Israel under siege

The Jewish state faces an ever-increasing threat from Islamist neighbours

24 November 2012

9:00 AM

24 November 2012

9:00 AM

The dictators have fallen one by one. Several more look likely to fall soon, and few will miss them. But as popular revolutions approach their demise, something else has come along. In one country after another, the Muslim Brotherhood — the fundamentalist revolutionary Islamic party founded in 1920s Egypt — and other Islamist parties have used the ballot box for their own ends. After decades of repression and opposition, they have finally come to power. The era of the Islamists has begun, and as recent events in the Middle East have demonstrated, the world they create will not only look very different but be far more dangerous for Israel and beyond.

When Israel last entered Gaza, in Operation Cast Lead three years ago, the Arab World was stuck in the stasis it had been in for a century. Since their last defeat against Israel in 1973, the dictators had stuck to their old borders. Unpleasant, certainly, but not eager for conflict or any other variety of change. Their stance may have included populist denunciations of Israel, but they rarely took any genuine interest in the subject, any more than they took any interest in the welfare of their own people.

But Israel’s new neighbours are more than racketeers: they are ideologues. Last week, as it responded to the latest escalation in rocket fire from Gaza, Israel hit back in a changed world. And it is a world which more countries than Israel have cause to worry over.

The new Muslim Brotherhood (Ennahda party-led) government in Tunisia made one of its first acts in power an invitation and welcome to the leaders of Hamas who seized power in Gaza five years ago. Their reaction to the latest outbreak of hostilities was consequently predictable. Tunis condemned Israel. President Moncef Marzouki lambasted an alleged ‘international silence’ over Israel’s ‘barbaric raids’ and, while speaking with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, expressed ‘Tunisia’s solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people’. The Ennahda party itself demanded that ‘normalised relations’ with Israel should be outlawed under the Tunisian constitution.

Tunisia’s foreign minister, Rafik Abdessalem, headed a delegation of solidarity to Gaza where he called on the Arab League to act and declared, ‘This blatant Israeli aggression on our people in Gaza must stop.’ Such developments from a relatively minor player in the region might be problematic, but they are nothing compared to the game-changers close by.

Like Tunisia, the overthrow of Egypt’s dictator did not lead to the election of secular democrats, but the electoral victory of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even before the Tunisian government delegation arrived, Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil made a show of solidarity in Gaza, staging a photo opportunity with Haniyeh. This included a dead baby being brought to the two leaders to hold and kiss in front of a phalanx of cameras.

Having volunteered to broker a ceasefire in the days since, Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi — seeking international legitimacy — was subsequently commended and his own regional standing improved. If there are those who are confused by this tactic, they should not be. It is one the Brotherhood have long played.

For unlike many extremist parties, the Brotherhood know — and privately admit — how careful they must be not to run straight for their final aim, thus scaring the regional and international horses. In many important ways, the Arab Spring has weakened the new states — but only for now. President Morsi also knows that the Egyptian army will be defeated in any open war with Israel as surely as they were in 1967 and 1973. The Egyptian army is in no fit state for conflict, while Syria — usually to be relied upon as a redoubtable enemy of Israel — is immersed in civil war.


So for Israel’s enemies around the region, it makes no sense to square up now. Israel reinforced this point by mobilising 75,000 troops earlier this week — it would need about 750 for a ground force invasion of Gaza. But Israel wants to send a message: to the Arab Spring states and to Iran. Its military is ready even if those of its enemies are not. However many well-wishers Hamas may have, this is clearly not the time to strike. Even the Muslim Brotherhood leadership will realise it is far better to bide their time, establish credibility at home and abroad and resist the calls of those hottest-headed of the Brothers who are calling for an immediate annihilationist war against Israel. If you have waited a century for power, you can wait a little while longer to achieve your aim.

But Israel is also looking to the longer term, and seeing how the region is following the same trajectory. There has been no Arab Spring in Turkey, but it too is changing. Until recently this was the country which could be held up as a demonstration of how political progress and Islamist politics might successfully be separated. Yet since the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2003, relations have been hurtling backwards. From enjoying political and even security co-operation with Israel, Turkey went to locking up journalists and any other critics who stood against its Islamist trajectory.

As one of the first Islamists to be appointed through the ballot-box, Erdogan views democracy in the same light as the Brotherhood. By his own famous admission, democracy is like a bus or tram, ‘You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.’ Over time, Erdogan’s branch of Islamist politics allowed free movement of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and a warming of relations — including meetings — with Hamas.

After a long period of deterioration, relations with Israel reached a low in 2010 when, in a deliberate act of provocation, a flotilla sailed to Gaza from Turkey in an effort to break the blockade Israel imposed to prevent weapon-running to Hamas. -Israeli forces boarded one of the vessels and, in the ensuing fight, nine Turkish activists were killed. If the Israelis thought that was the nadir of their new relations with Turkey, they were mistaken.

During recent hostilities, Erdogan carefully and deliberately described Israel as a ‘terrorist state’, claiming in addition that Israel had carried out a ‘massacre of children’ in Gaza. The following day the Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, took his turn to travel in solidarity to Gaza, joined by other foreign ministers of the Arab League. Just two months ago Erdogan described in a speech how Turkey’s democracy was an ‘example’ for the Islamic world. His words, seemingly self-aggrandising at the time, now appear to be true. It may nearly be time to step off the bus.

The region is moving so decisively in the direction of the Brotherhood that even those not yet affected by the Arab revolutions are sensing the wind and making their jump. Since the violence in Syria broke out, the official leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, has had to leave his sanctuary in that country and has made his new base in Qatar. Last month the Emir of Qatar made an historic visit to Gaza and the Gulf state has now volunteered $400 million to Hamas.

It is obvious why this matters to Israel. The country is surrounded. All its efforts at normalisation in the region have come to nothing. To the north, Lebanon remains dominated by Iran’s proxies of Hezbollah. Egypt and Gaza are under the control of the Brotherhood. Syria is a redoubtable enemy and ally of Iran. But when the opposition have toppled Assad, they will be just as hostile and almost certainly head in the same Islamist direction. In recent days even the majority Palestinian Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has begun to look vulnerable. The situation is now so unstable that the King has had to cancel his visit to Britain after thousands have come out on to the Jordanian streets demanding his downfall.

There are those who believe that all this instability benefits Israel. But this could only be the case were it not now stabilising in the worst possible direction.

Since 1973 Israel has suffered a status quo of quiet enemies and quieter friends. Now it is surrounded by disappearing friends and ever louder enemies. Of course, there are those who portray this shift as the fault of Israel. Doubtless there are many things that Israel — like any country — could have done better. But to think this factor is the cause is to miss the over-arching movement that has been overlooked for too much of the century since its birth.

Unlike its neighbours, Israel is not spoilt for options. The country occupies a tiny piece of land — far less than was promised to it a century ago. Since the moment of its creation in 1948, all of its neighbours have repeatedly tried to invade and eradicate it. Since the failure of the last attempt in 1973, they have realised that they cannot destroy the country by conventional military force. Some, notably Egypt, subsequently sought and gained peace agreements.

But led by the Islamists in Iran and their proxies, over recent years Israel’s enemies have chosen the tactic of terrorism rather than invasion to achieve their ends. On occasion, as in Lebanon in 1982, Israel has responded by strategically occupying land to prevent such attacks. Each time it has given up such land — as in Gaza in 2005 — its withdrawal has been met with terror, not peace. Over recent years more than 12,000 rockets have been fired on Israel from Gaza.

In the background of all this is an Iranian regime which has as its repeatedly stated aim the eradication of the world’s only Jewish state. Among those stories lost during last week’s fighting is the IAEA’s discovery of a massive increase in centrifuge building at Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Like the Mullahs, the Brotherhood and other Islamists have very clear aims, and a very clear drive. Their brands of revolutionary politics are noticeable for two things in particular: fundamentalism and patience. While many groups — al-Qa’eda for instance — possess one of these traits, until now, few possessed both.

The overthrow of the dictators is recognised as one of the great stories of our time. And so it is. But the rise to power and consolidation of the Islamists is that story’s overlooked sequel. Today the complexities of the region look in danger of clarifying. Obviously this development matters very much to Israel. But anyone who thinks these forces are only a problem for Israel should reflect on the fact that — by their own unanimous admission — the Islamists only intend to be a problem for Israel first.

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  • Cassandra1963

    A new alliance of Arab states against Israel is being constructed, far from the Arab spring bringing freedom and democracy to the Arab world it has set free the demon of fundamentalist hatred, instead of pragmatic leaders the Arab spring has simply allowed the old hatred of Israel to surface. The West is deluding itself if they think the new islamist regimes want to improve the living conditions of its people and move into the modern civilised world, its a self deception of the worst kind. Obama may believe he has forced Israel into this peace, all he has done is embolden the forces of islamofascism.

    There is only one thing these new islamist regimes have in mind, it takes up all their energies and all their time, they are obsessed with the state of Israel. They dream of a rerun of the 1973 war of annihilation. Morsi dreams of revenge and with Turkey now under the grip of islamists who share the same dream and with the rhetoric of hate now building to hysterical levels in Ankara and Cairo the same old dream of exterminating the last infidel outpost in the middle East is within reach. All the Arab spring has done is reignite the flame of hatred and the desire to erase the shame of 1973, the tragedy is that the rerun of 1973 will see the Arab side using the US weaponry that Israel used to defeat the Arabs, thats ironic isnt it?

    The West is determined not to listen to what these new islamist regimes are actually saying in public to their own people, these regimes are deliberately fanning the flames of an old and popular and increasingly hysterical Jew hatred in their populations. Burying their heads in the sand, sticking their fingers in their ears the leaders of the West fool themselves and us via the MSM that the Arab spring was all about the desire for democracy and freedom and that the new leaders want to make the lives of their people better, they dont. Egypt will rearm hamas and finance hamas and support hamas, they are in fact one and the same, Gaza is the knife in the belly of Israel. For the Arab side there will be no peace, can be no peace while the state of Israel exists and this is the reality the West is blind to.

  • James Colemen

    Let’s hope that the Muslim Brotherhood do more than condemn the Zionist Terrorist that is Israel. Let’s hope they arm the Hamas to the teeth, just like America arms Israel. Or would you rather see this unfair advantage that Israel cashes in on remain?

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.gudalefsky Gary Gudalefsky

      The day Israel falls, is the day millions of Jews around the world will also be targeted for death. Not that they weren’t already, but the destruction of Israel, if allowed, will be a signal that they (the muslim brotherhood and others) have carte-blanch to do as they wish, anywhere.

      • James Coleman

        What a stupid and ridiculous statement! It wasn’t the Muslims or the Muslim brotherhood that causes the suffering and programs of Russian
        and Poland! It wasn’t Muslims or the MB who killed 6 million in nazi Germany. If anything, Jews flourished and proposed under Muslim rule. The Golden age of Jews was in Spain under the protection of Mulsims.

        • Julian F

          Garbage. Read some history. The Mufti of Jerusalem was a declared ally of Hitler’s. Jews have suffered at the hands of Muslims for decades and have occasionally been “protected” by them, but only in a state of dhimmitude. You write from a position of apparently total ignorance.

          • http://www.facebook.com/marian.thomson1 Marian Thomson

            Totally agree with you as what you say is correct

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            Our first clue should have been ‘It wasn’t the Muslims’

        • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

          Complete lie: Jews and Christians under islam are “dhimmis” second class citizens who have NO rights and have to pay a special tax, jizya. They can be beaten raped and murdered with impunity, by mozlems in charge. You, for example are a willing dhimmi

          • James coleman

            Really? Raped and murderd with impunity? Where does it say that? Chapter and verse please? In the meantime, here are some verses from the Talmud:

            Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.
            Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

            Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.
            Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.
            Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

            The are loads more but too disgusting to post

          • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

            If you put as much effort into perverting Jewish scripture and read some of the koran, hadiths and suras, you would be more credible as opposed to a ranting anti-semite. Go to: religionofpeace.com and jihadwatch.org for someone who can read Arabic in the original and translate it.

          • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

            Qur’an (8:69) – “But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good”

            Bukhari (62:137) – An account of women taken as slaves in battle by
            Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The woman were raped with Muhammad’s approval.

            Bukhari (34:432) – Another account of females taken captive and raped with Muhammad’s approval. In this case it is evident that the Muslims intend on selling the women after raping them because they are concerned about devaluing their price by impregnating them. Muhammad is asked about coitus interruptus.

            Qur’an (5:51)
            – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”
            Study up tool

          • http://profiles.google.com/digbydolben Bruce Lewis

            All the Semitic religions are like this, in terms of what their evil Scriptures say; the only peaceful and “enlightened” religions are those of South and East Asia, and their devotees don’t follow them as dutifully as they should. However, it is also true that many time in history these vile injunctions HAVE been ignored by those Muslims and Christians who actually perceived their god as being one of love, rather than of power and force, and many Muslim and Jewish leaders have protected and even prized the “dhimmis” or “infidels” living in their midst. One of the greatest viziers of the Ottoman Empire was, in fact, a Jew.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

          But it’s the muslims in Gaza that behead Palestinian people for no reason, or a Palestinian body dragged behind a motorcycle ( not the Hells Angels ) until there is but some flesh, hair and clothing intertwined or Palestinian body parts used as ornaments to adorn cars as a celebatory sign of victory over Israel

        • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

          facts please, especially since Spain is currently being over run with Muslim problems.Again.

      • trevor21

        The day the state of Israel falls is the day the third world war begins….God help us all.

        • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

          The day Israel falls there will be no more Arab countries and Mecca will be a cinder

          • Trofim

            Every cloud has a silver lining, then.

      • http://profiles.google.com/digbydolben Bruce Lewis

        That is rubbish; on the “day Israel falls” not a single hair on the head of a single Jew will be harmed inside the continental United States of America, where most Jews in the world live!

        • Beauchard

          Try reading the Hamas charter before you hope for the destruction of Israel. You know the stuff about “the Jews” not the Israelis having to hide behind rocks and trees. That stuff about the age old international Jewish conspiracy (Protocols forgery) that has to be destroyed. Or are you still marching for Pol Pot?
          BTW, most Jews do not now live inside the continental USA.

          • http://profiles.google.com/digbydolben Bruce Lewis

            You misread me completely. Like my President (whom you Zionists also deliberately misread), I’m interested in SAVING Israel from the Likudniks and religious fanatics who are DESTROYING her with their West Bank expansionism. And the reason I want her to embrace pluralism and full civil rights for Palestinians who might support the “right” of the Jewish State to exist is that I believe that THAT–and not survivalist and exceptionalist ideology–is what the spirit of the Jewish Scriptures dictates.

    • Malfleur

      I would rather see the unfair advantage remain.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

      as they at the race track, Run what Ya Brung

  • johnrobertray

    Israel will never be defeated as it is under God’s protection. Israel lives!

    • James Coleman

      I wouldn’t be so sure. Remember the Muslims Arabs lost Palestine to the crusades for nearly 200 years but eventually got it back. How long as the Zionists terrorist state existed? Sixty odd years? A drop in the ocean of time. The way things are going, God willing Israel, Israel won’t be around for much longer. Especially, now with the political scene changing and all the western puppets leaders like Mubarak of Egypt disappearing. The neighborhood is getting tougher and more united. Nah… I give Israel another 10-15 years max.

      • trevor21

        How long do you give us with our own Muslim ‘enemy within’.

      • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

        With useful idiot dhimmis like you who have no knowledge of actual facts and prefer to parrot lies passed to you by other liars, its safe to say your opinions are totally irrelevant and meaningless

        • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

          Well stated, now his confusion will seep in..

      • Malfleur

        I don’t think the Ottomans would like you calling them Arabs; and by the way we conquered Palestine, took it from the Turks, and by right of conquest promised it to the Jews. Do you have some objection to that way of carrying on?

        “How long as [sic] the Zionists [sic] terrorist state existed?” : says it all about you, mate, doesn’t it? Israel was around over 2000 years ago and when the Coleman family sacked its capital in 70AD and dispersed its people, it kept itself alive for 2000 years in the hearts of its people where true nationality resides. If the Colemans are driven from Colemania by the fury of backward islam, will they have the resilience and the sense of history to keep Colemania alive in exile for the next 2000 years? I somehow doubt it.

        • chris

          Israel would not exist if the Jews had not shamelessly exploited Britain’s temporary weakness after the fight against Hitler. Britons fought FOR the freedom of the Jews in Central Europe, only to be extorted a part of their Empire BY them afterwards. That’s Jewish gratitude I suppose?

          • David K

            I think the Jews of Europe had very little to thank the British for, in the end.

      • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

        Your a idiot.. your stupidity and racism showed the second you typed Zionist terror state.

        • chris

          A-ha… Telling the truth is stupid and racist? Hear, hear, a Leftie dropping his mask!

      • John

        If Palestinians are indigenous to this land they’ve been occupied by Early Israelites 1200 BCE-950 BCE, Israel and Judah 950 BCE-576 BCE, Babylonian Persian and Greek rule 586 BCE-2nd Century BCE, Hasmonean Kingdom (again Jewish by the way) 2nd century BCE-64 BCE, Pre-Christian Rome 64 BCE-324CE, Christian Roman rule 324-636, Arab rule 636-1099, Crusader rule 1099-13th century, Mamluk rule 13th century-1517, Ottoman rule 1517-1917 British Mandate 1917–48 and now modern Israel. Palestinians have been occupied for 3000 years.

      • TempleNewsam

        You might have reasonably made that comment in 1912 but in 2012 Israel is a nuclear and thermo nuclear power. Invincible and capable of destroying 3/4 of the ME muslims overnight. Atomic weapons are the great game changer.
        If Israel is destroyed it will be at the hands of the enemy within.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

          I think you are a bit optimistic about the actual strategic value of nuclear weapons. While such weapons may have some value in a situation of immediate existential danger or to maintain a balance of assured mutual destruction (assuming the rationality of enemy states), nobody sane would use them to end a protracted war of attrition (how many missiles with conventional warheads have to fall on your cities before you can use nuclear weapons?) and they are even less useful against non-state actors who don’t have to worry about the practical interests of particular sovereign states.

          • TempleNewsam

            It’s an absolutely excellent point. I disagree that a sane state cannot use them, as with Japan, it’s down to circumstances. The two strikes on Japan were, please recall, “to make a point”.
            As examples I’d argue the USA and UK failed dismally against the army of the PRC and Vietcong in Asia and the Argentinian fleet at sea before the Falklands invasion. Both matters could have been settled with tactical atomic weapons. However we all know both countries have lost their edge and their military will, even more so post Iraq.
            If Israel faced a threat like 1967 again, I’d argue it should wait until the enemy forces make a move then use battlefield nukes. Making it an overt certainty would probably stop it ever happening, of course.
            Nantaz has been hardened and buried deep to resist attack. It is however still vulnerable. A 60 minute warning with a subsequent nuclear demolition strike would erase that particular threat and put the Iranians and the rest of the region on warning.
            Lots of people will disagree with me, naturally. But I’m not a pacifist, I’m for decisive military action, I don’t have religious delusions, I don’t care about enemy body counts.
            Radical Islam is the enemy, it is a reactionary force for medieval theocracy. No I don’t see any contradiction in visiting overwhelming violence on them in order to retain our comfortable, consumerist, liberal libertarian western lifestyles. It’s worth shedding their blood for. But, I DO hope they learn their place and do not provoke such punishment.

        • chris

          That’s not a bad plan: Leave it to Israel to eradicate the Muslims, and then destroy itself. That would be one mighty good thing the Israelis could do to the world!

        • James Colemen

          As I remember, the Apartheid South African was a nuclear state. It soon fell, as will Israel.

          • Hogspace

            OK so we know you are an idiot and also know nothing about atomic weapons.
            SA never commissioned a military nuclear weapon or delivery system.
            White SA’s were a minority population in a majority black nation
            The entire white SA population were not militarised
            The USA stood against SA

            The differences are the reasons Israel will kick arse in the Middle East this century, as they did last century, as they will in the 22nd.
            If necessary there are many white Westerners who will go volunteer for IDF service.

            If it continues to disappoint and enrage lunatics like yourself, well, it only gets better.

            Support civilization over Stone Age savages

      • Samir Halabi

        What a pity Hitler’s Nazi’s didn’t gas you instead of the Jews,
        You are a disgusting piece of Jew-hatred.
        After 2,000 years of Jewish suffering, a people without a country, a despised people who were always scapegoated for all the ills that befell both in the Christian and Islamic world, and now you predict that the Jewish state will only last another 10 to 15 years, if Israel goes i can assure you that the whole Arab and Islamic world from Africa to Indonesia will also be annihilated.

  • Daviejohn

    Probably one of of the best pieces I have read on the regions current political crisis. I was particularly struck by Turkeys leader’s attitude to democracy, worrying. ‘You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.’ I will not use the euphemism ‘stop the bus I want to get off’ in fear of who may get off with me.

  • Mohammed Amin

    I agree with Douglas Murray that the balance of forces in Israel’s neighborhood is changing adversely. I wrote four years ago in my piece http://www.mohammedamin.com/Community_issues/Gaza_and_the_need_for_peace_now.html that “However, time is not on Israel’s side. With every year that passes, it has less allied countries.”
    Israel has chosen to ignore this, and instead continues to expand its West Bank settlements, which are illegal as clearly stated by our own government. For Israel to keep postponing serious attempts to make peace is seriously damaging to its own long term interests. If it absorbs so much West Bank territory that a two state solution becomes impossible, then all that will be left is a one state solution, in which Jews risk eventually becoming a minority.

    • Malfleur

      Would you care to identify these illegal settlements in the West Bank? Under what law would such residential buildings be illegal? Are Arab “settlements” in the West Bank also “illegal”?

      • victor67

        All settlements east of the green line are illegal under International law.Even the US accepts this. The International Court of justice ruled on this and Israel is the only country that disputes this.

        • Malfleur

          Would you care to be specific and identify these illegal settlements in the West Bank? Under what law would such residential buildings be illegal? Are you aware, and if so are you prepared to acknowledge, that certain new residential areas were held to be illegal by the Israeli Supreme Court and dismantled? What is the difference between those which were so dismantled and those which were not? Are Arab “settlements” in the West Bank also “illegal”? Do you have any good reason for opposing the annexation of the West Bank by the Israeli government in the same way as it was earlier annexed by the Jordanian? Or are the Jordanians different in some way? Are they perhaps Palestinian and is Jordan perhaps Palestine? One final question, how much longer do you think that we in the West are going to take this crap from a failed and criminal ideology which has learned nothing since it started to try to wreck our civilisation in the 7th century under the leadership of its false prophet, Mohamed?

          • victor67

            Smoke and mirrors. Let the settlements stay and have full democratic rights then for all who occupy the land? The one state solution and zionist nightmare is more realistic now. What is not going to happen is the Palestinians are not going away.
            In terms of Jordan. Is it not chutzpah to offer someone else country to another people without consulting themJust Google King Abdullah, Jordan as Palestine to see what he thinks about it.

          • Malfleur

            “…the Palestinians are not going away”.

            They are not going away because the other arabs won’t let them go away. They are concentrated by force in the so-called refugee camps. Unless of course you mean Jordan which is of course the Arab state in Palestine – but it would not be convenient for you to recognize that, would it, being as you are of the islam-leftist alliance committed to the destruction of Israel?

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

            why googler King Abdullah ? The muslim brotherhood are going to murder him too

          • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

            Jordan was part of the original 2 state solution until Jordan was given away in Dhimmi appeasement to the Saudi families..

          • Rachel in Jerusalem

            Check today headlines. King A might not have much to say anymore: the Palestinians are taking over.

          • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

            thats a false prophet AND A pedophile mind you..

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

          even the US accepts this ???…you are refering to the US AG that is one step away from being imprisoned himself ? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/28/house-holds-holder-contempt/ are you some kind of clown?

      • Mohammed Amin

        I have been away from my computer, and victor67 has answered your question.
        If you disagree, please explain why you are better qualified on international law than those lawyers, including the Attorney General, who will have given the advice that the British Government relies upon in reaching its view that Israeli West Bank settlements are illegal under international law.

        • Malfleur

          Would you care to identify these illegal settlements in the West Bank?
          Under what law would such residential buildings be illegal? Are Arab
          “settlements” in the West Bank also “illegal”?

        • Malfleur

          I have been away from my brain following the link to your scurrilous website. Your ideology has no place in the United Kingdom.

    • Malfleur

      Since you see fit to promote your personal website on this thread, I note that as a “British muslim” you have not yet tackled there in any great detail the problem of muslim gang rape in England, preoccupied as you no doubt are by addressing the horrors of Israel’s attempts to defend its little state of eight million Jews and Arabs surrounded by the great civilized nations of islam. To assist your education then, may I recommend the following as a starting point: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2012/11/muslim-gang-rape-whitewashed-in-britain.html

      • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

        Thats because that is typical Muslim behavior brought out by rampant inbreeding and indoctrination right from the tit

    • http://www.facebook.com/peter.brownp Peter Brownp

      A two state solution is not very likely in any case. Hamas do not want peace, they want annihilation of Israel at whatever cost to both Jewish and Arab lives.

      • Mohammed Amin

        There are maximalists on both sides of the Israel / Palestine dispute.
        For Israel to assume that Hamas cannot be negotiated with as part of final status negotiations is contrary to Israel’s own long term interests.

        • Duncan

          The Hamas supports the extinction of Israel. The continuous hatred directed towards Israel from many muslim countries is unlikely to persuade Israel to enter negotiations. Arafat had a good chance with the support of Clinton but walked away. The way Hamas treats Palestinians who do not agree with them does not engender trust from the Israelis.
          The arab countries do not appear to realise that their words and deeds do not earn the trust of the Israelis.

        • Beauchard

          Hamas (like Hitler and Pol Pot beforehand) cannot resist writing it’s goals down in long winded epistles of hate.
          Yes Hamas wants to destroy Israel.
          However in it’s charter it goes even further. It proclaims the religious and worldly necessity of killing all Jews. Religious, because of what is written in certain parts of the Koran. Worldly, because Jews are demons who are responsible for all the evil in the world. For example, the Jews started the two World Wars to get Palestine.
          This demonization of Jews explains why Hamas distributes sweets when Jewish children are killed
          As far as I know, even Iran has no stated goal of killing Jews worldwide.
          Of course Hamas denies the Holocaust. It also, in it’s charter, maintains that there is an international Jewish (not Israeli) conspiracy to control the world.
          Mr. Amin, you maintain that Israel should negotiate with islamo-fascists. Yet on your site you are a supporter of the Clinton parametres (my interpretation) as basis for a solution of the conflict.

          Incompatible positions for a sincere person.

          • Mohammed Amin

            I am familiar with the Hamas charter and intend to write a critique of it. You negotiate peace with your enemies, not with your friends.

          • Malfleur

            I do not remember any peace being negotiated in Europe in May 1945. Did I miss something?

        • Malfleur

          Not if Israel’s assumption is correct. Come on, Mohammed old chap, wake up!:


    • http://profiles.google.com/digbydolben Bruce Lewis

      Of course the Israeli settlements on the West Bank are “illegal,” because they’re illegal under international law; pay no attention to the buffoon below, but I want to ask you and others a serious question: is it not true that, because of “facts on the ground” posed by Israeli settlements that no Zionist government is ever going to forcibly remove, that the only feasible possibility of peace for the Palestinians would be to campaign non-violently for civil rights and equality in a united, pluralist and secular Israel–one that would be “Jewish” only in the sense that its founding traditions were Hebrew and Mosaic, in the same way that America’s are Enlightenment and Protestant? For this to work, and for it to contribute to the defusing of geo-political bind that Israel is increasingly falling into, in relation to its Islamist neighbours, I think two things have to happen: a) the Palestinians have to develop the kind of shrewd and morally imaginative leadership of men like Gandhi and King, who would preach patience and self-respect to their people; and b) the Israelis must change many things in their society, in order that Arab citizens of Israel have all of the rights and protections of Jews. One way to start doing this, methinks, would be to open up Israeli citizenship to all Palestinians who would want to “vote with their feet” and return to Israel, AFTER having taken an oath to support the Jewish State’s “right to exist.” A lot of ink is spilt on the subject of the intractableness and “rejectionist” mood of the Palestinians and how they have a “death cult” that encourages “martyrdom” for the cause of Palestinian nationalism, whereas I think that the truth may be closer to “hostage-taking” by a minority of violent, terrrorist guerillas. There may be a lot of room for reconciliation with those elements of the Palestinian population for a peaceful, prosperous existence, away from the control of those goons. However, to let these peaceful Arabs return, and to allow them to share in Israeli prosperity, much of the theocratic impulse of the governing parties would have to be abandoned. However, I myself honestly think that this might be a first step in defusing the Islamist threat. Muslims living confidently and prosperously in a Western-style (and non-theocratic) democracy in the Middle East would be a salutory lesson, even for the masses of Iranians who don’t like the rule of the ayatollahs.

      • Mohammed Amin

        Bruce – like you I used to see this type of solution as the way forward, combined with the probable enlargement of Israel to encompass most of the West Bank and Gaza, depending upon the numbers of Palestinians willing to become full Israeli citizens.

        However a few years ago a Jewish friend helped me to understand why such a solution would be unacceptable to most Israeli Jews. Demographically, such a state would be likely to mean that relatively soon Jews became a minority within Israel.

        The 1930’s are, understandably, seared on the Jewish collective memory. Jews found themselves seeking to flee Nazi Germany with no other country being willing to take them in, exemplified most sharply by the story of the MS St Louis,
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_St._Louis. That is why most Israeli Jews regard preserving the state’s Jewish majority as a life and death issue.
        This might change in future decades, but not in the near future.

        • http://profiles.google.com/digbydolben Bruce Lewis

          Well, then, if what you are saying is true, and the Jews have “looked too deeply into the abyss” and cannot forget it, in order to make peace with their neighbours, then I think the Zionist State is ultimately doomed–because, for one thing, the United Sates of America, in the distant future, will not want nor be able to continue to come to its rescue. One day, then, Arab demographics alone will swallow the so-called “Jewish State.”

          • Mohammed Amin

            That is why I believe Israel needs strong leadership, with external encouragement, to boldly pursue a two state solution. The Saudi peace plan of 2002, which has since been endorsed by the whole of the OIC, contains the essence of the solution that both Israelis and Palestinians need.

          • Rachel in Jerusalem


        • Rachel in Jerusalem

          Israel being the Jewish state is not the product of of a traumatized Jewish psyche. The UN created it as a state for the Jewish People.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

      The Oslo agreements allow Israel to maintain settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. Might those agreements have some bearing on international law?

      • http://twitter.com/Mohammed_Amin Mohammed Amin

        I don’t need to become an amateur lawyer by trying to construe the Oslo Accords and consider their continuing effect.

        Such documents were fully available to the experts in international law who will have advised the UK Government when it reached its view that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. The UK Government has stated this view clearly on several occasions. Simply because I can find it most easily, I refer you to paragraph 9 of the DEFRA document http://archive.defra.gov.uk/foodfarm/food/pdf/labelling-palestine.pdf

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

          And a recent Israeli commission of legal experts found that they are legal. I am not a lawyer, so I certainly don’t intend to get in a protracted argument about this. All I will suggest is that you do look for yourself at what the Oslo agreements have to say about the settlements and at the actual section of the Geneva Convention that is applied by those condemning the settlements. It seems pretty clear that its intention is to prohibit an occupying power from *forcing* populations to move into occupied territories (i.e., sending German Jews to ghettos and concentration camps in Poland). Jews living in the West Bank were not forced to move there by the Israeli government.

  • emale

    Israel should be invited to join NATO

    • guest_again

      Which already includes Turkey…

      • http://www.facebook.com/peter.brownp Peter Brownp

        But not yet in the EU. If the EU already has problems with disparate nations, then the scenario of Turkey (as it is becoming) joining will have the potential of causing real problems

        • Expat

          It will be the end of Europe as we know it. And Call Me Dave wants it to happen. Perhaps we should rename him Call Me Mohammed.

  • Malfleur

    What the West has to do is to reclaim the areas of the classical world which were occupied and colonised by the Arab hordes. Pending that, our strategy should be to divide the islamic world against itself by all means possible, to behead the leadership, and smash the concentrations of muslim power. A great aid to this would be to stifle the flow of arms into the area from whatever source and to wreck all attempts at economic develop0ment.

    • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

      Let’s list them: Turkey, which was Christian Byzantium, Iran, which was Zoroastrian Persia, Afghanistan, which was Buddhist and Hindu, Pakistan which was Hindu and part of India till UK gave it away, North Africa was Christian and animist, So was West and East Africa, Indonesia was Buddhist and animist, Phillippines was Christian/animist. And now mozlems are pushing into Burma, raping and killing in their usual colonising fashion.

    • Libberty

      They will wreck their own economic development. Islamism is incompatible with the only means of economic development, free markets. When the US, Europe, China and India no longer need Arab oil and gas they will have nothing at all unless they free up, and free people do not make war. In the meantime, technology will continue to develop exponentially and this time next year Israel will have more and more advanced Iron domes after having destroyed Iran’s nuclear capability and Assad will have lost Syria.

      • Rachel in Jerusalem

        From your mouth to God’s ears!

      • Rebus

        Dream on,no longer are the population in these countries uneducated,or stupid. Leaders are imposed on these countries at the vims of the Zionist western puppet governments of the west,which by the way are all controlled by the Zionist cable of IsraHell. The Islamic spring will not allow puppets to be imposed and will control its own destiny weather you in the west like it or not,the days were Muslims were controlled and subjugated to rule by the crusaders and the Zionist have long expired so you either play on an equal footing or be ready for the end of western domination of the world

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

          If the citizens of Arab countries are “no longer…uneducated,or stupid” maybe they will realize that this whole jihad against Israel was maintained to keep the Arab masses from noticing the corruption and evil of their own leaders. Maybe they will realize that it is more important to stamp out poverty and illiteracy afflicting many millions of Arabs/Muslims than to spend their time dreaming about killing Jews in order to gain Arab/Islamic control over the miniscule sliver of the middle east known as Israel..

          • Dan Lawton

            No the Arabs are dumb and stupid. They will remain so as long as the Religon of War , Ego and the lower self chains their minds to ignorance and blind hate. Fed with the delusions of their stupid prophet they will remain in the mindset of 8th century barbarisms while bleating victimization slogans of pure insanity all along the Arab Street. We need to do the Arabs a favor and that’s to stand by Israel so not a sliver of light passes between us.

  • http://twitter.com/WinstonCN Winston Smith

    Regime change in Iran will secure Israel’s peace

    • chris

      But the “West” looked on calmly when the current terrorists replaced the rightful ruler Reza Pahlevi, just like the British, decades earlier, cowardly and needlessly gave up their rightful rule over Palestine and India, and the French stood lost and alone when it came to keeping Algeria, Morocco and Vietnam among the civilised countries against the bloodthirsty mob, just like the Czar did when the Commies kame to eradicate Russian culture in 1917. Who among today’s political powers could you imagine to do better? My imagination is not sufficient to find one. They all believe in the UN dictates of “equality of race” and “religious freedom”, which are nothing but the license for terrorism. Nothing will change until we revoke them and take heart to shoulder White Man’s Burden like our Great-Grandfathers did a hundred years ago, at the apex of culture when proletarians and Negroes had exactly the “rights” they deserve according to their merit.

  • June

    This article should be the school curriculum instead of the lefty pro Islamist brainwashing that goes on these days. Well said Mr Douglas and the Spectator.

  • john cronin

    Slight tangent here, but I think relevant: what do we do with the 25 Muslims in Europe? Any suggestions?

    • Horace

      I think the true number is probably greater than that. And given Muslim demographics, their population in Europe will soon rival that of Turkey.

  • john cronin

    Slight tangent, but I think relevant: what are we going to do with the 25 million Moslems in Euope? Any suggestions?

    • James Coleman

      mmm… Perhaps you’re suggesting something similar to the Fianal Solution for the Muslims as the Germans tried with the Jews… Otherwise why would anyone make such a comment?

      • http://www.facebook.com/graeme.thompson.9083 Graeme Thompson

        Dear Mr Coleman, please dont project your own thoughts onto others. You clearly wish that Hitler had finished the job. Muslims of course ably assisted him.

        The Moslems did indeed recover what was then called Palestine from the Crusaders – who had the highly laudable aim of protecting right of Pilgramage to the Holy Land from its Moslem conquerers – but the restored land of Israel is the Jewish homeland. We’re talking about something highly different here Mr Coleman.

        You take sides with the barbarians and tyrants of Islam against Israel if you want, but for those who wish to defend civilisation, they will always defend the democratic State of Israel.

        While people like yourself Mr Coleman pave the way towards the second Holocaust, others prepare for the next Nuremburg.

        God bless.

        • chrisnsmith

          The Muslim authorities did not prevent Christian pilgrims from travelling to Jerusalem ; true, they made money out of them but that’s what pilgrimage (to Rome. Canterbury &c.) was about. It was a form of tourism.

          • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

            quit pouring sugar on a turd, The crusades were done to push them back out of Europe

        • Dan Lawton

          I am an Australian who can trace my ancestry in England and Ireland back to Elizabethan times . Both Catholic and C of E . Have studied both Sufi and mystic Kabbalah ( one of the great ironies is how great their similarities are) I have a great love for Israel and wish it to prosper and grow , in peace if possible otherwise with power and vigilance . Does this make me a Zionist? As people who think as I are often accused of being. And if so where do I go to join up.

      • Expat

        mmm…As many of your beloved Muslims appear to hate the West, how about a one-way ticket for each of them to whichever third world hell-hole they or their parents came from?

        By the way, it’s the Muslims who are currently trying to re-enact the Final Solution. Hadn’t you noticed?

    • victor67


      • Malfleur

        Ah! Victor plays the islamo-leftist trump card and closes down free discussion…

        What race is a muslim by the way, Victor, old chap?

        • John Cronin

          Well, can someone answer my question?

          • Malfleur

            How about resettling them in Pakistan?

          • Leizer

            If they don’t leave all of Europe will be Muslim in 40 years

          • TempleNewsam

            Perhaps if all faiths in Europe are obliged to appoint female and LGBT representatives (priests, mullahs etc) the Islamists will just fork off to their self made hellholes? Seems like the best strategy to me.
            My oh my, even the old enemy, Roman Catholicism might struggle to operate in such an enlightened Britain, double whammy!

      • chris

        Being racist, for a White European person, is the natural consequence of walking through this world with open eyes and ears, and a functioning mind unsmeared by political correctness and religious sentimentality. So John should take your verdict as a compliment, and so do I.

  • Alfredo Borras

    I have bought The Spectator this week and read the article “Israel under siege” by Douglas Murray. Malcolm X, the Afro-American civil rights activist wrote: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who do the oppressing”. That applies very well to Mr. Murray article. It’s so biassed that could have been written by the Israeli government. Yes, it’s true that Arab countries are becoming more Islamics than seculars and that the Muslim Brotherhood – which, by the way, was created by the Brisitsh to oppose Arab nacionalism – and the Salafists are wining the elections. Is that bad?. Needless to say that that is much better than colonial rule or dictatorships. At least for them. But let me remind Mr. Murray that Israel is the only country on earth based on ethnicity, which, goes without saying, is as bad as being dominated by religion. There’s no need in the Middle East of the Ubermensch vs. Untermensch stuff.

    • Malfleur

      Mr. Murray’s article is not biased; it simply takes a position in defence of civilisation against the uncivilised. Generally speaking a nation is based on nationality. If, as in the case of Japan to take but one example, that sense of nationality springs from an ethnic identity, so be it. Mr. Murray’s article is sounding the alarm for all of us in the West, regardless of nationality – or ethnicity.There is a smell coming from somewhere in the basement of your comment Mr. Borras.

      • Marcus

        Sounding the alarm?
        More like perpetuating the false alarm that has already dragged us into many wars against our interests and already earned us many determined enemies.

    • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

      Who said anything about ubermensch/untermensch? Clearly you feel Nazi terminology is appropriate here, for some reason. Why don’t you go and live in an islamic country if you feel that “Salafism” is not bad and that it is better than “colonial rule or dictatorships”. Do you think Salafists practice democracy? I take it you regard the persecution and hanging of homosexuals, the rape and “marriage” of underage girls and the killing of children by their families for “dishonouring” them, is also not “bad”, as that is what Salafists demand

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

      Actually what’s really bad is innocent Palestinian people being beheaded for no reason, or a Palestinian body dragged behind a motorcycle ( not the Hells Angels ) until there is but some flesh, hair and clothing intertwined or Palestinian body parts used as ornaments to adorn cars as a celebatory sign of victory over Israel.

    • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

      What do you call Saudi Arabia then? where they now electronically monitor women I might add.. And EVERY single Muslim nation treats their Christian minorities with disdain, and murders and subjugates them at random.. Your comment is worthless

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

      “Israel is the only country on earth based on ethnicity” – all I can say is: you don’t get out much, do you? Wasn’t, for instance, Ireland created for the sake of the Irish? By the way, would a Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank cleansed of Jewish settlers not be “based on ethnicity”?

  • victor67

    Douglas if this is true this could have dire implications for those in the greater Israel project. It could mean Israel is compelled to make a just peace with the Palestinians. This must be very troubling for you indeed!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

      Too bad the terrorists hamas run the show in Gaza and not Palestinians. Although I must say hamas must find the Palestinian women and children there quite useful … to hide behind while firing missiles – after the cease fire.

  • victor67

    It is only when Israel faces a comparable strategic threat will it make the necessary concessions that will allow a just peace with the Palestinians.
    This was the case in the Yom Kippur war when Israel over confident after their 6 day war victory underestimated Sadat’s Egypt. The camp David accords followed.

    • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

      You must be an Egyptian who agrees with Morsi that the Egyptians were the victors in ’67. In that case how come Israel took control of Sinai? Why was Sadat murdered by moslem brotherhood if Egypt “won”?

    • Malfleur

      Egypt’s army was surrounded and the road to Cairo open to the Israelis. A peace treaty followed for which Sadat was assassinated by followers of the false prophet, Mohammed pursuant to a “fatwa” by your old friend the Blind Sheik, recently the subject of a botched plot by president Obama to kidnap and exchange for this wretch the US Ambassador to Libya but still, happily, in the slammer in North carolina.

      • victor67

        Only after Nixon/Kissinger bailed Israel out with the anti- tank missilies and other weopanry.

        • Malfleur

          As you imply: “It is only when islam faces a comparable strategic threat will it make the necessary concessions that will allow a just peace with the Israelis.”

        • Duncan

          The Soviet Union armed the Arab countries. Prior to the 1973 War, a Mossad agent obtained the plans of the attack from Syria but was not believed .As the attack unfurled as the plans predicted, they were believed the Israelis were able to mount the counter attacks.The USA ordered Israel not to enter Cairo and Damascus.
          After the arab countries expelled the Jews from their countries in 1948, Mossad benefitted from having a considerable number of people who were fluent in arabic and could infiltrate their countries of birth. The Mossad agent who obtained the plans was a jew who had infiltrated in the Syrian High Command.

  • Andrew

    Hamas ‘seized power in Gaza’…do you mean ‘won a democratic election’ Douglas?

    Surely aggression towards Israel a symptom of their treatment of their closest neighbours?

    • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

      Yes, so democratic that when Abbas were forced out of Gaza, Hamas threw the remaining members of Fatah out of windows.But you have google too so don’t pretend you have no access to facts

    • Malfleur

      No, I think he meant “seized power”.

  • Alfredo Borras

    The past is alive and well for Monsieur Malfleur or Mr. Not a nice flower. I wrote that Mr. Murray’s article is just biassed but you go beyond that to state that he takes a position in defense of civilization. Wow!. That’s something. So, the Ubermensch, with Wagner music in the background, against the inferior races. And then you wrote that nationality comes from an ethnic identity. Wow!. If any American could read that it will drive him-her crazy. I don’t have words for you, Monsieur Pas une jolie fleur, only Heil Hitler!.

    • Malfleur

      Keep working on your English, Mr. Boreass. Your credentials as a polemicist for the islamo-leftist alliance will in due course get you a low-paying job with a far left yellow sheet.

    • http://twitter.com/JDL_UK JDL UK

      Mr Boreass America is becoming obama-ized; there are african americans, mexican Americans, hispanics, mozlem Americans, white Americans. This is what obama is doing, divide and rule. Many millions of people have worked for 50 years to destroy racism and obama is making a fetish of it; there is no longer any unanimity in America; it is each group for themselves. Otherwise why do Mexican Americans want Spanish to be the lingua franca? Mexican americans now claim that California and southern USA is Mexico; but Mexicans are MIXED race, native and Spanish. Mexico was a Spanish colony and the Spaniards interbred with locals to make meztizos.
      These people are going backwards and destroying American homogeneity!
      Obama does think HE is the Ubermensch actually, he hates white people and wants to destroy them.

  • Teddy123Bear

    Excellent article Douglas.

    As if to highlight it, there is an article today from AP, that for some reason the BBC (part of the problem) chose to ignore.


    Brotherhood leader blasts peace with Israel
    (AP) — The top leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denounced peace
    efforts with Israel and urged holy war to liberate Palestinian
    territories on Thursday — one day after the country’s president, who
    hails from the movement, mediated a cease-fire between Israelis and
    Palestinians to end eight days of fierce fighting.

    He goes on to say

    Badei declared that “jihad is obligatory” for Muslims. But he also said that taking up arms would be the “last stage,” only after Muslims achieved unity. “The use of force and arms while the group is fragmented and disconnected, unorganized, weak in conviction, with faint faith — this will be destined for death.”
    In the meantime, he called on Muslims to “back your brothers in Palestine. Supply them with what they need, seek victory for them in all international arenas.”

    Taste of what is to come, while our politicians and media, led by the BBC, prefer to appease, thus giving them time to achieve their unity.

  • John

    john cronin: Firstly expel all illegal Muslim immigrants. This means millions of them. EU law prevents this, so leaving the EU will be a pre.requisite. Secondly introduce Swiss nationality law onto the Statute Book, retrospectively back to 1945. No child of a Swiss and a foreigner is allowed Swiss citizenship: the child takes the nationality of the foreign parent. No foreigner, (unless extremely rich), is allowed Swiss citizenship. No non-European foreigner is allowed to enter Switzerland except with a time-limited work permit and family members of the worker are not allowed in together with the worker or later on. Replace “Swiss” by “Muslim” and you have the answer.

  • ozzikoff

    A very perceptive article. The US and Europe, excusing Islamic terrorism by seeing Hamas as the “underdog” is sealing its own fate in 20 years time. They can only see as far as the next cease fire. My sympathies are with your grandchildren

  • http://twitter.com/LoganDon don logan

    Am I alone in finding Mr Murray a bit of a swivelled eyed loon?

    • Malfleur

      Pretty much.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

      relative to your motley bowl cut ? I would say, ”no”

  • http://twitter.com/jasonearth jasonearth

    Douglas Murray has convinced me. Let’s bomb the lot of ’em. Starting with Palestine. Then onto Iran (who may or may not be building The Bomb, but let’s not split hairs here because our predictions are usually right, and even if they’re not, our intentions are always good). Can’t wait for the smell of crispy brown flesh to waft from the Middle East (hey, you terrorist-apologist who may have something to say about that: WE’RE the good guys – we don’t always have to show it! ® Douglas Murray).

  • Charlene

    Brilliant analysis and commentary but alas the Al Beeb and mainstream media will not dare whisper it. Truly we are not heading for days of peace the Islamists and caliphate in waiting is Hitlerian without doubt. They want Israel first but the crocodile will not be appeased because it will want Europe etc. Look at how Christians are under fire in Nigeria etc. Douglas Murray is perceptive, does not live in Pallywood and tells the truth of the matter, shame the Beeb so often gives propagandists and liars platforms.

  • Mike

    Thanks for stating the facts so clearly and honestly…very refreshing for a British publication or news service. Watching the BBC with their anti Israel slant makes me sick.

    • Bob

      The idea that the BBC is anti Israel is extraordinary. On the contrary, it slavishly follows the Israeli line. Israeli spokespeople are routinely invited to give their side of the story, with no balancing opinion offered, and are almost never asked the harder questions, like why they’re encouraging illegal settlements, imposing collective punishment, tearing up Palestinian olive groves, and the rest.

      • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

        Really you believe that ? The BBC and The Guardian are 2 of the trashiest most biased there is..IN THE WORLD. Next to our NYT and Huffington Post that is..

        • TempleNewsam

          Agree completely.
          As for collective punishment, what a stupid term. Like Irish Republicans in their arena, muslims in Gaza support Hamas, terrorism and the destruction of the jewish state. Like Provo they all deserve nothing more than a broadside. British governments were too gutless to destroy the IRA. Not so the Israelis and Hamas. Well played, say I. Bring it on.

  • bob

    What on earth do you mean by ‘Israel’s efforts at normalisation?’. Ignoring umpteen UN resolutions? Undermining every attempt to move a peace process forward by stimulating another bout of illegal settlement-building at critical moments? I totally support the right of Israel to exist within agreed boundaries (and not necessarily the pre-1967 ones) but its behaviour has been dreadful.

    What’s needed is a just land settlement that guarantees security for Israelis and Palestinians, overseen (for as long as it takes) by a UN security presence with a very firm mandate.

    Israel, sadly, shows no signs of wanting a permanent truce and a territorial solution. Dividing, ruling and blockading are its chosen approach. And having politicians shouting about flattening Gaza is not exactly a recipe for winning friends and influencing people. As far as Islamists are concerned, there could be no better recruiting slogan; indeed that’s why Hamas ended up as a democratically elected government.

    I don’t dispute that the Middle East is volatile and that that volatility threatens Israel. But we reap what we sow and, if Israel continues to conduct itself like the schoolyard bully, it will eventually provoke its own demise. There are plenty of sensible Israelis who understand this perfectly well.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IJ6OOJ5UPCI5J4TGAUWBEN6YP4 Howdy Dowdy

      Obviously you will not admit to seeing the luxurious mansions owned by terrorist leaders in Gaza. Perhaps you could live well there

      • http://www.iranaware.com/ Iran Aware

        Or shop in one of the huge malls while staying at a 5 star hotel. Under risk of kidnapping of course, but still..lol

    • John

      Israel’s two options are not,

      1) Blockade Gaza and keep military control of the West Bank, building settlements on it, (3%) of it.

      2) A two state solution

      Israels real options are,

      1) Continue the struggle against its enemies which might mean continuing to blockade Gaza and keep military control of the West Bank and also building some settlements on it, (3%) of it, and not only that, but push forward with even more strategic and security policies which you might not like, to ensure survival.

      2) Be annihilated.

      One other thing.

      Most Israelis consistently favour a two state solution. So chances are the innocent civilian victims murdered in wars and suicide attacks where overwhelmingly in favour of a two-state solution just like you.

      Those groups involved in suicide bombings, rocket attacks and plain old-fashioned murder – of which there has been plenty of Israeli victims every year – are most definitely not in favour of a two-state solution. They are the enemies of people like you. You stand shoulder to shoulder with ordinary Israelis on this issue all against a terrorists enemy not seeking a just peace under any circumstances.

      • http://twitter.com/alexgolf54 Alexander Guberman

        Problem is that Hamas, Hezbollah & Iran want to destroy Israel. Would a two state solution make any difference?

    • Leizer

      There is no bargain to be made with Islamfacism. Unfortunatly the west won’t realize this till it is too late

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.shine.94 Michael Shine

    An excellent article – a wake-up call to the west – but will it be listened to? I doubt it,for there are none so blind as those that refuse to see!

  • Artemis1000

    Douglas Murray has obviously not studied historical facts very carefully and appears to be wildly Islamophobic, as are most of the readers who comment here.

    Let us be perfectly clear: Zionism created this particular problem in the Middle East and in the beginning its protagonists were frank about some of their intentions, while others have been revealed by Israeli historians delving into military archives. Even Ben Gurion, who while planning a Jewish State gave no thought to the [Palestinian] Arabs, their
    problems, their social conditions, or their cultural life, nor acquainted himself with the Jewish community in Palestine [which was mostly non-Zionist Orthodox Jews prior to 1920], stated in the contexts of the First Palestinian Intifada in 1938:

    “When we say that the Arabs are the aggressors and we defend ourselves
    —- that is only half the truth. As regards our security and life we defend
    ourselves. . . . But the fighting is only one aspect of the conflict, which is in
    its essence a political one. And politically we are the aggressors and they
    defend themselves.”

    Indeed, little has changed, except to become more flagrant and extreme. The tactic of expelling Palestinians from their land is now one of occupation, daily control of almost every aspect of their lives, humiliation and terror, deliberately provoking radicalism that can be more easily defended when brutally crushed, using settlers as the foreguards of the next colonization and land grab, while emphatically denying that all this is taking place, and sending out the manifold forces to silence criticism or dissent, or to widely propagate falsehoods in the media and in the the halls of our governments.

    The Spectator has long been a blind supporter of Israel and this article is simply absurd. However, I would remind the Spectator and its readers that there are many Israelis and Jews of conscience who do not identify with Zionism and find this kind of ‘support’ dangerous and intolerable.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angela-Horne/1621823849 Angela Horne

      The Al Mashtal Hotel, luxury in Gaza

      • Artemis1000

        Sorry, if you believe this represents the lives of people in Gaza, you are either deluded or have been successfully indoctrinated. Like the Israelis I encounter who in all seriousness say that Gazans can come and go as they please. One is reminded of those fundamentalist Christians in the States who are determined that evolution shall not be taught in schools.

        It is ludicrous to consider this as any kind of answer to what I wrote. You should read the book on Gaza by Israeli journalist, Amira Hass, to learn the details of everyday life and constantly changing, perfidious laws to make life impossible. I suppose you also don’t know that children there are under-nourished and traumatized this blockade.

        You can all continue sticking your heads in the morass of extreme pro-Zionist (we know there are honourable Zionists who never intended Israel to turn out the way it has) propaganda, but as Marcus and Bob show, and there are many more of them, people do have information and they THINK clearly, wanting the best for Palestinians AND Israelis. Until that comes to pass there will NEVER be any kind of peace in the area and more and more people will fight for justice.

        Israelis should cut its losses right now before life becomes more intolerable for everyone. They should also reflect on the disgust that citizens throughout the world increasingly have for Israeli government’s policies. Not that these people sympathize with Hamas either.

        Here’s a telling image for you, which clearly expresses the situation that the majority see:


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

          At present, the Palestinians control Gaza. The restrictions suffered by Gazans were imposed in an attempt to curtail Gazan violence against Israel. Imagine what Gaza might look like today if the Hamas regime had decided to look after the well being of its people instead of turning its lands into a launch pad for missiles! It’s not to late, and the ball is in Hamas’s court.

  • Marcus

    Douglas, how do you get people who read the Spectator to support a side in a
    war that is 1000’s of miles away and that is not in their interests
    to support?

    1. Tell them there are nuclear bombs that can be launched on them in 45
    Nope, tried that one.

    2. Tell them there is a pernicious force sweeping through the Middle
    East that will soon attack us unless we side with Israel.

    The first statement in that sentence is right, there’s a lot of proof of
    that. The second is unsubstantiated biased nonsense and your attempts to prove
    it are woeful at best.

    In a weak attempt to prove that we should support Israel because they’re
    benevolent, you give the example that the lands Israel conquered were
    given back to the respective Arab nations (save for the West bank of
    course), who in turn are not even grateful !

    That is odd isn’t it ?

    Fancy giving someone land for free, out of goodwill, and they are not only
    ungrateful, but they actually bomb you!

    Like they bomb a hotel with women and children in it! Despite all you did
    for them.

    Any side that could do that must not be supported, your right.

    One day we may have to fight the brotherhood, they may have designs on us
    and if they do, we shall defeat them.

    But in the case of Israel; our enemy’s enemy is not our friend.

    Just because Israel stands against Muslim fundamentalism does not mean we
    should support Israel. Here are some other peoples that stand against
    Islamic fundamentalism: North Korea, Neo-Nazis & Communists.

    Israel’s domestic and foreign policies, though better than their neighbour’s,
    are unacceptable and we are giving the Arab world cause to fight us: they say so on most of their suicide videos.

    The brotherhood may fight us because they ‘hate our freedom and
    democracy’ (as George Bush told us).

    In that case we will take them on, with many allies. But we will be
    fighting for a cause we believe in. We do not believe in walls, check
    points, illegal occupation, Apache gunship versus boy with rock etc.
    and so we should not side ourselves with Israel.

    Douglas Murray, this is not your fight. If and when it is, you will not need
    long winded articles with tenuous links between us and Israel and
    furthermore you will have our full support.

    As for now, no more Tommies to die for Israel please.

    • Malfleur

      “…a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing…”,eh, Marcus?

      • Marcus

        ……….and should not get involved in fighting for or against

      • Marcus

        Or are you suggesting we should send our tops to die fighting in a war we can never understand? Not they that’s stop us before mind.

      • Marcus

        Incidently, as you seem to be taking sides in this conflict. What Israeli policies, if any, do you disagree with? What sort of action by Israel would make them loose your support? Have you ever come close to that?
        How many other conflicts across the globe do you take sides on that are 1000 s of miles from your country?
        Alternatively, as you say ‘we’ know nothing about it; do you agree with me?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Berel-Dov-Lerner/578892575 Berel Dov Lerner

    The developments described in this article are not only bad news for
    Israel and the West – they are also the worst possible news for the
    Arabs themselves. For decades, Arab dictators have brandished swords
    against Israel in the hope this would keep their citizenry from noticing
    the corruption, inefficiency, and exploitation so characteristic of
    their own regimes. When the Arab Spring arrived, I hoped against hope
    that the new Arab leadership would finally address real issues instead
    of fixating on the Israeli bogey-man. Unfortunately, Egypt’s Muslim
    Brotherhood seems more interested in chipping away at the Camp David
    agreements than in chipping away at the Egyptian people’s scandalous
    rate of illiteracy.

  • valedictorian16

    the dead baby thing, is just plain creepy on all sides, choosing between three kinds of despotism, against a democracy isn’t much of a choice, is it?

  • ferdi

    Following history, the power sources in the Middle East have been Egypt with 80 million people, Turkey with 80 million people and Iran/Iraq with 100 million people. Palestine over the millenia has been a fought- over buffer zone among the three. Now the buffer zone with 6 millions Jews (not Israelis for here are non-Jewish Israelis) believe it has the God-given right to determine what happens in these three countries.(How many square miles was Judah at the time of Hezekiah and how much tribute did it pay to Assyria?) The omnipotent wishes of the Oedipus Complex. As Israeli wants to do with Iran and the atomic bomb, so the Philistines made it a crime for an Israeli to own iron. Its technological superiority has allowed it to dominate the three. But any peace not based on the teachings of such people as Isaiah and Jeremiah, will fail. Under what Prime Minister of Israeli was Jerusalem bombarded with rockets for the first time. The ignominy is Mr. Netanyahu’s alone. Ichabod. Ichabod.

  • statman

    Let’s face it most Arab countries are despotisms of one sort or another. Corruption in the Arab world is endemic and their religion to people like me appears barbaric and primitive. Be that as it may they have a point .However Israeli propaganda obfuscates Palestine was an Arab country taken from them by force with a million kicked out into the desert. Since the initial recognition by Truman in 1948,against the advice of George Calett Marshal,his secretary of state and former chief of staff during ww2 ,and architect of the marshal plan, the State has pursued aggressive expansion tempered by what they can get away with with respect to international criticism .Hence the West bank settlements ,the Gaza atrocities etc.
    The point is Islamic fundamentalism feeds on jihad and feeds on causes such as the Israel/Palestine disaster. Without that fuel it begins to internally decay.It is that situation that breeds the terrorists and suicide bombers more than any other issue.
    We know all this and all the rest but what is unnaceptible is western countries carrying out policies in the middle East against their own national interest so that politicians particularly in the US can garner Jewish votes ,money and support. American support of Israel against the interest of their own people has resulted in 3000 American dead in the twin towers disaster and 5000 dead in Iraq.For what? -a bunch of crazy Zionists who believe God gave them a right to greater Israel. Until Israel thinks it can no longer automatically count on US support there will be no peace and no genuine negotiation.

  • Hebron James

    Great article. The fanatical Christians occupied Palestine for over 100 years and lost it once the Arabs got their act together. I dare say Israel will go the same way. I find it interesting to read the racist and moronic comments below though. Firstly, Christian lands lost to Muslim armies included the people who left Christianity in droves for Islam and whose descendants now vote for the Islamist parties being complained about. Secondly, as regards the Muslims in Europe, you can’t on the one hand scream about the need to protect the Jewish state (and by implication draw upon the holocaust) while at the same time favour the same treatment towards the Muslims in Europe that the Jews faced. Of course, its unsurprising given that Israel is full of the world’s most prominent racist, fascist and new-Nazi thugs, and the same support the Israeli cause.

    All I will say to Murray is this. He is right. Nothing, not even a new crusader war, will reverse the momentum of history. The Muslims will eventually throw out every single dictator and puppet and determine their own destiny. I would have thought knowing this eventuality, Israel would make more serious attempts at peace. Its had not made serious efforts at gaining recognition; it has started half a dozen wars, remaining an occupying power since it’s creation and has meted out brutality and oppression against the Palestinians. All the while, it has consistently denied the Palestinians a right to a state on their land while seeking endless security for its own state on Palestinian land. Israel will only survive if it is genuinely interested in peace and reconciliation (which it is not) and is sustainable (which it is not, living as it does on American protection and handouts). Otherwise, those Israelis should start making plans to go home: to Germany, Ukraine, USA, Russia, England and all the other beautiful places they left to occupy Palestinian land.

  • Gary Mckibben

    another day, another scaremongering ramble.. ! Douglas – when are you going to grow up?

    • Oracle9

      Nothing to see here folks… just move along.

  • Judi

    An interesting analysis. The recent Gaza escalation was no doubt orchestrated elsewhere, so that the Syrians could go on massacring their population and the Iranians building their deadly devices. As usual both the Israelis and the Palestinians have become the pawns in a much larger power battle and if “they” had the political will to work together and agree a settlement, just imagine how changed the political landscape in that part of the world.

  • Jason

    Israel deserves a beating & you zionist filth on here know it.
    The zionist-nazis know their time is up.

    I wonder if any of the clowns want to still pick a fight with Iran ?
    LoL…..They bottled it against little old Gaza !

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.kimberley Chris Kimberley

    The rise of the muslim brotherhood is of concern, any fundamentalist religious group is potentially dangerous, especially one encompassing so many people.
    The problem is that the brotherhood are leaping in to the power vacuum left after the dictators were toppled. Dictators that Israel and the West were happy to embrace as allies as long as they kept the peace,- no matter how grim the lives of ordinary citizens were.
    Every one of the 7/7 bombers cited the western policy in the middle east: Iraq and Palestine in their suicide videos, these are the primary recruiting tools for jihadists.

    Land was promised to Israel, but the trouble is people already lived there it hasnt stopped israel taking ever more of it and it has only given more fuel to the muslim brotherhoods fire.

  • Douglasreed

    Douglas Murray writes two pages of supposedly considered opinion on the problems facing the state of Israel yet adroitly manages to sidestep completely the primary cause of such, i.e. the contemptuous action of the ultra right-wing Likud coalition under Netanyahu in inducing, with financial benefits, nearly 500,000 of its citizens to leave their homes in Israel and to illegally settle in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank.

    That action had been repeatedly condemned by the British government, and by most of the world including the US, but to no avail. The current Israeli government seems utterly determined to subscribe to its own downfall and that of its state.

  • Brad

    A disgraceful piece of writing. It reminded me of watching Fox News. It’s so disappointing to read an article that is so bias, hateful and frankly untrue. I’m thankful to be living in a day and age where we have access to a lot more information online and through other RESPECTABLE journalistic sources. It means the worlds public is increasingly well
    informed and general opinion is changing on subjects like the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. Israel does need to be held accountable and I hope this does happen in my life time. And who knows, maybe America’s demise will eventually be due to it’s

  • PrimaryKey

    Anyone who believed that the Arab Spring would usher in a series of Western style democracies was quite clearly naïve. Why on earth Ian Duncan Smith welcomed the Syrian Opposition is beyond me. They are Islamist revolutionaries. War is coming on a grand scale between Islam and the West. Israel and the Palestinians are a side show.

  • http://twitter.com/elton1937 elton anglada

    Why all these war-mongering Muslims wish to
    harm peace-loving Israel is a mystery to none.

  • Paul

    Here’s about a finer piece of writing you will ever read on the subject of the situation Israel is in from the unrivalled Daniel Greenfield: http://sultanknish.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-deadly-israeli-house.html

  • Dave La B

    What a superb and insightful article from Douglas. Free from political correctness and fear of radical Islamists

  • Jaysonrex

    It is vital to our very existence to remember that one day we, the Christian nations, will be in the crosshair of Islamists, as we have already been in not so remote a past.
    Then what?
    Are we ready to confront the danger coming out of Middle East, North Africa and East Asia? It doesn’t seem so. Appeasing Islamists will be as effective as appeasing the Nazis in 1938, only at a much higher risk to the survival of the Civilized World than ever before.