • Steve

    As a single father, carrying the full burden of the new archetype “dead beat mommy” this so called womans article represent that to the new breed of loser females they have pseudo-intellectual counterparts just as harmful to children and society.

  • Justin

    Like many folks, I believe strongly in equal rights for all individuals. I fight for them and serve on a city commission to help guarantee them.

    When I see disgusting pieces like this, I feel sad. Printing this trash discredits feminists everywhere. The line of reasoning is just indefensible.

  • mark

    “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers. DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with.”

    So anything that may bring women down to mens level is anti-feminist and evil?

    Love misandry.

  • Melissa C

    This has got to be the most horrid display of idiocy I’ve ever seen.
    If you don’t want children by an unfit father then don’t open your legs for such a man. It’s that simple.
    Why make an innocent man pay for your whorish behavior?
    Any man ever defrauded in such a way was obviouly too good for the slut he got saddled to.

  • Nemo

    You’re a horrible person, Melanie. Seriously. Horrible.

    As an advocate of human equality, it’s disgusting to believe that a woman should have the right to saddle a man with a responsibility that he’s not willing to commit to. Yes, it’s possible for a man to love a child that’s not his, but you cannot expect him to undertake that responsibility unknowingly or with the shadow of doubt in his mind. It’s unethical and unconscionable.

    • Take The Red Pill

      It’s because feminists (and most women, particularly those who support feminism) don’t regard men as “human” — they consider men to be non-humans only good for such things as being tools and slaves for women.
      How do I know? Because of their own behavior and actions for the last forty to fifty years.

      “MGTOW — Because a man needs a woman like a bicycle needs a fish.”

      • John McClane

        While I don’t agree with the author you Red Pill scums are no better.

        • Take The Red Pill

          Why is that? Because we won’t follow society’s demands to ‘man up’ so that we can be falsely accused, legally slandered and robbed blind, or allow our lives to be pillaged by spoiled, selfish, entitled vaginazis? WE HAVE RIGHTS, TOO!
          We have a right to our own lives (just the same as women demand) — and as long as we harm no one else or break any laws, we have the right to live them as we see fit. If that is to live them without the involvement of modern society’s spoiled selfish ‘privileged princesses’ in any way, that is also our right.

        • Funcuz

          Because you’ve heard so many stories about how Red Pillers are organizing into mobs and going around … doing what exactly ?

          Seriously, do you have any idea what it is about Red Pillers that you think is so scummy ? The only thing they want is to be left alone. What exactly is so bad about that ?

        • GhostOfJefferson

          You said nothing to refute his argument. Have fun serving your feminist masters, “dude”.

  • wackywilly

    You may be right that people will not be as happy, but it is not the men who deserve the blame. It is the women who will no longer be able to lie about paternity who are at fault. It may be a bad turn for happiness, but it is a good change for justice. No man should be required to pay for a child that is not his own. If the mother and child are less happy then so be it. These women should have thought of that before trying to defraud someone.

  • Peters

    thank god for the tests then, otherwise i wouldnt trust women at all.

  • David

    Lifelong celibacy sounds better every day.

  • Kris

    Dear Writer.

    You are dumb.

    Sincerely, Kris.

  • etherspirit

    Principles are more important than feelings. Truth is the noblest principle, and arguing against this principle because of how you feel is immoral and wrong. Paternity fraud is one of the biggest robberies a man can face…that his genetic material will not be passed onto future generations. DNA testing is one of the greatest inventions for establishing truth and should be mandatory for all newborns.

  • James Arwick

    It may have removed the instrument of choice, but it was an unjust power. It’s a good thing that men can ask for a DNA test. The author of this article clearly believes men have no rights.

    You can call it “ungallant” all you want. It’s only fair for a man to assume responsibility only for the things he has caused.

    How about this, you get to pick who the father is if I get to pick who the mother is. After all, its in the best interests of the child to have a caring mother.

  • GrimmNoir

    To paraphrase the late great Rick James….

    “MISANDRY is a helluva drug!”

  • Max

    It’s not everyday that I read a thread that is 100% full of adverse opinions!

    The author is an awful misandrist. According to her, men are “ungallant” if they don’t agree to become slaves to these fraudsters. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Army Officer

    So DNA paternity testing is an anti-feminist application of technology? I’m pretty sure any woman who criticizes a man for acting “ungallantly” harbors pretty strongly anti-feminist tendencies herself. According to the author women may act as modern sluts and men are required to be gallant about being cuckolded? Which is it madam, equality or pedestal? For heaven’s sake, pick ONE and stick with it, even when it’s not convenient.

    In the U.S. many of the Black leaders of the early 20th Century told their peers that, if they wanted whites to accept them as equals, they would have to prove themselves worthy. For that reason many of them volunteered for military service in the two World Wars despite blatant discrimination against them at the time. The reasoning was that if they proved themselves in that dangerous meritocracy, the majority would see them as equals in other areas as well. It was along and bloody road, but the early leaders did not try to jump the queue by simply demanding equality – they sought respect the old-fashioned way: by earning it. Those poor people had a much tougher row to hoe that modern feminists: perhaps the most pampered group of human beings ever to draw breath.

    Feminism puts the cart before the horse, and this article is a perfect example of it. MS McDonagh wants to preserve an egregious example of female privilege (the ability to cuckold her designated provider), while denying men the most basic kind of justice. Being forced to work for the benefit of another is, simply, slavery. Whether accomplished by force or fraud, there is no other word that describes what she countenances. Apparently owning slaves is acceptable for women, as long as the slaves are men.


  • Mark

    Mrs McdonHag:

    You are, and I believe you must know this, a totale and complete scum bag!

  • Robert O’Hara

    This article displays the all too common pathological disregard for the rights of men and children. No man should be forced into paying for a child that is not his. No child should be denied the right to know who their real father is. There is no rationalizing this away and the author has, true to feminist form, insulted the readers inteligence by sugesting that we are all better off not knowing for sure.
    In the “old days” when we didn’t have any scientific way of determining paternity we there were strict social rules to help ensure that the putative father of any child could be reasonably assured that the child was indeed his. These rules included things such as chastity before marriage and strict behavioral guidelines for “lady like” behavior. And no, these rules were not imposed by some almighty “patriarchy”, they were adopted by just about every society worth being called a society because no one can rightly expect a man to take care of his. This close association with biological paternity is what compelled our male hominid ancestors to stay with their children so they would have a better chance of survival thus creating tribes cities and nations. Think about it, not one red brick would be sitting atop another today if there was never any assurance that men’s children were indeed theirs.
    Now we have scientific means to determine the real truth. The only people that could posibly be unhappy about this are feminists who think that woman should have every right and no resposibility when it comes to reproduction ( and numerous other things) and unfaithful women who want a coockhold to support thier bastard children.

  • Robert O’Hara

    Correction from previous post:

    The last sentence from the second paragraph should read:

    “And no, these rules were not imposed by some almighty “patriarchy”; they were adopted by just about every society worth being called a society because no one can rightly expect a man to take care of a child that wasn’t his.”

    An example of why you shouldn’t write and publish while you are angry.

  • Gary Drechsel

    Oh my dear, what nonsense. You give feminists a bad name. Being able to know the truth is always better. I find this article quite troubling and a tad disgusting.

  • Ardia

    I started wondering what *Maternity* fraud would be like…

    First picture was a man impregnating a woman against her will. Date Rape.

    Second picture, was a twist on date rape. When the girl is knocked out, a man impregnates her, but she’s none the wiser. So her husband and her raise the child thinking it is theirs.

    But even that isn’t close to Maternity fraud. After all, the mother is passing on her genes.

    So, heres the third. When the girl is knocked out, a surgical team implants another woman’s fertilized embryo into her womb. That she will then go through pregnancy and childbirth and decades of care for, for that offspring. All the while, thinking its hers.

    And women wonder why men think Paternity fraud is a big deal.

  • Sergio Meira

    Well, the others have already said it better than I could, so I will simply add to their chorus: grieving for the right to lie is ultimately grieving for the right to commit fraud. Since knowing which son(s) are his is a man’s right (just as it is a woman’s — which woman wouldn’t fight for the right to know if her baby had been exchanged with another one by mistake in the maternity ward?), grieving for the right to defraud men of such knowledge is simply morally wrong.

    Maybe Ms McDonagh should work on changing the public morality — so that people will start caring for children that are not theirs just as much as they care for their own children. A case can be made that this should be so (though I would like to see what Ms McDonagh would feel if she were the one burdened with a child not hers — say, if orphans were assigned by law to childless women, so they can grow up with at least one parent? By her logics, she should be happy to do that.).

    But this still isn’t so. People care about their children more than they care about other people’s. Men and women alike. Unless this changes, Ms McDonagh is still grieving for the right to commit fraud.

  • bugmenot

    I love how Ms. McDonagh thinks that anything pro-male (ie: DNA tests) is inherently anti-female. Just like any other closed minded racist or in this case supremacist she wants her lessers (males) to be permanent slaves to tgheir superiors (any woman who accuses them of having impregnated them). Well done, twit. Every day folks like you are working hard to discredit, radicalize and villainize the feminist movement.

  • Matt

    This is an utterly appalling article and I really cant believe that a respected publication like spectator allowed it to be published on their website.

  • Nick

    How can anyone be this idiotic?

  • Teflon

    The misandry displayed in this article is shocking. I can only hope the author doesn’t have any sons. Having a female chauvinist sow like that for a mother will require years of therapy to heal them from the damage she would inflict on them with her sexist views.

  • marcef

    Guys don’t be fooled by this, this women is surley a bitter misandrist, but this is all for show. The goal is to make men feel grateful the “little” things. Things like simply being able to see your child if mommy decides she wants to do other men and leaves you. You will still have no authority or digression over how the $ is spent. Once she has removed you from the home you bought, you will atleast get to visit, but only sometimes IF she decides that now just is a good time, be happy daddy she does not have you put in jail, quit whinning men,you still have your freedom, be happy!

  • Seriously

    What? You say that I am the father and I must pay child support?

    It couldn’t be me. I am not paying one penny.

    What? You want a paternity test?

    No no no. I will never consent to such a thing. As I am a male feminist who believes that DNA tests are anti-feminist application of science.

  • Ian

    Are you grieving because now you can’t lie? No man should have to raise a child that isn’t his own. It isn’t right. It’s quite immoral for a woman to do that to a man.

  • william

    I cannot believe this drivel was allowed to be published, that men should just foot the bill legally for children they did not sire is absolutely ridiculous. That this idiot should think that scientific proof of fatherhood takes away a womens agency, is she a lunatic. She should never be allowed to print her asinine bigotry anywhere else.

  • C

    Melanie, I’m tempted to state that your both a moral and an analytical moron. However, I don’t think that is really the case. What I do think is that your opinion is one of a sociopath. I guess that does make you a moral moron. I think you purposefully ignore the analysis of the implications to society of your crazed opinion.

    Just continue to reread this quote, and think of the implications as they have to do with individual rights and freedoms:

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    You truly care only about using men as tools for your support and advancement, like animals.

  • Kevin

    How about women have some fore thought and simply don’t cheat? The problems are already there before the Truth Test is applied. Why on earth would you want to have a ‘last laugh’ over your husband, aren’t you supposed to love and support one another? Sigh, the correlation with increase in feminism and divorce rates is no more apparent than in lopsided articles like this. 🙁

  • Kearney

    wait, wait, this is just British humor right? Does this woman actually think she has a valid point here? I’ll be dead the day something like this is published in TWO reputable American journals.

  • Erica

    um, so do you think abortion should be banned as well? Since the men could financially provide for the children, or not, and getting an abortion takes from men the ability to choose the mother that they feel would be best for them? You know, by making abortion dependent on a medical proceedure rather than the say so of the father, you have removed from the father a powerful instrument of choice. Why do people like you have to destroy the feminist movement?

  • Tyler Durden

    I’m okay with this as long as she’s okay with rape.

    • Take The Red Pill

      The majority of western women are so whorish and skanky, that they’re not even worth the time or effort to rape them…not to mention the danger of contracting all kinds of STDs. They’re just a bunch of walking, talking Petri dishes.

  • MartinH

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    Since you think this is a grat idea, why dont you come and work for me for free to help raise my children then? You can cook and clean for them how about that?

    I know they are not genetically your own, but really, does it matter?

  • Mark

    should paternity testing be required from women? Depends it should be required if.

    1. the man believes he is the father of a child and wants to have a part in the childs life but the mother denies him this right because another man is the apparently the father.

    2. a woman has a child and wants to claim benefits from the man.

    so paternity testing should only be required when a disupute arises. I do agree that women should not be required to take a DNA test legally just because the man doubts the baby is his.

    • Mahmud

      “I do agree that women should not be required to take a DNA test legally just because the man doubts the baby is his.”

      Can you comprehend? He doesn’t need her to take a DNA test. The DNA test is between him and the child. His choice to walk away or stay

  • Ashley Gaskell

    I am truly shocked this is being published in something like The Spectator, rather than something like Woman’s Own.

  • A_guy

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice. I’m not sure that many people are much happier for it.”

    Dear madam, I am much, MUCH happier for the fact that I can no longer be blackmailed into rearing a child that isn’t mine over the actions of someone else and infidelity.

    Furthermore, making a man you wouldn’t want to impregnate you raise someone else’s child is possibly one of the absolute lowest things any human being could do. This not feminism and equality this is called being truly evil, children should be raised with someone you love, not someone you can extort for money while you run off and screw other men.

  • I Love Dicks

    Oh Fuck You Bitch, Fuck You so hard

  • Elensar

    The entire point of feminism is to ensure that both sexes get equal rights. The moron who wrote this article is a bad example of a feminist.

    It would be better for everyone reading this article to stop immediately and save themselves from losing a bit of respect for humanity.

    • Take The Red Pill

      No, the author of this article is a TYPICAL example of a feminist.

  • Peter Wellington

    What am I reading? How can a mainstream publication peddle this kind of prejudice? Feminism isn’t about gaining the upper hand in some kind of war of the sexes, it’s about equality and understanding in the workplace, in home, and in culture.

    Frankly I’m not certain what damage you need to have taken to blame the inability of yourself and your partner to maintain a healthy responsive relationship on the entire opposite sex.

    Man’s opinion btw

  • Allison

    Is this a joke?

  • Jack

    I am glad I’m not the only one having a problem with this article. It’s obvious this is extreme sexism. Imagine a man got a child and the mother ran away, it would be ridiculous to say that man should be able to choose from who he recently had sex with and that woman would be legally committed to pay and take care of that child. So why should a woman have the right to abuse a man in this fashion? The man also has a life, and some men have very little money and paying for a child might ruin his economy. How is he morally obliged to ruin his life paying for someone else’s child, just because he had sex with that same woman? It’s like saying to bust someone, who just happens to be black, for fraud is racist.

    “Stu” said almost exactly what I was thinking when I read this.

    I would feel immensely cheated to pay for or maybe even raise a child I thought was mine, when it was the child of someone my spouse had cheated on me with. I would rather know right away, than to live the lie of a cold hearted woman. It’s the greatest and most cruel scam I can think of right now.

    • Luke

      You have to keep in mind that because this uncertainty has never been present for women, it has never affected the evolution of their emotions. Which is to say, they don’t have the same emotional pain when they imagine the scenario.

      To raise another man’s child is to lose your right to control your own reproduction. As such, evolution has given us powerful emotions to motivate us to avoid it.

      Women do have a potential event that represents a loss of reproductive control: rape. Evolution has shaped the motivational circuits for rape avoidance by making rape an awful, awful, awful experience for a woman.

      So laides, if you want to know how bad it feels for a man to raise another man’s child, compare it to the emotions you would experience if raped. To trick a man into raising offspring which are not genetically his, is the female equivalent of raping a man.

      And that means paternity testing technology is the pepper spray.

      And this article, to follow the analogy, would basically be saying “So now a woman can defend herself effectively against a man who wants to rape her. But should the technology be used? But in making impregnation conditional on consent rather than the say-so of the man, it has removed from men a powerful instrument of choice.”

  • Frankie

    Mark; It’s not the woman who takes the test. They match the child’s DNA with the father’s. Even if the woman evaporates in flames, a paternity test can still be taken.

  • Davide Pintus

    “it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”

    …said choice is called lying.
    I fail to see why exactly ANYONE should have it. Wait, I’ve a great idea: let’s make this thing go both ways. If a woman sues a man for child support, she can’t have him tested for DNA. This way, men will receive a powerful instrument of choice. You know, to even things out.

  • RicAdbur

    What a horrible woman. Equality is a two way street, lady.

  • fdas

    Well your Honor, I would love nothing more than for the police to obtain evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that I raped the defendant… but I feel that DNA tests are degrading, antifeminist, and unempowering towards women.

    *case dismissed*

  • Andy

    So I wrote this huge scathing rant about how the author is a moron. She still is, I assure you, but I realized that I wasn’t making my point clearly – I erased it to start over here: Is the author intentionally dense to attract publicity?

    The author contradicts herself in her own articles (her later writeup on the merits of DNA data-storing, for instance). Moreover, her idea is flat out ignorant to common sense and decency. Her quote, “…in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”

    The say-so of the mother? Really? Who in the hell ARE you, lady? Feminism is great, I’m all for equal rights of women, I spent a great deal of my university time in feminist courses, even; but again I ask, are you intentionally dense? What part of creating a child (whether viewed religiously or scientifically) is strictly up to the mother? You NEED my man-batter inside you to make it work, and if you sleep with too many guys to have a clear understanding of which one didn’t pull out fast enough, we have bigger issues to deal with.

    Get a clue.

  • San

    “the impact a DNA paternity test can have: ‘The result can be shattering, leading to divorce, marital violence, mental health difficulties for all parties including the children.’ Well, yes. Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”

    Now if this hypothetical couple is married, and the wife gives birth to a child who isn’t the mans, the blame is put on the man and the DNA test due to the man filing a divorce because of his cheating, lying wife?
    I fail to see your logic McDonagh.

  • Pete

    I think this is a great article. I’d actually recommend taking the author’s advise and taking it and running with it..

    I don’t think both men or women need to know who their offspring are.

    I suggest this. When a couple has a child, all the babies born that day are all mixed together. You then get a number, as a couple. When your number gets called, you pick a baby, the one you like best at that time.

    Guys, feminism is about equality. The author is just showing her views that both men and women equally don’t need to know who their children are.

    I want to marry her actually. I hope our number gets picked first so I can pick the biggest baby out of the lot.

    • http://twitter.com/DevilRejected Cory D McDonald

      Feminism is NOT equal equality, feminism is basis on WOMEN equality not men. If it was based on both gender equality then why are men treated so badly in divorce court, family court, jail sentencing, healthcare, disease and illness funding, and even army and military enrolment. Men die earlier then women and no one cares.

      Take your biased bigoted BS elsewhere.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judith-K-Littles/100000863942261 Judith K Littles

        You didn’t read his response really, he was being sarcastic. However, what we see offered as a feminist perspective here, is clearly about a woman’s “right” to defraud a man and get away with it with the sanction of the state.

  • DJDamage

    She essentially wants to keep men in the dark while still giving a pass to women to hop on top of some other men’s c0cks without responsibility or accountability. Then when they accidently or deliberately get pregnant they lie to some man that its his baby in order to swindle him of his time, money and also robbing him of his own future (especially if he didn’t want to be a father). So instead of pointing to the cheating women as the culprit for the required DNA tests, its men’s fault once again.

    A.C. Grayling, the philosopher, has written with feeling on this question this week, in an article for the Evening Standard. Noting that 4 per cent of men are, all unknowing, raising children who are not genetically theirs, according to a report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Human Health, he ponders the impact a DNA paternity test can have: [The result can be shattering, leading to divorce, marital violence, mental health difficulties for all parties including the children]

    Ironically the part I placed in brakets described perfectly what feminism has done to marriages over the years on a much larger scale.

  • Jesse

    If you want to select the right father you do that BEFORE you have sex, not after.
    Fraud is fraud and paternity fraud is a particularly nasty form of fraud. Fraud doesn’t matter? I guess he’s just a man isn’t he? Men are just walking ATM machines after all. No need to feel any guilt over committing fraud when the victim isn’t a man.
    If raising kids that aren’t your own is so unimportant how about we just dispense babies at random. If you aren’t the actual mother what does it matter?
    You misandric twat.

  • Steve

    Most powerful instrument of choice??? Most common method of fraud you mean. It’s about time this racket of suckering in a patsy was stopped. If you don’t want to have a baby to a man, don’t have sex with him. A baby isn’t a free ticket to commit fraud, and a particularly nasty type of fraud at that.

  • Todd

    Last time I checked, the right to conceal infidelity wasn’t something that feminists fought for…

    I find that an unavailability of paternity tests to be more anti-feminist: A man can simply say it isn’t his and walk out, leaving all responsibility and burden on the woman, along with the usual accusations of cheating and the reputations it brings on the unfortunate woman.

    • Gangland

      Except that this is false… without a paternity test proving you aren’t the father you can’t walk if the mother says it’s you. Especially if you signed the birth certificate (which if you didn’t know it wasn’t yours, you would) and there have even been cases where the paternity test didn’t even matter. The father STILL had to pay childsupport to his cheating spouse and kid who weren’t his.

  • John McDonalds

    I seriously hope this article is a parody of what feminism has become.

    • Alex Cockell

      It isn’t.

  • Emily

    Feminists around the world are fighting tirelessly against the gender pay gap, sexual assault and rape (which are legal in many countries), domestic violence, sex-selective abortions and infanticide, forced marriages and countless other issues that hurt women and restrict their freedom. Please don’t tarnish the reputation of the movement by associating it with the “right” to commit fraud. It makes it easier for misogynists to dismiss true feminist causes.

    • Matthew Walker

      The gender pay gap is a fraud. On average, women work shorter hours at less demanding specialties, and take years off to have kids (outliers exist — I’ve met a few — but the “pay gap” is about the overall average). If you compare male doctors to female doctors, of course the male doctors get paid more. They earn more. They provide more value to their employer. That’s all the vast majority of men will ever get paid for: Creating value. No special laws, no special privileges, no special entitlements. Earn or starve. Most of us are fine with that, as long as we get to keep what we earn. If you really want equality, you’re welcome to join us.

      Thanks for your support on the paternity matter — I won’t deny you’re a good deal more ethical and sane than the author of this article — but you still want to use the power of the state to transfer some of the pay I earn to my female colleagues. Both of you want me to be a second class citizen for your convenience.

      From where I sit, neither is very appealing.

    • Alogon

      Gender pay gap is a hoax. Been disproved already when adjusted for time spent in a career, time spent at the workplace performing work, danger, specialty or chosen fields, etc. After adjusting it even looks as though women make more per hour than men, something like 7 cents if memory serves me.

  • billy williams

    Is this from spectator,Or The Onion?

  • Britton Kerin

    Although Ms. McDonagh is indeed startlingly unprincipled, its best not to
    be distracted into focusing on her. She has powerful allies: governments
    who prefer cuckolded men to remain ignorant, docile and domesticated.
    Feminists alone (actually, lets call them pseudo-feminists to avoid insulting
    legitimate feminists) would never be able to get most of the paternity test
    restriction passed by themselves: most women are principled and don’t support
    these laws either.

  • Tom

    Seriously if this women has kids I would demand a DNA test. She is exactly the one that would sleep with someone then demand financial support from someone else.

  • billy williams

    This has got to be the most horrible dose of misandry since Catherine Comins TIME Magazine quote.

  • Alex

    This article reads like a conservative parody of what feminism is. It is embarrassing.

  • Steve McCoughlinton

    so men are “morally obliged” to provide for the children of other men?

    I’m just singling this out in a sea of pure idiocy and arrogance.

    • Alogon

      Seems so…dad. Uh…that’s right, mom said you’re my daddy. I need a car and you missed 38 birthdays, deadbeat. Don’t make me get them sheriff’s boys on you for that back support.
      And keep your cotton swabs to yerself.

      • Pincuishin .

        that made me chuckle lol.

  • Tarek

    Um, no. Women don’t have a right to tell a man who is and who isn’t their child without proof. And no, everyone is not happier not knowing. Only feminists are, because it gives them unchecked power.

  • Sarah

    You just split the atom of crazy. This is why feminism is a joke.

    • jacquelope

      I don’t know why this doesn’t have five hundred upvotes. That comment right there is worthy of the Grand Slam Hall of Fame.

  • Hypersapien

    You are a sick piece of crap.


    Believe it or not, males are actual people with lives of our own. The male half of the population does not exist solely for the benefit of women.

    Women have spent the last 100 years fighting for equal rights. What some of you don’t seem to get is that (1) that necessitates equal responsibility on your part, and (2) that doesn’t mean you get more rights than us.

    Find yourself pregnant, and the nice guy that you’ve been with who’d make a great father isn’t the biological father? TOUGH SHIT! You don’t get to wipe out all his plans for the future with a lie. If you want, you can tell him the truth and ask if he’d like to act as the father. But if he says no, then you need to take no for an answer.

    • eric w

      Yes, in reality men are expendable slaves, always have been, no matter how hard we have tried to conceal it..

      Evolutionary speaking, women are much more valuable than men since only they can become pregnant, men’s contribution is neglible. Males are disposable tools but fight hard to hide that fact, resulting in patriarchy. Feminism’s fight to end the patriarchy is a good fight.

      As so many comments have pointed out, paternity fraud objectively scores really really bad on the morality scale. Almost at the level of forced sterilization and definitey at the same level as some nurse on purpose swapping babies at a hospital. Those would be punishable by law.

      Paternity fraud is much more prevalent and eaily preventable with today’s technology. Yet there is even among males far less outrage or willingness to do something about this than similar crimes above. This shows how far in reality both female and male psyche is tipped in favor of women. Same reason a movie writer will add a woman in danger to make it more scary, out instincts will automatically fear something bad might happen to her.

      Again, feminism is about equal opportunity for women and should be supported, “feminism” as displayed by this article is about misusing (most) men’s innate sympathy for women to retain special priveliges that morally do not make sense.

      • tu_ne_cede_malis

        Hahahaha. Who do you think builds society so that men and women alike can enjoy a high standard of living and live like Kings and Queens. If you marginalize men and reduce incentives for innovation and hard work (largely the domain of men) you will retard progress and maybe even reverse standards of living. This is the situation the West finds itself in as paternalistic China undergoes a remarkable climb out of poverty.

        Happy trolling.

      • LF

        That was absolutely epic drivel.

        • Engelbert Humperdinck

          Fergie clipped his nuts for him…

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.jessop.14 Kelly Jessop

        You are really trying to give feminism credit when they have lobbied against paternity tests and demonise men? Wow, you are insane.

      • MrAndryist

        The feminist fight against the “Patriarchy” isn’t a good one. It’s a ridiculous one. Because there is no patriarchy, or at least, they define it as something much more sinister and powerful than it is or was, and totally ignore the causes of its existence in the first place.

        It’s like this: if feminists are Muhammad Ali, and George Foreman is representative of patriarchy, they have advertised the fight to end all fights: Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman! And everybody want s to see it, and pays for the tickets they’re selling…. Then, on the night of the event, George Foreman the professional boxer is not in the ring. Instead, they lead out George Foreman, an accountant from Providence, RI. Yeah, they’re called the same thing, so technically they weren’t lying… but they are not the same opponent by a long shot, and this is not a “good” fight, and nobody really thinks the poor accountant is worthy of squaring off against Ali anyway, but they stay and watch because they don’t want the money they spent on their tickets to go to waste.

        Feminism sells the hype, which always sounds impressive. When you examine the issues, however, they’re never anywhere near as big or bad as they are touted to be – and in most cases, nobody would have had any interest in the fight if they’d known the truth in the first place.

      • Xeon

        You’re technically right about women being valuable on an evolutionary standpoint, but what about men. Who would’ve given the women children or protected them during the ice ages or from wild animals. Feminists are really defensive about women’s value and I think it’s because they know that they’d be valuable if there weren’t many humans and population was low. However since we’re 6 billion strong; women are not as important as they once were and even then men are the true architects of society and it is women that are the tools.

      • MetroAndroid

        “Evolutionary speaking, women are much more valuable than men since only they can become pregnant, men’s contribution is neglible.”

        Yeah, you’re right. Humanity would be much better off as a whole if it was just women and no men./s

        • John Fry

          if you have a population of men and women lets say a tribe of 10 people 5 male and 5 female and they have to defend their territory who would they send to fight and ensure that the tribe can prosper in the future? well if we send the men and all but one die we can still make 5 members of the tribe to replace us however if we send the women and only 3 come back our tribe slows down tremendously only being able to have 3 babies at a time.

          • BalkanPride

            As men we are smarter than women, we have much more strength than women…

            It is time, to be realists… smell the coffee and realize OUR PLACE and… the pathetic their little place and space.

          • TXYellowJacket

            That mattered when the number of humans was scarce. It shouldn’t matter now at all.

            The flip side is that when you get down to only 3 men you’ve lost 2 of the individuals who were going to be responsible for building the world as it is now.

          • kofybean

            Dumb analogy, because who are they fighting, if not other men. Any society void of a near 50/50 balance of men and women will crumble.

      • Engelbert Humperdinck

        I’m guessing you’re into pegging. Heavily….(?)

      • frank rook

        You want equality for men & women? Fine.
        The next time an ocean cruise liner sinks, let the men AND women be the last to leave.
        Let there be all women Special Operation combat units doing dangerous work.
        Let there be women joining us men doing the fine, important work of maintaining & cleaning sewage tanks & oil rigs & mining coal from deep ground.
        You know, the non attention whore work that’s necessary as opposed to the overpaid, underworked & overfunded women centric Human Resource departments in air conditioned floors.
        I’m all for equal opportunities for anyone, male or female who can meet the standard requirements not some arbitrary quota.
        Modern feminism is all about screeching about rights without the responsibilities & consequences that come with it.

        • billstuart

          There are women in all those fields

          • kevin reilly

            very very few. Certainly not on an equal number. Perhaps we should have quotas?

          • billstuart

            I was in both the military and sewage work, there’s a lot of women in both fields.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            Quotas would be phenomenal! Good luck getting the men to agree to it though. See, if quotas are mandated, then the men who harass female workers out of those “traditionally male” jobs will have to STFU and accept women as coworkers. Again, good luck with that.

            That might be one hell of a tough decision for such non-welcoming fellows: “accept women in our traditionally male fields and not complain that women are taking even MORE men’s jobs, OR keep threatening, harassing, and haranguing all women away from our male jobs and then b!tch women out for not working traditionally male jobs.”

            How could we get men to agree to mandate quotas prohibiting men from keeping any more than 50% of formerly all-male jobs and industries?

          • Mister Jones

            If my house is on fire, I don’t want a chick firefighter to show up. I want a 250-pound dude with no neck to carry me off of the third floor. The same goes for movers. Why don’t more women try to be garbage collectors? Or how about this fun fact? Women bartenders make more money than their male counterparts. Why is that? Oh, because they get bigger tips from both men AND women.

          • frank rook

            I believe in equal opportunities for entry. Just meet the performance standard. However, equal opportunities for both sexes don’t equate with parity in results. If i’m paying for a service, whoever it is, male or female had better be up to standard & deliver on point
            Create your own opportunities or work to meet an entry standard that is indisputable results-wise. Why ask for preferential treatment based on gender?
            So…no quotas.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            Yes, I was being tongue-in-cheek about the pointlessness of quotas. I used it as an offensive vehicle to remind the not-too-bright kevin reilly that his suggestion of enforcing quotas will do NOTHING to stop men from barricading women out of jobs they don’t want women to work in.

            Quotas would only allow qualified women into traditionally male-only jobs; it would most certainly NOT mean that she wouldn’t be subjected to the same vile, anti-female nastiness that such women in “men’s” fields put up with now.

            But remember on the other hand — if we do not start using quotas, men will still be looked upon harshly every time they apply for a teaching or caretaking position for fear of molesting someone small or vulnerable. kevin reilly thinks not that far ahead when he makes his feckless comments.

          • GhostOfJefferson

            Sure, as secretaries and hr managers.

          • BalkanPride

            Cock-whore commando crew.

            Dick sucking and worship can help women to climb in any career.

          • Anti_Femastasis

            >Dick sucking and worship can help women to climb in any career.


          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            Sounds like that’s how you got all of your job promotions, eh?

            But leave women out of it.

          • BalkanPride

            I am not an employee, but employer. I am just happy that the Programming field is male dominated… and guys like me hire the best (aka, MALES). I am just sad for the western brothers… but they are slowly waking up and instead impotent rage, they actually DO something against the femiswine movement.

            Don’t hate the cockroaches, harm them.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            You don’t see that you’re the cockroach though, do you? That you are harming yourself is clear, so keep on with that Ignorance Is Bliss mindset 😉

            Ironically enough, you are leaving women out of it (your ‘harming’ of cockroachs , lol).

          • BalkanPride

            I don’t see women as cockroaches, just the feminists/dykes. And the harm must be done…

            By all means (especially the psychological abuse, which the femiswines are very sensitive to). Men need to learn the methods to RUIN the lives of their local cockroaches. Invest in learning.

            Actions opposed to rage and hate… the time for hating femiswines is over honey.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            Doll, your himsterical attitude is responsible for two things on Earth: the unnecessarily early deaths of men, and the sometimes necessary (or less unnecessary) suicides of men.

            Which one happens to you, I don’t care enough to find out. But you are with certainty welcoming one of those outcomes into your own life. Just like a cockroach that’s been sprayed by poison, you and your ilk are on your backs twitching in death throes without even knowing it. But the rest of us see it just fine, and that’s really all that matters.

            Too bad your proud misogyny blocks you from accepting feminism’s help, as more feminists help men than men do. And speaking as someone who loves men and pities their sometimes bad choices, I hope not as many of you have to die as you would want.

          • BalkanPride

            I really care about the views of the femiswines, in my eyes you are real people with worthy opinions. Keep the patronizing education.

            You are surrounded by a demography, which is stronger than you, smarter and this demography is… very hostile to femiswines. We don’t live in the 80s, we don’t live in 1992, when you had real power.

            We live in 2015, a very hostile time-period for Feminism. You will not have any power after a decade.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            There is no such thing as “femiswine”, that is simply a childish made-up term by bitter people who cannot still get their way 100% of the time. Feminism’s rise has not slowed, it has only risen and only continues to rise further. The “anti-feminist” movement is still as weak and impotent** as ever, but some unintelligent people cannot discern “loud, whiny MRA screeching online” from “progress”. The MRM has done little but make men look worse. Even though feminism was men’s friend and benefactor at one time, men are losing out more than ever before because of the ugly, negative press by the people who we all hoped would be on their side too — the MRM.

            The Caucasian, heterosexual, Xtian male hegemony is crumbling all across the planet. Some of you have run cowering into the arms of other white, cis-het, Xtian doodbros online and have accidentally convinced yourselves that there is strength in dwindling numbers; there isn’t. Be nice and you’ll still be allowed a place at the table. Keep this up however, and you will just be hurting yourselves and no one else.

            ** Impotent has nothing to do with your goods. The word simply means “powerless”. I have no personal knowledge of your goods, so PLEASE do not try to accuse me of speaking ill of your unit. I have no reason to believe it is anything but healthy and accounted for.

          • BalkanPride

            I am not christian, i am not an american.

            But i don’t mind the delusion you have – “feminism is only growing”. Ignorance is a bliss.

            The biggest critics of Feminism are the colored women right activists. They even distance from you, calling themselves “womanists” or “real feminists”. There is growing memes like “White Feminism”.

            More and more people are realizing that “Feminism” on Practice, not on theory is merely a struggle. Struggle for preservation of white swine female privilege.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            Ha! I never said I was a feminist — I am in fact a womanist. (I also never said either one of us was American.)
            The rest of your paranoid rant seems to comfort all paranoid ranters very nicely, and it shows that you only get your bigoted views about feminism from anti-feminists. That is as intelligent stupid as getting all of your information about Blacks or Jewish people from the KKK, or about gays from the most hysterical wing of the Catholic church.

            Until you drop the puerile name-calling and the equally juvenile “information sites” that spoon feeds you your misogyny, you really ought not participate in grownup endeavors.

          • BalkanPride

            You know… for a critic of Christianity you ignore something very amusing. Femiswines have something in common with the Christfag cult of Creationism.

            Did you noticed that the only places where the Feminists/Creationists get respect is ONLY within their own circles, safe sites, YT channels (even that’s not true for the majority of feminist channels)? You have a inner circle of sycophants, that’s it.

            Outside your safe zones, you are intellectually (and in some cases – physically and psychologically) crushed. You are NOTHING.

            And the fuel of anti-feminism is not coming from men. Oh no. The anti-feminist movement evolved in MGTOW (Male Separatism), we don’t hate… we act locally. After all, feminist identities are quite public. We know where do you live and work. This is important knowledge. Feminism will be killed from Within.

            Colored women have a deep hatred for the feminists, because:

            1. You consider criticism of Islamic/non-white treatment of women as RACISM/TABOO subject… this can’t get you allies from the “non-white feminists”, honey. The feminist movement in Saudi Arabia is completely detached and hostile to the western feminist movements, no matter how some old hag filthmonger feminists, try their best:

            2. Feminists believe that the sexual glorification of white women is the biggest (non) issue existing on the planet. You know what, we also think the same. Sexualization of (white) women just give them benefits, it need to stop. Shaming is better,

            3. Feminists know the privilege of white women – for the same crime getting ludicrously low prison sentences, immunity to some crimes (rape, pedophilia “The boy probably loved it”), the fact that even though unemployment is male issue, the government target and aid womens to find a job (like if they even need the help and government funding), that even though men die earlier and have poor health – the focus for health campaigns, raising awareness and scientific research about new drugs and treatment is again focused on women… not the ones who need the help and aid, but the ones who get the privileges. Fuck that

            Feminism is… nothing. You don’t fight for anything relevant, you don’t fight for rights, just privileges, more and more.

            And this is not even privileges for ALL women, no. It’s a privilege for a certain demography – white skinned western women. That’s it. This is Feminism on Practice, not some cool theory.

            If you are non-white pro-feminist… well Aunt Jemimah, enjoy the scarps you are getting 😉

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            LOL! For someone who types as many random words as you do, it is AMAZING that you defied the laws of statistics by not getting one singular thing correct.

            You must have worked very hard to be so incorrect. I mean, I applaud you for your diligence in keeping true to your 100% falsehood-propaganda campaigns. Most people would have slipped a little and accidentally let a morsel of reality sneak in, but not you. Mazel Tov.

            I’m going to make a nice cevapcici and be thankful most people with your mindset are either locked up deep in mental institutions, or are halfway to suicide. Either way, your absurdly himsterical rantings are still held by not just a tiny faction of people, but also a severely untrusted faction of people.

            Go ahead and work up your predicktable reply. I’ll let you get the last word in this one-sided debate. It’s all you mental patients want anyway, to get the last word. Consider it just one more gift from a woman to a man that he didn’t deserve.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            LOL! For someone who types as many random words as you do, it is AMAZING that you defied the laws of statistics by not getting one singular thing correct.

            You must have worked very hard to be so incorrect. I mean, I applaud you for your diligence in keeping true to your 100% falsehood-propaganda campaigns. Most people would have slipped a little and accidentally let a morsel of reality sneak in, but not you. Mazel Tov.

            I’m going to make a nice cevapcici and be thankful most people with your mindset are either locked up deep in mental institutions, or are halfway to suicide. Either way, your absurdly himsterical rantings are still held by not just a tiny faction of people, but also a severely untrusted faction of people.

            Go ahead and work up your predicktable reply. I’ll let you get the last word in this one-sided debate. It’s all you mental patients want anyway, to get the last word. Consider it just one more gift from a woman to a man that he didn’t deserve.

          • BalkanPride

            My last words are to the users here: just read the hysterical comments of this Femiswine (“Carrie”). Pretty amusing, isn’t it? The meat puppet still holds the belief of how powerful they are… even better for us.

          • BalkanPride

            Actually… there are not….
            Women sit back and relax.

          • billstuart

            I’m former military and work in the sewage field, there are lots of women in both fields.

          • pokwok

            In every other field, it seems like unless there is an equal representation of men and women, then it is a clear and objective sign of patriarchal discrimination.

            Too often feminists ignore the fact that certain positions simply attract more people of a certain sex, and one sex might actually be more equipped to do a particular job, and it isn’t a clear and obvious sign of discrimination. Unless, of course, we’re talking about jobs that your average feminist doesn’t think she “deserves”. Or better yet, one that she thinks she’s “above”.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            I work in STEM, and being in a position to hire whomever I want, I have heard many women talk about how discriminatory many STEM-related job sites are. I knew it to be true myself, as I was at the hiring mercy of other companies before starting my own enterprise.

            There is an outright fury focused at women who try to enter jobs that most men consider to be “men’s sole domain”. Women and girls go to school for degrees in electronics, science, engineering, math, and so on, yet when they try to “fit in” at any such company, they are treated like very unwelcome intruders. Talk to a trash truck driver, talk to a construction worker; they might be happy to boast about “that woman uppity feminist b!tch who tried working here, but we drove her out”.

            Women pursue the very fields we don’t often see them in, but they are [often] not welcomed, they are driven away. Either accept women in “traditionally male fields” and do not harass them away, OR keep harassing them away but stop complaining that they are not in your field.

          • gwallan

            Over three decades I’ve collaborated with as many women as men on various IT projects. I thank all the gods that you weren’t amongst them.

          • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

            Really now… I’m torn between telling you that you don’t have any idea whether or not you’ve worked with me if you’re being truthful about having worked on IT projects; or that anyone who posts on AVfM, Thought Catalog and Infowars plus various other knee-jerk, reactionary, anti-female sites really isn’t worth working with; or just a plain old laugh at you for thinking there are any gods.

            Crikey, I obviously haven’t had my caffeine this morning yet.

          • pokwok

            What really gets me about people who adopt your narrative is how they treat women who disagree with that worldview. Many women in IT and software have are outspokenly against this movement to convince them they were never welcome at their place of work, and that they’ve been victims in a man dominated industry. Things are different in different places, but construction and waste disposal and management in my city both have a large percentage of female workers. That’s the public sector, and there are specific rules about hiring a certain amount of women. Regardless, it’s fucked up when a prominent women in the tech industry comes out saying that she never felt discriminated against, and then she’s getting death threats and attempts at sabotaging her job. When I hear things like that, I’m inclined to believe that you’d rather the workplace was hyper discriminatory to women, but the truth is that here in the developed world it really isn’t, and all anybody ever has are vague anecdotal stories.

            It just really gets me when people in the developed world try so desperately to make themselves out to be victims. I would believe the workplace was by and large hostile to women if someone could actually provide some evidence to support that idea, or if all the women with jobs I know personally don’t agree that they were given the same opportunities anybody was. The only women I know who are committed to the idea that employers discriminate against them are college students who have never had a real job.

          • Mister Jones

            No there aren’t. I will actually just address the military stance. From an American point of view, because I don’t know the requirements in other countries. If feminists were really pushing for “equality”, then there would be a push for equal standards as well. But women have to do considerably less in the U.S. military, yet they want equal pay. What happened to equal pay, for equal work? A man has to do 71 pushups to get a score of 100. A woman has to do barely over half of that. Yeah, 42. But the paycheck should be the same? Why?

      • Wildcard345

        From about 15 to 35 you may have a case Evolutionary speaking. But outside those ages Evolutionary speaking women are worth far less than a male. Evolutionary speaking only of course.

      • Anti_Femastasis

        >Evolutionary speaking, women are much more valuable than men



    • Pincuishin .

      Omg thank you so much I can’t stand these kind of people at all and you just said it for me thank you so much

    • Sophie Stanley

      I agree, I’m sick of self-centered, controlling, sexist women dragging feminism through the mud, merely to excuse their nasty behaviour.

      Feminism is about equality; it’s about women being recognised as thinking, feeling beings who have as much right to autonomy as men. To be heartless and thoughtless, to treat men as second class citizens, strikes at the root of true feminism. It makes me really angry; decent people have dedicated their lives to the feminist cause but, through the abuse and misuse by control-freak women, it has come to mean something very different in the eyes of society.

  • thesilence84

    Hey wow what a great idea! in face while we are at it, why stop there? If we are removing the pretense of being the biological father, any woman should be able to wander the streets with her bastard child and pick out any man who would “make a great father”

    I’m sorry women can no longer lie about this. it’s quite sad. but please remember that you also still have the ability to ruin a man’s life with other lies, like rape.

    • Serialrapist1

      youre trying to argue with something that is already against the law? you are dumb.

      • sd

        Your conclusion does not follow from the premises.

        • FatherTime

          He’s saying it’s already illegal to lie about being raped, which it is.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002297351727 Xüãn M. Mãttã

            That doesn’t stop women from trying to blame an innocent Man of rape. same as drug addicts who use drugs knowing those are Illegal!

          • Alogon

            But how many actually get persecuted for it? Not very many and when they do it is likely to be a slap on the wrist and the man’s life is forever screwed. Try erasing that accusation from the elephant-memory of the internet.
            Wouldn’t matter if he were cleared, harpies such as this author would claim he was still guilty.

          • Take The Red Pill

            It’s illegal to lie about being raped?! Since WHEN? Women who lie about being raped face little to NO accountability OR prosecution for their lying!
            How do I know, you ask? For starters ask the Duke University lacrosse team, and ask the writing staff at Rolling Stone magazine. Also ask the fraternities at UVA.

          • http://pantheondweller.blogspot.com/ Pantheon Dweller

            Still, courts don’t enforce it.

        • Alogon

          Maybe his conclusion left the premises

    • Alogon

      Dude! You stopped so soon? We should allow doctors and nurses to switch babies in the maternity ward. I mean, these are professionals and surely they would be the best people to choose who the mother should be, then the mother can pick some sap, sorry, man. As the author says, “Uncertainty allows doctors to select for the children the mother who would be best for them. Sure, women will have ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but
      really, does it matter? You can feel quite as much tenderness for a
      child you mistakenly think to be yours as for one who is. Piers Paul
      Read’s interesting new novel, The Hamsterist, touches on just this
      Case closed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003861257683 William Castillo

    DNA tests should be required to be taken from the baby’s at birth to see if they match the fathers , Just think of how many men out there , that are raising kids that they don’t know isn’t there’s.Why cant men question their child? If my dad questioned me I would be totally fine with it , Women have alot of advantages when it comes to standards , you can’t do a bunch of things you can do around men.If you call a man fat he has to suck it up and be a man , if you call a woman fat , you are an asshole etc. Double standards , you feminists sicken me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003861257683 William Castillo

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    It does matter , author of this article you either are a feminist or a very stupid person ; The man has to live with this bastard child and pay for everything , it’s as if a woman says she had Johnny Depp’s child and says she doesn’t need a DNA test , and that she needs this famous person to pay for her child.

    How would you feel? Having to take care of a kid for a long proportion of your life , having to raise him , another man’s child.While the other man goes off easy with no problems not raising his own , and having a cheating whore wife.

    This is one of the worst articles ive seen. Cancerous growth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/takko.laprada Takko Laprada

      This chick was banging two guys at the same time… do all parties know about that fact? Bitches wanna get away with cheating… Enjoy the world your creating

    • Guest

      “you either are a feminist or a very stupid person”

      Now you’re just being redundant. /s

  • im not your baby daddy

    The ancient days of women picking the father are over. Men have a right to know if they are or are not the father.

    • sway

      I love how someone actually downvoted this. How can you possibly??

      • Brandon

        [ Feminists ]

        • Take The Red Pill

          Also White Knights and manginas.

          • Sebine

            Don’t forget the Illuminati, Lizardmen, the Greys, the Grays and $cientologists

          • Take The Red Pill

            That’s pretty good, but I think that’s “$¢ientologists”!

          • Sebine

            Let’s not split hairs over nipples and dimes.

  • Tom

    ‘Scientific certainty has […] relieved any number of men of their moral obligations.’
    No. It’s not a man’s “moral obligation” to take responsibility for a child that isn’t his.
    Let’s talk about the real issue here. It isn’t about the child’s welfare. It’s about women being able to commit adultery and get away with it. DNA testing doesn’t threaten the child by identifying its biological father. It threatens the immoral woman by exposing her adultery, leaving her nowhere to hide.

  • actanonverba8

    The author is a misandrist, female supremacist and this article is disgusting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jakalas.dejager Jakalas de Jager

    So you condone fraud and lying, as long as the mother can make some money for her and her whore child?

  • Anonymous chick from Canada

    Wow, this might be one of the most blatantly sexist things I’ve ever read – you make it sound like it’s a BAD thing that women aren’t so easily able to screw around on their boyfriend or husband and then deceive in into raising a kid that isn’t even his. It’s bad for women to do that, and you should feel bad for insinuating that women deserve to be able to do this.

  • http://twitter.com/downwithwhiskas ian blackhall

    Fuck off.

  • Humanist

    It’s like you really believe that men shouldn’t have rights and freedoms.

    What single fathers could pick and choose a woman and legally force them to care for the child?

    You would answer no, because are are a bigoted, sexist pig.

  • milda kvietkauskaite


    • Take The Red Pill

      FYI ‘milda’ — in spite of what the feminists and their vaginazi supporters say — many men (like myself) have NEVER raped a woman in our lives and would NEVER want to, no matter what the ‘provocation’ or reason. Rape (REAL rape, not the BS that feminists throw around) is abhorrent to us, and we men believe a REAL rapist should be hanging from the nearest tree.
      OTOH, false accusers of rape should ALSO be hanging from the nearest tree, not lauded and praised for their nonexistent ‘courage’ ‘to come forward’ and make a false accusation.
      THAT is how seriously we men take REAL rape.

  • Tom

    What a deeply sick and damaged person it takes to write this.

  • asdf

    This article is an embarrassment to humankind. Is there a huge load of satire in between the lines that I am not picking up on, or are you one of many quasi-feminists with really skewed views? As to that last line, I bet a lot of people are very much happier for knowing the truth about being or not being parents.

  • sway

    This just cannot be a real article. The points she is making read like something out of the onion. The troll is strong with this one.

  • http://twitter.com/DevilRejected Cory D McDonald

    Men aren’t slaves they should not have any obligation to raise a “bastard” child or the one the wife gave birth to after cheating. Paternity tests should be mandatory with the birth so the man can opt out of the financial burden. Women should be accountable to their actions rather then society accepting such disgusting behaviour.

    Theres some men that love raising kids that aren’t their own but theres alot that won’t, society needs to stop looking at men as wallets and more like human beings.

  • Calvin

    I take comfort in that scientific advance is slowly and steadily edging voodoo logic like Melanie’s out of the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greig.macknight Greig MacKnight

    7/10 would lol again

  • dinosaur


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judith-K-Littles/100000863942261 Judith K Littles

    No one should be able to defraud another human being and get away with it. If being feminist means that a woman can legally and willfully defraud a man into financially and emotionally supporting a child that she is fully aware is not his, then, I want no part of it. The child has a “right” to know and be supported by his biological parents and the accused father, though he is a man, should have a right not to be stolen from by a amoral woman just looking for someone gullible enough to trust her.

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.burkard Christopher Burkard

      Agreed. Hidden in the casuistry of McDonagh’s argument is the indirect assertion that it is acceptable to use another human being as a means to an end that he or she might not find acceptable if all the facts were known. Kant reasoned that we ought not to do that. People far better than her have attempted and failed to refute Kant.

  • sd

    Your definition of “feminism” appears to be matriarchy. Is that intended?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000470132986 Dan Luedke

    WTF is wrong with you?

  • http://twitter.com/Collapseofman collapse of man


  • Marco

    Well there goes the ‘Men are insensitive’ meme.

  • AAL

    LOL. LOL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. FUCK YOU. I’ll go fuck some woman and make you support the child she bears. Let’s do that.

  • http://twitter.com/NiceGuyGoneCad NiceGuyGoneCad

    This piece of garbage proves why paternity test should be MANDATORY by law in ALL CASES. Women simply can’t be trusted; when they have an incentive to lie, they’ll lie EVERY TIME. And we men don’t have any moral responsibility to raise children that aren’t our own, period.

    • Take The Red Pill

      Women like her also lie for fun, for drama, and just for the hell of it.

  • AmusedMastery

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of
    the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.” This article is some of the most imbecilic tripe I’ve read in quite a while.

  • http://twitter.com/auditnerd JG


  • Sarah

    WTF. I don’t understand. I mean were roles reversed the “feminists” would be claiming oppression in under 30 seconds.

    writers are NOT feminists. They are unself-aware, insecure, demanding,
    misandryists. As much scum of the earth as misogynists.

    • Alex Cockell

      Problem is – they’re operating under the flag of “feminism”- or more accurately, Gender Feminism.

      Gloria Steinem’s lot.

      Kick ’em out, let Christina Hoff-Sommers and Warren farrell back in…

  • PleaseBePoe’sLaw

    So, by this logic, if a man chooses to cheat on his wife, gets the other woman pregnant, and decides to use his wife’s income to help raise the child, that’s completely the wife’s fault if she finds out and that ruins their marriage, right?

  • Kozmo

    “the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers.” last laugh? this isn’t a fucking game. this is two people’s entire lives (the child and the father you are talking about you sociopathic bitch)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.walsh.330 Joshua Walsh

    >”Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”
    Yes it does.

    >”But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice”
    You mean instrument of deceit. This article is flawed on a moral grounds and you should feel bad.

  • a man

    die you fat cunt

  • Onlyhalfserious

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, on one condition to make it fair.

    Since men would be ‘unsure’ whether they were actually the father, women should be made equally ‘unsure’ whether they’d receive any financial support from the nominated father. i.e. make child support payments 100% optional.

    We go back to the ‘good old days’ you’re referring to when you mention Balzac, women can point to any man she wants and call him the father, and when she asks for money, he can tell her to fuck off.

    I think quite a lot guys would like that idea.

  • Pablo

    I had an allergic reaction just reading this shit.

    I sincerely hope you get cancer. Malignant cancer. In your vagina.

  • David J

    Melanie McDonagh, I sincerely hope that you or a woman in your family gets raped and murdered. I do mean it, and I would be very happy to see news about it sometime in the, preferably near, future.

    With that being articulated (I do mean it), let me pinpoint your drivel one-by-one.

    “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers.”
    – Now it is very easy to discover that unfaithful, cheating and lying women.
    Not only turning them into a laughing stock, but also killing them for their immorality, is very right and moral thing to do. After all, we need to get rid of garbage women that pretends to be a worthwhile thing. Such women deserve neither respect nor life.

    “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with.”
    – Science does not care a single bit whether DNA is for or against a particular ideology (aka. fantasy). Science does not care if a corpse of a woman who had been brutally raped and murdered is your sister or your daughter. (Again, I’m praying for my little wish for you to come true.)

    “By contrast, the old situation, in which women presented men with a child, and the man either did the decent thing and offered support, or made a run for it, allowed women a certain leeway. The courtesan in Balzac who, on becoming pregnant, unhesitatingly sought, and got, maintenance from two of her men friends, can’t have been the only one. Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them.”
    – Defrauding or getting defrauded is not a decent thing. The mother selecting whoever man she wants to be the father is actually a fraud, due to its misrepresentation and reckless disregard for the truth or falsity.
    But since you are talking about the “old situation”, let us talk about the good old days when raping women could go unpunished so easily, when women were not allowed to vote or even leave the kitchen, or when women were could not hold any possessions. It would be great for us to turn this society into a more traditional one. I hope you and I agree that we both look for such society to come.

    “(That eminently sensible Jewish custom, whereby Jewishness is passed through the mother, was based on the fact that we only really knew who our mothers are.) ”
    – Something does not become “sensible” just because you term it as sensible.

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter? ” You can feel quite as much tenderness for a child you mistakenly think to be yours as for one who is.

    – Yes it does. In general, such feeling of quite tenderness is rare in cases of paternity fraud. You wish these feelings were possible, but wishful thinking is not reality and is a fallacy.
    One more thing: I would like to ask raped women this question – so you have been raped, but really, does it matter? You can still feel orgasm even if you had sex with someone you didn’t want to, right? You can feel great about yourself after getting raped for having helped someone release their sexual tension or having been a subject of passionate sexual attraction. Shouldn’t you feel thankful for your so-called “rapist”? (I am convinced that raping women should be legal.)
    Also, try quit reading a fiction and see reality which really exists.

    “‘The result can be shattering, leading to divorce, marital violence, mental health – difficulties for all parties including the children.’
    – One woman’s lie does devastate a lot of people around her.
    It is just that the discovery of a lie leads to divorce. Betrayal or breach in trust is always a good reason to divorce. Also, I am certain that you are not against divorce. So what’s the problem? If you were anti-divorce, your worry on the divorce is valid, but I am confident you are not.
    Sure the discovery may lead to violence, and the woman deserves to receive violence in this case because the fault is on the woman who lied to cause such a situation.

    “Well, yes. Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”
    – The men do not have moral obligations since they had been defrauded into taking such responsibilities in the first place. Again, do you see the terrible effect the woman’s lie has caused by your mentioning of misery, recrimination and guilt?
    I can’t help mentioning rape here. Women who get raped hold moral obligations for their rape, and no rapist will ever relieve them of such duties.

    “DNA tests have obvious advantages when it comes to identifying less happy elements of our heredity: congenital disease, for instance.”
    – Science does not care whether it is applied to happy or sad cases. Again, to remind you of the fact, science does not care if the raped woman lying lifeless before you is your sister or your daughter.

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”
    – A choice to commit a fraud is not a choice.
    If at all, the people whose choice have been really oppressed and removed are the people commonly termed as “rapists”. Because of such discriminating and oppressing law regarding rape, their sexual liberty as well as sexual choices have been unjustifiably and indefensibly denied and deprived of by society. I hope you support rapists from now on.

    • jacquelope

      I’m utterly shocked that this post wasn’t deleted. Hoping she gets raped and murdered?
      No, no, no, no, no, no, and NO.
      You’re even crazier than she is and damn that takes serious work.

  • Alogon

    This author’s logic is great. Let’s keep applying it but adjust it according to context;

    “Now I can see that some women might rather welcome an end to the
    old-fashioned scenario whereby they find themselves held to account for
    the birth of children born to them because they just happen to
    have had sex. The actress XYZ recently found herself in just this
    position, and unhesitatingly and ungallantly demanded an abortion.

    You can feel quite as much tenderness for a child you mistakenly had as for one
    who you planned for. An interesting new novel, The Abortionist, touches on just this issue.”

    Wow, iron-clad. She obviously also argues against abortion and is pro-life. Her baseless, chauvinistic, subjective, biased, ignorant, fallacious and specious reasoning is so adaptable.

  • JB

    Boo hoo hoo you can’t force someone who is not the father to take care of your sorry ass anymore, oh no the world is coming to an end. Try not fucking every guy you come in contact with, then maybe you’ll know who the father of the child is.

  • alksjdfh

    This has to be trolling. This can’t be a real thing. No reasonable human being would actually believe this crap.

  • Karkat the Brony

    You are a vile, disgusting subhuman. One day, when all of this is behind us, people will post this article as an illustrative example of how fucking depraved and soulless feminists really were.

  • ReyekoMRA

    you seem to talk a lot about a man doing ‘the decent thing’ and his ‘moral obligation’, well I think the decent thing would be for the wife to not shove every penis within a five mile radius into her vagina and then pick the best one to hold as a slave for 18 years. I think a moral obligation is to not steal 18 years worth of a man life and labour for your selfish desires.

  • Tom

    Wow, I actually feel less intelligent now that I have read your ridiculous article.
    Even aside from the ridiculous notation that men have a “moral obligation” to raise children that aren’t theirs, I’m angered by the sheer lack of ability to write a decent set of paragraphs, you used ‘and’ at the start of a sentence, they teach you not to do that in primary school. Furthermore, you completely made up the word “Jewishness” instead of using the correct term, Judaism.
    You ridiculous human being.

  • http://therealchristopherjames.tumblr.com/ Christopher James Willis

    Forcing a man to raise a kid that isn’t his without his knowledge is the same as stealing his life. First it takes his right to have his own children by being with a woman who wants to have them, and over 18 years it’s the theft of potentially millions of dollars. Even if no woman wants to have his children, it takes away a mans right to choose. You’re literally saying women should be able to choose to enslave men, and men should have no right to do or say anything about it. That is LITERALLY what you said.

  • Sven2547

    This column is terrible in several ways.

    The notion that paternity tests are “anti-feminist” is outrageous and stupid. Feminism is about EQUALITY. Paternity tests level the playing field, granting people the same certitude of paternity as maternity. If anything, paternity testing is a feminist triumph: now women can’t be falsely and baselessly accused of having children fathered by someone else.

    As a secondary effect of this column’s stupidity, you’re giving the noble cause of feminism a bad name. The anti-feminist crowd are jumping on your brazen ignorance as if you speak for the feminist movement as a whole, which you clearly do not.

  • dude

    this is some kind of troll article .. right ? .. someone should write an article about legalizing rape .. I mean since the guy won’t get any say in who’s kid he’s raising he should be able to force women to have sex with him .. seems like a fair trade .. whataya say melanie ?

  • Yehn

    She probably has a bastard son. A dna test must be rutine nowdays to even get a birth certificate. Raising other child is not fair to the dad, but also not fair to the kid.

  • fangbrah

    Nice shaming language in this article. “unhesitatingly and ungallantly demanded”, “poor child”, “relieved any number of men of their moral obligations”. How about women solve this issue by, oh I don’t know, NOT sleeping around?

  • Johnny S.

    The vagina is built to have sex with multiple men at once. It is meant to pool up sperm and then leave the sperm to duke it out over who gets to fertilize the egg. Men aren’t the only ones who are nonmonogamous. Paternity tests are bullshit as humans are meant to be raised by a community, not a nuclear family.

    • Terrier Hockey

      So are you promoting rape culture or do you just have a thing against monogamy?

    • digigenocide

      So you believe you shouldn’t have the right to know if your child is yours?

  • dufflerpud

    The instinct to have sex is actually the instinct to REPRODUCE – the instinct to bring your genes to the next generation. When you play with children and say “Oh, aren’t they cute”, it’s just a manifestation of the instinct to REPRODUCE.

    Women don’t need to understand the distinction.

    Clearly the author of this article doesn’t.

  • Robert Peters

    Let me tell you the why I can’t go to France.

    When I was 25, I moved to Paris to work for BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in France. I had a good job, nice apartment, everything a guy could ask for. I met an older French women, 11 years my senior. After a year of dating, she moved in with me and we almost got married. Until I found out she’d been cheating on me. So I dumped her ass, kicked her out of my house and went on with my life.

    One year later, I’m summoned to court for not paying child support. Excuse me? I don’t remember having any kids. Turns out my ex got knocked up and said that I was the father of her son. That kid looked nothing like me, I’m White, my ex is white, the kid is very dark brown. I asked the court for a paternity test, they asked her if it was ok. She said no and the court said no. I protested and objected and I was told If I tried to establish paternity without the court’s consent or knowledge I would be arrested and imprisoned. I said in my best French ‘What bullshit is this?’ which resulted in me being held in contempt of court for 30 days. During those 30 days, my ex went into my apartment took all my stuff as back payment for Child support. Everything was gone. My TV, PC, ipad, Etc. Only the bed was left.

    When I was released they took my passports, my wages were garnished and forced me to pay 1000€ per month to my ex. For 6 months I paid for the upkeep of a kid I knew wasn’t mine. Month 7 I had enough.I gave my notice to my employer. I saved up as much money as I could, sold the apartment to for 1€ to an entity which I secretly owned and left France. I crossed into Spain, went to the US embassy and got a passport and returned to America.

    I sold all my assets in France and hid the money offshore. My ex tried to extradite me back to France to pay child support. My home state of Nevada does not extradite for Child Support payments. Now I work for citibank, I’m making more money than ever, I got married to a 19 year old waitress, I have two wonderful kids, and I’m happier than ever.

    Take my advice; Do not get married or even accused of child support in the EU. It’s a shithole for men. You work and the government takes more than half to pay for the leeches of society, the Single Mother, the Lazy Immigrant, Etc Etc. Fuck Feminism and Fuck you cheating whores.

  • Nyithra

    It’s taking away a choice from women?

    You know what else women have a choice in?

    Who they decide to fuck.

  • kEiThZ

    Forcing a man to accept cuckoldry is no different than forcing a woman to raise a child of her own rape. The choice to do so should be the victim’s to make. Let the man decide if he wants to continue taking care of another’s man child who will be a constant reminder of his wife’s infidelity.

  • Xeon

    Are you kidding? This is exactly why misogyny is a thing. You basically want females to be able to make anyone they sleep with pay. You’re making women that get pregnant out to be whores. Getting pregnant is a 2 person thing but lying to a man about their child is the worst thing that can happen to a man. If you honestly believe this article to be valid and right , then please… please rethink and don’t breed.
    Let your genes of stupidity and entitlement die as they should.

  • WJ Alden

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    It matters a great deal.

    Imagine the reaction if new mothers leaving the hospital were handed a baby and told, “There is a 96-99% chance this baby is yours. If it isn’t yours, tough luck, you’re stuck with it for the next 18+ years.”

    And comparing stepfathers and adoptive fathers to cuckolds because they’re all raising non-biological children is like comparing consensual sex to rape.

  • Pull n Pray

    Is this a satire?

  • politicalcynic

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of
    the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice”

    Choice to WHAT? Force a man to support a child that is not his? Her choice to determine what man takes on a lifetime of responsibility? Her choice to decide HIS life for him?

    Really? Sorry-that’s not equality-it’s simply a gynocentric dominance game.

  • cnn27

    Anyone who has read this article will understand why Men’s Rights Advocates exist

  • rtdave

    Thank you for an article that brilliantly shows feminism in its true colours. You have demonstrated everything we need to know. Keep up the good work.

  • Nicholas Quin Harris

    Melanie Mcdonagh you’re insane. If you don’t know who the childs father is you can’t just go to the first man you see and force him to pay for a kid that isn’t his.

  • Dries Vaernie

    You are batshit insane.
    Seriously, you should be collocated in a psychiatric hospital.

  • Bigby

    I firmly believe in the ideology of feminism. The main problem? Feminists like this.
    The idea of a man not wanting to raise a child that isn’t his is anti-feminist? No it isn’t, it’s common sense. I know plenty of women that wouldn’t raise a guys bastard child, why would a man want to do the same?

  • Guest

    You know, if you make it a woman’s *right* to lie about the paternity of her child and manipulate men into giving up what they owe, you make women into beings who are fundamentally dishonest. What else but an inherently seflish, cruel, and untrustworthy slob could claim such deceit and manipulation as a *right*? You’re as bad as or worse than any misogynist!

  • seanayb

    You know, if you make it a woman’s *right* to lie to men and manipulate them into giving up what they don’t owe, you not only let those who are actually responsible for a child off the hook, but you make women into selfish, sleazy beings who are fundamentally inclined towards deceit, manipulation, and cruelty. They’re not such beings, of course, but without an appreciation for truthfulness and an obsession for finally “winning” against men you degrade yourself and womankind into a pack of thieves and liars. You’re as bad as or worse than any meaningful misogynist.

  • Bob

    in a fairer world you would be tattooed on the forehead so all men know not to go anywhere near you.

  • Perseus Slade

    Subjectively, marriages are made in heaven.
    Objectively there are a practical arrangement between a man and a woman whereby the man agrees to look after her and the children she may have, provided she has sex with no other man so he knows the children are by him. Now he can find out.

    But you knew that already….
    Drop the obfuscation.

  • Annoyed

    in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice???? could feminists be any more raving wacko? if your woman is a whore and she gets caught, it’s her fault. don’t blame the man.

  • Natalius

    Hooo the cognitive dissonance in this “author” is staggering. Like unbelievably staggering. Fellow people this is levels of “I can’t even” staggering.

    She goes on to claim that there used to be no issues of paternity testing in the “days of yore!” that there were no games of “guess the daddy” or whatever fun way she believes lives are ruined. She sees this as inherently evil. Well, back in the “days of yore!” a man could be punished by the actions of his woman, and we did away with that shit didn’t we when we started to give women’s rights and hold them accountable for their own actions like we would any adult, correct? Hooo but this author…this feminists author…hoooooooo.

    So she goes on to name a few celebrities and whatnot and then brings up Jude Law and proceeds to use the word “ungallantly” which isn’t even a word but let’s break it down:

    Gallant, by dictionary terms, means brave, chivalrous, and/or extremely attentive to women. So basically she is calling him a coward because he wanted to ensure he wasn’t being locked into an 18 year financial commitment he didn’t want to be. That’s not being a coward, that’s called being fucking smart and holding the woman accountable for her actions. Calling him a coward for getting a DNA test would be akin to calling a man a coward for getting a pre-nup when he makes millions of dollars and marries a woman who SWEARS she loves him for him.

    She asks if it really matters if a man unknowningly raises a child that isn’t his. To that I ask: Does it really matter if a man cheats on his wife with a bunch of women? “BU…BU..BUT NATALIUS A MAN CHEATING ON A WOMAN MAKES HIM A PIG!”

    But a woman cheating on a man means she gets to play “whose got the bigger checking account?”

    Finally we have this gold nugget: “The result can be shattering, leading to divorce, marital violence, mental health difficulties for all parties including the children.’ Well, yes. Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”

    To translate this from feminist speak to real world speak: Any judge in America or the UK will look at the facts of the divorce and see that if the woman clearly cheated on the man and only wanted his financial stability that she is up a creek without a paddle, that she will have to be responsible for her decision and she will have to tell her child, later on in life, that she doesn’t know who the father is because she was irresponsible and cheated on her husband, and god forbid women have any fucking accountability in this day and age, right?

  • Howard

    hat an appalling amoral piece.

  • Fraga123

    Moron feminists continue to pollute our society and government.

  • Jason hm

    Paternity test should be standard and done at birth..Paying homage to a lie for years doesnt turn it into a truth..Better men have that confidence and assurity that the child is his..Genes matter, especially to men who evolutionary have lower chance of passing on their own genes than women..We should be asking ourselves why it’s a social crime to acknowledge the pervasive desire to have their genetic linage passed on to future generations. It’s biology.

  • Utmost Gentleman

    > Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?

    Yes, it does matter. If one agrees to raise a child that is not biologicaly, I applaud that as a moral and selfless act but the key point is that one knows that is the decision one is making i.e. to help propagate someone else’s genes rather than your own. It’s an entirely different matter when someone is duped into raising a child who is not theirs especially when that child is the product of marital infidelity.

  • ghebert

    I know this article is a few years old but I have to throw my 2 cents in.

    “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken away, the one respect in which they had the last laugh over their husbands and lovers”

    Are you f***ing serious? Do you think this is a f***ing game? Having a child and starting a family are things you should want to be a full partner with your husband or lover…not some power-play to gain the upper hand.

    “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with”

    There are still 7 paragraphs of this hateful garbage to go through. At this point, any of your editors reading this should have stopped right here, given you your pink slip and sent you on your way packing and looking for a new job. If you were a man saying the same but about women you would have been canned long ago. An anti-feminist appliance of science? There is no such thing. Just because it interferes with your manipulative agenda doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The fact that this “anti-feminist science” is undermining women’s deception and manipulation actually gives it the moral high-ground here.

    “Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them”

    Ah yes, the old “best interests of the child” argument. How strange that the best interests of the child always seem to coincide with the best interests of the mother.

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    Yes, it does matter. Imagine this scenario: “Many women have, of course, ended up raising children even if they didn’t feel ready or simply didn’t want children because they are not afforded the choice to give up for adoption or abort the child. These women would prefer to have freedom of choice, but really, does it matter?” Of course women do have that choice, but so should men. They should not be financially tied to a child and its mother if he is not truly the father. That is forcing someone against their will…we don’t do this to women and we shouldn’t do it to men either.

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.”

    Women have every right to choose for themselves but their choices should not have such an effect on the lives of others.That is a form of dictatorship.

  • spectatorreader111

    I have been a long time reader of the spectator, regullary reading articles for quite a few years now. However I find this article so horrible and outrageous that I am never visiting this website again. Sure I am only one person but hopefully the loss of advertising money (and my subscription which I have cancelled ) will make you reconsider just a little bit publishing articles like this again.

  • mjl

    Appliance of science.. do you mean application? Whoever manages this paper should feel ashamed for hiring such uneducated writers. I wont even mention the contents of the article.

  • Guest

    The last laugh?

    Is this a troll article?

  • Poppolo

    Paternity tests are anti-feminists because they cut through the lies of cheating rats? I think I’ve positively heard them all now.

  • IHateFatChicks

    You disgust me and are a sorry excuse for a human being.

  • Guest

    This proves beyond all contestation that women are the true deadbeats and are truly an evil that needs to be mitigated by force pf law once again.

  • Marginalized Dad

    This proves beyond all contestation that women are the true deadbeats and are truly an evil that needs to be mitigated by force of law once again.

  • Weelious_225

    This right here is why the term “feminism” has lost all serious meaning. It’s sad because equality is a great thing to fight for.

  • wafflemeister

    the autisim (oops did i offend any baby in the crowd) is strong with this one

  • Bill

    This is horrible. If a woman lies about paternity, or isn’t certain of paternity, the process to figure it out is at fault? Nope. Sorry. You don’t get to baby daddy shop.

    If it is my baby I will care for it as such. If it is someone else’s baby I will not care for it simply because at the moment the mother likes me more or thinks of me as the more stable(financially/emotionally/whateverally) choice. She laid in her bed and she can raise the child with the man who laid with her.

  • Kiaz

    What a very self-serving view. There is no consideration to those men whose lives would be ruined upon the woman just picking her favorite daddy material like apples at a supermarket. Many people don’t want children and many lives would be permanently negatively affected by banning DNA testing, when people who aren’t and don’t want to be fathers would be forced into such a role fraudulously.

  • Phil Ford

    This author sets the bar for disgusting. Inhuman piece of garbage!

  • Phototoxin

    You are everything that is wrong with feminism.

  • Kenneth Adams

    The problem with your entire position is that men aren’t being asked to raise children that aren’t their own as their own. Men are being asked to PAY for children that aren’t their own while being denied any actual parenting role.

    Once feminists decided to destroy fatherhood as a social institution, the need to prove paternity became much more pressing, You feminists have turned sperm-jacking and false paternity into means of economic empowerment for women, and (big shock here) men want nothing to do with your bullshit.

    If this is anti-feminist science, than that’s great, because feminism is bullshit that is destroying society, and we’re all in desperate need of a lot of anti-feminist technology.

  • severien

    modernity is a terrible beast isn’t it?

  • LuccaPin

    You really should die. I wish you the worst possible death on this planet. I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE IN WHAT I’VE READ!!

    The FUCKING BITCH go around with thousands of men and sit her pussy in a cock carousel then when she gets pregnant she can CHOOSE THE FATHER??? I can’t even think about how to describe the fucking feelings this text gave me, but you’re one of the worst people i’ve known in all my life….. You should really really die, alone.

  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    Jesus does it best; he just calls himself “the son of man”. One couldn’t get more general than that.

  • Elvick

    This is the most fucked up thing I’ve read in a while. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Engelbert Humperdinck

    I genuinely hope you, and all women that think like you, are wiped out by some new, totally drug resistant and incurable leprosy, so all potential male suitors you seek to ruin with your philosophy of celebrated malignant narcissism, can see your exterior parallel the putrid sh*tbag you call a soul, and they run. Do the world a favor- Go get a tattoo of Mohammed on each ass cheek and take a naked jog through Syria for me.

    • Guest

      Does it bother you that your post is so egomaniacal and so megalomaniacal? I mean, your life must be pretty impotent if you sit around dreaming up commands to execute for half of the world’s population. It’s bad enough that half has historically been given the short end of the stick, but to have you come along and wish slightly worse things for women, well, again, your life must be pretty stinkin’ bad and empty.

  • Veiled_In_Dance

    This is disgusting. It isn’t right for a woman to cheat on her husband/fiance/boyfriend/whoever she is seeing who believes that the relationship is exclusive. Cheating is wrong. It is even worse to cover it up and allow your partner to raise a child that isn’t his. Know what’s even worse, though? The notion that to do so is feminist…putting it forth like it’s some form of perverted “girl power” and that it is a woman’s right to do that. WTF? This is terrible. Probably most of us would fly off the handle at the idea that it’s a man’s right to cheat on his wife/girlfriend/fiancee/etc. and then force her to raise the child he created with his lover on the side…and it would be reasonable to find that repugnant. It’s a crappy thing to do to his partner as well as the child. Guess what, it’s no better when a woman does it to a man.

    Why do you expect such low, base, selfish behaviour from women, and why on earth do you think that this is something we should be allowed to do? Why not advocate that we embrace paternity testing as a culture, so that cheating and sneaking around are less easy to hide? That is in the best interests of everyone except the cheaters. Hey, wait a sec…maybe there’s a reason you’re defending cheating and lying!

  • Rodrigo_Girao

    An instrument of deceit is not an instrument of choice, bitch.

  • Wildcard345

    Just to add a bit of interest and to show how dangerous this stupid woman is, It’s actually illegal in France to get a paternity without a courts approval, which they don’t give often. So there are thousands of frenchmen raising kids that aren’t theirs with no legal way out of payment. They can even go to jail if they get a test without a courts permission. This is what this pig of an author wants to bring in. Feminists brought these laws in in France so that is how low they can be. Morals, something a feminist like this author can’t understand.

  • http://www.thelaymansterms.com/ The layman’s voice

    I’m not quite sure I follow.. Has the Spectator published an article lamenting the loss of a woman’s ability to trap men into a lifetime of responsibility on the basis of a lie?

    For shame

  • woody curmudgeon

    So, you’re saying the truth is anti-feminist? Honestly, what is wrong with you?

  • jody fox

    What the fuck did I just read?

  • Saga

    I have a solution for you.

    Do not fuck another man at your husband´s back, and you will not have a single issue with the paternity tests.

  • Suzy61

    If the result of a DNA test is indeed ‘shattering, leading to divorce, marital violence ,mental health difficulties for all partners, including the children’ then the blame should lie squarely with the dishonest mother. Men have no moral obligations to another man’s child.

    There is absolutely NO defence for such a wicked deceit and it shames women that it happens so frequently.

  • SadBruTru

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    Yes, it does matter. Raising a child is a significant investment of time and money, and biology compels us to focus that parental investment on the recipients of our own genes. This means we aren’t exactly eager to dump all that money and effort on kid that’s not ours.

    “Uncertainty allows mothers to select for their children the father who would be best for them.”

    WOW! He must be so honoured, knowing that he’s the better meal ticket than the real father. What a privilege this is, having to raise this child while the real father gets to continue enjoying his freedom, possibly knocking up up some other women in the process.

    Here’s a simple solution for the ladies: Don’t be a stupid slut.

  • billstuart

    Does this work backwards, like if I saw a hot single mom can I claim the child is mine and glom onto her regardless of what she thinks?

  • TheBoisterousSeaofLiberty

    This is completely bonkers.

  • Jack DeRyke

    You are a moron.

    When I met my husband (the name this is posting under) he had a nut job who tried to “pick” him as the father of her child. That child is not his, not his Responcibility, and we shouldn’t have to deal with a psychotic shrew for the rest of our lives because of her choices.

    Where is my husband’s choice? When does he get to decide that because SHE slept around, she should have to suffer the consequences?

    Since when did femanism become about the oppression of men? What a stupid article, and shame on spectator for publishing it.

    • BalkanPride

      Feminism IS about the oppression of men.

      Your comment reeks of Femiswine Apologetics.

      All feminists are enemy of men.

      • Jack DeRyke

        You are pathetic. I am a femanist that has been married to my femanist husband (the name this posting under) for 15 years. We are blissfully happy, completely in love, and support each other in our endevours.
        Your comment reaks of bitterness. Let me guess, without the ability to purchase a decent woman from her father, you are not able to attract one on your own? It’s not femanisms fault that you are a douche bag.

        • lajosarpad

          The method you were using is called “shaming language” (Read color purple here: https://exposingfeminism.wordpress.com/shaming-tactics/). Shaming language, in general is used to get away from having to respond to the arguments of the victim. BalkanPride’s private life has nothing to do with his arguments. If you do not agree, then please, show better arguments, explaining why exactly feminism is not about the oppression of men. I actually believe feminism, at least its modern variant is designed to achieve supremacy for women over the interests of men (including their husbands) and children (including their own children). Everything I have seen about modern feminism, including this article can serve as arguments supporting BalkanPride’s statement. If you believe I am wrong, then use arguments to convince me. I believe men and women should have all the rights they deserve and whenever this fails to happen, we need to stand up for each-other.

          By the way, it is spelled “feminist”, not “femanist”. Learn to type and to argue. If you do so, you might reach a level so that you will see the true nature of feminism.

  • Diotima

    This is the modern face of feminism, which while claiming to stand up for “the radical notion that women are human beings” completely dehumanises men. Nowhere in this article does the writer give the slightest consideration to the wishes, feelings or rights of any of the men – they are mere instruments to fulfill the needs and wishes of women.

    Sadly, this attitude informs all areas of feminist thinking and activism, with the only question ever at stake being “Does it further the interests of women?” If the answer is “yes,” then feminists will press for it, regardless of the cost to men, children, or the greater good of society. However, this gross pursuit of self-interest is rarely as open and honest as in this article.

  • Bob

    What the author is essentially saying is this; that cheap & available paternity DNA technology means that women can no longer do the following age old trick: pursue the genes of the alpha male they want to reproduce with, but who has to many mate options to be a reliable father fixture for the next two decades, so get pregnant with these alpha genes women want to mix with, to ensure perceived best results for healthy offspring, then find a suitable beta male, who is naïve & happy enough just to get laid occasionally, who will bear the financial & emotional cost of raising the woman’s preferred gene pooling.

    In short, shmuck hunting & deceiving.
    Which according to the author’s logic, is a longstanding feminist right!

    Love is a battlefield, indeed.

  • Jason Fregmen

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”
    If it doesn’t matter why do we have security in place at hospitals to prevent babies from being swapped?

  • Anti_Femastasis

    >but that doesn’t mean it should be

    On the contrary. It means that it should. Anybody who claims otherwise is in the business of bitch protection.


  • Talitha Rob

    I am disgusted by this article. It should not be the choice of the mother to defraud whatever man she happens to choose as the father of her child. It is wrong for the child as well as the man who is being lied to.

  • GlootsfortheSloots

    Yeah, this is why I don’t trust women and would never marry one. Women gonna women. What business do I have if my feelings and self worth are utterly ruined by my beloved woman making her raise her bastards that she had with the pool boy behind my back? What business do I have to have babies of my own?

    Can’t really be that surprised with her reasoning, though. If women could they would ban paternity tests in all countries.

  • Chilbaldi

    Ridiculous article. No human being should be deceived into expending time, energy, willpower and of course thousands of pounds on bringing up a child that is not his – it is the biggest emotional, physical and financial investment that a human can make.

    A man choosing to do this knowing the facts, which many do, is an entirely different matter.

  • Safi Karim

    Everyone deserves the truth about things, and if the truth scares some cheating or lying whores then that’s too damn bad. Without paternity testing, women have the unequal advantage over men of 1. knowing for sure if she is the mother and 2. being able to choose who the father is

    This is a BAD thing, and if feminists were really for equality (which they’re not) they would want to eliminate this gender inequality. But of course, as usual, they approve of inequality so long it advantages women

    Every man has the right to know whether the child is his or not and to make a decision whether or not to be involved with this child from that. If he still wants to raise a child that he knows isn’t his, then that’s his choice. And if he chooses not to, that’s his choice as well. He has no obligation to, and it’s not “ungallant” or “indecent” to not do so

    The only people at fault in paternity fraud is the woman for lying and also anyone who supports her lies and tries to hold the man responsible anyway. The man is never at fault for wanting the truth nor for not choosing to support the liar and the other man’s child (whom the mother’s probably only using to get money for anyway)

  • lajosarpad


  • TedMunch

    “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science”

    That is a tautology. All science is anti-feminist, because feminism is based on the unscientific supposition that gender is a social construct.

  • TedMunch

    “Scientific certainty has produced clarity all right, and relieved any number of men of their moral obligations, but at God knows what cost in misery, recrimination and guilt.”

    And the deceitful women must bear the full moral responsibility for those unpleasant outcomes.

  • TedMunch

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice. I’m not sure that many people are much happier for it.”

    I am MUCH happier that my life cannot be held hostage by a whore.

  • Justin

    “At a stroke, the one thing that women had going for them has been taken

    A very revealing statement. Men can determine the paternity, so now “something has been taken away” from women. It begs the question, **what**?

  • TooTrueToTell

    And The Spectator asks for a subscription?

  • Myopia

    “DNA tests are an anti-feminist appliance of science, a change in the balance of power between the sexes that we’ve hardly come to terms with.”

    A change in the balance of power? Sounds like you’re describing our society as a matriarchy.

    “Many men have, of course, ended up raising children who were not genetically their own, but really, does it matter?”

    Would it matter if I sent you the bills to raise my children? A man marries, pays for a household and the expenses of child rearing because he wants to children of his own. For a woman to deceive a man on this subject is straight up financial fraud, not taking into account the decades of his life he’s wasted towards taking responsibility for someone else’s offspring.

    Melanie, you’re a (insert your choice of profanity) of the highest order.

  • Dmitry Kim

    The right thing is to make everyone paternity test at birth and then make biological father pay. Alpha-males will by fucked

  • Erik Wedin

    Dear Melanie McDonagh, have you ever in the spirit of gender equality applied that logic on women? You argue that we are not happier with DNA-tests because they can result in divorces and mental health problems. But lets remember one thing here: DNA-tests doesnt cause divorces at all.

    Womens INFIDELITY however cause divorces and while DNA-tests have a part in divorces by revealing said infidelity after it happened – how on earth is that different from women finding out their husband is cheating by OTHER means – for example by you women gossipping about it to eachother?

    By the same logic you just suggested Miss McDonagh, then women should never talk to other women about which married man have sex with what woman who is not the wife – cause that too causes the exact same problems of divorce and mental health issues, because this too reveals infidelity.,

    By your logic cheating husbands/boyfriends should not be revealed cause having infidelity revealed cause unhappiness/divorces. If your woman friends see your boyfriend having sex with a woman who is not you they should not tell you – its for your own good not knowing about his infidelity

    Or is it?

  • Will Vafuth

    This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

    the Paternity test has for years been used by women to identify the fathers of their children. It has been use to force men to take responsibility for the life they have had part in bringing into the world. Now these misguided feminists are attempting to demonize that same test which has helped so many irresponsible men and women.

    You cannot have it both ways. The paternity test can be used just as much to prove the infidelity of a woman who gives birth to a child her husband didn’t sire as it can to prove the husband siring a child with a mistress. It is only a tool. The responsibility is on the individual to remain in the committed legally binding relationship to which they agreed.

    Ultimately, as with pretty much everything, it all comes down to personal responsibility. Far too many couples forget that the marriage license they are required to submit is a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. Sure, it is all dressed up in ceremony and often religious ritual but the marriage itself as recognized by governments and municipalities is a legal contract. Were it not, litigation, lawyers, and courts would not be required for divorce.

    Aside form contractual legalities, whatever relationship arrangements the individual persons involved wish to implement in terms of sexual relations, additional partners, groups, etc is entirely up to them. But should a person wish to have relations along unconventional lines, both persons in the relationship must be aware and agree to the boundaries and it is up to the responsible individual with those desires to address them with their partner. It is irresponsible to simply assume that it will be fine with all people involved. To hide such extra marital affairs is a clear display of guilt. One hide what one is ashamed of.

    Additionally, the proclaimed notion that Feminists are fighting for equality is a falsehood in the modern feminist movement. No matter what the dictionary definition says, the actions and words of a majority of feminists (and certainly it’s leadership and public supporters) wreak of a call for favoritism not equality.

  • Greg

    There are routine tests, procedures, and vaccinations given at birth here in the United States. Just add a DNA test to establish paternity, and make it mandatory by law. Problem solved.

  • slytherindoctor

    And you wonder why anti-feminists exist. Despicable.

  • Billy Plante

    Mandatory paternity testing on all children. Then the playing field becomes a bit more even.

  • kofybean

    Men have the right to know who their child is. End of story. End of discussion. Srew your feminist feelings.

  • Patrick King

    You seem to have an inability to empathise with men being deceived into raising other mens’ children. Many such men are not wholly ignorant but do not probe out of fear, concern for the children, investment in the relationship and the lack of legal recourse for paternity fraud. That’s what it is, fraud, as well as infidelity and of course manipulation on an enormous scale.

    In order to help with the empathising it’s worth considering how modern developments have changed mens’ ‘instruments of choice’. Without paternity tests suspected fathers could simply deny that they had sired children out of wedlock, leaving mothers to raise their children alone. A more similar example is bigamy (without consent) which was far more feasible before the rise of computing. Bigamy is of course wrong, primarily because of the deception involved, and as such is illegal. However bigamists are defrauding their spouses less than a women committing paternity fraud as they generally do not use the resources of one spouse to support the children of another.

    You have also failed to consider the health implications for the children. A huge number of health problems are familial and doctors use information about your family history to safeguard your health. It is entirely possible that not knowing that your biological father died of a congenital arterial abnormality could result in you not getting an important test done and dying of the same abnormality.

    Regardless of the moral position paternity testing is here, and as you rightly point out discovering down the road that paternity fraud has occurred is costly and potentially traumatising for the family. A simple solution is for paternity testing to be a standard opt-out procedure.

    • Ted Bouchard

      I wonder how this perosn would feel if her child was switched at birth and ended up dying b/c lack of knowledge of potential health issues.

  • Dennis Fales

    So pro-choice for women, but no choice for men? Thanks feminism, I’m getting a vasectomy stat!

  • Rocky

    “But in making paternity conditional on a test rather than the say-so of
    the mother, it has removed from women a powerful instrument of choice.
    I’m not sure that many people are much happier for it.”

    Why would we want to take away the power form the woman? Clearly the MD cuckold husband will be a much better father than the tennis pro, right? After all; it’s all about the mother and child. Paternity fraud is; by any other name; paternity fraud. Are women like little children who cannot be responsible for their adultery?

  • EvanMyers

    This article is another clear demonstration that feminism is anti-male and anti-equality in the most extreme way, arguing that men should not have the right to know who their children are and are not, that women should be able to demand that any man they choose become responsible for her children, no matter who the biological father is.

  • farkennel

    I hope to god this author is being tongue in cheek.

    • CoD

      Not much chance of that. She is probably a died in the wool feminist who thinks women should have all the advantages and privileges in the society.

  • Loren Pechtel

    Since you seem to feel that it’s acceptable to commit fraud how would you feel if someone decided your bank account was better for paying bills than theirs is?

  • Aryanblindboy

    As Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam wrote:

    “Son, she said
    Have I got a little story for you
    What you thought was your daddy
    Was nothin’ but a fool…
    While you were sittin’ Home alone at age thirteen
    Your real father was dyin’
    Sorry you didn’t see him – But I’m glad we talked,

    Oh I, oh, I’m still alive
    Hey, hey, I, oh, I’m still alive
    Hey I, oh, I’m still alive”

    Me thinks the child wants to know who their ‘real’ father is as well ~

  • Positive Man
  • http://therationalmale.com/ Rollo Tomassi

    Yeah, DNA test should be illegal because men shouldn’t be concerned with genuine paternity,…right?


  • David Power

    Perhaps the proverb should be up dated.

    Its a wise man who knows to DNA test his progeny.

  • Anne Rogers

    So adulterous women are actually held responsible for their actions- and the problem is… ?

  • itAintMeBabe00

    The author of this article is disgusting in her contempt for the rights of men. Paternity testing should be mandatory.

  • Mastrius0713

    Feminism only cares about enslaving men to women. This whole article sounds like a chapter out of Mein Kempf:

    “The state must declare the child to be the most
    precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived
    as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily
    endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”
    So, if removing the rights of a man to test his DNA against a lying and deceptive women is a “benefit” to the child, then it must be done to protect the child even if the real victim is the man who is suckered into supporting it.

    This is one of the reasons people call them Feminazis. They borrow the ideology of Hitler and try to force it on society.