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Treating Islam with special reverence is cultural suicide and just plain wrong

20 October 2012

9:00 AM

20 October 2012

9:00 AM

My brilliant niece Freya was talking to my brother the other day about the religious education curriculum at her predominately white, middle-class state school in a pretty English cathedral city. She happened to mention ‘Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him.’ ‘Eh?’ said my brother. ‘It’s what we’re taught at school. After we mention “Mohammed” we have to say “Peace be upon him”.’

Now I know what you’re thinking: that Freya must surely have got the wrong end of the stick. ‘If this were a madrassa in Bradford, well maybe,’ you’ll be thinking. ‘But at a white, middle-class state school in a pretty English cathedral city? No way. Things aren’t that bad. At least not yet, anyway…’

But Freya is not stupid. That’s why, at the beginning, I referred to her as my ‘brilliant’ niece as opposed to my ‘incredibly thick’ one. Apparently, she assures me, they’ve been taught to use the ‘peace be upon him’ formula since Year 7 and though they’re allowed to shorten it to PBUH, they’re definitely not supposed to call him just Mohammed. ‘There’s sometimes the odd snigger when the phrase comes up but we’ve been conditioned pretty much to accept it as normal,’ says Freya. ‘It’s a bit weird, given that there’s only two Muslim kids in my year of 100.’

I find this scary for at least two reasons. The first is what it says about the death of our national identity. When Freya’s father and I were at school, we had to go to ‘chapel’ once a day, and twice on Sundays. In our scripture classes we were taught all the key bible stories, even to the point of having to learn the names of all the apostles. It didn’t turn us into religious freaks — anything but. What it did instil in us, however, was a sense of history and tradition. Like generations before us we were members of the Anglican Church, familiar with the same tales, the same liturgy, the same hymns and psalms, the same rituals, the same boredom.


Before the 1980s, I suspect, this was the experience of most British children, regardless of their race or religious background. It wasn’t a question of forcing Christianity down anyone’s throat — merely an accepted part of the fabric of British life. You went to church (at least occasionally — Christmas at any rate) in the same way you watched Top of the Pops and Morecambe and Wise, or you had roast beef and Yorkshire pud for Sunday lunch. It just was what you did.

Not any more. Sure, the old religion is still covered in RE classes, but at state schools like Freya’s only as an equally valid and certainly by no means preferable alternative to Judaism, Sikhism, Islam and the rest. ‘Jesus was the son of God! Do you agree?’ asks a sample Key Stage 3 question from Freya’s school website. Well, what a bloody stupid question to ask an 11-year-old. How are they possibly going to be intellectually equipped to produce any kind of meaningful answer?

A teacher at my old school, Malvern, told me that when new kids arrive he can no longer rely on their being familiar with even the most basic prayers and bible stories. No doubt the progressives who devised the new God-free curriculum will congratulate themselves on having finally freed young minds from the shackles of organised religion. (Probably they read somewhere that religion has caused more wars than, like, anything, man). But what they’ve really done is impoverished and deracinated and dumbed down a generation. They’ve denied Freya and her contemporaries the key that might one day have helped them unlock everything from ‘The Dream of the Rood’ to ‘The Whitsun Weddings’. They’ve vandalised 1,400 years of the history, literature and traditions which bound us as a nation.

But our failure to defend our culture is only the second scariest part of the PBUH story. The scariest, of course, is what it tells us not just about the growing dominance of Islamism but about our cowardice, fear and ignorance in so easily surrendering to it.

Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him? I suppose it would make sense for a non-Muslim to use that phrase were he, say, trying to persuade his Islamist terrorist captors in Mali perhaps or the Yemen not to cut his head off. But since when did it become necessary for white, notionally C-of-E-ish English kids in a middle-class school in a pretty cathedral town?

I mean it’s bad enough — as I’ve argued — to teach kids to think that their country’s religious traditions no longer really matter. But what is surely unforgivable is simultaneously to teach those same kids that there is one particular religion which matters so much that even when you don’t subscribe to it you must still treat it with the reverence, fear and awe of those who do.

Why? You can imagine the fuss if at every mention of the name Jesus Christ all children of whatever creed were forced to raise their arms in the air and add ‘Our Lord and Saviour, He is risen, Alleluia’. We ought to be equally appalled, I would suggest, at what children at Freya’s school are being forced to do with regards to the prophet of a rival religion.

I want to get my beloved and brilliant niece out of there. She deserves better. What I’d really love is for her to enjoy the education I and her Dad had at our old school, Malvern. If any reader feels able to help her out, I’d love to hear from them.

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  • DocPenfro

    Every time I hear “Peace be upon him”, (or “the Religion of Peace”, for that matter) I just mentally shorten the vowel in “peace”. It makes me laugh, anyway. Mind you, I’m just a sad old atheist who likes taking the peace out of religion.

    • Edohiguma

      I tend to spell “peace” in those two particular examples as “piss”. Said it a couple of times, too. Makes people either nod in agreement, or freak out over how racist I am. Or something.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

      Who started the 1. world war ? Muslims ? Who started the 2. world war ? Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African ppl as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ? remove this double standard. then come to the point!

      • Trofim

        Who let their cat let loose a long grey coiled turd on my garden? Muslims? Wwhat’s the relevance? I’m trying to think of which informal fallacy you’re using. I’m sure you can find it here:


      • DocPenfro

        The point is that this is an article about Islam, not a general discussion of world history. Peace off.

      • Kevin T

        You know where the airport is.

      • Fasdunkle

        Your numbers are wrong and irrelevant

      • http://fenbeagleblog.wordpress.com/ Fenbeagle

        When you leave, remember who’s responsible for the airport checkout queue. Muslims great contribution to world culture along with the explosive body belt.

        ….. What’s your point?

        • TomSparc

          It’s funny how ignorance and racism seems to go hand in hand for some people.

          • Trofim

            Yes, it is funny how ignorance and racism go hand in hand. What is racism, by the way?

          • TomSparc

            I recommend you invest in something called a ‘dictionary’.

          • Trofim

            Yeah. It says “Discrimination on the grounds of race” – hence the morphemic construction of the word. But I can’t see anything about DNA in Fenbeagle’s comment. You seem to have read something into it. But that is a lefty proclivity, isn’t it.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            Tom please ask the other hussain troll to share

          • http://www.facebook.com/elena.nicol.16 Erena Kieselguhr

            what race is islam then? lol talking about ignorance

          • Trofim

            What race is Islam?

            1:30 at Kempton

            Weatherbys Foreign Exchange “National Hunt” Novices´ Hurdle Cl4 2m5f

          • Expat

            Who mentioned race?

      • anyfool

        Who took about 180 millions of African ppl as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean ?
        Arab traders sold them into slavery, white people bought them, so Muslims is correct but your figures are wrong.

      • Trofim

        Who started the first world war? It was kerbstone in Sarajevo. Gavrilo Princip tripped over it, and in doing so, his pistol went off, discharging its contents into the brain of Archduke Ferdinand. Actually, theoretically speaking, the bloke – a council workman – who left the kerbstone skew-whiff when mending the road was actually to blame, in a sense. Well, if he hadn’t had that tot of apricot brandy at dinner time, he wouldn’t have left the kerbstone sticking out. And the barman who served the workman that apricot brandy, was to blame in a sense. If he had been toilet trained according to Freudian principles, his judgement as to who could handle their drink would be better, so it’s his fault, kind of. Come to think of it, the barman’s mother, who failed to toilet train him properly . . . Oh dear, I’ve run out of space. Still, seeing as this is addressed to Turkish bloke whose English isn’t up to much, it doesn’t really matter.

        • chris

          No, Gavrilo Princip was a Serbian terrorist with no respect to his only rightful ruler, the Emperor of Austro-Hungaria. He should have grovelled at that kerbstone, thankful to be allowed to even lay eyes upon a member of the Royal Family and not even having to pay for the privilege. The Yugoslavs, Czechs and Magyars were among the luckiest people in the world at that time, as part of one of the mighty Empires that had lifted human abilities, knowledge, wealth and dignity into unheard-of heights. Instead, Princip and his cronies wanted to damage or even destroy this Empire, and it was natural they had to die for so much arrogance and stupidity. Had the British, French, and Russian rulers seen through this in time and sided with Germany and Austro-Hungaria rather than with the terrorists, there wouldn’t have been a Hitler, nor Lenin, nor Ceaucescu, except maybe as patients in lunatic asylums, and we would still have a glorious and proud Emperor in Berlin instead of an ugly woman who spends her days squandering our wealth to feed lazy Greeks and criminal Gypsies…

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=698573157 John Hall

            Princip wasn’t Serbian. He was of Serb ethnicity from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

        • timeklek

          Gavrilo Princip was not Serbian but Croat’ & Probably started life as a Moslem. internet search refers to him as an Anarchist, funded by the Serbs.

      • anotherjoeblogs

        birinci = 1st and not 1. tamam mi ? and who remembers the armenian holocaust etc ?

      • arnac

        Who took more African slaves than the ‘West’; the Muslims, and they are in a state of denial. Who promotes dhimmism?

      • Johnpd

        The last big group of slaves smuggled out of East Africa was in 1952.
        300 blacks collected, bought & shipped to Arabia by devout Muslims.
        Your figures are nonsense.

        • Tinker Bell

          In the home of Islam, Saudi Arabia, slavery was legal until 1962. But all this history is not really relevant to the point of the article anyway. We shouldn’t feed the troll.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            It’s still going strong where endentured slaves from all over the world toil away for nothing in Arab countries

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Epi-Phyte/1283966717 Epi Phyte

            The written law is meaningless. The only thing that matters is shariah – and under Shariah, slavery, especially the sexual enslavement of women from unsubmitting infidel populations, is perfectly Okay. Search “Shiekh Fawzan” and “author of Saudi Curriculum” for confirmation.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Epi-Phyte/1283966717 Epi Phyte

          “The last big group of slaves smuggled out of East Africa was in 1952.”

          Not sure they got the message in Sudan and Mauritania.

      • http://www.facebook.com/LeighHarrisonUSA Leigh Harrison

        World War I was considered to have officially “begun” (although there were many other root causes and political events at play) when Archduke Francis Ferdinand was killed at Sarajevo. The assassin was acting out of the clamor happening between the Serbs and Croatians in the Balkans — it was thus the religious (ongoing) war betweem islam and Christianity that “started” WW!. As for, the 180 million Africans taken as slaves, history shows it was Arab (muslim) slave traders that started it — they merely continued what they’d been doing in central Africa for centuries, and — instead of keeping them as slaves or just selling them around the Arab world — began mass-marketing them to other nations around the globe, from the 1500’s to the 1800’s.

      • nancledra

        Fuck off.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

        I take back what I said to you earlier, I meant to say EAT MY SHIT ARSEHOLE

      • search4truth

        WWI the vast majority of the so called Christian world defetaed the Germans. Same is in WWII in which there were Muslims troops who fought for Hitler, and the Grand Mufti Husseini was allies with Hitler and even visited Auschwitz. Go look up Hinu Genocide. Between 50 and 80 Million Hindus were slaughtered by Muslim Sulatans. Hindu Kush the mountainess region in Afghanistan, which was once Hindu is named that because it means Hindu slaughter. Slavery you ask? he last nations on earth to abolish slavery were Islamic. And not so long ago..And only after pressure from the West. The UN was created in 1945.

        1948: UN Article 4 of the Declaration of Human Rights bans slavery globally
        1952: Qatar abolishes slavery
        1960: Niger abolishes slavery (though it was not made illegal until 2003)
        1962: Saudi Arabia abolishes slavery
        1962: Yemen abolishes slavery
        1963: United Arab Emirates abolishes slavery
        1970: Oman abolishes slavery
        1981: Mauritania abolishes slavery

        And as for African slaves. Muslims were taking them 600 years prior to the Europeans. And lets not forget that Muslims were also taking Europeans as slaves and the women were prized for their white skin. Because Islam ordains the rape of female captives and slaves even if they are married. Read sura 4:24

        • chris

      • g1lgam3sh

        Who killed upwards of 200 million in the Mughal Empire?

  • Fasdunkle

    It is a disgrace that children are being taught to say that

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

      It’s a plural of respect.

      • Trofim

        It’s a plural of respect???? What, if anything, does that row of words mean?

        • lnfidel

          Using a Western-sounding username to create an illusion of broad and widespread support for their cause, is one of the oldest Muslim tricks in the book. Their deceitful and dishonorable prophet used the very same practice which goes by the name taqiyya.

          • anotherjoeblogs

            ‘ chris berg ‘ sings lady In black i fink

          • lnfidel

            Nope, that was Chris de Burgh. The only serenade the mentioned Musloid is familiar with, is screeching from a minaret.

          • http://twitter.com/Harry_ca_Nab The Elderking

            Chris de Burg – Lady in red

            Chris Berg – Lady in Burqua

      • lnfidel

        The delirious Arabian desert bandit Mohammed ( iss Be Upon Him) was a child molester, rapist and murderer. It’s utterly disgusting that British kids are being brainwashed to honor this depraved and nefarious figure.

        • Expat

          And are young children, such as Freya, told what the wonderful prophet did with his nine year old wife? I doubt it.

          • lnfidel

            Nah that part they hide from public discourse.

          • Jeremy Poynton

            You are not allowed to criticise Islam. The Obamamessiah has proclaimed so.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

        eat shit arsehole

  • Squire Western

    I suggest you contact Malvern. They are happy to offer scholarships to academically able children and will, additionally, offer a means-tested bursary in cases of financial need.

  • CommonPurposeSucks

    ‘Jesus was the son of God! Do you agree?’

    That question is loaded. In Christianity, the answer is not in doubt. Muslims, however, do not believe that Allah had any children at all (see The Koran). That is a key difference between the Christian God and what the religion of peace calls Allah.

  • http://twitter.com/JamesDelingpole James Delingpole

    @squirewestern Malvern is indeed being very sympathetic and helpful, but there’s only so far they can go towards helping with fees. Freya might get 50 per cent off at a push but no more – and her Dad is totally skint. Hence my request for further help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Dale/100001162947374 John Dale

    Treating ANY cult with any sort of reverence is just plain wrong. As private members’ associations they have every right to get together and perform their silly rituals and they can claim to believe whatever puerile drivel they wish, but the law/society should not grant them any special privileges at all.

  • discodad

    I have trusted James , and he has never steered me wrong, on music recommendations, or T V series to watch (Breaking Bad; stupendous).
    However, on reading this article before the school run this morning, I harboured a few doubts; surely something as pernicious and disturbing as this could not be happening under the nose of a well informed parent such as myself? Well, a 3 minute conversation in the car with my Year 9 daughter soon put me straight. Yes, this practice is common place in her Bristol state school, and according to her older brother has been going on for years. For heavens sake (!), the Catholic priest who taught them both R E, would trot out the addition of Peace Be Upon Him, whenever he mentioned M.
    My eldest boy says he never brought the subject up, as he got used to doing it without thinking. Which I think is part of the scary point James in making.
    Many thanks, James , for bringing this to my attention.
    What I do with it, other than coming up with dubious phrases based on the P B U H acronym, I am, as yet, unsure.

    • Fasdunkle

      Write to the school and let them know it is unacceptable

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

      I fail to see what is wrong with saying “peace be upon you” isn’t that just nice and positive and doesnt everybody have the freedom of speech so they can say whatever they want??

      • Fasdunkle

        presumably you also believe kids should be taught to say “Hitler, may he rest in peace”

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Canning/100000880337944 Robert Canning

        Forcing people to express sentiments they don’t necessarily feel is forcing them to lie, and it’s not freedom of speech.

      • http://fenbeagleblog.wordpress.com/ Fenbeagle

        ‘Have to say’ was the clue In the article I feel. So no, there isn’t ‘freedom’ of speech, Chris Berg ‘have a nice day’.

        • Constabel

          I can’t think of Jimmy Savile without saying “Now then, now then, now then” in my head. It’s just Mohammed’s catchphrase.

  • mo79uk

    I see your point, but at the same time Christianity didn’t pop out of English soil either; it came and vandalised previous English history.
    Islam is getting respect because it commands it whereas Christianity is crumbling fast. In the end, though, all monotheism, like it demoted polytheism, will finally be replaced by atheism.

    It’s called evolution..

    In the future, James Delingpole VI will probably be writing ‘Treating atheism with special reverence is cultural suicide and just plain wrong’.

    • Fasdunkle

      “Islam is getting respect because it commands it”
      It demands it with menaces

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harris/1201395549 Michael Harris

      ‘Evolution’ to what suited desert dwellers of the seventh century (AD)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

        Bible is 3500+ years old. why would you believe in Bible ?

        • Trofim

          Bible is 3500+ years old. why would you believe in Bible ?

          I wouldn’t. But at least God is an Englishman.

    • Edohiguma

      Islam is getting respect out of fear. Simple as that. Because if you insult the “prophet”, you get your head cut off.

      That’s not even real respect. That’s just fear and kowtowing to someone who seems stronger. Real respect is earned, not commanded.

  • Trofim

    Come on, pull the other one. I don’t believe anyone could sink so low, and be so lacking in basic knowledge and courage to allow anything as grotesque, vile and loathsome to take place in British schools We’re not far gone yet. If it was 2050, maybe, but, no – it’s got to be an urban legend.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

      I fail to see what is wrong with saying “peace be upon you” isn’t that just nice and positive and doesnt everybody have the freedom of speech?

      • Yorkshire D

        Why on earth have you repeated this message– and its mistake? It is NOT “Peace be upon you’. Read the article again and see what JD wrote.

  • http://twitter.com/DrakhorT Drakhor

    As long as you all remain quiet and “politically correct”, this will simply continue and get worse. The time to act is now, before your children are utterly corrupted by this ideology of hatred.

    • Trofim

      But we’re English. We wouldn’t dream of doing anything – we whinge and moan, and then say, “ah well, better be getting on. Looks like rain.”

  • Matt

    This is what we should expect after years of being obsessed with multiculturalism, respect to immigrants because to not respect them or their beliefs is racist, all this sissy worrying about not offending people and boasting about ‘diversity’ as if its always the best thing. Islam is sneaking through the back door and quickly becoming powerful, and its mainly the stupid white middle class that are letting it happen. We don’t seem to care much for true British culture, instead we keep going on about how indian,asian, african culture is now british culture and forgetting about cultures that have existed pre 1950s…ect, its made a big mess, and will get worse.

  • Mark Newman

    In the same way you can have your child opt out of religious ceremony at school you should let the school know you chose your child not to have to repeat this drivel. No one can be forced to do something like this. If it were generally known amongst the parents there would have to be an outcry surely? Put your foot down and demand it is stopped immediately. Maybe you could promise to start it up again should the islamic leaders across the world openly condemn the atrocious acts of barbarism that occur daily in the name of islam and take meaningful steps to stop terrorism in all forms?

  • Gareth

    Nobel peace prize for the first kid to write Poo be upon him in an exam.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

      Gareth, Your filthy language is the proof that you are not following God since God doesn’t teach hatred and filth. Muhammad (pbuh) teaches everybody to live a clean and holy life. God is not who is teaching you.

      • Bruce


      • DocPenfro

        “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

        That’s what I call filthy language. “Poo” is pretty innocuous in comparison.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Oliver-Deckard/620966179 James Oliver Deckard

        Fuck off.

      • Michael Roberts

        Have you READ the Qur’an, you idiot?

  • GenJackRipper

    Whats even more sad is the stupid sheep that say “I don’t want any religion, I’m an atheist”, apparently unaware of that their response is just another consequence of marxism.
    The same counter-cultural types that made “Peace be upon him” become possible are the ones that eradicated christianity.

    Alot of “right-wing-radicals” seem to fail to make that connection.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002853810422 Chris Berg

      I fail to see what is wrong with saying “peace be upon you” isn’t that just nice and positive and doesnt everybody have the freedom of speech so they can say whatever they want?

      • Yorkshire D

        It isn;t ‘Peace be upon you.” It is “Peace be upon Him” in recognition of his status. In my experience many Muslims do not say it but those who do are endorsing the stricter versions of Islam.
        And the article is about enforcing that usage on non-Muslim British school children without the option not to say it.

  • Fasdunkle

    Meanwhile the saudis are teach their children to hate christians jews and believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is part of islamic culture
    Inter-faith dialogue essentially means muslims teling everybody else what to do. It’s all a one way street. If my daughter came home saying “peace be upon him” after mentioning a long dead arab warlord she would have been out of that school faster than you can say Aisha

    • Jim20

      Isn’t that the problem though? Rather than fight against this you choose to run away from it. We should be teaking on these schools.

  • Bruce

    Organized religion is the root of all evil.

  • http://twitter.com/foamcow Foamcow

    I really, truly, see nothing wrong with this at all.

    Why does everyone instantly cite fear as a reason to show respect to Islam? Ignorance breeds fear. Let’s stop being ignorant and ensure our children grow up learning that we can actually all get along even if we do believe different things. How about we do this by exposing them to some of the aspects of other religions and give them an understanding of how people of that faith behave.

    As an equal sign of respect I’m sure that when they say the Lord’s Prayer at school they may put their hands together, bow their heads and say “Amen” at the end. This doesn’t make Freya, or anyone else at the school, a Christian fundamentalist any more than it won’t send her on a Jihad against the West by using the “proper” form of address for The Prophet.

    On the other hand, Freya now is a little less ignorant about Islam (not that she is ignorant in the stupid sense of course!) and may find some aspects of the religion interesting. Learning about other people’s belief systems can surely only be a good thing?

    • DocPenfro

      Sure, Freya can learn that Muslims think that they’re superior to kuffars and that men are superior to women. As a female kuffar, Freya can learn that she’s pretty much at the bottom of the heap as far as Islam is concerned. Luck for her that she’s not Jewish.

      • Trofim

        Hope you don’t mind me pointing out – kuffar is the plural of kaffir

    • http://twitter.com/DickDelingpole Richard Delingpole

      Pete – I’ve already told you this: They don’t do Christian prayers at Freya’s school. Why would you be trying to make this point again?

  • Kevin T

    We really have to stop indulging left wingers and apologising for ourselves and get back to smacking them down very, very hard every time they pipe up like Maggie, Ronnie and Rupert used to do so well back in the ’80s. They’re like rats. If you have rodents in your house, you don’t ask them nicely to not nibble things, you put poison down.

  • Trofim

    To anybody who’s responds to this in a joky manner:

    I find this frightening, despicable, disgusting. It’s terrifying that people in positions of trust and authority are so willing to roll over and do what they’re told without question or protest. What has happened to people’s ability to think? Is their fear of being called racist or Islamphobic really so powerful that they can go along with this, or do they really believe that it is acceptable to compel children to simulate respect? How long have people known that this is going on? Do they just not care? Do they shrug their shoulders a al anglaise, and let it go? This has strong echoes of the actions expected of children in totalitarian states. If I had a child of school age I would be actively encouraging them to undermine those who teach them to do this, but then Pavlik Morozov comes to mind. Why aren’t we doing something? The EDL are? But they are such common rough chaps. One couldn’t support them – could one?
    Are the police reading this?

    • andychannelle

      The EDL are not common rough chaps. They’re racist thugs looking for a fight.

      • Trofim

        Racist thugs? Phew, for a minute I thought you said “ageist” thugs. They’re much worse.

      • anotherjoeblogs

        islam is not a race.

        • andychannelle

          And? So the EDL is not a racist organisation?

          • anotherjoeblogs


          • andychannelle

            Are you sure? Because when I’ve seen them before, during and after marches (and in their stupid facebook posts) they appear to be pretty racist to me. Also, they appear to be idiots.

          • Van Grungy

            You just don’t like that the EDL supports Israel

      • Expat

        Rascist? For standing up to a religion? Let’s face it, they’re the only people doing anything about the issue. Apart from Generation Identitaire, who occupied the mosque in Poitiers.

        • andychannelle

          They’re not standing up to a religion. They’re doing what every other fascist organisation in history has done, which is cast around looking for scapegoats to blame for their own shitty lives. Talk to most EDL members and they know nothing about any religion or political movement, nothing. It’s just easier for them to say ‘we hate islam’ than to say ‘we hate brown people,’ or ‘we hate Milwall fans’.

          • Knives_and_Faux

            The left dehumanise the EDL as they do other groups, ‘knuckle draggers’ ‘racists’ etc. Whilst the actual fascists in the form of the UAF stick claw hammers in the heads of those whose views they disagree with. The EDL are actually the anti-fascists seeing off the fascist Islam and the useful idiots of the left.

          • andychannelle

            I find it ironic that you talk about ‘the left’ dehumanising the EDL when a casual look at comments on EDL’s facebook page or website show a breathtaking disregard for the humanity of muslims, and other races. Moreover if you don’t understand the EDL’s form of obsessive, insular nationalism (and its institutional history in BNP, NF, BUF (and, to a degree the hooligans of the 70s and 80s) politics) as fascism, then you don’t have an adequate grasp of the concept.

            Many people characterise EDL members as ‘knuckle draggers’ or ‘thugs’ because they’ve had the misfortune to meet some of them on the streets or on trains to and from their demonstrations.

          • Fasdunkle

            When did muslim become a race?

          • andychannelle

            Sorry. I should have said ‘muslims and other groups’.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            other groups … oh the women and children that gaza jihadists hide behind ?

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            many also claim that ( after watching video from Gaza and other arab places) that it’s wrong to use human body parts as ornaments on hamas cars or drag bodies around the streets until there is nothing left – until they look like the body of the jihad terrorist that the IDF hammered

          • andychannelle
          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy
          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            but they still aren’t raping or murdering children

        • http://www.facebook.com/elena.nicol.16 Erena Kieselguhr

          I agree. the UAF are the thugs who hate everything British, we should send them to north korea, saudi or cuba to live as they like it. The EDL is the only org. that has stepped up againts our goverment wanting to turn this country into a sharia ruled state. They are the only ones making sense in this insanity: our kids been taught to say “peace be upon him” every time they hear the word muhamed. Serving us halal meat without been told, bending backwards to accomodate others. Not been able to call Christmas, Christmas or have nativity scenes…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

        at least they aren’t raping amd murdering children

      • Georgina

        Actually, they a merely voicing their disagreement with an ideology that states they are second class ‘monkeys’, good for financing the islamic way of life – doing nothing productive.
        Of course, anyone disagreeing with that ideology is bound to get into trouble, because otherwise the islamic supremists might blow something up.
        As a female atheist, I am so low down on the islamic value scale that there is no way I could ever repect islam.

  • Mr Flibble

    Whilst I love my English heritage, how can any intelligent human being possibly believe in a man in the sky who controls everything? Religion is a form of control and changes its opinions/doctrine to ensure continuous control. I’ve yet to see a decent explanation as to why carbon-dating is wrong or how enormous reptiles roamed the earth. The earth is 4,000 years old? Boll**ks. Prophets and Son of God? Pull the other one. Remember when the Catholic church claimed the earth was the centre of the universe?

    Science has evidence to prove beyond doubt the various theories scientists have proposed. Yet there is no evidence of any God whatsoever, yet priests and imams convince the sheep that He exists. Apparently, I must believe in Him or I’ll go to Hell. Yet perversely, He still loves me! Go figure.

    Teaching our kids any backwards belief system is wrong. Perhaps keep religion to the history lessons only. Our species will not progress much further until we throw off the shackles of religion – ALL religions, Islam included.

  • Jangster

    Religion causes wars? I thought they were caused by nation states? At least that’s what I once read on Rompuy Pumpey’s Twitter feed (so it must be true)

  • Tanuki

    Recently, a client greeted me with the islamic ‘salam-alay-quim’ and was surprised when I replied שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם even though I’m an avowed atheist.

    If he wants to shove his religion in my face, i’ll shove another faith back at him

    • jahirun01

      salam alaikum means peace be upon you. why be offended????

      • nancledra

        Because he doesn’t mean it, maybe?

  • GrahamCresswell

    James, my heart goes out to your niece and all the children similarly affected by this pernicious nonsense. All religions (Christianity included) are intellectual prisons into which it is wicked to cast any child. To elevate one particular religion to super status because of a fashionable terror of offending its members is to become an accomplice to the jailer. Whether it is appropriate to teach a child to say “Mohammed? F**k the c**t” is a moot point but it is my instinct.

  • http://twitter.com/atanudey Atanu Dey

    Rear a poisonous snake in your house and you are likely to die from snakebite.

  • tony

    Sky news calls him the prophet mohammad. Sign of a defeated people.

  • http://twitter.com/FalmouthSid Mackintosh

    Even the tiniest villages across Europe now has its Muslim citizens but what have they come for? It can’t be the usual ‘better life’ as they just don’t even pretend to adapt. First time I came across the hostility held by Moslems for Christianity was in Saudi 50 years ago and that is still apparent.

  • Julian Tysoe

    Are you seriously just sending in begging letters and getting them published?
    Maybe you could let us know the name of your “niece”‘s school *nudge nudge wink wink* so we could check the veracity of your sob story, errr I mean article.

  • andychannelle

    Can we have a little evidence that this is prevalent in any UK schools (beyond James’ very clever niece)? Some RE/RS teachers have said they’ve never heard of it. I’ll check with my kids this evening.

    Oh, I’ve just read the last sentence. I can’t believe you used a magazine column as a begging letter. Wow.

  • Hagbard Celine

    Most people say if they had a time machine, they’d go back and kill Hitler. Me, I’d kill Mohammed.

  • mightysquirrel

    I agree that being told to say PBUH is a going a little far but surely teaching kids about the religious ideologies of cultures other than their own is an important element in learning about the world. Being taught about the religious history of one’s culture to the exclusion of everything else is surely more dangerous. On your point about Malvern, it would be great if everyone could enjoy the privilege of going to private schools (as I also did) in terms of facilities, but if such old-fashioned views are being taught maybe it wouldn’t be such a privilege…

  • E Hart

    Your argument is idiotic.

    ‘Sure, the old religion is still covered in RE classes, but at state schools like Freya’s only as an equally valid and certainly by no means preferable alternative to Judaism, Sikhism, Islam and the rest.’

    Far from focusing on Islam – your pet hate – it seems all the key religions are packed together for ‘Freya’ to pick ‘n’ mix – i.e. no religion gets precedence. There is no ‘special reverence’. What’s the problem here? Religion is a long-standing cultural artefact which crosses boundaries by a variety of means. Do you think Christianity – so traditional and boring at Malvern – originated in Britain? I always thought it came from the Near East like Judaism, Islam, Baal… I suppose you think Joseph of Arimathea was in the Young Farmers and came from Glastonbury or Ledbury.

    Should we concentrate on boring the ‘Freya’ with Anglicanism or should she be allowed to hear about other boring religions – which at their heart if not in much of their mumbo jumbo – have something profound to say about who we are?

    You worry too much and your singular view of culture as being inviolate and immutable really does make for inertia and ennui. We don’t live in the era of Tom Brown or James Delingpole’s school days.

    If anything your thesis is a daft attempt to fix culture in a way which gives it all the dynamism of concrete. This is the old ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ routine which would place us firmly in a dimly lit cave with nowhere to go but with all the trappings of a life which has long since ceased to be useful, creative or pertinent. Why? Out of some misguided attachment to ‘tradition’. You can live in the cave by all means but don’t try and commit everyone else to its peculiar asylum.

    • Trofim

      “Should we concentrate on boring the ‘Freya’ with Anglicanism or should she be allowed to hear about other boring religions”

      So being compelled to say “peace be upon him” after the name of Mohammed, who Muslims believe is or was a prophet, is “hearing about Islam”? So if the children believe in fact that Mohammed was a bag of sh*t and they would like him to burn forever in hell fire, making them recite the mantra “peace be upon him” is forcing them to tell a lie. Do you believe that children should be coerced into telling lies as part of their education? Why not apply the principle to workplaces as well, and enable the workers to learn about other religions as well, by saying “The Buddha – hope he has a quiet night”, “Lord Shiva – I’d really like him to have a nice kip ” and so on.

      • E Hart

        You’re making a Mohammed out of mole hill and in the process trying to slap as much bile as you can onto the subject. This not a serious question just an opportunity to throw out a few casual ‘catch-all’ prejudices to endorse you dislike of Muslims.

        The cave is actually a metaphor for the primordial state just after Eve gave Adam a sip of apricot brandy from the off-licence of knowledge. Adam then fell over what would become a kerb stone. He would later wake up in Birmingham not knowing his Aston from his Edgbaston but knowing that he didn’t like ‘them’.

        • Trofim

          Excuse me E Hart, but did you perchance have a drop of apricot brandy before you wrote the above? A trifle disjointed, syntactically.


    DLM make you stand up and read out ‘en haute voix” Paradise Lost?
    Perhaps today’s UK’s Education Secretary, needs some curriculm revision à
    la Douglas, “Drak” Mensforth. For it was he, who certainly thought that
    John Milton, was a “Malvern” necessity for all ages…..
    I guess we have “Revisionism” in full, unapolgectic zeal, from the
    highest point in the realm, with HRH Prince of Wales & of Highgrove
    (PBUH), all the way down to primary schools, …..

    • http://twitter.com/JamesDelingpole James Delingpole

      I certainly agree that Drac would shape things up nicely.

  • Pinochet

    “we’ve been conditioned pretty much to accept it as normal” haha, if you’re going to manufacture quotes, at least make them semi-believable. Next time tell us about how schools are forcing kids to say Winterval instead of Christmas and immigrants are replacing all the Christmas trees with miniature mosques.

  • http://www.facebook.com/simon.bayliss.566 Simon Bayliss

    Are you sure Freya isn’t just winding up Uncle James, like the smart girl you say she is?

  • Ian Wright

    Yorkshire pud,Malven hills,Anglican adherence-sounds a bit dated when you look around you at the poulation mix now-should have put the shutters up long ago to have stopped this distruction of our national dream.But it didn,t happen so lets not bleat on.

  • Sematics101

    I think you seem to have misunderstood the difference between the words ‘education’ and ‘instruction’.
    Freya’s “brilliant” teacher has correctly told her that in Islam when you refer to Mohammed you do use the PBUH stuff and that when writing in her exam about Islam it is correct to do so (not that you have to say it in your free time or have to have any belief about his peace keeping abilities). This is educating, and the role of the teacher is to do so without instilling their personal beliefs. Just imagine what liberal rubbish they would hear if this was the case :)What you are lamenting is the loss of ‘religious instruction’. However, this does not come under the remit of Freya’s teachers. I would if I were you have a strong word with your brother and parish priest who have obviously been remiss in this aspect of their parental/pastoral role.

  • semantics101

    I think you seem to have misunderstood the difference between the words ‘education’ and ‘instruction’.
    Freya’s “brilliant” teacher has correctly told her that in Islam when you refer to Mohammed you do use the PBUH stuff and that when writing in her exam about Islam it is correct to do so (not that you have to say it in your free time or have to have any belief about his peace keeping abilities). This is educating, and the role of the teacher is to do so without instilling their personal beliefs. Just imagine what liberal rubbish they would hear if this was the case :)What you are lamenting is the loss of ‘religious instruction’. However, this does not come under the remit of Freya’s teachers. I would if I were you have a strong word with your brother and parish priest who have obviously been remiss in this aspect of their parental/pastoral role.

    • semantics101

      Such a good point I made it twice, sorry!

    • DGStuart

      Why is it correct to use PBUH when referring to Mohammed if one is not a moslem?

      • semantics101

        I suppose it is because it is the accurate way of addressing said prophet and when writing in an exam explaining about a variety of perspectives the exam boards demand accuracy.

        Students are not forced to believe it or to repeat it as some form of mantra but are expected to remember it as it is good practice for the exam.I think that James has a good argument about the vandalisation of culture but that his heavy leaning on islamaphobic rhetoric shows that he has merely stumbled upon a point and then turned it into an inane bandwagon jumping rant.
        Had he lamented the loss of a classical education then he may have had more of a point. For example there is very little teaching of the background required to understand Keats, Shakespeare, Kipling et al. However, this is not because RE is to blame.
        In fact RE has in itself kept an understanding of the major faiths alive it has just diversified and started to encompass more elements of the subject.
        What fails to be acknowledged here is that has it not been for our Islamic counterparts we would have lost a lot of the literature and scientific knowledge that has formed the bedrock of our culture due to the over zealous actions of the early christians. Take as an example the work of Galen (the father of modern medicine) a writer whose work has been invaluable in saving many lives was lost to western culture and only preserved by the muslims.
        Do not get me wrong I am not an advocate of one religion over another and certainly do lament the loss of the traditional schooling I was fortunate enough to receive (which by the way taught me to construct arguments that do not rely on puerile insults as in your other posts).
        However, I am also willing to accept other cultures and to embrace them realising, much like the early Roman empire, that many ideas make me wiser and stronger.
        I think that it was only after the battle of the Milvian bridge that things went to pot and look whose fault that was!

        • Yorkshire D

          What do you mean it is the accurate way of addressing him? It is a sign of Islamic piety—which not all Muslims do. By using it, one acknowledges the truth of Islam.

        • DGStuart

          ‘I suppose it is because it is the accurate way of addressing said prophet and when writing in an exam explaining about a variety of perspectives the exam boards demand accuracy.’

          Is it really? And where is the evidence for this statement?

          ‘Do not get me wrong I am not an advocate of one religion over another and certainly do lament the loss of the traditional schooling I was fortunate enough to receive (which by the way taught me to construct arguments that do not rely on puerile insults as in your other posts). ‘

          Thanks for your censorious admonition of my response to some Guardianista turd there. I feel suitably contrite.

          On the other hand, maybe that is the correct response to leftist wankers who use the ‘R’ word when attempting to shut down debate or by accusations of ‘fanning the flames of racism’, bigotry etc.

          If that has piqued your leftard sensibilities, tough.

          • semantics101

            It’s all in the exam spec, which is a public document so feel free to look it up.

            I really appreciate your contrition but there is a definite undertone of irony. I think that you are certainly right that the throwing around of accusations of ‘racism’ are really unhelpful and it does cloud the issue with a malevolent political correctness that turns debate into something that has to be monitored and watered down.

            However, what is with all the aggression? In turn you are doing just as much damage to the debate as the ‘Guardianist turd’ (lovely turn of phrase by the way) through levelling insults about.

            I think what you have to say is interesting but it is difficult to pick through the points and the insults. I do not agree with students having to say PBUH. It does seem as Yorkshire D say to infer an acknowledgement of truth that sits uncomfortably with me.

            My main point is that this is a small part of a much wider problem of the erosion, rather than vandalisation of traditional education and that there is no stopping the continuance of multiculturalism (debating whether this is good thing or bad thing I don’t think creates a solution to the argument as it is here) and so we need to find a way forward where heritage is protected and that we continue to progress.

            What do you think? Hopefully without calling me a fucknut 🙂

          • DGStuart

            ‘It’s all in the exam spec, which is a public document so feel free to look it up.’

            I’m not really interested in ‘exam specs’ though that would seem to reinforce Delingpole’s argument. To repeat, where is it stated that affixing PBUH to Mohamed is the ‘accurate’ way of addressing him by non muslims?

            ‘I really appreciate your contrition but there is a definite undertone of irony’

            You got that did you? Well done you. I don’t think I am damaging anything, and if someone is going to attempt to shut it down in that time honoured lefty way they deserve both barrels.

            As to you last point I think that sounds a bit defeatist- in my view the multi-culti meme thrives in the soup of acquiescence and equivalence & relativism that are part of the tools of the cultural relativists of the left, but it’s a good point.

          • semantics101

            Hey Fucknuts (I am thinking of this as a term of endearment now)

            I don’t feel like I am being defeatist, quite the opposite in fact. My worry is that issues of multiculturalism seems to incite extremely strong emotions but that nobody seems to be suggesting a decent way forward.

            Acquiescing to the forthright and those most likely to throw a strop if they do not get their own way is not going to get us anywhere and there is a need for people to start using common sense.

            The left seem to want to hug their way through it while the right wants to shout about it. To me both of these solutions will not get us anywhere.

            To go back to a previous point when polytheism was superseded by the first wave of monotheists things turned to shit for the west. Look at me swearing like a right winger, soon I will be dodging the tax man and making homophobic jokes down the golf club!

            We seem to be in a similar situation now with kind of metaphorical holy war and neither political correctness nor belligerence are going to save the day.

          • DGStuart

            You don’t seem to have said very much here except equate swearing with ‘right winger’s who go to the ‘golf club’ – I think you missed out their cravat and blazer wearing and G&T doubles. No doubt those saintly Guardian readers are a potty-mouthed free zone.

            As I understood from a while back even Labour have explicitly abandoned the doctrine of multiculturalism but I suspect it’s alive and well in the corridors of local authorities and other public institutions.

            Whatever, I’ll continue to demur from the PC and multi-culti pieties of adding PBUH, Jack Straw like when discussing something I don’t subscribe to.

  • zac

    The Europeans are stupid plain and simple! Very soon you guys will have it like us in India with a 15 % muslim population. Be prepared for the following:

    1. Two mosques in every locality with loud verses blaring out of a loudspeaker 5 times a day starting at early morning.
    2. Dirty ghetto muslim only slums with a black economy and burgeoning Mafia presence in every major city.
    3. Your kids being targeted for not being muslim and occasionally roughed up with a quick lesson in Islamist tolerance.
    4. A huge increase in organized crime, and easy availability of guns and other weapons.
    5. More frequent terrorist attacks. I’m sorry but that was bound to happen with so many muslims in a country. The Next time you stop aid to Pakistan/Afghanistan or side with Isreal at the UN a terrorist attack will be used a a bargaining chip. Pakistan’s ISI is especially gifted at this.
    6. “infidel” Girls and women will be targeted too, forced conversion and conversion by marriage will be commonplace.

    I could write a 100 more but I think someone is breaking into my house so have to go. All the very best my EU friends. The religion of peace is upon you.

    • chris

      Well, “you in India” have it like that on your own accord: You once had the luck to be part of the noblest and greatest Empire this world ever saw, but a small half-naked miserable terrorist named Gandhi “wanted the people to be free”, successfully pleaded that the guardians of culture and civilisations be removed from your country, and invited filth, crime, corruption and terrorism with open arms. Your parents might have put him where he belonged, swinging from the nearest available tree, and apologize to your rightful King for the troublemaker.

      • John Thomas

        Oh dear, Chris! I expect you’re well on the way to being denounced as a “closet racist” “fruitcake” and – of course – “BIGOT!” Not planning to foster any kids by chance? Oh … you already have kids … they’ll soon be taken away for re-programming, sure to be …

    • stephengreen

      Please Zak, wear your Indianess more convincingly.

    • Melody Szabo

      You neglect the rape culture that accompanies Islam. Not only do they rape their own women and children,but any women who is unaccompanied and improperly dressed in public is a target for abduction and sex enslavement.

  • Concerned Australian

    The issues raised in this article are deeply disturbing. Could someone please publish the name of this school so that free thinkers can express our outrage directly to its administration. This matter should not, out of apathy or fear of offending, be allowed to rest. The school board allowing this appalling abuse of children’s innocence is in turn driven by political correctness and must receive a strong message of disapproval from the community to embolden them to resist pressure.

  • gemma6

    James Delingpole’s article
    is inflammatory and little short of inciting racial hatred.
    Acronyms, Mnemonics and active learning are well established
    memory aids to learners. PBUH is simply another example of this and he has
    targeted it, at best for the sake of sensationalism, at worst, to fan the
    flames of racism. As an atheist, I am more than happy for my children to learn
    about all religions and cultural differences including Christianity
    and Islamism. I can only hope that by educating future generations about
    mutual tolerance and respect, we will prevent the type of ignorant, racist and
    bigoted comments that have been written here.

    • DGStuart

      So you think children should be taught Islamism? Maybe we should fly back Abu Hamza to give a few lectures. What a load of leftist wank. What is racist about it? Get your fucking terms right before you open your bigoted mouth.

      • gemma6

        You appear to have reinforced my argument.

        • DGStuart

          It might help if a fucknuts like you actually had an argument instead of the Guardian arse kissing waffle you state here. ‘PBUH a memory aid to learners’ – you probably even believe that. You don’t even have the nous to even attempt to defend your shite that this is ‘racsim’, because you can’t. ‘Racism’ being the attempted argument ending fascism of leftist goons like you when faced with opinions other than your own prejudices. What a failure you are. You are simply a leftist bigot. Now fuck off – Alan Rubbisher desperately needs you custom I hear.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Harris/1201395549 Michael Harris

            Well said-the silent majority speaks. (…before the police lock us up).

          • gemma6

            I would answer this, if it actually made any sense. All I can see is a string of vitriolic abuse. Why do you feel it necessary to be so rude?

          • DGStuart

            Why do I find it necessary to be so rude? Well when dealing with a cnut like you who labels anyone who declines to treat Islam as if they were adherents as bigots and inciters of racsim, I find it is the best course of action. Further, when I discover a dhimmi twat like yourself who advocates teaching children Islamism, I think it’s the only sensible reaction.

        • Baron

          gemma6, will you please explain to us why is it you and those of your phylum have to label people in an argument? Why cannot you stick to the argument itself? The poorly educated Slav comes from a country where at one point people with views uncomfortable to the regime also got a label stuck on, it wasn’t seen like the Star of David the Nazi thugs plastered on Jews when Adolf was in charge, nevertheless the consequences were not dissimilar.

          The idea of an argument is to get as close to the truth, to the best solution to a problem. How does labeling your opponents help to achieve it exactly? Will you explain?

          • gemma6

            Who have I labelled?

    • Trofim

      inciting racial hatred ?
      Which race are you talking about?
      I can’t see any mention here of any of the five major races of the world.

      • gemma6

        Read some of the comments they are full of hatred and loathing of anything or anyone who has a different belief system to them. They probably didn’t need much encouragement but this article has undoubtedly been the catalyst for their outpourings.

  • Austin Barry

    Cultural suicide continues apace. The robustly sarcastic North London urchins I went to school with would’ve soon amended ‘Peace’ to something more apposite.

  • Millie Cartright

    I attended a school where the “PBUH” phrase was used in this way in lessons in Worcestershire till 2009, strongly suspecting it is the school in question. It was used simply to help students with learning difficulties remember the phrase for exams. We learned equally about the major religions in Britain, spending equal amounts of time on Christianity and Islam.

    As an Atheist, I am proud to say that I attended a school which embraced and enjoyed multiculturalism rather than treating it as something which is “destroying our national identity.” I would like to know what the author means by our national identity? Why can we not accept our “national identity” as a melting pot of cultures which bubbles with a variety of beliefs and identities?
    I guess he would suggest that I have been conditioned to think this way and I am blind to the ever tightening grasp of Islam over our country. I would suggest that he is perhaps scared of the unknown, as many racists are. Perhaps he ought to get a better understanding of the various religions that make our society so rich, interesting and diverse?

    I feel also feel he should actually read more into Islam. Yes there are the extremists, but there are also the majority of Muslims who are disgusted by the acts of terrorism which are thrown at us by the media. Perhaps if the media also focused on the many dignified and peaceful protests against the “prophet video”, such as the one in Birmingham last week where a group of young Muslim women were handing out roses and peacefully explaining how the video had caused offense and that they did not want to be associated with the terrorists in Libya.
    Yes there are the minority, but the majority are not extreme, as it is the same in every religion.

    Maybe if people looked deeper than your average Daily Mail article spouting propaganda about the “floods of immigrants” poisoning us with their Shariah Law etc etc we would have less disgusting, uneducated racist slurs such as the thread of comments underneath this article.

    Or perhaps the writer should just accept that the majority of children, like myself, want to learn about different religions. We want to learn to be well informed adults who can appreciate the variety cultures and traditions, not just our own.

    • Austin Barry

      “..the majority of Muslims who are disgusted by the acts of terrorism.”

      Oh, and where in this country have we seen any evidence of this disgust? Certainly not by any anti-terrorism protest. This majority is as silent as the other illusory muslim anti-terrorist majorities across the globe. Terrorists appear to be just the militant wing of a cult that tacitly shares the same aim: it wants us to submit or die.

      • Millie Cartright

        It saddens me to say that I believe the majority are silenced rather than silent. The media, especially right-wing tabloids such as The Sun and The Daily Mail produce scare mongering tactics which people such as yourself absorb without a second thought. If there are so many muslims over-running our country, I am sure you will be able to find one to discuss their views on terrorism and see what their views are on the subject. I sit next to two Muslim girls in class and whenever the issue of terrorism comes into discussion they express their disgust, not only their disgust towards the act of terrorism, but that these people are committing acts of violence in the name of their peaceful religion.

        • Austin Barry

          I rather suspect that muslims may be silenced more by their co-religionists than The Sun and The Daily Mail. Also, you’re one of the few people left who can write “peaceful religion’ without any trace of irony. Ah, the illusions of youth.

        • Baron

          Millie, if your ‘silenced majority’ were to stage a demonstration in favour of freedom of expression, against the jihadists, for the young girl Malala Yousafzai shot by the Taleban, the Guardian would lap it up, it would be on the BBC 24/7′, even the Daily Mail would put it on their front page. Trust Baron on this, he knows, he’s checked it up.

          Like you, Baron also wants to believe the majority of Muslims want no jihad on the infidels, but ordinary lives, you know, having a job, raising a family, breeding pigeons, growing carrots or whatever it is their culture has conditioned them to do in their spare time. Unfortunately they, as does every other follower of Allah, also take it the Koran isn’t only a book of moral values, codes, behaviour, manners and stuff, which we can argue whether there’re peaceful or not until the cows not only get home but drop dead. But that it’s also a set of edicts, an Allah given guidance for societal governance. We don’t. We believe those who govern us should do so ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, in this, there isn’t any mention of a book written ages ago. Don’t they teach you this anymore?

        • Trofim

          Sit next to in class? I can’t make out whether you’re an agent provocateur or really are a schoolgirl. You certainly use all the usual cliches of a lefty.

    • username_99

      “…a melting pot of cultures which bubbles…” LOL

  • Londoner

    Mr Delingpole, thank you for a fine column.

    The relentless discrediting of Christianity has left a vacuum, ready for a supremacist ideology masquerading as a faith to exploit and fill. The answer for Freya is not to remove her from the school. To help her, and the thousands like her throughout the country, the parents must protest to the school together. If that does not yield results, the next step is to complain to the Department of Education. This insidious practice must stop at Freya’s school, and schools everywhere in the UK.

  • Mathetria

    OK, I’ll declare an interest. I am a Christian, broadly evangelical, but please fdont assume that this equates to blind prejudice or that I’ve checked my brains in at the door of rational debate. James, for one who grew up in the traditions of the Anglican faith, you make a better and bolder case than many of my fellow Christians.
    The practice in this school has surely crossed the line into, well practice!
    I hope my children respect other faiths and the views of those who disagree with the faith they have grown up around. I would object entirely to them bring asked to practice this or any other element of another faith. Far from engendering respect, it may even backfire and merely breed resentment.

  • Clyde Huntingdon

    Chris Berg • 2 days ago • parent, says thay muslims say “peace be upon you” to fellow students. Rubbish. Chris needs to do a little reading before making a fool of himself on a public forum.

    The islamics say “Peace be upon him”, meaning the allah entity. Not the person you are talking to. Every time they mention the allah deal, they add “peace be upon him”.

    If allah’s so powerful, why doesn’t he bring peace on himself and cut out the middle man?

    • Austin Barry

      I have used Allah’s name in exhortations to roulette wheels in Vegas, Puerto Rico, Monaco and Soho, along with that of Jesus, God and the Virgin Mary. Unhappily, I still work for a living.

  • Adolf

    PBUY? Get serious! Harmless Arab tradition! like Hail Mary Mother of…etc. Bit like that
    quaint German “Heil Hitler”. It’ll go out of fashion. One or two quirky English schools
    taught that too! Quite a giggle but carry on with the paranoia! Remember “Reds under the bed”

  • Ram

    James, I have to say I have not the slightest sympathy for your problem and am indeed gloating my head off over your deservedly dire predicament with the Muslims. No nation deserves this fate more than the British. You probably know no British history and therefore are unaware how much the Brits have historiaclly gone out of their way to butter up Islam at the expense of other communities like the Hindus and the Jews. I speak as a Hindu. In the old days in India during the British Raj the Brits steadily favoured the Muslims against the Hindus and made it clear that the first lot were beloved and the second deeply despised. When we complained about Muslim intolerance we were told they were fine fellows whom the likes of us could naturally never understand. So now you are foist with yiour own petard……Enjoy!!!!

  • Sarah

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/who-was-muhammad/314.html We see in the description of this Learning Zone clip that the BBC is dutifully reciting PBUH as well.

    • Trofim

      Thanks very much for that link, Sarah. It gets worse, doesn’t it. Shall I write to the BBC? MP? What’s the point?

  • TalliJohn

    The equivalent would be say, in the 1930’s, that English children should say “Seig Heilbronn” whoever Adolph Hitler’s name was mentioned.

  • Yorkshire D

    And yet we are not offended but understanding when Muslims ban any signs of respect for Christianity, celebrations of Christmas etc.
    It would help if the officials who took the decision to enforce compliance with Muslim practice on this and other matters could be named in public and made to defend their position in public.

  • Yorkshire D

    Oh and the churches perhaps might order the followers NOT to say something which signifies belief and acceptance of a entirely different religion. I imagine the officials behind this policy think they are encouraging ‘fusion’ and syncretism, but I would take a bet that the result will often be increased Islamisation.

  • Frank Sutton

    Can’t help thinking that your bro loosened the ties with our Christian tradition (while tapping into an older one) by naming your brilliant niece ‘Freya’.

  • Guest

    Not to mention the contempt with which Muslims hold Hindus. At least Christians and Jews are ‘people of the book’ (whatever that means). The Hindus are kafirs. And according to some interpretations of Islam, it is OK to kill them. If this idea came from Mohammad himself, how can any there ever be any peace on this gentleman? While secular schools have to treat Islam with respect, has any research gone into what Islamic institutions teach their students about inter-faith harmony, at least in Britain? I do not even wish to bring the Middle East into conversation here. It is indeed quite sad and unfair that Islam has to be held in special reverence as opposed to other faiths – especially when there is an absolute absence of reciprocity from Muslims.

  • Krishnan Unni Madathil

    Not to mention the contempt with which Muslims hold Hindus. At least Christians and Jews are ‘people of the book’ (whatever that means). The Hindus are kafirs. And according to some interpretations of Islam, it is OK to kill them. If this idea came from Mohammad himself, how can there ever be any peace on this gentleman? While secular schools have to treat Islam with respect, has any research gone into what Islamic institutions teach their students about inter-faith harmony, at least in Britain? I do not even wish to bring the Middle East into conversation here. It is indeed quite sad and unfair that Islam has to be held in special reverence as opposed to other faiths – especially when there is an absolute absence of reciprocity from Muslims towards others re inter-faith harmony. Maybe it is the Islamic model used that is wrong, for I am sure a better, more pluralistic version exists – maybe the Malaysian or Indonesian model as opposed to strictly Middle Eastern models.

    • Trofim

      You’ve got that right – absence of reciprocity is one of the key characteristics of Islam. But even in those relatively pluralistic models of Malaysia and Indonesia, Muslims are still regarded as pre-eminent, aren’t they? You can convert someone to Islam, but no from Islam. Islam wherever it is is absolutely characterised by its absence of reciprocity.

    • Baron

      Khrishnan, young sir, the West has to nice to them, they have something we cannot do without, you can see what it is when you next fill up your car.

  • jiu jang

    This obsequious nonsense has been going on much longer than the current age of hyper-accommodation. I remember back in 1970 when I worked in a bank ( in the tax haven Channel Islands of course) that even then had massive amounts of money deposited from Arab robber barons who called themselves Sheikhs or Princes.
    Every time we corresponded with them we were supposed to sign the letter as follows;
    ” I have the honour to remain your obedient servant.”
    I was at the age where I wouldn’t be anyone’s obedient servant so, even though I could have been fired, I refused to sign it that way. A simple “yours sincerely” was all that I could force myself to concede.
    The boss was outraged but I refused to budge and so he signed the letter himself.
    See what we are up against?
    Tell your niece to stand up for herself and her cultural heritage by refusing to acquiesce to this horse manure. Jesus can stand on his own, so can Mohammed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alec-Buck/100002425175747 Alec Buck

    PBUH, don’t that mean piss be upon him? (Although if there is an afterlife I’d expect he’d welcome fluid as a change from the flames….

  • anotherjoeblogs

    do kids get a gold crescent for mentioning peace be upon him after uttering the name of the religion of peace’s prophet ? I would teach the difference between islam and multikult boulevard – one is a one-way street.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1405370735 Merete Bøye

    Amen to that. (No pun intended.)

  • IhaveMyEyesOpen

    Go to a country, bring as many of your extended family as is possible, have as many of you live in one house as you can manage, pool all your earnings and use them to bring more people from your country, all live in same area, start businesses there, employ only your own people, eventually the original inhabitants will move away and rents will go down, then bring more of your people, eventually you will be the majority in this area, then propose a mosque, the ‘local’ population will ‘vote’ so of course you will have it,this will bring even more of ‘your’ people.. then ‘vote’ for ‘local’ MP’s, eventually you will have so many MP’S you will ‘RUN’ the Government and so on and so on.. WAKE UP AND ‘MAN UP’ before its ALL OVER PLEASE

  • andychannelle

    OK. I call shenanigans on this. I’ve checked with families who have children in state schools in various areas, and not one has had this experience. They have discussed Islam in RS lessons, and talked about the reasons why *some* muslims say PBUH, but no one has been told they have to say it if they mention Muhammed. Your niece may simply have made a mistake, or misunderstood the part of the lesson where they talked about it. It can happen to even the brightest kids.

  • cremaster

    What could be meant by “death of our national identity”?

    Surely the first step towards that was trusting politicians while paying them their wages on pain of imprisonment.

    Why would anybody think that our “national identity” was in the gift of politicians in any case?

    Oh, because people “vote” for them, in this “democracy”!!!!

    I get it now.

  • Jo

    Anyone else notice that ‘Thought for the day’ was about Islam two days running recently!

  • ronnie

    piss be on him. amen.

  • Cumberland

    Everywhere islam reaches a few % of the population, the trouble starts, but the liberals are still in denial and still blowing smoke….enjoyed the comments, no smoke here.

  • jahirun01

    I went to a church of england school (i am a muslim born woman), learnt the lords prayers, sang hymns adn went to church. I don’t recall my parents ever being concerned.
    Whislt i don’t expect any non muslims to say pbuh (peace be upon him) after the name of one of our our prophets (and they number Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Adam, peace be upon them all), i dont see why you should be offended if you children learn in R.e lessons that muslims would say the words pbuh after the names of their prophets. Surely we are trying to bring our children up in the context of fear and mistrust towards others and by teaching each other a bit about our beliefs can only be a good thing. There is so much antaogism against Islam and we shoudl never underestimate the importance of teaching chldren about other peoples faiths (especially in white middle class schools!!!)
    I don’t expect RE lessons to only cover Islam. They cover alll the major religions including Buddism, judiasm, hinduism etc.

  • Sir Grahame

    I think it is a national disgrace that we should be made to bow down to islamism and the muslims at every turn in our lives. Do the muslims go out of their way to teach other religions in their mosques, you can bet your life they don’t as their religion is the only one they recognise, everybody else are non-believers in their eyes. Perhaps our British schools should make a point of teaching Christianity to the muslims in our schools and see what happens; they would probably burn the schools down. When will the west wake up to what is happening and stand up for ourselves. If I had a kid in school being taught the muslim faith instead of the faith they are being brought up in I would pull them out of school and suffer the consequences.

    • jahirun01

      oh what rubbish you speak. my children (yes, muslim children) went to church yesterday with a bag full of food for the harvest collection.
      i count myself as a practising muslim woman but i believe that if i have laid the foundsation of islam in my home, then nothing outside should influence them.
      I also went to a CoE school, sang hymns, said the lords prayer. Do christrian schools teach about islam and other world faith religions??? and i don’t mean state schools. i mean sunday schools. I suspsect the answer is no so w hy shou mosques have to teach about other faiths?????
      I send my child to arabic school to learn about THEIR faith. they learn about other faitsh in their state school.

  • gurveness

    …’ all children of whatever creed were forced to raise their arms in the air and add ‘Our Lord and Saviour, He is risen, Alleluia’.
    Maybe if someone crept into a class and shouted ‘Cthulhu!’ everyone could be forced to stand and shout ‘Ia! The black goat of the woods with a thousand young! Cthulhu ftaghn!’

  • marzipanlil

    Just last week, an eight year old boy told me that if he gets his Koran reading wrong the teacher twists his arm. And we let this child abuse happen.

    A couple of years ago, a Muslim boy told me I was wrong about concentration camps. He has been taught that the Final Solution never happened. He learnt this at his mosque school. And we let it happen. I told him that what he had been taught was utter lies. I’m still alive. No fatwa. Speak up.

    An enormous mosque has been built on the ground where I was born. It has been designed to dominate. I’d love to see a gigantic bird fly over the tacky dome and release the contents of its bird bowels. Laugh at them. United we stand. Don’t be cowed.

    • jahirun01

      You saddo!!! do you think a bit of bird poop is going to do anything, stop people praying perhaps, eradicate muslims from the face of the eARTH. listen to your childish drivel.
      First of all, i don’t kow what school he goes to but those ‘back home’ teachings are so outdated. In fact if you go to thrird world countries (and not just muslim coutries) you might just find a form of teaching similar to that exists so lets not get too over excited about islam and its barbaric teachings. Todays arabic schools follow teachings very similar in structure to a modern school where they differentiate teaching, put them into smaller groups and generally try to make lessons interesting.
      As for the concentration camp comment. I am a muslim woman. My islamic education never centred around whether or not camps existed, so i don’t know where this comment comes from. I will tell you one thing though and that is we don’t have to look very far to see a modern version of concentraion camps – the Gaza strip and the treament of the jews before teh actual holocaust happenned can be compared very strongly to what is hapeenning in that region, and generally in peoples attitude towards muslims today, in “civilised” society. What a shame that we haven’t learnt anything from historty and the same people who were once oppressed are now the oppressors (but thats for another discussion)

  • jahirun01

    one question for users of this site. Do you actually know any muslims????? your writing essays of hate and mistrust about msulims based on what, the media writes i bet. On a personal level though, how many muslim families do you actually know???

    • Bullhead1

      look around the world and see the terrorist attacks-they are not being done by non Muslims Head out of the sand

    • StephanieJCW

      I can answer for all of them, no they don’t. Yes we can see terror attacks done by muslims, but those of us who actually associate with, have close friendships with and live amongst muslims, know that they aren’t strange beasts with two heads. They’re just people like me and you. Who also find the terrorists pretty barmy.

    • username_99

      None, they keep themselves separate up here in Bolton and import spouses from the Mirpur district.

  • Johnpd

    James, would you not think of trying to galvanise parents into protesting against this undue deference to one particular religion?

  • reliapundit


    this is not “cultural suicide:; it is democide – at the hands of the postmodern left who hate the west in general and judeo-christianity because they incorrectly blame it for all of humanity’s ills:

    they blame judeo-christian civilization for most of history’s genocide – when, in fact, socialism killed more people in the 20th century than j-c civ did in the preceding 20 centuries. and islam has killed more people than socialism.

    they blame j-c civ for third world poverty, as if the west’s wealth, living standards and life spans were stolen from the third world. in fact, industrialization is what greatly extended life spans’s in the west, and industrialization is what expanded our wealth. in fact, many colonies were better off then than they are now. an it is the postmodern left and their co2phobia which is preventing the third world from becoming industrialized -and keeping them impoverished, and keeping their life-spans short.

    they blame the west for slavery, when in fact the west and specifically christians in the west ended the global slave trade – a trade largely run in africa by islam.

    they blame j-c civ for sexual repression, as if the family wasn’t the bedrock for our society’s stabilty, as if liberty within natural law was anti-social and harmful and libertinage pro-social and victimless.

    they blame j-c civ and industrialism for an imminent global climate catastrophe even though there has been no global warming in 16 years even though man-made atmospheric co2 has steadily increased and even though the sligth warming over the last 75 years is totally within geo-historical variations of climate that go back millennia.


    because the feel deeply that the west and j-c civilization is evil – just like the islamists – they are natural allies.

    and because they are also utopianists – like the islamists – they are willing to commit genocide to usher in their “perfect world” – a world we saw operate as it always operates in the ussr and in north korea and in mao’s china and in pol pot’s cambodia and in mugabe’s zimbabwe. even hitler was a utopianist.

    repeat: when you think you can usher in utopia you are naturally going to think almost anything means is okay. even genocide.

    turning our children against our j-c civ is part of their utopianist scheme – as are all the gramscian perversions: anything to bring our culture down so they can replace it with their utopia.

    they will succeed if we do nothing.

    right now, europe is doing nothing.

    you have 25 years, and it’s over: europe will be as western, as judeo–christian as byzantium, er.. um… i mean turkey

  • Tortillapete

    Fuck muhammad and his demented followers…

  • The Proletarian

    The reason the left loves islam so is simple, it is totalitarian in nature.
    The problem with statists is they simply cannot “Live and let live” but have
    to poke thier filthy snouts in everyone else’s business because only they,
    mostly ill educated, know what is best for you like a new mommy.

  • Bullhead1

    England is lost. It didn’t jump on th Muslim problem until it was to late

  • StephanieJCW

    “A teacher at my old school, Malvern, told me that when new kids arrive he can no longer rely on their being familiar with even the most basic prayers and bible stories. No doubt the progressives who devised the new God-free curriculum will congratulate themselves on having finally freed young minds from the shackles of organised religion. (Probably they read somewhere that religion has caused more wars than, like, anything, man). But what they’ve really done is impoverished and deracinated and dumbed down a generation.”

    This is going to sound radical….if parents really think it’s important for their children to be familiar with basic prayers and bible stories, they could always, teach them those things at home.

    I know, shocking to expect parents to involve themselves in their kids education but, there you go. I am not sure that not knowing prayers or some bible stories really equates to ‘dumbing down of a generation’. Of course YOU think that because you’re a Christian who goes to church regularly. I can’t say I have ever felt my life would be so much better if I knew the Lord’s prayer.

    • stephengreen

      Stephanie, did you miss this line:

      “They’ve vandalised 1,400 years of the history, literature and traditions which bound us as a nation.”

      Most Anglicans are in fact not church going but an awareness of our religious past also is a grounding in the referential elements in our writers, thinkers, laws and customs.

      Why in this context would you not teach the religious basics in school, unless of course you wished to avoid doing so to be more inclusive of all faiths.

  • StephanieJCW

    You’re right on the crazy ‘PBUH’ nonsense though. I’d tell my child to refuse to say it.

  • An Australian

    The TOTAL population af Australia today is about 20 Million. I think your figures are just a little exaggerated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mysticchic1 Lisa-faye Stokes

    Chris Berg throwing history and numbers in to the mix does not value a decent argument, the fact that we are talking about what goes on in schools today and not who killed who 100s of yrs ago. Muslims have brought pain and suffering through out the ages and if you so wish I can produce facts and figures to prove this. As for who started WW2 that was hitler who sided with hitler and fought along side him? MUSLIMS!!!!! There has never been 20 million Aberiginies EVER!!! and who started the slave trade westerners or MUSLIMS do your History before you spout utter crap and come in with either your real name which i susoect eithet has Mohammad Kahn or some other Muslim name in there or go and have a wash you leftie uninformed twat!

  • Nick

    Wow … You guys are nuts! Reading through the comments a couple of things become apparent quickly, the first and perhaps most important would be that terrorism certainly seems to have won. Fear has struck the hearts of the general population causing the backlash desired. We are divided, through the guises of both anger and tolerance the same result is produced, that Islam is a name to be feared.

    I can see the columnists issue which knowingly or not highlights a growing problem which if denied or not still exists, I will not use cliches such as that I have discussed these very same issues with my Muslim friends, colleagues and neighbours nor will I say that I am educated in Islam and it’s teachings, I expect you to give me the benefit of the doubt and if you do respond, please do so in a polite manner. (To address a reoccurring theme those who enjoy using insults to back up an argument are correct they are not being racist, the are being prejudiced which is as equally bad in cases.)

    Back to the original point, I agree that this is indeed disturbing in that children are being asked to practice a religion to seem respectful. There are many ways to be respectful to a religion without using phrases that those who practice said religion uses. I am not a Christian nor do I attend church but I will still say hello to a priest and engage in light conversation ensuring that I stay true to my beliefs whilst respecting theirs. It seems the line between educating and practising has been blurred, yes children should be taught this integral apart of the religion, repeated as a learning aid, but outside of the classroom this should not be forced.

    The wider issue referenced earlier would be the fear we associate with Islam, we assume that the terrorist attacks and riots we see are common place within the culture and wrongly assume that it is Islam which teaches this. The truth is any religion can be twisted to extremism to support the actions of another. Before Al’Quida there was the IRA and there war on Prostestant Northern Ireland, and stretching even further back the crusades, I could repeat numerous other examples of both rioting and terrorism where a religion has been a contributing factor but I am not here to give a history lesson.

    By making special allowences for a certain culture in fear of the repercussions allows terrorism purpose, by standing up and respecting those that should be respected despite differences in origin, religion, economic status etc… Is the only way forward from this point. It does not matter if a person is a Muslim or a Christian, it does not matter what a person believes but how they act in the society they choose to call home. Everyone should be treated as equals and not forced to suppress their beliefs out of fear … Fear that they will not be respected by their peers or fear of violence from the few that want the world to suffer.

    Can’t we all just get along without bringing up who’s religion is accepted more, the more people focus on it, the worse things will get.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2KJX5BUIDGDYHMXZSRQM5RFXQY ibdancin

      No! With islam tolerance is a one way street.

  • stuartrbroughton

    Thanks for a very interesting and thought-provoking article. My immediate reaction is to recall such passages of Scripture like 2 Peter 3:3 that warn us that such times are to be expected. Also, I thought of the responsibility of parents to teach their children the basis of the Christian faith. It’s hardly fair to pass that on to teachers who may not have a living faith and conviction to teach basic truths about life. Stuart Broughton

  • Tinker Bell

    The worst thing is that since Muhammad (His Afterlife Ain’t My Problem) used the stories and beliefs associated with Christianity and Judaism to make his religion sound legit, by no longer teaching kids about Christianity we are robbing them of counter-arguments and making them more vulnerable to being taken in by an aggressively proselytizing religion with a political agenda. They won’t know, say, the huge significance of the Koran’s employment of the term ‘Sister of Aaron’ in reference to Jesus’ mother. I first read the Koran at 15 and was struck by this obvious mistake, because I had a very solid RE. You don’t have to believe that Christianity or Judaism are true to know that the existence of both is more of a problem for Islam than an argument in its favour, simply because Muhammad (HAAMP) talked a lot of balls about both.

  • Jeremy Poynton
  • http://twitter.com/Harry_ca_Nab The Elderking

    I recently had the same experience upon finding out that my 8 yr old nephew (white/Irish/Christian schooled) knows more about Hindu gods than Christianity.


    More freaky is that his mother just couldn’t see it.

  • vieuxceps2

    Please tell us the name(s) of the schools who perpetratethis.

  • Mike Waller

    The letter page of the subsequent Spectator made clear that that JD had annoyed not only the school but also his relatives whose daughter attends the school. Regarding the final sentence, it strikes me that he is morphing into the right-wing equivalent of a welfare bum!

  • louise

    Or even an ugly cathedral town. Or even a pretty town with no cathedral. I do sympathise what you’re saying, up to a point. I wish all schools could be like the best public schools too – but as they are now rather than as they were 40 or so years ago. We have to be a BIT more open-minded, because we are more of a mixture, in terms of cultural background, and that is something we should struggle to be constructive about.

  • Ukespatla
  • MRH

    I find it really stupid to name your brother’s family this way….Took seconds to trace Freya’s address…If my brother did that I’d shoot him PBUH.

    • stephengreen

      And why do you firstly feel the need to trace someone’s address and secondly to suggest that one should be careful to not allow it to be traced?

  • http://twitter.com/michealjroberts Michael Roberts FRAS

    This is the biggest scandal ever, people saying “peace be upon him”. Come on Delingpole, get a grip. It’s not actually required to say it. It’s taught that this is the common practice amongst Muslims.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2KJX5BUIDGDYHMXZSRQM5RFXQY ibdancin

    If you don’t have the will to stop this cultural suicide in your own country then I certainly won’t help you. Man up or submit. Your choice.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2KJX5BUIDGDYHMXZSRQM5RFXQY ibdancin

    He’s their prophet NOT my prophet. I do NOT have to treat the prophet of a violent cult with respect and I won’t. If the cult followers expect respect, they’d better earn it. If they expect respect for their murderous pedophile prophet then they can stuff it….. Make sure to correct anyone who says “the prophet”. It should always be stated “their prophet”.

  • Vardit

    The UK is dead… peace be upon it

  • Elspeth

    I suggest home education! I have learned more fascinating British history in the last one year of teaching our oldest than in my entire school career in the eighties and nineties. That’s more it has been chronological so made a lot more sense and free from political correctness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bigpighodges David Hodges

    It is just one part of this sad sin-sick society’s way of side-lining moral absolutes so that human “rights” trump human responsibilities. Who gave humans “rights”? God gave us responsibilities which mean we have to act in a responsible way to our fellow man (or woman, which is certainly not the case with Islam). It also means that one day we will all have to stand and answer before His judgement seat for every idle wicked thought and action – but don’t mention THIS as it’s not PC to think that everyone isn’t going to be automatically admitted to heaven!

  • chris

    Cultural suicide of the British began in 1917 already, when they happily endorsed the slang and the jazz music that the GIs brought with them when they came to help with the war effort, and forgot all the dignity that the great Queen Victoria had taken her whole life to instil in them. From then on, the British have become just a second-rate imitation of the USA, with the same assortment of rapping thugs, punks, drug addicts and immigrants, forgetting their centuries-old traditions and sources of pride. Looking at them, one would think they have lost two world wars against the USA and are now a defeated colony… What a pity!

  • Andy Gill

    I call it Islamocreep.

  • Radha Rajan

    The shoe is beginning to pinch? But isnt this what Christianity did to all Asia and Africa and America when it destroyed entire cultures, nations, nationlities and ways of life because your God did not like competition? How is Jesus died for your sins in Hindu India any better than Mohammed Peace be upon him in an “English cathedral city”?

  • Mamoot

    Here we are again , Christianity used as a mask to sanctify White-Supremacy and the arrogance of the Englishman. Just mention the name of Jesus to any Muslim, they say Jesus Peace be upon him which indicates the deep-rooted love and acknowledgment for Jesus Christ PBUH.
    As a matter of fact the name Jesus is mentioned in the Quran 25 time but Mohammad is mentioned only 5 times. there is a whole chapter in the Quran named Marry PBUH after the Virgin Marry. Is not all this enough for the so-called Christians to practice respecting other religions ?!?!
    Christians today got nothing but propagating hatred and fear agaisnt the Muslims. Oh Yeh Islam spread by sword,,,,. Well I read the Quran and I could not find the word sword mentioned in it even once but the word sword mentioned in the Christian fiction book some 200 times and interestingly Jesus of the Bible said I HAVE COME NOT TO BRING PEACE BUT A SWORD and BRING HERE THOSE ENEMIES OF MINE WHO DID NOT WANT ME TO REIGN OVER THEM AND SLAY YHEM BEFORE ME.
    This is the true face of the Whit-Jesus who was fabricated by the Nicea Council in 325 and from that time untill the very this moment the White-Christians have killed more lives than any other groups on earth and who dare to question their ongoing crimes agaist humantiy in the name of the White_Jesus?
    I would humbly request from the so-called Christians to turn away from this wicked way and stop this fear mongering campaing against the Muslims.

  • stephengreen

    My daughter (6) is taught both Christian basics as well as a range of other religions, so that her class puts up items for Diwali and other religions in class. Her state school is 98% white.

    I tend to say to her at such times when she relates to me how Ganesh got his elephant’s head that “that is interesting and what many Indians believe, but you do realise that this conflicts with Jesus Christ and what Christianity teaches, which is what most English people believe.”

    Which tends to place the event in its proper context.

    I have to say though, what do you expect? Most self professed Conservatives would rather remove a limb, than suggest that the native population have a greater moral right to their country and its culture than more recent arrivals. The native population is a fast dwindling proportion of the country and so your descendants will have to live in a world where they are the minority and where Western intellectuals have taught them about the injustices that Europeans inflicted upon them in past generations. Monoculture (assimilation) is a fraud. How can you teach just Christianity, or history or English language and literature from a purely British perspective when you have millions of people who cleave to their own histories in the country? It does not work and will increasingly become less feasible as the population dynamics change.

    Liberalism (in the sense of everyone is an individual first) has dug the grave and is now waiting for you to descend into it (or emigrate).

  • John

    As long as you all remain quiet and “politically correct”, this will simply continue and get worse , if someone comes to my house and i say shyt , and they don’t like it , then they can leave ……………… that’s what i said to the Morman’s 20 years ago ……they haven’t been back ….. or tried to change my country .

    • stephengreen

      Most Conservatives are Hyacinth Bucket conservatives John, ‘respectability uber alles’ and where respectability is delineated by the morality of the internationalist left then you are obviously in perpetual retreat.

      To be fair it is not well equipped for any reaction. It is a disposition as its more thoughtful members assert, not an ideology. And its members, usually being in a slightly better position vis a vis the general population, can afford to shield themselves somewhat from the consequences and blind themselves to the end root. As the article above shows though even in “a white, middle-class state school in a pretty English cathedral city” those chickens have come home to roost.

      Until things become so unavoidable that short term economic considerations loses out to longer term demographic ones, then you may as well start looking to repopulate the Mayflower.

  • http://www.facebook.com/krakendarkweaver Simon Payn

    Frankly, all religion is poisonous, and for the same reasons we stop teaching children about Santa after Kindergarten, we should stop teaching ANY religion at school, and leave that to the discretion of the parents as to which imaginary friend in the sky they want to expose their children to.

    Schools are there to educate our youth, teach them how to learn, help them learn how to think, not to indoctrinate them with superstitious faery tales. School is NOT a forum for the religion or the religious to force their views on impressionable minds. If it were down to me, I wouldn’t allow any form of religion in ANY school, and if parents wish to send their children to Sunday school, or whatever the jewish or muslim equivalents are, fine, that is their choice. No child should be forced to listen to mythical tales regarding a man who is asked to sacrifice his child to his god, that an illterate carpenter from a dusty little town in one of the least civilised places on earth at that time, turned water into wine and raised not only himself, but others from the dead, or about a converted warlord who married a pre-pubescent child.

    These are fantasies and fables, not stories of historical accuracy, except perhaps in the case of Mohammed, and do NOTHING to teach morality. One would do far better to lay a groundwork of humanist philosophy, of doing good for good sake, rather than being ordered to by some fascist, all-seeing, Big Brother in the sky, so you are not doing good for good sake, but in case you are sent to Hell as a punishment for not doing so.

    Read Bertrand Russell, Socrates, Plato, David Hume, John Stuart Mills, not the confused, contradictory, vicious codes of behaviour that promoted by both the Bible and the Qu’ran.

    You should be far more concerned about any religion being taught in schools, rather than any specific one. What’s next? Scientology, Mormonism, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  • Aisha

    Gosh! Some of the responses/comments are hugely uneducated.
    But, I agree with the author. It’s silliness – the schools and curriculum setters should know better. Us Muslims have all been brought up to say PBUH after Muhammed’s name, but growing up, we would never have expected it from a non Muslim! Why should we? And why should a non Muslim for who Muhammed has no relevance have to bless his soul at every mention? It’s ridiculous and the worst thing is it’s the fault of the school and the education authorities – not Muslims. This isn’t happening in classrooms by Muslim demand, rather through political correctness gone insane!

  • Tom

    she can’t be that brilliant if she just went along with it. sounds like she probably did get the wrong end of the stick. As the author clearly has a propensity towards hyperbole, maybe the ‘brilliant’ niece in question is carrying on this proud tradition of overreaction…

  • NSE

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

  • Ingmar Blessing

    This is breathtaking! Is it true, or just another scare story?

    How is Freya now, does the burka suit her?