The effects of rain

24 November 2012

24 November 2012

Rain keeps us indoors, so we live
by constraint and denial. No
walk on the beach, no sea-swimming,
no bicycle ride, no watching
the peep-and-vanish of lizards.

Instead, the clock ticks and one page
of the book turns to another.
Our fingertips now and again touch
as if to suggest the inside
and outside of love are the same.

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  • Kevin

    So we sailed to sunnier
    climes. Which was OK but
    the Brits that got there first
    declared independence and shut
    the door on us “immigrants”.


    • valedictorian16

      You just spoiled my head-revery !
      Not really, as we can see completely
      Different head-tags in these words.

      On reading and poetry…sunnier climes
      Are just states of minds.

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