Men’s Wear

15 December 2012

15 December 2012

From the
Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry line
Shawn Thompson bought two shirts.
He wrote on his blog:
‘The clothes I used in the past to hide
my sidearm looked pretty sloppy
and had my girlfriend complaining.’
The line includes the sort of vest
that includes a stealth compartment.
The wearer can appear to be
warming his hands
while gripping a pistol in a holster.
Says a spokesman for Woolrich:
‘The bad guy gets a glimmer of fear
wondering “Are they packing, or not?” ’
Not everyone is a fan. Howard Walter,
61, a salesman, said he preferred
to carry his colt
and a couple of knives
and two extra magazines
in a durable pair of work pants.
Said Mr Walter: ‘They don’t shout
“gun”, they shout average guy
in the street.
Dress for the gun. Not for the fashion.’

Source: International Herald Tribune, 25 April 2012

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