Beppe Grillo: Italy's new Mussolini

Beppe Grillo has much in common with Mussolini

2 March 2013

9:00 AM

2 March 2013

9:00 AM

The stand-up comedian Beppe Grillo, like the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini before him, has a craving to take over the piazza and mesmerise the crowd. Where once young Italians chanted the mantra ‘Du-ce! Du-ce!’ now they chant  ‘Bep-pe! Bep-pe!’. But it is not just a shared need to rant and rave at large numbers of complete strangers that hirsute Beppe and bald Benito have in common. Worryingly, for Italy and also for Europe (where democracy seems incapable of solving the existential crisis), there is a lot more to it than that.

Beppe Grillo founded the MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S) in Milan on 4 October 2009. The capital ‘V’ stands for his signature slogan ‘Vaffa!’ which roughly speaking means ‘Fuck off!’ — in his case, to everything more or less, except wind farms. ‘Surrender! You’re surrounded!’ he bellowed over and over again at his rallies. The phrase was traditionally very popular with Italian fascists. He was referring to all Italy’s politicians, except his lot.

Now, less than four years after its foundation, his movement is the largest single party in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house, after it secured 26 per cent of the poll at this week’s inconclusive Italian general elections. It is not, insists this fascist of the forest, a party. It is a movement. Parties, he is adamant, are the problem, not the solution.

Mussolini founded his Fasci di Combattimento in Milan on 23 March 1919 and less than four years later he was prime minister. Fascism was not, he insisted, a party but a movement. Parties, he was adamant, were the problem, not the solution. Fascism would be an ‘anti-party’ of free spirits who refused to be tied down by the straitjacket of parties with their dogmas and doctrines. This is precisely what Grillo says about his own movement.

Mussolini was the rising star in Italy’s Marxist party until his expulsion in 1914 because he — like the French and German Marxists but unlike the Italian ones — was in favour of Italian intervention in the first world war. He looked destined for the scrapheap.

Grillo, a former communist, was banned from national television in the late 1980s as a result of his defamatory performances. Things did not look rosy for him either. Forced to perform in piazzas and theatres, he took to ridiculing and demonising politicians, and then in 2005 he founded a blog that quickly became the most popular in Italy and a forum for the angry and the disaffected, mostly young, for all those whose state of mind is defined by the word ‘Vaffa!’. He duly began a national ‘Vaffa! Day’ or ‘V Day’ in 2007.

Shortly before he founded his movement, he tried to become leader of Italy’s main left-wing party — the ex-communist Partito democratico (PD) — but it would not let him stand in its leadership elections. At this week’s elections, the PD’s coalition was a winner of sorts with a majority of the seats in the lower house, thanks to the latest Italian electoral law that gives the majority of seats to the party with the most votes, however few. The PD’s coalition polled just 29.6 per cent of the vote compared with the 29.1 per cent of Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right coalition. But despite that, the PD grouping gets 340 seats to his 121. In the senate, though, where different rules apply, no one has a majority.


If, however, the PD had allowed Grillo to stand in its leadership contest, he would no doubt have led it to overwhelming victory. Instead it chose the monumentally smug and tedious former communist Pier Luigi Bersani. But we haven’t seen the last of Beppe.

What gave Mussolini popular traction is what gives Grillo traction: a virulent hatred of parliament and the politicians who infest it. The dictator famously said he could have moved his bivouacs into ‘this deaf and grey chamber’ but had chosen not to. The comedian uses the same language. Whereas Mussolini spread the word through his own mass daily newspaper Il Popolo d’Italia, and enforced it by means of his blackshirts, Grillo does so through his website, Il Blog di Beppe Grillo, and violent verbal abuse and ostracism of opponents. Whereas Mussolini travelled by train to his rallies, Grillo travels to his by camper van.

‘I did not invent fascism,’ said Mussolini, ‘I extracted it from the Italian people.’ Grillo did not invent his movement, he says, he merely provided the humus — the internet forum — in which it grew. During the election campaign, he did not give one television or newspaper interview, because journalists, like politicians, are the enemy. Both Mussolini and Grillo appeal to the spirit and soul rather than the wallet and mind of Italians. Fascism was a civic religion and the Duce its god. The MoVimento 5 Stelle is a sect, with Grillo its guru, and like all good sects it does not have an office. Its HQ is not real, but virtual: Beppe’s blog.

Italian fascism, even though no one is allowed to say so, was a left-wing revolutionary movement which Mussolini founded because the first world war had made him realise that the proletariat is more loyal to its nation than its class. At the May 1921 general election, the fascisti won their first seats in the Italian parliament (only 35). Yet just 18 months later, after the March on Rome in October 1922, King Vittorio Emanuele III had appointed Mussolini prime minister.

At this week’s elections, no coalition, let alone party, got more than 30 per cent of the vote. Any government that somehow emerges from the debacle is bound to be short-lived. History repeats itself first as tragedy, wrote Karl Marx, then as farce: the comedian Grillo’s version of Mussolini’s March on Rome could be only a matter of months away.

Fascism was able to flourish thanks to the impotence and corruption of Italian democracy, especially in the first two decades of the 20th century, which made it incapable of dealing with an existential crisis — the threat of communist revolution. In 1945, with the fall of fascism and the monarchy, Italy returned to an updated form of the same impotent and corrupt democracy. Through fear of dictators, the new constitution severely limited the powers of prime minister, cabinet and president, and complex versions of proportional representation made it impossible for any one party to obtain a majority of the seats.

This was fine, more or less, in the boom times. Not any more. Italy has the third highest sovereign debt in the world as a proportion of GDP, its economy is in permanent recession, its tax burden and red-tape suffocating businesses, and its labour market paralysed by a forest of laws that make it virtually impossible to be taken on full-time or fired.

As with fascism, Grillo and his movement have flourished thanks to the impotence and corruption of the Italian parliament in the face of the current economic crisis — the threat of meltdown caused by the euro.

The unelected economics professor Mario Monti, who replaced Berlusconi as premier in a palace coup in November 2011, merely raised taxes and invented new ones.

But austerity is not just raising taxes; it’s cutting spending. Monti did nothing to hack back the monstrous debt (it rose from 120 per cent to 129 per cent). He did nothing to stimulate growth. Youth unemployment is at 35 per cent, and unemployment in total is much higher than the official 12 per cent if you count the hundreds of thousands still technically employed but paid by the state not to work.

Like fascism, Grillo’s movement is essentially left-wing and in favour of the state sorting things out — the Italian state. But it is against the euro and Europe — and Germany in particular.

Mussolini wrote soon after founding fascism that it is ‘difficult to define’. Fascism does not have ‘statutes’ or ‘transcending programmes’. Therefore ‘it is natural’ that it should attract ‘the young’ rather than the old who are likely to refuse its ‘freshness’.

Grillo’s manifesto is called ‘Il non statuto’. On his blog he says, ‘We’re all young …  We’re a movement of many people who are uniting from the bottom up. We don’t have structures, hierarchies, bosses, secretaries … No one gives us orders.’

Welcome to the new fascist future.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/fabio.palladini.12 Fabio Palladini

    come to live in Italy for a year then you understand that the current parties are an oligarchy the same people who have lost the elections several times, under the command are the same as when you had Sir John Major

    • fubar_saunders

      I can genuinely sympathise, Fabio and have had an inkling over the years, particularly from the time of Brown’s usurping of No10 that a similar fate will eventually befall the UK. The theory being this: So long as the current political generation crowd out the centre and continue to offer the same empty meaningless platitudes to an electorate purely in order to part them from their votes to access the gravy train for their own personal gain, public disillusionment will lead to the pendulum swinging further and further away from the centre towards what may be euphemestically be termed the political extremes. This was seen in flashes with the rise of the BNP under the Blair/Brown era and can arguably be said of Grillo – the public are fed up to the back teeth of being offered the same old s**t by the same old characters who then, once elected, fail to deliver a single damned thing that is promised, except that which benefits them and themselves exclusively.

      It is plainly evident that a significant part of the Italian population has had enough and has found, it thinks, in Grillo, someone who will listen to them. It matters not a jot whether Grillo has either the capability or desire or the integrity to deliver what he has promised. The fact of the matter is that the pendulum has swung away from where it has been. Whether what Grillo is advocating is right for Italy or not in terms of what direction of political travel is in the best interests of the whole nation, again is largely irrelevant. He now has a foot in the door. All it took was a charismatic figure who the public could rally around in significant enough numbers. Where it will lead to is anyones guess.

      The UK is no different and the next 24 hours could be very interesting in terms of UKIP’s advance in Eastleigh. If – just if – Farage’s party manage to pull off the upset and to win their first parliamentary seat, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that this may give them a trickle in 2013 that could turn into a nationally replicated flood in 2015. Again, no one is saying that what Farage is offering is necessarily the right direction of political travel for the UK, but compared to what is being offered by the rest of the equally self interested, detatched political elites in the UK have done such a poor job on all three centrist shades of the political spectrum, the prospect does remain a very real one that the British electorate may well have reached that tipping point where they have just had enough. What is going to happen in Italy over the coming 24 months is going to be very very interesting indeed. The rest of us would be well advised to watch with great interest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fabio.palladini.12 Fabio Palladini

    last comment lol read what is M5S http://www.beppegrillo.it/en/

  • http://www.facebook.com/maurizio.direnzo Maurizio Di Renzo

    mussolini wanted to erase half of italy, grillo wants the best for the italian citizens, not thinking of conquering some african countries but getting services and throwing out of the parliament corrupted politics, indeed, a real dictator (for who is illegally eating the people’s resources)

    • wrapper eader

      come on, we’re trying to have a serious dicussion here, keep the slogan away, please

    • KL

      Yeah, and Mussolini made “bonifiche”. That wasn’t so bad after all, right?

      He meant well…yeah, sure!

      Come on, man! Think with your own head.
      That is democracy at its best: thinking.

  • serpico

    what a load of cobblers

  • Manuela

    I’ve never read such a stupid article like this! I’m Italian, I love my country and Mussolini is the past! We have Alessandra Mussolini in the Parliament…she is the real disgrace of Italy, not Beppe Grillo!!!

    • Anna

      Ma come? Voi amate tanto la stampa estera da rilasciare interviste solo a loro e adesso che dicono la verità è uno stupido articolo? Svegliati, ragazza…la guerra è finita.

      • ostendali


        • Anna


        • wrapper eader

          cheers, very mature and educated. kudos, you have just shown us all how poor and ignorant grillo supporters’ are

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

            I am glad that people notice it! Grillo is like a rubbish bin where everything disfunctional is thrown in, they can’t even write in italian!

      • Mattia

        …ma vattene affanculo!!!

        • Anna

          ahahaha siete divertentissimi, sapete dire solo quella parolina.Poverini…

        • http://twitter.com/stefanosaragio Stefano Tamburini

          Si ignora tante cose di Grillo http://saragio.wordpress.com/2

      • http://www.facebook.com/manuelita.coppola Manuelita Coppola

        Cara Anna, la guerra ce l’hai solo tu in testa credo… Non so se sai la differenza tra “guerra” e “protesta”, tra un articolo che “indaghi con imparzialità un fenomeno che accade in un altro paese” e uno che ironizza e scredita il fondatore di un movimento che ha ancora tutto da dimostrare. Inoltre io andrei cauta nel fare di tutta l’erba un fascio (XD), non mi sono mai permessa di farlo con chi vota destra, sinistra, centro ecc…suppongo che chi si reputi intelligente non faccia lo stesso. Amo la stampa estera, ma come spero faccia anche tu, non seguo incondizionatamente tutto quello che può scrivere o dire quel giornalista, politico o “leader” di turno. Bisogna cominciare a pensare in maniera più CIVILE (letteralmente! Spero mi capirai!) ed essere i primi a mettere tutto in discussione…Quindi mi spiace deluderti hai preso proprio quella “grillina” (ma si mi definisco così) che non sta dietro al suo padroncino-leaderino come fa una fetta del “popolo” italiano con gli altri partiti…no….semplicemente aspetto che il MOVIMENTO a cui ho deciso di dare il mio voto mi dimostri di essere coerente e coeso con quanto ha propagandato finora. Se così non fosse beh…dovremmo fare quello che i cittadini fanno sempre quando un partito che ci governa ci delude….eh… COME?!! Non abbiamo fatto mai nulla???……..Ah…

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

          Questo l’ho già letto sopra … patetici grillini, il copincolla come strumento di democrazia!

          • http://www.facebook.com/manuelita.coppola Manuelita Coppola

            Sono sempre io genio! 😛 ma prima non ero iscritta.

      • http://www.facebook.com/manuelita.coppola Manuelita Coppola

        Cara Anna, la guerra ce l’hai solo tu in testa credo… Non so se sai la differenza tra “guerra” e “protesta”, tra un articolo che “indaghi con imparzialità un fenomeno che accade in un altro paese” e uno che ironizza e scredita il fondatore di un movimento che ha ancora tutto da dimostrare. Inoltre io andrei cauta nel fare di tutta l’erba un fascio (XD), non mi sono mai permessa di farlo con chi vota destra, sinistra, centro ecc…suppongo che chi si reputi intelligente non faccia lo stesso. Amo la stampa estera, ma come spero faccia anche tu, non seguo incondizionatamente tutto quello che può scrivere o dire quel giornalista, politico o “leader” di turno. Bisogna cominciare a pensare in maniera più CIVILE (letteralmente! Spero mi capirai!) ed essere i primi a mettere tutto in discussione…Quindi mi spiace deluderti hai preso proprio quella “grillina” (ma si mi definisco così) che non sta dietro al suo padroncino-leaderino come fa una fetta del “popolo” italiano con gli altri partiti…no….semplicemente aspetto che il MOVIMENTO a cui ho deciso di dare il mio voto mi dimostri di essere coerente e coeso con quanto ha propagandato finora. Se così non fosse beh…dovremmo fare quello che i cittadini fanno sempre quando un partito che ci governa ci delude….eh… COME?!! Non abbiamo fatto mai nulla???……..Ah..

        • Sara

          Certo, i giornali esteri ti piacciono solo se ti dicono ciò che vuoi! Pensa in maniera CIVILE, voi grillini
          sembrate i seguaci di Berlusconi! Questi vent’anni non sono serviti a nulla!!!

          • http://twitter.com/my_cinquestelle my_cinquestelle

            vestire Grillo con i panni del duce mi sembra un tantino esagerato. Li conosciamo bene i fascisti in Italia, conosciamo bene le loro facce e conosciamo bene chi li ha sdoganati. Gli Inglesi hanno solo paura che le idee del movimento attecchiscano anche da loro e il modo più semplice per etichettarle è fascista.

          • http://www.facebook.com/antonio.saponara Antonio Saponara

            Nel suo tsunami tour il logo lo ritrae in forma caricaturale con l’elemetto in testa. Usa parole aggressive e una retorica violenta. Aprite gli occhi voi piuttosto che siete ciechi a qualsiasi tipo di critica ed accettate tutto come un dogma.

          • http://culturaliberta.wordpress.com/ Monsieur en rouge

            E chi li ha sdoganati? Forse anche chi dice che l’antifascismo non gli compete?

          • http://www.facebook.com/manuelita.coppola Manuelita Coppola

            Non c’è confronto con chi si esprime come te….sempre gli stessi argomenti (se così si possono definire)….che noia!

      • http://twitter.com/my_cinquestelle my_cinquestelle

        I’ve never read such a stupid article like this!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

          Then don’t read it! Be careful, it might open your eyes!

    • Mattia

      The journalist is an alcoholic…stop him!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/manuelita.coppola Manuelita Coppola

        mmm…come si fa ad eliminare il posto in più che ho messo? Grazie

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

          Prima di tutto cerca di postare sempre col tuo profilo, cambiare profilo per sembrare più persone è davvero da perdenti

          • http://www.facebook.com/manuelita.coppola Manuelita Coppola

            Questo è il mio profilo Barbara, siccome non ho mai usato “Disquis” ho dovuto registrarmi da facebook per rispondere agli altri e a te, combinando un pasticcio. Il tono “cerca” di tenerlo sempre sulla linea dell’educazione… mi sa che stare dietro ad un pc a scrivere commenti come li scrivi tu fa sentire una gran donna, mentre secondo me proprio queste persone sono piene di scompensi….

  • DanieleC

    No wonder nobody read this paper. This is the biggest pile of dung I have ever seen. Obviously you need a picture like that to attract attention.
    In Italy, the democratic vote as given the citizen the opportunity to split the tradictional parties with new ideas and the protection of Italy and its citizens. I wish something similar would happen here in UK, where the current political class isn’t working for its citizens but for their own pocket, pretty much like in Italy.
    Politics should never became a career, that is the problem.

    • wrapper eader

      please, nobody is used to read such childish comments outside of beppegrillo’s blog maybe. please behave yourself if you’re going to comment on something like a proper person. thank you

      • KL


  • DanieleC

    LOL, you didn’t like my comment eh!
    It hurts when someone says the truth!

  • simon buzz

    u really don’t understand what u are talking about

  • http://www.facebook.com/cristina.rodwell.9 Cristina Rodwell

    An offensive article and a misinformed one, too.

    • KL

      There is something not completely exact, yes, but it is essentially true.

  • Alfonso smerilli

    hhooo!! yes THIS ARTICLE IS VERY FUNNY and the queen of england is like LADY GAGA!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/nvelope2003 Dennis Wake

      Maybe you do not understand English irony ? The writer was making an analogy between Grillo and Mussolini and the Fascists. Possibly you find this uncomfortable but it does sound quite plausible. There are a number of similarities and the 5 Star Movement does not have any clear or rational programme just like the Fascists

      • http://twitter.com/fratticcioli Alessio Fratticcioli

        “does not have any clear or rational programme just like the Fascists”? False and false. By the way, the Dems proposed a 8-point programme for a coalition Govt with M5s. All points are also in the m5s programme. Therefore at least 8 points are clear and rational.

        • wrapper eader

          please, adults are talking, go back to beppegrillo.it

  • Boris Knezevic

    What a load of reactionary garbage. Anyone who describes fascism as a left-wing phenomenon and compares Grillo to Mussolini – next to all the real corporatist fascists in Italian politics like Berlusconi – and ignoring pretty much everything Grillo actually stands for such as direct democracy – is either an uneducated idiot, or a totally dishonest latent fascist posing as a neutral analyst.

    • Andy

      You quite obviously haven’t got the faintest idea what Fascism actually is. Mussolini was a communist, just as Hitler was a Socialist. You might not think them so, but that is what they described themselves as being. If you read the Nazi Party programme most Socialists could quite happy subscribe to 90% of it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mario-Piazza/1255485777 Mario Piazza

        Grab some book and study. your ignorance is appalling

        • Andy

          One wishes you would. You might have an idea what Fascism is and what its origins are.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      Comment above shows what this brainwashed “new little leaders” are made of. Aggressiveness and shallowness. The real seed of new fascism

      • Alex

        the seeds in your brain, you lost, get on with it gargamella

    • KL

      Yeah right.
      Have any idea what a fascist “corporation” is? That is not what you believe: they were kinda socialist “case del fascio” where production went towards an autarchic, social system. Actually, very much left-wing.

      I wouldn’t put Grillo and “direct democracy” in the same phrase. The two have very little in common.

      The guy speaks and people follows, that’s a farce, not democracy.

      • KL

        Oh, and a party that goes from 4% to 25% in a year is not “democracy”, it is something to be worried about: radical changes like these are de-stabilizing, and don’t do well for equilibrium
        A democratic system is a system in equilibrium. A system that is going towards collapse is a system that changes extremely quickly and radical.

        Think, for example, about this analogy: cancer.

  • Boris Knezevic

    i can understand the concept of an opinion piece, but there are actually limits to what a publication like The Spectator can print if it still wants to be taken seriously. i mean, really? just the claim that fascism is left-wing should be enough to consign this rubbish to an amateur high school mag – or to the dustbin of history. on the other hand, at least now we know who these supposedly independent wankers are really wanking off with their mental masturbation

    • Justin Wong

      But facism is left wing? It believes in the State – in some form of people’s government, in the community – in Mussolini’s case – the “Italian” nation – to sort out problems.

      Right wing is a belief in the free market and in ‘individuals’. Left wing is communitarian and a belief in ‘society’. Facism is most definitely left wing. As in National Socialism in WW2 Germany.

    • moderate Guy

      Both fascism and nazism (national socialism) were left wing, as much as communism and international socialism.

    • KL

      Political movements are actually not sorted out in two, but in a four-quadrants matrix that is:

      The most “right wing” is the capitalist-conservative quadrant, the most “left wing” is liberal statalist.

      As you can see, fascism-nazism is a mash up: statalist conservative, but revolutionary per se.
      Therefore it is more at the left side that on the right side.

  • disqus_8jY2rwcY07

    It is really pity that some josurnalists, I suppose that you are one, know so less about politics, like you show us writing this article. Unfortunately you cannot understand what it is going on in Italy, I suppose that you are just bad informated. and it is not really a good thing for a journalist. England is getting worse every day, I hope that people will start to fight for their future, instead of paying taxes for the monarchy and getting drunk.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nvelope2003 Dennis Wake

      The cost of the Monarchy is a fraction of the cost of the Italian Presidency. I live in England and I have not seen anyone drunk for years. Italy is nice only because it has nice weather and beautiful historic buildings but it was not bombed to bits like Britain when it fought against Hitler and Italy in the last war. I like Italy but every time I go there the people seem to be on strike or protesting about something and then you have the Mafia taking all your money for themselves.

      • disqus_8jY2rwcY07

        Hi Dennis,

        I am not trying to justify the political/social situation in Italy. I know better then you how italians live there, how strong the mafia is, how many problems this country has, I just argued about the comparison of Beppe Grillo with Mussolini.
        I am not saying that Grillo is a hero, and I do not believe that he is, but he has nothing to do with Mussolini. I do not know if Grillo will be a solution for Italy, but it is the hope of a part of the population that believes in his way of changing the country,a country that has been complately destroyed. Again about England: just my opinion, I do not understand why the monarchy gets taxes money, for what?  There are people who work hard for getting a salary. It is true italians protest for a lot of thing but I mean, why shound they not protest? Alcohol consumption continues to rise in UK and UK is one of heaviest alcohol consuming countries in the world. I saw young people getting drunk till they feel ill in England and this every week-end.
        No comments about the past wars….it does not bring anything, should we talk about the colonialism?

        • Andy

          You are talking about what was called the Civil List. For your information King George I (in 1714) surrendered the revenue from the Crown Estate (the ancient properties of the Sovereign) in exchange for a grant from Parliament. However from April of this year the Civil List will be abolished and the Sovereign will receive a proportion of the Crown Estate revenue as the Sovereign Support Grant. So technically taxpayers have never paid the monarchy a penny.

      • KL

        I apology on behalf of Italians about this perspective you got.

        Lots of us are jerks.
        Italians tend to lament themselves so much that is annoying to me as an Italian.

        Don’t forget that we have a -small but consistent- percentage of people that struggles to reach for the values you propose. We innovate, we change, we believe in a great future for our country.

        But, right now, we are ostracized by a 25% of the people that elected Mussolini 2.0, and what we can do, is to fight on their territory -the web- by talking about what really goes on, in order to demonstrate what the M5S is: a bunch of liars.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      Another victim of google translator (see comment above)

      • disqus_8jY2rwcY07

        Mi prendo un minutino del mio tempo per risponderti, perché non mi sembrava giusto lasciare il tuo commento ” da intelligentona” senza risposta. Il blog è il punto d’incontro delle persone a cui interessa comunicare o scambiare opinioni. Chiarito questo mi sto chiedendo, ma cosa centra il tuo commento con l’argomento del blog?  Si sta parlando di un tema molto importante ed arriva “l’intelligentona” che lascia solo una frase criticando l’inglese scorretto usato.  Un consiglio da parte mia, questi tipi di interventi sono inutili e insignificanti, se la prossima volta  vuoi un passa tempo, vatti a fare una passeggiata oppure scrivi qualcosa che abbia a che fare con la discussione in atto.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002085188982 Patrick J. Lynch

    One can only assume that this article was written under orders from Berlusconi, you might notice that he is the only one not spoken of negatively.

    Grillo doesn’t want power for himself, he has said so many times, and I rather think that Mussolini did. He wants power for the ordinary men and women who now have seats in the Chamber of Deputies and who make a startling contrast to the career politicians around them. Grillo doesn’t even want the money that the movement is entitled to after their win, he has said he doesn’t want the money, it belongs to the people. He has also said that once the parliament is made up entirely of normal citizens then the movement won’t need to exist any more. Grillo was banned from television in the 80’s not because he was defamatory but because he was upsetting the powers that be by speaking his mind. This article proves that nothing has changed – the media is still trying to censor him or destroy his character – and you are going to see a lot of these kinds of articles in the coming days and weeks. Grillo and the 5 star movement is too dangerous for the rest of Europe to be left unchecked. I’m afraid that, especially in Italy, the media is the enemy.

    Rather than desperately trying to become the leader of the PD, he offered and they turned him down – a decision they are probably regretting at the moment.

    How dare you compare the violent actions of Mussolini’s blackshirts to Grillo and his website? Are you kidding? You really think they are comparable? And why do you describe him as a ‘fascist of the forest’? Because he is hairy?

    It is true that the 5 star movement has flourished thanks to the corruption and impotence of the rest of Italian politics but only because, in contrast to the others, they propose positive and logical policies and are completely transparent as to where they get their funding and who they are affiliated with so corruption, which is rife in Italy, cannot flourish. If anyone else was doing the same thing then they would get votes too.

    Lastly Grillo has always criticized the illegal military interventions of many European countries over the past few years, masking them under the slogan of ‘peace misssions’. He would be the first to begin to dismantle the Italian military. You’ll find that Mussolini did the exact opposite.

    This article is insulting to the intelligence of anyone who reads it.

    Go to Grillo’s blog and find out for yourself!

    • Satu Prinssi

      I am so amused. You accuse him of being paid by Berlusconi, then you tell him to go believe whatever Grillo says reading it straight from his blog. You don’t even have to mask it as newspaper. You are telling him to shut the fuck up and trust the propaganda.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      OMG! Another brainwashed influencer

    • KL

      Berlusconi is now a figure of speech. The real leader is Angelino Alfano, the ex-premier is becoming more and more a facade.
      They used the name for the campaign, not the ideas. It’s like selling Nutella: if it ain’t broke, why fix it?
      It’s pure marketing, nothing else, trust me.

      That said, try to think with your mind, be critic: politics is not just a “palace” thing. It starts with the small, local community you live in. I personally met and talked with politicians at their very start, talking small, in small places, and then becoming leaders.

      I believe it’s a fair system. Not perfect, but good. There’s no such thing as a “conspiracy” or something: believe me.

  • Tristramshandy

    Nicholas Burgess Farrell (born October 2, 1958) is an English journalist and the author of Mussolini: A New Life.

    Farrell’s most famous article is an interview with Silvio Berlusconi for The Spectator, where the Italian prime minister made statements which sparked criticism in Italy.[1]

    Today he writes mainly for Libero, a right-wing newspaper supportive of Berlusconi’s politics. (From Wikipedia)

    Perhaps this information help to understand the author’s point of view

    • puttana71

      the world conspirancy against saint beppe grillo! The new jesus!
      Wake up people!

  • http://www.facebook.com/valerio.biasion Valerio Biasion

    Totally right. As always, judging from the comments below many Leftie are so obsessed with Mussolini that they cannot imagine a comparison between him and Grillo but as Farrell points out, there you have it, straight from the mouth of the Cricket himself. Let’s not also forget that Grillo stands against the mafia and Mussolini got rid of the mafia (fact). There are lots of misconception about Mussolini and he was indeed a man of the Left, after all isn’t the Left mantra to have the State in charge of everything? But for the Left he was Evil, while Mao, Stalin…

    • puttana71

      Grillo stands against mafia? I heard him ta say that real mafia is the state ( he was talking in sicily: what a good message !)

      • Enrico Ravenna

        what about all the slot machines casinos opening every day in italy?do u really think mafia is out of this business?

        • Guest

          Did i say that? I said that grillo prefer to pay the crimanal organization than taxes (sic).

        • Vendicatore solitario

          Hai detto bene: è un vero “CASINO” You’re right, it’s a real brothel! I explain for foreigners: “Casino” is the brothel (correctly it would be the country house), in italian what you call “casino”, is the “casinò”, with the accent on the last vowel.

        • puttana71

          What about the “foibe”?? Do you understand the joke?

      • Vendicatore solitario

        Per questo ha preso un sacco di voti in Sicilia. Che verme! What a worm!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

          Se ti sforzi ancora un po’ capirai molte altre cose

    • http://www.facebook.com/robplague Roberto Conforto

      Hahahah Grillo said that Mafia doesn’t exist and not kill. You are a liar completely.

    • puttana71

      He doesnt stand against mafia, for him the mafia is the state and people should not pay taxes.


  • JohnDark

    Having read Nicholas Farrell’s work before and knowing that he is married to an Italian, lives in Italy and loves the country I was interested to read this article. I think his point about the unworkable Italian parlimentary system is absolutely right. Anyone who knows anything of Italy knows that many Italians consistently voted Berlusconi because he actually made it work (for a while). This was a singular achievement that made the communists (and the EU) very angry.
    I think the problem in Italy is the huge communist party (Bersani’s bunch of thugs) and the role played by the Church. Both of them denounce capitalism, business and business people as wrong. This makes Italy extremely claustrophic politically, and encourages heart-and-soul movements (Like Grillo) by frustrated Italians who feel that their social culture imprisons them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mario-Piazza/1255485777 Mario Piazza

      Pathetic comment from the backyard of a taxidermist. Sill busy knocking down the wall? Give me a break!

    • KL

      “I think the problem in Italy is the huge communist party (Bersani’s bunch of thugs) and the role played by the Church. Both of them denounce capitalism, business and business people as wrong. This makes Italy extremely claustrophic politically, and encourages heart-and-soul movements (Like Grillo) by frustrated Italians who feel that their social culture imprisons them.”

      Probably the Church not so that much, they tend to act with a more non-profit approach but I don’t think they attack capitalism per se.
      In fact, with the “Democrazia Cristiana” ruling, we had a period of economic boom and prosperity.

      Your analysis, though, proves essentially true and I’m glad that someone else thinks with his own mind.

      Kudos, keep on.

  • Nathan

    as an italian i’d like to say something. history does not repeat itself. every generation has new inputs, ideals, values and social constructs. whereas i can agree that we do tend to not learn from our mistakes, i find it appalling that a journalist would mistake general commonalities for direct ties with one of the most disgusting movements of the 20th century. furthermore i’d like to point out that EVERY great change started out of anger; this goes for the american revolution as it does for the birth of the nazi party, but the difference between the two is the way you use that anger! The 5 star movement should be praised because it turned that anger into a political, intelligent and organized force that believes in democracy more than monti, bersani or berlusconi ever have.
    p.s. how are you supposed to be the new fascist supreme ruler when one of the core principles of your movement is that politicians (including yourself) can serve no more than two terms?

    • puttana71

      Really? Ah ah

    • Andrew Arens

      You prove that people let history repeat itself.

      Also, the whole notion that our Western society, at this point in history, is inherently superior to anything else ever is exceedingly arrogant. It can happen here. We’re not that special. The West is complacent and you are exhibit A.

    • KL

      Man, your leader Grillo is not even a candidate, but gives instructions, directions, and basically is the face of the movement.
      That guy just leads without leading: a smart move actually be a dictator without being it.

      Grillo (or someone else for him) transcends elections and actually rules out of imposition.

      Democracy is a process that requires organization. Our anti-fascist constitution is one of the most well-rounded constitutions in the world, that gives actual representation of every instance of the country, sacrificing governability.
      That is the “exception” we always have been, as Italians.

      And that’s not so that bad, per se. Grillo wants to change that making the people the executive, creating a socialism with hints of anarchism that openly ostracizes politics (in the traditional sense), finance, credit, and free enterprise.

      I don’t want to live in a country like this.

    • Julia Dat

      Intelligent force? Intelligent?!
      Anywho, how very Hegelian of you thinking that the present is automatically outside history.

  • simonphblake@gmail.com

    i thought totalitarianism was coming fromm the IMF and World Bank not local heroes like this chap, silyl me then. its odd how the media stamp down on anyone not within the accepted folds of the debate, case in point are the Tea Party in the states they make more grass routes common sence then the deluded socialists in the Occupy movement attacking the marxist baning system post bretton woods, but are vilfied by all as are UKIPtoo . one reason Labour was voted out becouse people could smell treason in the changes being made to the constitution, lets learn to be not so fatalist in making history

  • StevenDedalus

    What a silly little article. Rather pointless, really. I have not read the Spectator for years. I see now that I have not missed much.

  • gio buglio

    Behind Grillo there is something differente from what you re saying, so come in Italy and inform yourself before to write bullshits.

    • puttana71

      He is a fascist and lot’s of people think that in italy.

  • ostendali

    Dear Spectator,

    I don’t know what game you guys are playing here, because after the result of Italian election every news operators plays some games and they just demonstrates how desperate they are, how poor and sad they are, like you do now wit this article. I feel a bit sorry for this of your dislessic brain problem.

    By copying and pasting, translating information I am not sure where you’d like to arrive and how far. Wouldn’t be easy to just interview Beppe Grillo itself and get the reliable information?

    But I think I have a vague idea about why you are not doing that….

    Are you really worried for Italy or for yourself having Beppe Grillo with his movement leading Italy?

    What kind o democracy you are writing/talking about? Did you checked the real definition of the Democracy and did you compared that with the M5S?

    It is quite evident you have no much information about Beppe Grillo and his movement (M5S), so I will try to help you and give a very short summery about.

    It is the most democratic, collective, cooperative and communitarian movement of ever. I would recommend you to check the BBC and CNN archives to get detailed information about, that will help you to understand much and much better. The Five Stars Movement gives the power back to the people and not comedian like Berlusconi and Bersani, neither marionette of the private adventure capitalists like Monti. So, it is the people who really governs the government, at any time they can decide what to do with if they don’t like the way they progress for Italy. The movement say, “Come to vote and don’t ask me to do something for you, but come and do it yourself, whatever change/progress/reform you would like to apply so far. So, vote and follow your vote with your idea that you’ve voted for, do not hope that Beppe Grillo will do something for you, do it by yourself.” This is the M5S in a few words.

    I feel really sorry again and laughed a bit by readin this part of the article “Forced to perform in piazzas and theatres, he took to ridiculing and demonising politicians”, are you for real news magazine or you just tried to be sarcastic? I hope the second one….

    And this “Shortly before he founded his movement, he tried to become leader of Italy’s main left-wing party”, when happened this, I am Italian, I live in Italy and I can’t recall any moment when Grillo tried (even thought about it) to overtake PD.

    This information is really ridicolous. I can’t even read the rest of the article because it does not deserve all that attention. Just one word, you are a hopeless news editor.

    The Spectator, go to plow potatoes pls, there maybe you will have some succes…..

    Happy Hacking!

    • http://www.facebook.com/nvelope2003 Dennis Wake

      You are not going to achieve much by being abusive. The Movement seems very much like similar movements in other countries. They did not turn out to be very democratic either. You should try to put your opinions forward politely and clearly.

      • puttana71

        Right now in italy every journalist who criticise grillo is defined by grillo’s adepts as a servant of the power. No one is entitled to do that.
        I am very concern about the democratic situation in my country, now we have two poltical problems:
        – silvio berlusconi;
        – beppe grillo.

        Disclaimer: I am a liberal = a species near extinct in italy

        Never try to discuss with an adept it’s wasted time

  • Anna

    My countrymen are strange, they do not learn anything from the mistakes of the past. After being silent for 20 years, suddenly they are resurrected but in the worst way: following a madman who uses the same speeches of dictators. I hope they wake up.

    • ostendali


    • KL

      You’re so right.

      There is people awake: never lose hope, keep on up.

      And thanks ’cause it’s refreshing hearing from people like you.

  • ostendali

    removing my comment?
    thank you, that was the expected response….

  • ReverendoSticatzi

    Grillo fassista!!!1111!11

  • http://www.facebook.com/paolo.vietti.5 Paolo Vietti

    “Like fascism, Grillo’s movement is essentially left-wing “.. fascism left-wing? but who the hell wrote this article? Probably he don’t know history as much as he pretend to

    • moderate Guy

      Apparently quite a bit; enough to know fascism, like nazism were left wing movements.

  • TomClayman

    The world according to Nicholas Farrell:

    I don’t like the result of the election…hmmm….Grillo = Mussolini = Fascist. BRILLIANT!!!

    Let me look for similarities between the two men and their movements without context and write up my fantasy as fact.

    Mind of the Editor at the Spectator:

    I want a funny caricature or Grillo!!!! Don’t forget a funny hat too. DONE! Go to print.

  • Pasquale

    I wonder if you are a fascist yourself, or perhaps a right wing reactionary friend of the psycho dwarf.
    In Italy there are quite a few people that share your ideas go and write for them you might get wealthy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.franzel.3 Andrea Franzel

    Dear Nicholas. I’m an Italian sociologist living in the UK and I have to tell you that your article has been a waste of 15 minutes of my life. You have little knowledge of the Italian history and your analysis of M5S political campaign is as simple as my nephew’s one (she is 10y old). I recommend you to change topic and focus on something more intelligible to your intellect, something about Justin Bieber I suggest. Regards

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.royall Andrea Royall

      I concur with your findings and didn’t even finish the article. It seems this is an absolute smear to keep the ponzi scheme by the IMF and the Federal Reserve afloat.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      I wouldn’t call sociologist someone working for Grillo&Casaleggio’s associates. btw everybody here can see that you have no idea of social sciences, you write like a fanatic disciple of some twisted new prophet. Please, some respect for real social scientist

  • Mattia

    The journalist is an alcoholic … stop him!!!

    • puttana71

      I totally agree and i live in italy. Why don’t you say “servant of the master!”?
      I am really happy the even outside italy are worry about our situation. It means the people like me are not crazy foul as your vate is trying to say.

      Disclaimer : i am not leftwing or pro berlusconi

  • revkevblue

    What a load of malicious stupid bile.
    Shame on you.

  • http://twitter.com/fratticcioli Alessio Fratticcioli

    Dear author, Fascism was not “mostly left-wing”. This is a historical false.

    • Storris

      No need for the “mostly”. All Fascism derived from the Pragmatic Socialist parties because they weren’t revolutionary enough.

  • Storris

    I don’t see how Grillo can be more of a danger than any of his compatriots in Italian or indeed European politics, and if his actions can bring this economic farce to a conclusion sooner rather than later, then more power to him.

    [Edit] It seems he has at least some sense – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/9904270/Beppe-Grillo-says-Italy-may-soon-have-to-pull-out-of-euro.html

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      Come on, everybody understands you are italian supporting Grillo using google translator

      • Storris

        I don’t support any of them, they are all thieving, populist idiots that deserve the same fate as Mussolini.

        I see no difference between them, except for their capacity to bring the charade to an end. Grillo has at least voiced his opinion on escaping the chains of the Euro.

        If Bersani, Monti’s chief supporter, or the recently convicted Berlusconi were to voice the same opinion and take action to realise that goal, then they would also receive the same faint praise I have given to Grillo.

  • S. Strengari

    I partially agree with your claim that Mussolini was left-wing. But to play the Devil’s Advocate…..what left-wing government has their trains run on time (outside of Scandinavia for all of you idealistic left-wing freaks- they would have the trains run on time regardless of political orientation)? If Beppo and M5S does anything, hopefully it will be the dissolution of the monstrous EU.

  • http://twitter.com/stefanosaragio Stefano Tamburini
  • Chris P

    Interesting article, Grillo sounds like a dodgy character. But seriously, going to have to ‘ping pong’ fascism back to the right, I mean communism was bad enough, the left doesn’t need fascism too!

    • moderate Guy

      The left already had fascism, since it was a left wing “movement”.

  • wrapper eader

    dico solo che potreste almeno evitare di fare il solito squadrismo da tastiera anche con chiunque (tutti) all’estero non siano d’accordo col pagliaccio di genova. in italia è tollerato per l’analfabetismo digitale, all’estero sembrano solo gli sproloqui di invasati (quali siete). per carità, a me fa piacere tutti vedano che razza di buffoni siate, solo avrò una cosa in più da giustificare quando non sono in italia. ciao pagliacci, vedete di crescere. siete solo dei poveri buffoni che seguono un clown.

    • Sara

      io sono italiana ma ora mi sto vergognando davvero nel constatare che la storia non ha aperto gli occhi a nessuno! Ti prego, ricorda all’estero che qualcuno che la pensa come voi c’è, solo che non siamo capiti! se potessi, mollerei tutto e andrei via da questo paese di asini!!!

      • http://twitter.com/zabularaza zabularaza

        Io sono da 20 anni che mi vergono di essere italiano, governati da una oligarchia di politici corrotti. Speriamo che con la democrazia del movimento cambi qualcosa.
        Berluska fascista

    • http://twitter.com/my_cinquestelle my_cinquestelle

      è una goduria vedere questi pd-ellini rosicare anche sui forum esteri.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

        E’ una goduria vedere i grillini alle prese col google translator e postare commenti penosi!

        • Alfonso smerilli


          • Julia Dat

            You sure don’t understand punctuation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000546668836 Andrew Cash

      All’estero? This guy (Nicholas Farrell) writes for Libero, a Silvio Berlusconi newspaper.

    • jack spark

      Mi dispiace che esistano asini ignoranti come voi che scrivono in un post di un ignorante ( un persona assolutamente non informata) . Mi auguro la gente come voi assieme ai nostri politici corrotti, possano un giorno convivere felicemente, ma che Dio ci faccia questa grande grazia, fuori dall’Italia!!! Siete gli stessi che avete votato PD e PDL facendo divorare quel che di bello aveva questa nazione. Gli stessi che in cambio di un lavoro avete regalato il vostro voto, adesso gli stessi che criticate e offendete gli italiani che vogliono cambiare l’Italia migliorandola e riportando “democrazia” dal basso ( i cittadini votano e propongono le leggi ). Altra cosa, gentilmente evitate di postare commenti con il medesimo indirizzo IP. cambiando nome di volta in volta. Se ci sono tanti Italiani evidentemente è perchè qualche povero rosicone del PD (angry) si deve sfogare.. Posso assicurare che la violenza la trovate nelle frange estreme della sinistra e della destra.. Non esistono frange violente del M5S, sono semplici cittadini di qualunque estrazione sociale che lavorano gratuitamente per il bene del paese a differenza di Bersani e Berlusconi che occupano una poltrona per i propri interessi..

      • Julia Dat

        If you want to be the kind of rude person who comments in Italian on an English site, at least be a doll and write in proper Italian.

        • jack spark

          con il massimo rispetto. Se tu sei inglese io sono canadese.
          a chi vuoi ingannare con il tuo inglese da scuole superiori.??
          dato che sul sito inglese si scrivono “assurdità” sugli italiani io rispondo in italiano. L’autore dell’articolo se vuole traduca pure ciò che ho scritto. E gentilmente, fammi una cortesia non ti spacciare per inglese, di direttamente che voti per il PD e sei felice che il PD stia nascondendo le cause del buco di 38 miliardi di euro per il Monte Paschi di Siena, di che rinuncia a 3000 euro ma si tiene 45 milioni di euro. ma a chi volete prendere in giro?

          • Julia Dat

            I just think it’s civil to use the site’s and article’s language (and on top of that, a language that everyone understands) to reply to this piece.
            Obviously, by commenting on the bad use you make of the Italian language, I was also letting you know that I was Italian myself, but that I consider impolite and also useless to reply in a foreign language to an English article. It epitomizes the dislike your party shows towards dialogue every chance they get. That was my only comment, which I made by indirectly informing you that I was Italian. Your answer to me was something about a financial scandal. WTF?

    • http://www.facebook.com/federico.bonetti.5 Federico Bonetti

      tu invece sei un faro nella notte!

  • alabenn

    Worryingly, for Italy and also for Europe (where democracy seems incapable of solving the existential crisis),

    You seem to be under the impression that the EU is democratic, also Monti and masters in the EU appeared to overrule the democratic process in Italy.
    Let democracy have a real try and you never know it might work even if you do not like the end results, ergo ordinary people getting what they want.

  • Mattia

    The journalist is an alcoholic..stop him!!

  • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

    I’m Italian.
    Everything written is absolutely right. There’s many people here that have noticed the similarities.
    The propaganda and rhetoric is the same as in 1920.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mario-Piazza/1255485777 Mario Piazza

      Hi there, palla. FQ was too small?

      • http://muzzofotografia.hstr.me/ Satu Prinssi

        FQ is actually an house organ for Grillo, more or less. Travaglio, for example, has become his personal Emilio Fede.

        • http://twitter.com/my_cinquestelle my_cinquestelle

          Travaglio = Fede ??? Questa è bella! Vinci il premio del post più stupido dell’anno.

          • Satu Prinssi

            Just saying a bunch of true shit about Berlusconi doesn’t make you the best journalist in history.

          • puttana71

            According to pizzarotti there are similarities

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

            English please

          • Vendicatore solitario

            Parlo come me pare! God kill england!

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

            La cocaina che si piglia il tuo duce è migliore di quella che ti pigli tu. E questa non è democrazia! lol

          • http://www.facebook.com/stefanospina Stefano Choosy Spina

            this is democracy! yeah

          • ilmiocuoreasansiro

            più che travaglio = fede, direi travaglio= vespa, come si evince dalla falsa “intervista” di qualche mese, che ricordava perfettamente quelle di vespa a berlusconi

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

          That’s right, they are owned by Grillo’s Company

        • http://twitter.com/ecojaja Ilaria Elefante

          adesso detto tra me e te, io non ho votato grillo e nemmeno ci penso a votarlo perchè come dice giustamente l’articolo è un nuovo dittatore che per i modi di fare ricorda molto borghezio ai tempi migliori (non che ne abbia mai avuti comunque). però tra dire che grillo è un populista dai modi pericolosamente fascisti e che si presenta sempre con atteggiamenti dittatoriali ed inconcludenti e dire che travaglio è il suo emilio fede ce ne passa. travaglio ha comunque esplicitamente detto che ha votato ingroia alla camera e grillo al senato, e questo solo perchè votare ingroia sarebbe stato un voto sprecato. ovvio non è un elettore del PD, che poi detto tra noi di comunista o anche solo di sinistra ha ben poco, ma non per questo si può definire il primo sostenitore di grillo. Andrea Scanzi, altro giornalista del FQ ed ufficialmente elettore di grillo, ha pubblicato in piena campagna elettorale una buona critica del movimento 5 stelle (piccola parentesi, per favore smettetela di tradurlo in inglese), vattela a cercare! a mio parere come giornale è l’unico in italia che da buone analisi e per la maggior parte non di parte dei fatti di cronaca. ovvio non è perfetto ma lo ritengo uno dei più attendibili a livello italiano.

          • Satu Prinssi

            Onore a Scanzi, l’altro giorno però Travaglio se ne è uscito con un articolo spacciato per verità infarcito solo di slogan. Travaglio dovrebbe essere di destra come dice lui, poi però si perde in un bicchiere d’acqua.

          • http://twitter.com/ecojaja Ilaria Elefante

            dici questo articolo, giusto? http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2013/03/01/grillo-e-papello/517018/ beh a dirti la verità a me sembra che abbia solo detto la verità. la situazione è così. io sono di sinistra non ho votato PD perchè non è sinistra ma centro democristiano che si dichiara di sinistra, ma leggo travaglio perchè penso che sia uno dei pochi che da e continua a dare critiche imparziali. poi ognuno ovviamente la continua a pensar eun po’ come vuole.

          • Satu Prinssi

            Se quella è la verità c’è da ammazzarsi.

          • http://twitter.com/ecojaja Ilaria Elefante

            eh infatti. ecco il punto. tra quanto credi ci saranno nuove elezioni? per come siamo messi ora, tra due mesi mi sa che torniamo a votare.

          • Vendicatore solitario

            Se si torna a votare la sorpresa l’avranno il grilletto ed i suoi lacchè! Ho letto sul suo blog post di molta gente che lo invita con forza a prendere una decisione o di alcuni che hanno già dichiarato di essersi pentiti di averlo votato! Inoltre conosco persone che lo hanno votato quasi per caso: questi non ci mettono niente a porre la croce da un’altra parte!

          • http://twitter.com/ecojaja Ilaria Elefante

            beh in questo caso ti posso solo dire SPERIAMO, sperando anche però che i voti poi non li diano a berlusconi.

          • Vendicatore solitario

            Io sono un estimatore di Travaglio, però questa volta ha preso una brutta “cantonata”! Mi meraviglio di come una persona sensibile come lui non si renda conto della pericolosità di questo movimento.

          • http://twitter.com/zabularaza zabularaza

            Dopo 20 anni di oligarchia Berlusconi – PD ti spaventi di grillo che propone referendum propositivo – eliminazione dei privileggi ai politici e ai giornali.
            Stiamo fallendo grazie all’incompetenza dei nostri oligarchi

          • http://twitter.com/ecojaja Ilaria Elefante

            rileggi quello che ho scritto prima di rispondere con frasi buttate lì o-e riportate direttamente dalla bocca di grillo senza rielaborazione personale. Grillo non riceverà mai il mio voto non per affezione morbosa ai vecchi partiti (oltretutto ho 24, quindi volendo fare due più due come hai fatto tu dovrei essere berlusconiana considerando che sono cresciuta sotto il suo regime, WRONG!) o paura di affacciarmi al nuovo. semplicemente non credo che grillo sia un nuovo positivo. sono diffidente e credo che solo MOLTO difficilmente, per non dire che non ce la farà, riuscirà a mettere in pratica tutte le promesse fatte sbraitando durante lo tsunami tour o scrivendole nel suo blog, che conosco bene perchè tendenzialmente prima di prendere una posizione mi piace sempre aggiornarmi. il suo maggior risultato, ovviamente solo secondo il mio punto di vista che è quello di un signor nessuno a livello politico, sarà solo l’instabilità di governo che porterà a perpetue nuove elezioni, lasciandoci in una simpatica situazione “di merda”, peggiore, se è possibile, di come già siamo messi.
            oltretutto io stavo solo esprimendo il mio parere sull’imparzialità o meno del FQ visto che la critica a grillo l’hanno già espressa bene qui sopra.

          • Julia Dat

            All of these things, cutting privileges and earnings of MPs, eliminating press and party financing (making them, at best, utterly dependent on strong economic powers and at worst, weakening parties and papers and possibly killing them, in the moment when the are needed the most, because democracy is danger) will have little to no effect on the country’s economy, mathematically.
            Maybe we should start talking about the real stuff (the structure, not the superstructure, to be clear), namely the disastrous economical policies.

          • http://twitter.com/MichailBulgakov Michail Bulgakov

            E ora a tre mesi di distanza che ne pensi del FQ?

        • cuccia

          o my god! Travaglio now is a dangerous fascist too!! the truth is that all european countries are frightened of M5s, because it’s against the sick economical system, and other many injustice like banks politics and wastefulness of bureaucracy. everything made with no money!!!! and no personal objective!
          pleas don’t say bullshit…

          • Satu Prinssi

            Who wouldn’t be frightened of a man who speaks just like Hitler.

          • http://twitter.com/zabularaza zabularaza

            Do you speek about berlusconi?

          • Satu Prinssi


          • cuccia

            is your only argument u can say? because he is charismatic and angry he is not like hitler, he is not in favor of war and buy other useless (i hope) military armaments, also the leader of PD doesn’t say nothing about it, he is more similar to Hitler than Grillo.

          • Satu Prinssi
          • cuccia

            embeh? sta parlando di casapuond mica del movimento, che il movimento appoggia casapound è ormai smentito, da un paglio di parole che si sono dette a uno dei comizzi dello tzunami tour i giornalisti c’hanno ricamato a non finire, Grillo è stato accusato prima di essere comunista poi fascista, anarchico, populista ecc. ecc.
            quando ha sempre detto non si è ne di sinistra ne di destra che sono “schieramenti” ormai sorpassati, fatti per creare scissioni tra poveri e permettere ai soliti di accordarsi e far finta di discutere nei talkshow e lasciare il tutto com’è.
            si sceglieranno le buone idee, e riciclare questo monnezza di parlamento che ci ritroviamo.
            è questione di tempo… staremo a vedere.

          • Satu Prinssi

            Accettare che nel partito si faccia apologia di fascismo è ignoranza e delirio puro. A quando il saluto romano fra cittadini? Dopotutto mica si chiama saluto fascista.

            Grillo comunque non ha proprio niente di comunista. Comunista si definì lui ai tempi. Adesso si può dire che sia socialista, o meglio nazionalsocialista (per via di cose come le 20 ore lavorative a settimana, nazionalizzazione di banche e aziende, abolizione dei sindacati, ritorno alla lira, cancellazione del diritto di associarsi in partiti, istituzione del partito unico a 5 stelle, arresto degli oppositori politici e immagino prossimamente anche autarchia).

          • cuccia

            mi sa un po’ di delirio complottista… poi se facessero veramente quello con cui hanno fatto campagna fino ad ora ma si rende conto che potremmo arrivare addirittura ad un livello di democrazia e civiltà degli altri paesi europei? fantascienza!… o no?

          • Satu Prinssi

            Non farmi ridere guarda, prima di arrivare al livello degli altri paesi bisognerebbe passare 20 anni a riformare la scuola pubblica e aspettare 50 anni perché muoiano tutti quelli che hanno visto questa generazione. Sono gli italiani bacati nel cervello.

            Per ogni cosa che ti ho detto, ci sono delle fonti.

            Ridurre a 20 ore la settimana:

            Nazionalizzare banche:

          • Satu Prinssi

            Complottismo un paio di cazzi.

          • cuccia

            bravo! questo si chiama essere curiosi e apertura mentale

          • Satu Prinssi

            Non so perché disqus mi censura i commenti. Prima ho scritto:

            Abolire stipendi e pensioni pubbliche:

            Nazionalizzare le banche:

            Venti ore lavorative a settimana:

            Abolizione dei sindacati:

            Abolizione dei partiti e partito unico:

            Ricordiamoci inoltre la recente apologia di fascismo interna al partito:

          • Satu Prinssi

            Disqus continua a censurarmi i commenti. Si vede che metto troppi link.

            Qua trovi i link in formato solo testo, vediamo se mi cancella di nuovo quello che ho scritto.


          • Satu Prinssi

            Disqus continua a censurarmi il commento coi link. Vediamo se riesco a metterli come testo e non link:

            http : / / d . pr / f / y7zT

          • Satu Prinssi

            Mi censurano il commento coi link.

          • cuccia

            ?!?! no comment…

          • Satu Prinssi

            Trovi tutto su Google. Il post dove parla di abolire stipendi e pensioni si chiama “Gli italiani non votano mai a caso”, la questione delle 20 ore l’ha detta in pubblico (c’è su YouTube), nazionalizzare le banche è in post chiamato “Nazionalizziamo le banche” (peraltro uno dei provvedimenti fascisti), l’abolizione dei sindacati si è detta in televisione e su YouTube trovi le dichiarazioni, il ritorno alla lira è uno dei temi ricorrenti sul blog insieme al default, e l’abolizione dei partiti è chiara quando dicono “fuori i partiti”. Sul fatto del partito unico Grillo e Casaleggio hanno già detto che vogliono il 100% (trovi tutto su YouTube).

          • http://www.facebook.com/luisa.canton1 Luisa Canton

            This is real nonsense!

          • Julia Dat

            but his goal, not presumed, but declared goal is to eliminate all other parties. That’s history, my friend, with regards to this matter, it is that simple.

        • jack spark

          sembra che il sito sia un fake del PD..mi viene da ridere.. FQ è il giornale di Grillo? ma siete dei ridicoli.. Ma non è meglio , e più dignitoso , dire la verità : you’re a PD’s angry grudging elector, Il M5S sta facendo quello che voi avete sempre promesso. tanto che Bersani ha preso 8 punti in comune al M5S.. o è fascista anche Bersani?

    • http://twitter.com/my_cinquestelle my_cinquestelle

      certo, sono quelli che hai votato tu e che hanno perso. Tutti quelli che non sono d’accordo con voi o sono comunisti o sono fascisti.

      • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

        I think you’re referring to me as I voted Berlusconi.
        You’re wrong.

        • jack spark

          Ma perchè non parli in Italiano invece di nasconderti dietro all’inglese.. vieni a buttare fango sul Movimento 5 Stelle..vedi un po. GLi esponenti del PD hanno distrutto una delle più antiche banche italiane Il Monte Paschi di Siena.. Ha 20 000 000 000 di euro di buco in bilancio. E Bersani sa tutto. Il PD ha fatto passare lo scudo fiscale per sanare i conti all’estero e si è “ripulito” i soldi rubati agli italiani.. Vogliamo una politica senza ladri!!
          Pallacorda sei un falso!! Vai in un sito inglese a diffamare gli italiani onesti e le famiglie che stanno entrando in politica per vigilare questi ladri..Siamo fascisti??? A me fa schifo il fascismo e fa schifo la gente come te che si vende al primo blog straniero.. Sai quanta gente è tornata in Italia? un ricercatore del MIT, un ricercatore della Nasa, uno che insegna in Francia , ragazzi laureati mica attrici hard e gente dello spettacolo..e sono ragazzi che vogliono cambiarlo il paese mica gente come te!!

          • http://twitter.com/murpy atomik

            “a diffamare i suoi connazionali sul primo blog straniero”
            ciao, hai presente internet? non mi sembra…

          • Sergio

            Qual è l’ultimo libro che hai letto? Sono curioso, da uno che vota certi fessi. Meglio al limite dei disonesti che deglo svantaggiati che si fanno plagiare da Casaleggio. Sei un poveretto. http://rassegna.camera.it/chiosco_new/pagweb/getPDFarticolo.asp?currentArticle=1QSF0S

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francesco-Ambrosio/734613413 Francesco Ambrosio

            We speak English to respect the english visitors of this english web site.

          • clint

            Chapeau! ….oopps, this is French, I’m so sorry

          • Julia Dat

            Forse perchè questo è un sito inglese, che rende l’inglese la lingua franca per la discussione?

            For those who can read it, this is a typical example of the very strong (and scary) nationalist component in this party/movement.

          • alicesacco

            Il sito è in inglese e la discussione non è riuservata solo agli italiani!

      • Vendicatore solitario

        Ma falla finita de dì’ STRONZATE! La baracca sta già cedendo! Siete peggio dei cessi di politici che votate!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000546668836 Andrew Cash

          AH vendicatò! e datte na calmata. You look like the average angry PD elector.

        • http://www.facebook.com/stefanospina Stefano Choosy Spina

          please, try to write in english, as other people can understand how violent and fascist is the M5S rethoric.

          • jack spark

            Caro Stefano, il movimento 5 stelle non è fascista ma il PD è giunto a patti con Berlusconi per lo scudo fiscale per ripulire i soldi rubati agli Italiani dal Monte Paschi di Siena. Come lo definiresti?? Il PD e molti dei suoi esponenti hanno fatto fallire la più antica banca Italiana buttando fuori 4000 famiglie che avevano investito il loro Trattamento di fine rapporto nelle azioni. TFR.
            Hanno acquistato la banca Antonveneta quotata 3 000 000 di euro per un valore di 10 000 000 di euro (7 000 000 di euro in più che indovinate chi li ha intascati ).

            Stefano is an angry PD elector..poor Stefano..

          • http://culturaliberta.wordpress.com/ Monsieur en rouge

            Of course if one does not vote M5S he surely votes for PD. Perfect reasoning, really. This denotes a great depth of political analysis.

          • jack spark

            please, try to write in english, as other people can understand how violent and fascist is the PD or PDL rethoric.

          • clint

            No drag and drop permitted

        • http://twitter.com/my_cinquestelle my_cinquestelle

          se ti sciacqui la bocca prima di parlare poi forse gli inglesi riescono a tradurti con più facilità con google translator

    • puttana71

      Nice to see you here my friend

    • gabriella

      bullshit!!! I AM ITALIAN TOO!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/serjet52 Sergio Farina

        Sorry Mr Nicholas Ferrell, yours (your article) is doughtless a provocation and, you ‘re probably spitting your side with laughter at the comments following your article. My apology Mrs Gabriella if i post my comment replying to yours but, i really also think you’re ablosutely right!!! Gosh! It is very embarrassing to read so much bull s… all in so very little time. Respectfully…!

    • http://www.facebook.com/eltosat Elena Tosato

      I agree with Pallacorda. Many supporters of Mr. Grillo simply don’t know the guidelines of fascism and they can’t recognize the same nature of fascism disguised in a slightly different form. Of course this renewed fascism doesn’t wear black shirts nor it claims a new empire in Africa, but we can still call it fascism because it fits in a lot of peculiarities of the old one: contempt for all the parties, anger towards Europe and its politics, a dramatic bent to see foreign conspiracies, oversimplified propaganda, violence against the former supporters who dared to criticize their Guru and so on.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1526612223 Luca Tiengo

        Violence? You mean somebody got beaten or killed? I guess sometime we simply call “violence” the “strenght”. Well, it’s not the same. Peace to you.

        • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

          “There’s no power without strength” A. Hitler.

          • http://www.facebook.com/gioele.moretti.98 Gioele Moretti

            And this will demonstrate incontrovertibly what exactly?

          • Michel J. Clark

            Well, this quote by HItler is true. Can’t hold you breath, and condemn this movement as being Hitler-like. The ugly performance of governments all across the northern hemisphere over the last 12 years has been a grotesque theft of public funds for the banks and the corpoate rulers of the world. More of the same? Our democracies don’t see a way out, because the rulers of our democracies stand to lose if the ponzi scheme they’ve created is forced to end. No pity for the thieves and liars who are running the current governments in nearly all of the northern hemisphere.

            The rise of fascism is God’s wrath on a corrupt people and a corrupt system of government. Greed has been our God. Now we have to pay for our greed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566427584 Luther Blissett

        Not exactly, read what Roberta Lombardi the new head of the parliamentary group, wrote on her blog about fascism and in defense of fascism: http://www.internazionale.it/news/italia/2013/03/04/chi-sono-i-capigruppo-del-movimento-5-stelle/

        But, to compare them to fascism, means we just did a confirmation of the Godwin law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”

      • http://www.facebook.com/alessandro.pieroni.31 Alessandro Pieroni

        Bravi Elena e Pallacorda ,continuate a parlare e a lagnarvi che qualcuno nel frattempo proverà a fare qualcosa , la similitudine con il fascismo non la vedete con l’Italia succube della Germania ? La similitudine con il comunismo vedendo la propaganda socialdemocratica incrociata Roma-Berlino non la vedete simile alle linee guida di “Madre Russia” dettate a Belgrado ?

        Sembra poi che Grillo sia contrario alla risoluzione dei conflitti con le armi, più o meno come Mussolini che è andato a sfracellarsi per mostrare il potere imperialista dell’Italia.

        Se poi la reazione esasperata della folla mostra delle persone esasperate da 25 anni di schifezze e intrallazzi offendendo la sensibilità vostra e del futuro Nobel per la letteratura autore di questo articolo brillante, andate a vivere in Cina, dove facebook è vietato e cazzate come queste non avrei potuto leggerle ! Noi qui abbiamo una speranza….e non c’è niente di meglio che vedere 8 milioni di persone attivamente interessate ad una serie di idee(non ideologie), progetti(non astrusi disegni di legge) e fatti(non retorica), ma chi cavolo credete di essere ?

        • alicesacco

          Uno che ha bisogno di dar nomignoli infantili ai politici è chiaramente una persona che ha bisogno di trucchetti per attirare l’attenzione. All’estero ci sono alcuni politici che hanno delle belle idee (averli in italia) e che non hanno bisogno di insultare nessuno per farsi amare dal pubblico!

      • http://www.facebook.com/gioele.moretti.98 Gioele Moretti

        A lot of violence isn’t it? Kills, murders, blood in the streets? It’s funny, because these are the same scenes that sadly I’ve seen in Greece after austerity imposed by europe… But Im sure that same are happening right now even in my country (Italy) and I’m almost sure that is all guilt of that mad of Beppe Grillo…

        • Julia Dat

          just give it some time.
          let’s hope when can manage to do something before it becomes not only scary, but mortal

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francesco-DArcangeli/1019021933 Francesco D’Arcangeli

      I am Italian too and I have a lot of doubts on Grillo and Casaleggio.
      I’d go as far as saying that the reason I didn’t vote for M5S were those two people. I don’t like crowd-enchanters and populists, but what I don’t like more are some part of the Movimento’s programme.
      But Fascist? No, sincerely, that is a long shot and is disrespectful of the Movimento.

      • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

        Try to separate the “Movimento” from its leader.
        Another question: if Grillo is not the leader and the Movimento is independent, why is Grillo still commanding and deciding everything even after the elections?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644909224 Mario Mannaro

          Maybe because the people elected need their time to get together and define a proper plan and internal “leader”? What are you expecting 10 days after the election? A solution for everything? Give them their time , which means probably 2-3 months and then you may start judging what they have done. Now every talk is meaningless…

        • jack spark

          Grillo non decide niente. Siamo noi cittadini che decidiamo. Abbiamo fatto le nostre proposte e Grillo le ha raccolte. Perchè non vi informate? Perchè sparate a zero senza leggere? non avete curiosità?

          Who is Stiglitz? A fascist? Who is Lester Brown? fascist too? Who is Amory Lovins? Mussolini?? But you are really mad?? We are against fascism!! Against sentenced politicians? Are we fascist?? Really you are so stupid!!!???

          We are citizens and this is a leaderless movement. Grillo is not candidate in parliament. Grillo is the founder and call by the citizens. Read please in http://www.beppegrillo.it/movimento/

          read read read read..think and than write or speak..only then!!! but first read!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/etienne.jeroix Etienne Jeroix

            I read. All. Now EXPLAIN to us why he is the “founder” but he said “i want to speak with Napolitano”…. who is he? I mean… if he won’t seat in the parliament? Why there isn’t some of the young men or women of the “movimento” that could speak with Napolitano?

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566427584 Luther Blissett

            If you’re against fascism – why Grillo declared to the head of CasaPound, a nazifascist movement, that he is not an anti-fascist? and if are the people to decide, why if someone try to say something different from hem would be banned from his movement?

          • jack spark

            Because are more than fascism and communism. Is like speaking about yanke in Usa? you are fascist or communist in UK( if you’re) ? Please, dear Luther Blisset. Do you read papers? You know that Mr Matteo Renzi ( PD) and Berlusconi are allies???I’ts incredible…
            Berlusconi is communist?Ha ha ha ha ha.. Berlusconi is anti-fascist?? why Renzi is allied with him?
            After 2 years, who is a fascist??
            Do you know “youtube” ? please dear Luther use “search” function and look what have done PD in these two years ( nothing as you can see)
            M5S is “de facto” the only credible alternative..
            Financial times:
            Beppe Grillo, the leader of the Five Star Movement in Italy, is the only credible alternative to Matteo Renzi, the incumbent prime minister..

            Luther, go to study..

            bye bye

          • JJ

            Maybe saying stupid so easily, to anybody that thinks differently… is fascist.
            Best, Italy.

          • Julia Dat

            It’s not about thinking differently, it’s about the structural similarities in history.

          • Valerio Fabi

            there is NO similarities! No violence, no militia, no use of media, no support of the middle class…

          • http://antonio.sg/ Antonio Dell’Elce

            @jack spark, everyone who does not approve of your movement is stupid… that is so fan-scist to me….avrei tanto voglia di usare le vostre cordiali parole e mandarti a quel paese….

          • jack spark

            Caro antonio dell’elce, parla pure in italiano in questo finto giornale inglese di proprietà di De Benedetti dove scrivono finti inglesi (che poi vedi a te quanto gliene frega a loro della situazione italiana)
            “Di fatto” se hai portato avanti la causa del PD sei, purtroppo mi duole dirlo, alleato con dei fascisti, e noi, mi duole dirlo, siamo contro voi che siete alleati “de facto” con fascisti.
            Mi dispiace. ve lo abbiamo detto in ogni modo. I veri partigiani si rivoltano nella tomba. E voi cantate “bella ciao” ammazzando di tasse i lavoratori e regalando miliardi alle banche applicando la ghigliottina (illegale) contro l’ostruzionismo ( legalissimo )… quanto di più fascista si possa fare.. quale gesto più vergognoso.
            Togli la bandiera rossa del comunista.. Chi è alleato con Forza Italia non può dire di essere anti-fascista..
            E con tutto il cuore, mando un fascista come te a quel paese perchè sei uno di quelli più miserabili. Abbi almeno il coraggio di dichiararti fascista invece di portare avanti il PD che fa finta di essere di sinistra.

          • darkamex

            Beppe Grillo is a lier about Stiglitz


            You are a stupid or false Grillo’s people…

          • jack spark

            you are a stupid or false Berlusconi/Renzi people…
            and you are “italian”..

          • darkamex

            whoa, after 1 years a stupid reply from an Italian fake profile. Do you need a psychologist?

          • jack spark

            I’m not english..italian fake profile? You’re italian. you are a fake profile.. you write lies and nonsense in your favor.
            the truth is hard to swallow. Renzi PD is allied with Berlusconi ( Putin’s friend) ..
            Say again “Grillo is Mussolini.”. ha ha ha ha

            Renz/usconi people.. all equal..

            PS: i’have read now your comment.. e smettila di scrivere in inglese., abbi il coraggio di dire che sei italiano

          • Tobia Tesan

            Dude, your punctuation misuse kinda speaks for itself.

          • jack spark

            yeah.. my punctuation misuse kind speaks for itself..
            but i’m italian.. i don’t speak english.. i hate english.. what do you know about italian tongue? you’re ignorant about ?

        • http://www.facebook.com/maurobruno.it Mauro Bruno

          If Massimo D’Alema is not the leader and the Partito Democratico is independent why is D’Alema still commanding and deciding everything even after the elctions?

      • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon
        • jack spark

          siete pazzi davvero.. Grillo è fascista?? Allora se credete a questo la regina elisabetta è nazista.

          • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

            My wife who is half Italian speaks no Italian. I speak even less. But I gather you question whether he is more like Mussolini or more like Hitler. Well he wants to “process Jews” from what I gather. I take it that is a new kind of lunch meat he will be offering at very low prices. The old hatreds never really die do they?

          • http://twitter.com/murpy atomik

            As a matter of fact the day after elections on M5S website’ frontpage there’s been published an interview with Massimo Fini, commenting on results. He’s probably the ideology master beneath Grillo, he’s founded his own movement called Movimento Zero http://www.movimentozero.org whos manifesto is just a more extreme version of M5S program.

          • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

            Thanks for that.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566427584 Luther Blissett

            Grillo’s wife is Iranian, so he is against the foreign policy of Israel, so all Zionist are against him, but being against the Israel military aggressiveness doesn’t make you against all Jews. Regarding this article, this is the Italian version of godwin law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1” – obviously for Italians that would be Mussolini and the Fascism. But – Grillo did not stand against Fascism himself, his own fault to declare he is not anti-fascist. If you want to understand this new movement, well read the only true analysis available, from Wu Ming:



          • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

            I like Zionist Law better. Don’t F*** with the Jews these days. You will regret it. In ’48 the Arabs could have had every thing they are begging for now in exchange for peace. They decided to see if they could get a better offer. – “Jews into the sea”. Sadly for the Euros who supported the Arabs, their desire was not granted. Every day longer that the Jews cause the Euros and Hitler’s allies, the Muslim Brotherhood, more pain is a joy to me, What? You aren’t enjoying it? Most unfortunate.

            The Jews have turned Greek these days. Molon Labe.

          • Morellis

            Your gone in the head !

          • clint


        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566427584 Luther Blissett

          Ridiculous article, and – if you are against the state of Israel, that IS a fascist state, doesn’t mean you’re against the Jews, otherwise what you would think about Jews against Zionism?

          • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

            Given what is happening in Europe it looks like Israel is gong to need room for more Jews. Too bad for Hitler’s allies the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jews are better prepared this time.

            The Europeans and Arabs created Zionism. I don’t understand why they don’t like it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566427584 Luther Blissett

            The Arabs don’t have anything to do with Zionism, and being European doesn’t make as guilty of the ethnic cleanup of the palestinians, the US are guilty of it, look at the history of UN resolutions against Israel vetoed from the US: http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/4237/us-on-un-veto_disgusting-shameful-deplorable-a-tra

          • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

            The Europeans and Arabs created the Zionists. And now they bitch about their creation. Amusing.

      • Michel J. Clark

        Do you like the liars who have been stealing from the people for years in the name of democratic rationalism and capitalism? Change is dificult.

      • Hammerstrike

        “Fascist” simply is the insult and smear of the simpletons who cannot be bothered with things like research and critical thinking, what could be more demagogic and cheap than that?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000901633755 Luisa Vegman

      but the fact s ARE and will be others . STay tuned… 😉

    • Grendelica

      This does not show any evidence of fascism, just that the historical moment is somewhat similar. My grandmother died of lungs cancer a year ago, and it started with a pain in the upper back. Now I have the same kind of pain. If my doctor applied to medicine the same kind of stupidity this man uses in journalism, he would tell me I’ll be dead in two months without doing any test just because IT HAPPENED BEFORE. I cannot understand why are you taking this article seriously.

      • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

        Because also Mussolini used the same political form and program.
        He used a Movement instead of a party and criticised the parties, saying that they were old and dead, while his movement was young and modern. They both stressed that their members were inexperienced and therefore not corrupted.
        He said, like Grillo, that his movement had no structure and no bosses or owners, while he, like Grillo, was the absolute leader.
        He said, like Grillo, that his movement wasn’t neither in the left-wing or right wing and had no ideologies, which belonged to the past.
        He said, like Grillo, that they had a program which was made by the people, that was a work in progress, while it was false: the program in both cases was written by the leaders of the party, was unrealistic and never really followed.
        He said, like Grillo, that they were the direct expression of the people, and that they were the only thing preventing them from becoming violent. They proposed themselves as pacifiers and revolutionaries at the same time.
        They were both mildly nationalistic and intolerant towards foreigners (e.g. participation in Grillo’s movement is closed to immigrants).

        Of course Grillo is not Mussolini, so if you’re looking for Grillo saying “I want the Empire” you’re not going to get it.
        But it’s the same thing. New in form, but always the same stuff.

        Oh, forgot to say, you can make the same comparison with Hitler’s movement. Not party, because they wanted to “wipe them all off”, like Grillo says 🙂

        • Grendelica

          This answer does not prove anything. You are repeating the same thesis of the author, which is: since there are similarities in the evolution of a popular movement of “leftist” origin (Ha! Really? Who would have thought), it must end in the same way. There is no evidence of such an assumption. There is no evidence of violence, or coercion, or abuse, or of manipulation of information – radio, tv, newspapers – there hasn’t been a violent act whatsoever, nor homicides, fascist squadrons, the parliament has not been overthrown, there was no Marcia su Roma, nothing has happened that can prove what this article is, which is a possibility. All this guy say could happen? Maybe. But then again, I could probably have lung cancer.

          • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

            No manipolation of information? And what do you call Bepp’s blog and web-TV, or Messora/Byoblu’s blog?
            No fascist squadrons? And why are all italians here on a newspaper nobody knew about, just to insult the author?
            The parliament hasn’t been overthrown…. YET, because Grillo has been shouting for a week now that everybody “has to go home”, because he’ll “wipe all parties off”.
            There hasn’t been a “Marcia su Roma”…YET, because Grillo repeats that he’s the last chance for democracy, and after him there’ll be violence: he repeated many times “don’t say I didn’t warn you…elect me or else”.

            You are voluntarily ignoring facts and information just to support your beliefs.

          • Grendelica

            Do you even know what manipulation of information means? It means someone actually controls public information – I specifically talked about press and TV because THIS already happened in Italy. We had a facist Presidente del Consiglio who actually manipulated information, he owned newspapers, had 3 of his own TV channels and as PdC he controlled 3 more. Beppe Grillo is an idiot with a lousy blog – he doesn’t even have a TV channel or a newspaper, if you wanted to ignore him and his bullshit (this was before repubblica.it made him the success he is) you just don’t visit his site.

            This article is terroristic and manipulative exactly like any other Beppe Grillo’s posts on his blog. There is no difference at all, you just chose a different side and are playing the holier-than-thou game exactly like any M5S supporter.

            also “YET” is STILL not a valid argument. I asked for evidence and you didn’t give me any. You are just repeating the same thing as a broken record, that something is bound to happen and if I ask you why you answer just “because”.

          • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

            The problem is: I don’t visit the site, but how many get informed only through his blog?
            Manipulation of reality is an objective fact but saturation of manipulated information is relative to the culture of who gets informed. And if you inform yourself only through his blog, because “all journalists are part of the regime”…
            This is actually what happens and that’s where the manipulation takes place 🙂

            And so Grillo’s threats are not a valid argument. So if I threaten you, you can’t blame me of anything, because I didn’t actually do anything, I just threatened 🙂

          • Grendelica

            Yes, and that’s how the law works in our country and many others, it’s a principle of democracy (I thought you liked democracy). Also, I think it’s quite fair. You cannot condemn anyone based on pure speculation, without evidence or facts.

        • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

          And Hitler was a socialist. And Mussolini was a socialist. People like to forget that. They preferred State control to State ownership. That is it.


      • Julia Dat

        Because if your doctor would have just assumed you didn’t have cancer without even thinking about it and doing any tests for the worst possible scenario, even though the symptoms were similars, he would have been a very bad doctor.

    • http://www.facebook.com/emiliano.dalessandri Emiliano D’Alessandri

      Absolutely Right. I’m Italian too, and never as before I fear for our future.

      • Michel J. Clark

        The elitist thieves in all northern democracies have turned our countries into their capitalist havens for legal theft through government/corporate graft. We all must fear for the survival of our countries, because the devils are in control of our countries. We worshipped, through them, the God of Wealth. And now we realize that the God of Wealth is the Devil. Hard times are coming because of our (what the Old Testament calls) ‘paganism’…

    • genial

      You are an angry PD elector, not Italian

      • Julia Dat

        How one can be a PD elector without being Italian sort of escapes me.
        Did we turn into a civil country and afford political rights to resident migrants without me noticing?

    • justcomdot

      Another angry PD fan

    • http://www.facebook.com/gioele.moretti.98 Gioele Moretti

      You have forget that Grillo blows out fire from it’s mouth, lightning from his eyes and he starts every day with a breakfast of murdered children… Soon it will be said that the cause of the current state of Italy is Beppe Grillo and his movement… When I see this considerations, I console myself thinking about the beautyful ruling class we had till now… One more thing… I’m italian too 😉

    • Morellis

      your italian…probably… but most likely one of the many ignorant one’s. Just for the fact you are italian does not mean you speak in their name !!. I see an awful lot of rhetoric in traditional Parties… They speak of finding solutions, to problems they are responsible in the first place…

      You really have no idea of what Grillo and his Movement is all about ! you speak about rhetoric, propaganda?… Mamma mia

    • Andreas Colombo

      Pallacorda… you are an idiot that don’t know the history !!!!

  • Mattia

    Nicholas Farrell is an alcoholic..stop him!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregory.dowling.7 Gregory Dowling

    This article shows more bile than perception. The description of Bersani as “monumentally smug and tedious” is the fruit of nothing but blind prejudice and malice. Bersani is certainly not a charismatic figure but he is the last person anyone would describe as “smug” – and he has a pretty good sense of humour as well (which he clearly needs right now). It is the kind of description that one might expect from a Berlusconi supporter.

    • KL

      Take a look at left-wing politicians from US, for example.
      Obama is even kinda cool. The vice-president Biden, older than Bersani, is vibrant and passionate, but still calm and reasonable.
      One can not agree with them, but certainly he is moved by them.

      Bersani IS monumentally smug and tedious: he’s been un-capable of leading his party to a sure win, by moving hearts and people, and actually provide a real program of reforms that our country desperately needs.

      If you think clearly, you could see that this could be more of a critic from a left-winger democrat to its party, by looking at the big picture.

      Trust me, this article does not come from a Berlusconi supporter: it really does not sound like that.

  • http://twitter.com/TheAgedP The Aged P

    Actually Farrell has written the best biography of Mussolini by far – well balanced and very fair. He steers away from the “monster”/”clown” stereotyping which clouds so much discussion of Mussolini and the Fascist regime. However, as a student of history I have always shied away from the “history repeats itself” school of thought – the circumstances are always different despite the apparent similarities

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mario-Piazza/1255485777 Mario Piazza

    “They chant….” they who? Three out of ten and not all of them stand in the crowd. From page 1 of “journalism for dummies”: Every time you generalize you are about to say something idiotic !

  • http://www.facebook.com/cristiano.terreni Cristiano Terreni

    the man speaking is one of the most famous journalist in italy Marco Travaglio….just in case you want to understand a bit more than this article…………………..


  • madnessofjack

    This is a completely idiotic article.
    The EU and to a large degree the US are already “fascist”………its called State-Corporatism…..and it resembles the same structure described by Benito Mussolini in his book “The doctrine of Fascism”.
    Our mass media in the US has endorsed this new “progressivism” and has actively engaged in demonization campaigns to suppress dissenting views OR is promoting the socialization priorities of the “progressive” agenda.The EU “media counsels” is developing “official” means to ensure the news is controlled or spun to the views Brussels wishes to espouse……..Can you say Pravda, boy and girls?
    For the author to take exception to one form of fascism while completely living in denial of the blatant fascism all around his daily existence is just simply ASTOUNDING.

  • woodnfish

    Yeah, sure Farrell. Have you looked at the US government recently? The US is as fascist as you can get. We are a goose step away from the jack booted government thugs taking away what little freedom we have left..

  • http://muzzofotografia.hstr.me/ Satu Prinssi

    You know why Beppe Grillo is a fascist?

    When they say “take the parties out of the parliament”, they also mean “you can only vote for us”. It seems like Movimento 5 Stelle wants to be the only party in town. And as the “movement” decide for the MPs (they are puppets), they are bringing also the legislative power out of the parliament, right into the the hands of Grillo who leds the movement. You cannot deny it as Grillo owns the logo, slogans, takes most of decisions (and expels people).

    If Movimento 5 Stelle gets a majority in the Parliament, italian democracy will be definitely killed. They will abolish parties. They will own the platforms on which a fake direct democracy will be created.

    This is the most appalling way to end a democracy in the entire history of humanity. A perfect Orwellian coup d’état.

    • KL

      You’re so right.

      They don’t even consider other parties, not even institutions. They just think they could do as they please.
      Mussolini once said, in the parliament “Avrei potuto tramutare quest’aula in un manipolo di soldati”: with that he de facto started the dictatorship.

      That’s the same with M5S.

      Bersani is too shallow as a leader to get on up with a great bi-partisan government to stretch Grillo’s strength.

      He proves he didn’t learn anything from the Resistance.

      • Satu Prinssi

        But Grillo would use the grosse koalition against Bersani. The right choice now is to tell people how him and the MPs of the Movimento can do a lot for the country, without Grillo. Plenty of people already doubt Grillo’s words, now Bersani must show the facts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1420660731 Sciltian Gastaldi

    Well, well. I am a voter of the Democratic Party and a professor of Italian Culture at the University of Ottawa, in Canada. Rarely have I seen so many inaccuracies and simplistic analysis in an article about Italian elections. The comparison between M and Grillo is both too easy and too ridicule: it simply means that one needs to know nothing about what Fascism was, who Mussolini was, who Grillo is. The M5S has, quite on the contrary, funneled the protest vote that, otherwise, would have hit the far right and the far left. Grillo’s party lacks of internal democracy, but advocates the virtual assembly democracy of ancient Greece. It is probably a useless utopia, but it’s so far away from what Mussolini had in mind.

    • puttana71

      Dear professor,
      You should watch zombies movie this is the cultural background of grillo.
      The zombies dies with the bullet in the brain and it’s the only solution for a zombieland.
      According to grillo italy is full of zombies.
      What wil be the solution? I think a bullet in the brain of each zombie.

      Thank you for attention professor.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      Dear Professor, look at the communication pattern and you will understand the similiarities

  • Italian guest

    I agree with the article. Grillo’s voters and supporters are so mesmersed that they don’t even realize they are carried on by an irrationality which is scary.
    If you’d read the electoral speech given by Hitler on the occasion of the German election in 1932 you’d be struck by the sinister similarities.
    Grillo’s speech seems the photocopy of Hitler’s speech.

  • http://www.facebook.com/demisbeast Demis Lacu

    L’articolo non regge…….come sempre, mezze verita’.
    Ma c’e’ la mano di minzolini?

  • Massimo di Vita

    my grandmother was antifascist from 1922, my grandmother now vote for beppe grillo, this article it’s so stupid

    • puttana71

      Probably beacause she is an old women and misjudge the situation

      • Grendelica

        WTF, look at your username, how do you wish to be taken seriously

        • puttana71

          Why? My profession is not forbidden by the law and I pay taxes like others professionals.
          Are you a bigot? Are you not selling your time for a job? Darling amore it’s the same for me

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      People grow old, sad but true

      • Massimo di Vita

        Mia nonna è una lucidissima 98 enne (alla Montalcini per intenderci). da bambina ha dovuto seguire il mio bisnonno e fuggire da Roma dove sarebbe tornata un ventennio più tardi. Il mio bisnonno fuggì perché i fascisti gli spezzarono entrambe le gambe e le braccia. Mia nonna fù partigiana ed ha sempre tenuto alto il suo antifascismo piuttosto radicale.

        Trovo triste che a persone che hanno conosciuto e subito i fascisti dal vero ora gli si dia dei rincoglioniti, voi invece avete capito tutto.
        E comunque io non ho votato 5 stelle ma dargli dei fascisti è una cazzata, punto.

  • drLove

    Berlusconi is the really cancer of the italy, and moooooore donk people vote again! m5s try a new story. Mussolini and current politics it old…….very old!

    • ilmiocuoreasansiro

      it seems that he cames back again

  • Enrico Ravenna

    yes he is fascist thats why the communists(Mr Nichi Vendola) are trying to ally with him….what a dumb theory

  • http://twitter.com/ema_79 Emanuele Ceresoni

    prima il pericolo fascista era Berlusconi….ora é Grillo…ma per favore vi prego!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      Keep calm e studia un po’ d’ingelse

    • KL

      Berlusconi was for the most part a great marketer. He tried to transform politics using the media: a new system that could have worked. I’m saying “could”, not that I’m supporting it, but it’s just a matter of fact, it was a viable system.
      That said, that proved failed and led to a loss of equilibrium.
      The problem is that, instead of reacting with reason, the Italian people reacted with anger.


  • Fergus Pickering

    We ought to know that this chap is a big Berlusconi fan and has written an admiring biography of Mussolini. Or so another chp told me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rosario.morabito.71 Rosario Morabito

    This article is so much full of false information and author’s own personal opinions – sold as historical evidences – that to comment, to rectify, would only be a waste of time (and a small treat fort the author’s ego). To call the fascists “left wing”, to establish similarities quoting only their most innocent aspects (leaving out, for instance, the batterer-fascists who forcedly conquered their consensus by terrifying local communities…not to mention the political homicides) is not journalism. This could have been a brilliant post on Farell’s own blog. But an article? That’s something else…

    • http://mrfrostblog.wordpress.com/ Mr Frost

      *Sigh* Rosario. Farrell is factually correct that Fascism is a for of socialism, just as communism is.

      [cue The People’s Front of Judea telling me that they are not the same as the Judean People’s Front]

  • Alex

    LOL. It is a long article which fails to mention that the M5S has been founded by both Gianroberto Casaleggio and Beppe Grillo (how does the saying goes? Don’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story) ….., how convenient. We will now have some hope to cut the numer of members of parliament and their humangous wages and red tape so as to save some money,.. there are proposals from M5S (not difficult to find out which ones on the web, is it?) to operate with new rules within democracy not as a one party country. I see that for some the above is probably of no use and dangerous, conversely it would be much better to go on with the same rules, having politicians who keep their seets for life, earn on average more than Barack Obama, have some three times as many members of parlament as those of the US (which has a population 6 times as big) and I could go on and on. Shame then that the PD or PDL did not win, they could have go on stealing at Italians’ (and Anna here) expense.

  • http://twitter.com/ZioVic Zio Vic

    First you brits complain because Italy doesn’t have a democratically elected government, and you rant about Monti not being chosen by the people.

    Then, when we actually get to choose someone (many ones, as a matter of fact), you complain that one of those is a proto-fascist buffoon witha potty mouth, no experience and a dangerous affinity with the Duce (I’m paraphrasing here).

    Make up your mind already :-D!

    • http://mrfrostblog.wordpress.com/ Mr Frost

      Ha ha! We complained (rightly) about the EU placeman Monti.

      Personally, whilst I shall refrain from commenting about Grillo per se, whether he is an idiot, a danger, a saviour or a revolutionary. It matters not. He was chosen by the will of the Italians.
      So we were scared and complained about Monti, but now are at worst upset that you supported Grillo so well. The former is serious, the latter is an issue for Italians only. (But we don’t have to like it)

    • Satu Prinssi

      Grillo commands without being elected.

  • Stefano s

    Grillo has also Meetups as sort of organization (like the Gioventù Italiana del Littorio), and their members are called Grillini, see examples in the comments down there.

  • http://twitter.com/sibilla75 Simona Urso

    This is an ignorant article.Grillo, a former communist, was banned from national television in the late 1980s as a result of his defamatory performances.It’s false! HE WAS BANNED BECAUSE HE SAID THE TRUTH! That socialists were robbers and one year later we had Mani Pulite. The actual political italian system is entirely corrupted.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656242388 Barbara Gv Lattanzi

      Simple minds can only express simple conceptions

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francesco-Ambrosio/734613413 Francesco Ambrosio

    To all the the fanatics of Guru Grillo-sama that are doing what they usually do on the italian communities and forums (spamming their propaganda), I just say one thing: you are on English web-site, please at least do it in English or your boss has still to provide the translations of your slogan?

    • ilmiocuoreasansiro


  • http://www.facebook.com/Giampaolo.Sponga Giamps Poi

    Abbiamo una nazione economicamente
    distrutta, gli agricoltori rovinati, la classe media in ginocchio, le
    finanze agli sgoccioli, milioni di disoccupati.. sono loro i
    Io vengo confuso.. oggi sono socialista, domani
    comunista, poi sindacalista, loro ci confondono, pensano che siamo come
    loro. Noi non siamo come loro! Loro sono morti, e vogliamo vederli tutti
    nella tomba! Io vedo questa sufficienza borghese nel giudicare il
    nostro movimento..mi hanno proposto un’alleanza. Così ragionano! Ancora
    non hanno capito di avere a che fare con un movimento completamente
    differente da un partito politico…noi resisteremo a qualsiasi
    pressione che ci venga fatta. E’ un movimento che non può essere
    fermato… non capiscono che questo movimento è tenuto insieme da una
    forza inarrestabile che non può essere distrutta..noi non siamo un
    partito, rappresentiamo l’intero popolo, un popolo nuovo…

    Adolf Hitler, 1932.

    • KL


      Sharing this small extract is a great way to let people think.

      I don’t want a Hitler 2.0.
      Not today, not ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183351503 Federico Tauro

    L’autore dell’articolo è un giornalista di Libero. Nessuno sguardo dall’estero, nessuna Inghilterra che ci giudica. Non a caso, i commenti qui sotto sono tutti in italiano. Come mai? Easy. L’articolo si sta diffondendo viralmente solo sui social network in Italia.

    Questo non toglie o aggiunge nulla alla tesi dell’autore, sia chiaro. Ma, ecco, la prossima volta impariamo a diffidare del cambio di lingua come fonte di autorevolezza. Questo articolo vale tanto quanto un qualunque editoriale di Giuliano Ferrara, per dire.

  • gabriella

    There is only one word for this article:GROSS!!! It’s incredible how the press can distort reality!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!! Honestly!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VAFXIN7J3BY6GIHIUWDKBVVMNE Alex

    His speeches actually sound like Hitler ones. I’m not kidding.
    Just find “Hitler election speech 1932” video.
    17 ml of italians have voted for Grillo and Berlusconi. This to demonstrate that italians can easily be manipulated by populists who tell them what they want to hear. As Italian, I find this truly embarrassing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000546668836 Andrew Cash

      What about italians manipulated by a corrupt and useless PD? What about MPS? What about “Scudo Fiscale”? Ti dicono niente ste cose?

      • Satu Prinssi

        What about “you cannot do anything without votes”?

    • KL

      That’s correct. Spread out this word as much as you can, it should help people understand, I ask that on behalf on people of my country that is actually kinda scared by what’s happening.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Claudio-Casula/846604315 Claudio Casula

    This article is bullshit. IMHO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000546668836 Andrew Cash

    I’m italian, i voted Movimento 5 Stelle and I am proud of it. That does make me a fascist? No. It makes me a man tired of italian politics. Tired of corruption and tired of the “eurocracy” that articles like this, are trying to put in the continent.

  • xrescanxzp

    I agree with most of what’s written on this article, Grillo is not as much as dangerous but the similarities are evident. The biggest problem of its “movimento” (because terms are important, eh!) is that most people involved in it, if still genuinely, have no knowledge of what they are doing whatsoever. The message that Grillo wants to bring is that a housekeeper is more suitable as a politician because “…she knows how to make the end’s meet, unlike our rulers!”, disregarding real knowledge acquired after years spent on books and study and generally oversimplifying such a complex matter and others similar… Which is a trait common to many italians: italians always know everything about anything. It’s easy to see the implications of this way of thinking, not so easy for who lives in Italy.

    I’d want to write more but for now I’ll just add that Italians always know how to make themselves be recognized everywhere, and this time they (we, since i’m italian too, unluckily) lived up to this.

    It’s fascinating how swarms of Grillo’s zealots are already coming in here defendig their guru with childish arguments (the ones that made them vote for Grillo) writing in italian, which is a very polite thing to do on an english speaking site i must say.

    Italian’s narrow mindedness strikes again… cheers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Claudio-Casula/846604315 Claudio Casula

    Even Silvio Berlusconi was attacked with the same arguments and accused to be a fascist and a danger for the democracy. I despise Berlusconi but 20 years later, democracy is still there. I just think that changes (real ones) frightens people.

  • Luca

    I’m Italian, still living here, and truly dissatisfied and worried about Grillo’s rising.
    But I have some critics to move to this article, because I really want you to understand what kind of scenario we have here; and I want you to focus expecially on the third one.

    First of all, a matter of pride, by a left-wing supporter as I am.
    A party (sorry, movement) that’s absolutely against citizenship to the ones born in our country (from foreigners parents), who’s unable to explain his position in arguments like rights for omosexual couples, anti-fascism, role of Europe and others, can not be named as left-wing. I am not fully satisfied by the political offer of lw parties, but I will NEVER give my vote to a movement like this, because behind the veil of “freshness” it’s jolly hard to see a “progressive” manifesto. In fact, even if the Movimento stole some votes to Pd coalition, it has stolen also from PDL and right-wing parties: this can only be an indicator of how poorly conscious of his orientation must be a Movimento supporter. And I’m saying this knowing some of them, one is (I suspect) in my family and others (they had ammitted their choice to me) within my best friends.

    Another point: the “left wing originated” Fascismo was not so kind with proletaries, in fact quickly earned the bourgesy gratitude by suppressing the socialist/communist organizations who, in the latter 1918, were rising through the mass of farmers and factory workers: it was the violent equivalent of Mrs Tatcher repressive tactics with mine workers of the ’80 that gave Mussolini the boost, and as far as I know the Iron Lady was not really left-winged.
    Mussolini was a “bandieruola”, a wheathercock just pointing the direction of the winners in order to acquire power, highlighting his socialist past is not accurate.

    Than, is the really important one: you completely missed the real mind behind the Movimento, the Rasputin of the situation: Casaleggio.
    He’s the co-founder of the Movimento, a person of which few in Italy know a thing, who’s always “behind the scenes” leaving the comedian to mantain the show, but always there when it’s time to take a decision and build a strategy. If you want to comprehend the Movimento, you have to watch his moves, not the recital of the comedian.

  • KL

    As much as the article proves essentially right and I do agree with the main argument (that is: Grillo is Mussolini 2.0), there are some things that need to be cleared.

    Mario Monti and his executive faced a sudden disaster: Italy’s economic situation was dramatic, though that was not that much perceived by the population.

    The “spread” rising problem was something terrible.

    Monti faced two problems: economic disaster and institutional upheaval.
    The first needed taxes and cuts. Cuts were openly ostracized by the parliament, that struggled to keep up some privileges and aging institutions (for example, “province” and some state participated companies).
    Therefore, what the world (and Italians) had seen were just the taxes. Thankfully, Monti has been extremely smart and capable in injecting hope and real solutions with the “Decreto Sviluppo”, a law that helped small businesses, startups, and young professional get more from their job with law simplification for entrepreneurship, incentives for big enterprises and radical taxes cuts for “young” (up to 35 years old) people.

    That was an encouraging start that should have gone even more radical and functional with a parliament following the line of Monti, the reason why the Professor become a candidate for the Prime Minister role.

    With a technical executive and a supporting parliament a real change, moderate and responsible, could have been possible. Italy would have straightened their role in Europe, becoming more and more a force capable of encouraging and making better the process of European integration, with a return in growth, a sane credit structure and investments made with responsibility.

    But 25% of the Italian people elected Mussolini 2.0.

    And here we are. Screwed.

    • xrescanxzp

      Monti could have been the best solution but most italians have been indoctrinated by the idea that he’s “a mason, a friend of the banks (the new scapegoat/origin of any evil of the moment), a technocrat, a slave of germany and nwo, a thief who can only raise taxes” and such.

      I almost think that we deserved Berlusconi/Grillo’s rise, at this point.

      Now our perspective (supported by many italians) is to exit eurozone because “when there was lira I was richer!”. Too bad that times were different and that it wasn’t euro itself that made us poor. Many forget that since eur/lira ratio was 2:1 a lot of dishonest shop owners and traders DOUBLED their prices overnight. What costed 2000 lire became €2, effectively doubling life costs, while salaries remained the same. It was also fault of politics who failed to control and correct this idiot behaviour, but most of the reponsabilities are simply ours and we’re facing the consequences right now. Of course it’s EURO’s fault, not ours, because as highly economics experts as we are (italians always have the thruth in their pockets) we decided that and now the solution is to switch back to Lira. The fault is always of someone else.

      We can say whatever we want by being dishonest is in our DNA. We’re the same that complain about corrupted politicians but never ask for or release receipts when we buy something (effectively evading taxes), we’re the same that receive state subsidies for non existent disabilities or illnesses becaue “pantalone (= the collectivity) pays” and a thousand of other similar things. We’re a nation of contradictions, because we’re generally not stupid or evil, just narrow minded and selfish.

  • Vendicatore solitario

    Grillo è un cesso (is a latrine) dove confluiscono i peggiori liquami (where worse sewages meet)! Questo rimedio è peggiore del male (this remedy is worse than the disease). Gli elettori italiani sono peggiori dei loro uomini politici! (Italian voters are worse than their politicians!)

  • http://twitter.com/lucaribes lucaribes

    I’m Italian too, and I absolutely agree. His arguments are the same of the Duce and the Fuhrer. The Italians have the governement they deserve, and if the situation doesn’t get better, I’ll be looking forward to leaving this country.

  • satanino

    You forgot one thing: everyone who openly criticizes or just has doubts is immediately attacked and insulted by ordes of adepts, in a kind of “online” version of what blackshirts did to fascist opponents. This is also a web marketing strategy that aims to annihilate every dissenting comment, making it numerically irrelevant compared to the ones supporting the movement. So, you can expect thousands of angry comments in the next hours, just for publishing this article.

    • http://movimentocaproni.altervista.org/blog/ Pallacorda

      Looking at the comments here, he won’t forget this particular “web-squadrism” 🙂

    • KL

      That’s so true.
      In a web that forgets privacy and leaves personal information all over the place, that is something to be worried about even more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cominardi.filippo Filippo Cominardi

    that’s the dumbest article ever

  • Lohoris

    “The unelected economics professor Mario Monti, who replaced Berlusconi as premier in a palace coup in November 2011”

    While the rest of the article is good, and while *I* am strongly against Monti, still this statement is plain bullshit.

    Every prime minister in Italy is elected by the parliament, which is elected by the people. Some people aren’t able to accept or understand this.

    • http://mrfrostblog.wordpress.com/ Mr Frost

      Some people clearly don’t understand Real Politik, whereby the EU says “make Monti your PM or else!”.

  • Alex

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xij9ZWzXGG8 what do you think of this?

    • Alex

      nobody is talking about this link? Strange…Spectator: do you want to make a comment? Do you think Travaglio is a pro-dictator? Anyone else?

  • Un Italiano triste

    I told this since 2009… nobody believes me.. Now they told me I’m right..

  • drydamol1

    Mussolini was an opportunist – he only allied to Germany expecting some rich spoils and ended up with his just deserts .If Grillo is not backed by any secret organisation good luck to him and his followers – its very refreshing to see a large majority of the Public vent their peaceful opposition to a Government that’s not for the People .Britain at this time could do with something similar because Democracy has been eroded and social cohesion broken down .

  • Giovanna

    As much as I dislike Beppe Grillo and see the similarities with the extreme right way of thinking (first and foremost the contempt towards the State’s institutions and the “politicians” as an imaginary and despicable class of its own) i find Nicholas Farrel’s analysis rather misguided. When it comes to the birth of fascism it’s wrong to assume that Mussolini’s past as a socialist made his “movement” some sort of left wing revolutionary party. No one should ever forget that the fasci di combattimento made their way to the Parliament burning down socialist meeting places, violently suppressing working class’ strikes and so on. They found their first and most heated supporters in the land owners and in the middle class. Politicians back then turned a blind eye on their violent and worrying methods because they were seen as a tool to cool down the turmoil of the biennio rosso (the two red years).
    Some of us Italians are really worried about what’s happening these days, we are really worried seeing the old fashioned fascist way of thinking breaking through once again and also being embraced by a large number of persons who think of themselves as left wing supporters. This is why our history should provide a guide and a mean for understanding our present and not be binded to adhere to a misleading analysis of our past, that can only end up with a misleading vision of our present.

    • http://mrfrostblog.wordpress.com/ Mr Frost

      The Sociaists were at war with each other for THEIR version of socialism. Hence the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ were coined to describe the wings of socialism. You will find that all socialist parties that came to power in that era did violence unto their socialist brothers.

      As for the other points, I have no idea as I’m not Italian. But I’m reading them all with interest!

      • Giovanna

        Indeed Socialists were at war with each other for their view of socialism, so much that by 1921 (a year before the marcia su Roma) the Communist Party was already born. But this was not the case with the fascist movement: only Mussolini was a former socialist and he had quite rejected that experience, retaining only the occasional rhetoric keyword.

        My point was that there is an unspoken purpose in Mr. Ferrell’s article, that is to ascribe both Beppe Grillo and Mussolini to the left wing area, ideally at least. Doing so wrongs our history and doesn’t help cope with what’s happening now

  • Luigi Rió

    And this time the guilty ethnic group, the one responsible of the crisis are the Chinese as he made clear in some monologues. As a Chinese Italian, with single Italian citizenship, I’m frightened.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1526612223 Luca Tiengo

    I guess we can make a comparison (still forced) between the two historical periods, now and back to the ‘920s, but not between the two of them. We can probably make a comparison between the retoric, but still, this is quite trivial. The fact is that Grillo is condensing in his movement all the very unhappy forces (right and left), that could have moved to the extreme wings. I guess someone should thank him for that 😉 By the way talk is cheap. Nobody killed anybody because of Grillo’s speeches, somebody did it in the past in italy, far after the fascism, because of (so called) moderated fellows…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000901633755 Luisa Vegman

    divertente , è ovvio chi/cosa c’è dieto all’autore. Dopo l’esempio italiano anche altrove si leverà il grido di “go home!”

    • Giovanni Venturelli

      Cioè cosa?

  • Grendelica

    I’m italian. Everything written is absolutely idiotic. There is no reported evidence of fascist methods or violence, or of modern forms of fascism (control of information, television, newspapers) in this article or on any article in any newspaper because it simply DOES NOT EXIST. There has been no racism, no sexism, no discrimination based on whatsoever. There hasn’t been one single episode of violence perpetrated by M5S during or before the elections or even after -there are simply NO facts supporting this thesis. This is an article about similiarites with the historical moment which led to the rise of fascism in Italy. This is an article about how italian people are in desperate need of a leader because everyone else failed, supposing they even ever tried to do something. Both those facts are true, but the main truth is that the M5S did not even win the elections! This is just a giant hypothesis – without any evidence supporting it – of how things should go to shit just because it already happened in our history. This is not journalism, this is utter bullshit.

    • Alex

      At last someone speaking sense, I do not know whether all these people just needed to find a new target for their political failure or what. By the way, I have lived in the UK for the past 14 years and I have voted M5S, No use to explain anything more here as most posts on this wall are well beyond mere ignorance and I suppose there is no way of communication, especially with those who insult and call others clowns/fascists.and get thumbs up to boot!

    • Giovanni Venturelli

      Spoken violence or physical violence. They’re both violence.

  • disqus_kwJk1qb7Gk

    i’m italian too and i think you should start writing about something different. Come to Italy, talk to people, Listen to what Grillo Says, then you can write properly about him. you know nothing

    • Giovanni Venturelli

      Or maybe he does.

  • Carlotta

    I Think is not just similar to the 1920’s movement.. It also reminds me, with other means, of the one in 1994

    • Alex

      Funny, you managed to prove yourself wrong with only 20 words, brava

  • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

    I have a few words on the subject:


    And lest our Euro friends forget. Fascism was a variant of leftism. You know – National SOCIALISM. The managers stayed on but the STATE assumed control through laws.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644909224 Mario Mannaro

    Very superficial article written by someone who do not know the 5 star movement. The people elected for the 5 star movement are independent from Grillo and free to choose their way to realize the electoral program. It’s the only example in Italy and also in Europe where the old politicians had been left out of the parliament by young unknown people. In Italy we are looking for a better time and hopefully after our example similar grassroots movements will appear in others countries.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.martini.585 Laura Martini

    to be precise mussolini and grillo were both part of the “Socialist Party” not of the Marxisist one. The Socialist Party in Italy has nothing to do with the english SWP. In Italy the point of view of the Socialist Party was always reformist and radically anti-communist (also Berlusconi in the ’80s was part of the Socialist Party). For these reasons mussolini easily drifted toward a right wing new ideology exactly like berlusconi and grillo.

  • http://twitter.com/zabularaza zabularaza

    The new Mussolini is Berlusconi, and he had governed for 20 years

    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      nobody here is defending Berlusconi

  • http://www.facebook.com/maurizio.cugno Maurizio Cugno

    ridicolous. Shame on you liars

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelo.consoli.77 Angelo Consoli

    Excuse me, I’m Italian too! This article is excellently written but everything it says is false! I will write a longer post to explain why

  • miktaerg

    Grillo may not have black shirts but he surely has legions of trolls patrolling his orthodoxy on the web.

    Farell calls him the next Mussolini and all you Grillo patrols have to say is that …well… he is not ! He is (sort of ) different.

    I don’t believe myself he is the next Mussolini, he is in fact the next Hitler.

    His speeches are as insulting as the German’s, they way Italians are underestimating the danger resembles Germany in 1933, the way you guys are patrolling your delirious creed reminds the Brown Shirts.

    Grillo is disgusting, and please, his fans, don’t reply to me. Leave me my two months of freedom before you take power. Then you will silence me anyways,

  • miktaerg

    Grillo’s Web Polizei ( pronoiunced Veb Polizeye) is all over the net.

  • jack spark

    Dear Mister Farrel,

    in Italy, in Spain, In Greece, in Portugal, in Ireland people are against troika.

    in Italy 5 stars movement ,is against the dictatorship of Troika. I have voted for them. This is the real democracy. People can vote by internet..people can really choose and vote by internet. instantly. In england???

    Excuse me in england you have the queen, monarchy.. Excuse me.. God save the queen..

    Torna a scrivere con penna e calamaio, mentre voi nel 2013 avete ancora la monarchia e andate dietro alla regina e ai suoi cappelli, in Italia abbiamo avuto la trasmissione online più seguita di tutti i tempi e se Beppe Grillo dicesse stupidaggini ,come quelle scritte da te, non l’avrebbero seguito 100 000 persone online..
    Non conosci l’umorismo Italiano, la comicità di Beppe Grillo, non capisci quando scherza..non capisci quando denuncia il malaffare della politica. Le tue conclusioni sono “folli” e sono un’offesa per gli italiani onesti e corretti che non vogliono pregiudicati come Berlusconi in parlamento.

    Non capisci che la gente adesso tramite la rete può votare ed esprimere il suo parere . Può proporre idee, pensieri nuovi! Beppe Grillo si ispira a premi nobel per l’economia come Stigliz, Amory Lovins, Lester Brown.
    Se non lo conosci gentilmente invece di parlare di fascismo,nazismo e comunismo, tu che vieni dal peggiore degli stati colonialisti e schiavisti, gentilmente cerca di tacere..
    Noi Italiani siamo stanchi di essere conosciuti per mafia pasta mandolino e berlusconi..
    D’altronde ci risulta che l’Italia è una Repubblica mentre, mi dispiace per te, l’UK è una monarchia..

    • Djorkaeff92

      Parla al singolare, perché siete il 25% della popolazione italiana, quindi evita di generalizzare, thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/psychok9 psychok9

    Article totally biased and senseless, worthy of the dustbin.

  • Martina

    I’m sorry but i’m italian and moreover have studied history and it is not possible to compare two figures such as Grillo and Mussolini especially where they latter came in power almost one century ago.Times have completely changed.The real situation is that in all Europe parties fear Grillo because he imposes politics to come back and talk to the citizens,instead of being a sect for its own interests.Grillo is not a new movement because,before him,in Spain and USA youngsters claimed to want a politics and politicians caring about them and their problems.The innovation is that Grillo is the only one who has been voted and can rule Italy.

    • Giovanni Venturelli

      The same things that you are writing about Beppe Grillo have been written also about Mussolini 90 years ago.

  • Athenian

    No he is not a fascist,but surely he’s a populist.I see the same anti-politic hate speech, the lack of substantive arguments and the adoption of conspiracy theories just like neonazi Golden Dawn,Indepedent Greeks and Coalition of the Radical Left(In the early days at least..).South EU’s political situation is a mess,if a party similar to 5Star Movement come to power the CHAOS that will cause may lead to a second,bigger,global economic crisis.Personally i think the only solution is a neoliberal ”iron fist” government like Pinochet that will run the necessary reforms correcting the mistakes of the past.I know the majority will disagree with me but if we want to be realistic there’s no other way.

  • Paul

    Oh yes a terrible man. Not like that egalitarian bastion of democracy Berlusconi…

  • http://twitter.com/theCrius Claudio

    Time ago i said: “I am an Italian citizen but Berlusconi’s speeches do not represent me”.
    It’s sad but today i’ve to say the same things about Grillo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pisolux Andrea Giuliano

    Io sono italiano e parlo italiano, se vi interessa il commento o ve lo traducete o resta così. L’Italia è NOSTRA, fatevi i cazzi vostri su chi vogliamo mettere al governo. Non ho votato Grillo perchè non mi entusiasmava, ma c’è una cosa da dire una cosa sola….IL POPOLO HA VOTATO… PUNTO!

  • Claudio Napoli

    As no italian speaking-readers can see, guelfi-ghibellini attitude didn’t disappear at all even up to these days in Italy. That’s good, it means the country is still alive, anyway)). As for the article’s (btw, an outrageously slanted one) issue, we have to acknowledge once for all that Mr. Grillo is not against either EU or €. He has simply been pointing out for years that € policies and austerity measures could nothing in a country where politicians, for 20 years, had been doing nothing but: 1) resting on their perks 2) issuing only useless and exceptionally harmful (for average citizens) laws aimed at saving Berlusconi from trials. I mean, in 20 years not even a law which would have improved the country’s actual development was issued! 3) carrying out only a row of likewise useless and exceptionally harmful “reforms” aimed at turning italian youth into unskilled, cheap labour force for the mafioso and freemason lobbies that funded Berlusconi’s rise to power 4) turning Italy into a catastrophically uncompetitive and corrupted country. During these years, embodied by PD opposition didn’t do anything to stop this constitutional carnage. Actually, as recent MPS scandal showed, they even took an active part in the mess. In order to make Italy a country able to really cope with € policies, Mr. Grillo claims, we have as first to regain competitiveness through crushing such scoundrels and parasites. I think he’s right. I think M5S men are the only ones so far in italian politics to have not been spoiled by Berlusconi regime. And I think they deserve a shoot. The reference to Mussolini is far-fetched. We are not fascists. We are just trying to climb out of this nightmare by the only means we are being given.

    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      Yes to killing corruption. Beware of the false prophet, though.

  • Viola

    You clearly know nothing about Italy. You know nothing about those politicians who have ruined this country. Corrupt, colluded, thieves, you name it… When your parliament is full of people like this who, of course, will never vote for laws that would kick their as*es out of there, what do you do? A revolution? People have found a pacific way: get elected and make laws to get rid of dishonest people from the parliament and every public office and administration. Grillo is the voice of normal people who’s sick and tired of this. It’s so easy to understand… Italians want those things which are NORMAL in western countries, where politicians resign because they got caught buying a dvd with public money (to name one)… You have no idea, really, most of Italian politicians have taken EVERYTHING they could and they’re still there, it’s unbearable. Do some serious research about the last 20, 30 years in Italy, maybe you will take a hint of the sh*t we have to deal with. And thank you very much to the Italian media (99% of it), slaves to those politicians… To get informations, the web has been a bless (thanks to real-free-information, that’s why this is happening now and not years ago. It’s impossible to explain Italy’s situation in a few sentences, really, you have to live here to understand. We can’t take it anymore.

    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      Some of us understand very well the weak and vain parliamentary system that you have, and watch with amazement as governments struggle to get a coalition, fail and fall, only to have the chairs rearranged as the Titanic steams on.

      Kicking out the thieves, yes. Electing a populist, not so good (see Kirchner, Nestor and Christina, or Peron, Juan and Eva).

      Here in the USA, we worry about the populist tendencies of Obama, and long for an outsider to clean things up. But not by destroying the system of government, by restoring it to its original design as a republic.

  • Alnico

    An absolutely biased article, trying to make an unacceptable parallel between two political movements almost a century apart and which ideological principles are antipodal. Fascism formed in a society based on agriculture, and its ideology was defined by the three words “God, homeland, family”, its antipolitical spirit was actually an antidemocratic will, refusing all rules to obtain absolute power. In the three years between its foundation in 1919 and the March on Rome its paramilitary groups rallied all over Italy, beating up political opponents, trade unionists, intellectuals and so on. Violence was a constitutional aspect of fascism (and still is).
    Shortly after coming to power they ruled out all other parties and imposed an authoritarian organization of the state, in which people had no rights except give their vote to the party every 5 years or so. Fascists wanted to create an Empire by invading other countries and followed Hitler in his crazy military aggression.

    Mr. Grillo’s movement is gaining political power through a democratic process that has in the Internet its main pillar. The 5 star movement’s programme is a strong combination of environmental policies, criticism to consumerism, refusal of politicians privileges and direct participation in all decisions of the movement’s politics. The article doesn’t say this, and doesn’t explain how the respect of democratic rules, the refusal of all military interventions, the battle for public water, sustainable mobility, free connectivity, and environmentalism should be regarded as “fascist”.

  • mdl1689

    I kindly ask the Spectator to delete all comments made in Italian language, as it is not respectful to write here in Italian. Furthermore, is it really interesting the opinion of somebody who can’t understand that he/she shouldn’t write in Italian on an English newspaper?

  • parrinels

    Ma come, con una finta democrazia hanno tolto agli italiani anche la forza di mettere insieme il pranzo con la cena e Beppe Grillo sarebbe invece il nuovo Mussolini? Ma voi siete pazzi!!!

  • HWK_UK

    Ha …. Raw propaganda ……. if you want to rubbish something mention in the same breath the FN, BNP or anything Hitler lol………. wearing a bit thin these days as everybody can see through it!.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566427584 Luther Blissett

    This is the Italian version of Godwin law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” In other words, Godwin observed that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis. So, as Italian, the comparison will be to Fascism. Yet the similarities are huge, and, is Grillo fault to declare that he is not an anti-fascist.
    But a deep analysis and understanding of the phenomenon, is given only from Wu Ming:



  • http://www.facebook.com/francesco.bellini.50309 Francesco Bellini
  • Alfonso smerilli

    i’m Italian to!!
    everything written is absolutely crazy!!!….. wake up! from the past.. and welcome to the future! 2013 …TIME IS TURNING!…..power to the people.. ITALY WILL DONE!!

  • Alfonso smerilli


  • nn dinn

    Pallacorda export his prejudices abroad

  • http://www.facebook.com/elio.scordo Elio Scordo

    This abduction is completely arbitrary. it is crap to me

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.gambardella Lorenzo Gambardella

    article is the bigger mistake in the history of articles. The comparison we
    found here, is the most inappropriate I’ve ever heard in my life. How can you
    confuse dictatorship and fascism with the first try in the world of
    “direct democracy”?. For sure you can find similar way of speaking with movement (like nazism or fascism) born in
    a period of crisis of the institution and of the economy, like ours. If you
    read the Adolf Hitler’s speech of the 4 april of 1932, it seems it’s Grillo
    speaking right now. But it is simply a superficial view of the things, that i’ve
    never expect from so important newspaper.

    If you analyze just a little deeper you can see that while Fascism or Nazism were,
    from their origin, authoritarian and total-opposite-from-democracy movements (where the leader, or an elite of
    people, take all the decisions) and always used violence to bring their ideas
    to command; M5S instead doesn’t even know the world “violence” and all the
    decisions that the movement will take, will be the result of the vote of all
    the members of the movement.

    I think it’s
    clear to everyone that representative democracy (most diffused way to govern a
    country) have failed. This happens because people who we vote to represent us
    for political decisions, after the vote can do what they want, even the opposite of the reasons why we voted them.
    This is a really democracy EPIC FAIL. Which
    solution? I think Grillo is trying to propose one, finally different from the

    Farrell talks about Grillo like a step back for Italy, but he doesn’t
    understand that it can be a step forward for all the world. This is the first
    try in the world of the application of “Direct
    Democracy” where the people can take political decision everytime, in first
    person. How can he reach it? With the support of technologies: 20 years ago, the “direct democracy” idea was
    impossible to apply, was unthinkable to ask people to vote for every law. Grillo, simply made a mix between democracy
    and technologies, with internet everyone can vote everyday about everything a
    country has to decide = finally the people at the command (like it has to be
    democracy = (from greek) demos cratos =
    power at the people)

    Also Grillo
    is not alone in this try: he’s
    surrounded and inspired from very big intellectual and innovative people
    of our time (like Dario Fo, Stefano Benni, Jeremy Rifkin), that gives me still
    more trust to believe in this very big change.

    So please
    Nicholas Farrell don’t waste all the hard job that thousand people of the M5S
    are doing, with stupid comparison and
    count till 10, next time, before writing an article like this.


    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      Ahhh. Direct democracy, of course!
      First, democracy is the worst of systems, except for all the rest. Well, almost. You see, Italy, the Romans, invented something much better, until they wrecked it with populism and loose fiscal policy. The USA had something much better, but it may not last.

      Direct democracy decays much faster than a republic, not the least of reasons being because it simply legitimizes mob rule. If your view on a major issue is in the 49%, instead of the 51%, you are likely to find your preferences made illegal over time.
      The USA destroyed its senate, and its currency, and is in danger of losing other safeguards which provide checks on the ambition of politicians..
      The UK has destroyed its house of Lords, which brings it closer to direct democracy, or mob rule, too.
      If Italy allows Beppe to take it toward mob rule, you will most likely not enjoy the ride. Good luck!

  • tavish

    Here’s the thing with democracy – how many people around you would you trust to choose your government?

    Scary huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/goovo Marco Govoni

    Dividet et Impera. Remember. Fill parliament with people from the street, maybe onest, but incompetent, then who is behind can rule because the new senators/deputats just don’t know what they are doing, they have fear to contradict a so popular leader, they worth nothing without him, they are unknown to people, they are just puppets and moVimento’s rules are made to keep them as puppets, rotating charge, no television, no journal speaking, they need to be ignorant and unknow to be manipulated. To the public they just look all the same, a bih crowd sustaining Grillo. The path is “leader in the shadow” defining policy analyzing web and deciding what people want to hear —> “Public face in the square” screaming everithing he was told to day in such a way to attract people ——> “stupid crowd” exalted. “Grillo” say only what people want to hear.
    The movement is not fascist on his own, it became fascist because most of Italians are fascist, they just like fascist style and programs. And they are stupid, they belive in everithing and never try to complain themselves for things going bad, they ever try to find a scapegoat. Ok, yes, politician were awful, really, but who elected them? People. So in the end is people fault, as ever.

  • Andrea

    Actually PD is the firs party, not M5S

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1382902597 Marco D’emidio

      no M5s is the first party, pd has the majority in a coalition with sel and svp. by itself has less % than m5s alone.

      • Andrea

        Well, we are both right. PD is the first party in one of the chambers and Grillo in the other one!

        ITA: Nella Camera dei deputati il primo partito è il PD nel Senato il primo partito è il M5S.
        Fonti:dati del Viminale.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1382902597 Marco D’emidio

          be sul sito del viminale dice: Pd camera 25,42 e Pd Senato 27,43%, mentre M5s camera 25,55% e M5s senato 23,79%…

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelo.consoli.77 Angelo Consoli

    I am Italian. And I totally disagree with this analysis. I have a very strong anti fascist personal history. I say it upfront so that nobody can be mistaken about my political affiliation. Beppe Grillo and the 5 star movement don’t have absolutely none of the carachteristic of a fascist movement and only an ill or a bad faithed analysis can lead you to such conclusion. You are mistaking verbal irruence with physical violence! As a young communists I have been cought in fascist ambouches in 1977 in the city of Bari, and I have been scared shit! I have never felt treathened by a 5 star movement rally. The fascist movement was born just after the first World War as a reaction to what was considered a political slack out on a military vistory. (Mito della Vittoria Mutilata), Since day 1 the fascist movement has been carachterized by physical violence, militarism, imperialism and monopolistic economics. Now, Mr Pallacorda, tell me in which of those features, does the 5 stars movement remind you of the fascism? Mr Grillo is against violence, all their rallies are a joy are a celebration of joy, they call for the ending of the Italian military operations abroad and the cancellations of pointless and expensive warfare, they call for citizenship involvement in all political and economic decisions. So please give me a damn break and be very carefull and stop comparing the 5Star non violent movement to thevery definition of all violent movements of the world, the fascism. Not only it’s unfair, but it also is dangerous. By crying wolf for nothing we may finally loose our critical capacity and loose the ability to detect the real fascist danger when we eventually see it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugenio.macchia1 Eugenio Macchia

    i am italian , i am a supporter of the Partito Democratico . I totally agree with this article and i am very sorry that Italy is seen in this way . There is a large part of Italy that is strongly against Grillo new fascism and also against the terrible Berlusconi , unfortunately this large part have not been sufficient to win the election .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marco-Locci/1343084356 Marco Locci

    I don’t know english people that come in Italy and speak badly about their nation. We would be like others countries but it’s impossible I’m so sorry for people like you, without pride and love for the values of our culture. The M5S has taken 25% of votes during a free election. We’re a democracy and the movement fight to keep democracy in Italy. PDL and PD make business not for Italy but only for themselves. And overall, England, a nation that during his history has created powerful and prosperity with weapons and economic protectionism, can’t teach to us how rule right . Why when Italian try to change the system are fascist while English o Americans try to make the same are keepers of democracy? Sorry for my english. Bye

    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      Your proportional representation has led to a long string of weak, corrupt, and failing governments, which were the fertile ground for Mussolini, and now are the fertile ground for the Grillini.
      Clear winners in clearly defined, not gerrymandered, districts are the way to build a parliament where the people have representatives, instead of politicians from a pool.

      • maggicopinti

        “And overall, England, a nation that during his history has created powerful and prosperity with weapons and economic protectionism, can’t teach to us how rule right”. Sounds like a really fascist phrase, doesn’t it?

  • alicesacco

    True, unfortunately even my cousin supports this idiot. I never liked him. He was a good comedian ’til ’80s, but now he is a dictator, and he is WORSE than mussolini. In fact mussolini did few good things, that worked and even after his fall, they kept all good things fascism did for a while. But Grillo lives in the land of dreams, he believes in sci-fi (like chemtrails)instead of true science, he supports ahmadinejad and he is anti-zionist. Those are just some of things i dislike about Grillo. Other than this, he needs to say swearing words and to insult other politicians with childish names to catch attention.

    ‘he took to ridiculing and demonising politicians, and then in 2005 he founded a blog that quickly became the most popular in Italy and a forum for the angry and the disaffected, mostly young, for all those whose state of mind is defined by the word ‘Vaffa!’. He duly began a national ‘Vaffa! Day’ or ‘V Day’ in 2007.’


    Italian politicians suck, but insulting is still a sign of weakness. A serious person doesn’t need to insult others because of their poor performances.

    FINALLY someone that say that fascism is mainly left-wing!!! As a right winged I’m tired to being called ‘fascist’ because of my political position!

    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      If you want the best deconstruction of the left wing nature of fascism, read Jonah goldberg’s “liberal fascism”.

  • sandro

    Regimi come quello fascista nella persona di Mussolini, quello nazista di Hitler e in generale la maggior parte delle dittature, sono un perfetto esempio del rapporto diretto fra il leader e le masse che si definisce populismo[1].
    Ma al di là di questo e di alcune caratteristiche retoriche, la
    definizione di populismo è rimasta estremamente vaga, facendone per
    lungo tempo una comoda categoria residuale,
    buona per catalogare una grande varietà di regimi difficili da
    classificare in maniera più precisa ma nei quali era possibile ritrovare
    qualche elemento comune. Questi elementi erano la retorica nazionalista
    ed anti-imperialista, l’appello costante alle masse e un notevole
    potere personale e carismatico del leader. Questa concezione nebulosa del populismo è stata utile durante la seconda metà del Novecento per inserire in una categoria comune vari regimi del Terzo Mondo, come quello di Juan Domingo Perón in Argentina, Gamal Abd el-Nasser in Egitto e Jawaharlal Nehru in India, che non potevano essere definiti democrazie liberali né socialismi reali.

  • http://www.facebook.com/simio.simian Simio Simian

    Cannot agree. In this article nothing is said about the real Italian problem: Pd and Pdl just wanted to arrive at bipolarism with the actual law (called Porcellum) in order to be sure to save their sits forever. People can only choose the party. The party choose candidates. So, if no-ones likes Berlusconi, Berlusconi would pass thanking Porcellum law. I If no one like Bersani (PD party, involved in a big scandal of MPS bank ) Bersani would pass giving thanks to the Porcellum law. That’s why many people have given their vote to M5S (Grillo was not candidate, and can not be the premier in the Camera.). That’s why Pd and Pdl are so worried. At last, nothing is said about the big expences of tradotional parties (that m5s has just given back to the State and other parties don’t want to give back too) or the proposal to cut financiaments to press. M5S is concretely working in order to save Italy reducing not useful expences. (Sorry for my english, i’m Italian and i’m answering by my mobile!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/francesco.maccherozzi Francesco Maccherozzi

    This is absolutely right: I found only a fraction of the similarities and this paper completes the picture.

  • Michel J. Clark

    Fascism is created by the failures of the staus quo to deal with the truth, which is the shadow of their creation. DEBT. The rulers of the world built a world on DEBT — SAND — MUD…and the only way back to the foundation is the desruction of that debt, but this will inpoversih them of all their winnings. This is why God and Jesus warn man not to worship the ephemeral gods, such as the God of Wealth. The Laws of Nature insist that what is given is also taken away. We are living through the taking away side of nature now. And the fascist movement, which will grow all over the Northern Hemisphere again, in Europe, Russia, Japan, England and North America will lead to another world war — which the Greeks designated The War of the Olympians (led by the Son, Zeus/Jupiter) against the Titans (led by Saturn, the Father). We have been here before; we seem to be going back again. Democracy is a great system, until something really needs to get done.

  • Carlo De Luca

    It’s encouraging foreign countries are beginning to understand the real nature of M5S. It will be useful when it will be our first party. I beg you to not save us from ourselves, as you did many years ago. We do not deserve it. We like to be slaves and we like to be governed by a master, even if he is a laughable one.

    And another thing, appeasement is not the right way to negotiate with a fascist government. It only understand two things, force and violence.

  • Mat

    Mamadera!, all of you are over forging the arguments; the time speak us the true about grillo and his management or not; in other case, David Cameron is like Mussolini, bullshi@t this article!

  • Alberto

    Grillo is the only person who is bringing a bit of fresh air into the parliament, full of corrupted politicians with tons and tons of privileges.
    Italians people who dislike him they just want the ‘old school politic system’ that stoles all the money from the people and the people are fine to live and complain with it.

    I am happy to see some new faces into the parliament, normal and young people can better understand what we need as they know what working mean.

  • Aldo Mey

    I’m Italian too and this long coverage lets out all the macroscopic differences between the two movements, which would make this comparison utterly wortless. A long and quite boring analysis that could be extended to each an every revolutionary movement throughout history. Hats off to the umpteenth example of ebay journalism.

    • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

      I think you meant “google journalism”, unless, like your prime ministers, it is up for auction.
      Many of us were brought up when history was actually taught, and the parallels are striking. The big lie of my school days was that communism and fascism were opposite ends of the political spectrum, whereas they are close cousins.
      In any case, beppe’s plans a somewhere in he vicinity of authoritarian socialism, so we have good reasons to worry about his ascendancy.

  • Aldo Mey


  • managai

    the article propose an interesting analysis
    but there is a fundamental difference (at least since now) between M5S and fascist party:
    The fascist party has made systematic use of violence, while M5S no

    moreover, in first national elections fascist party get only 0.5% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Fascist_Party)
    while M5S was supported by 25% of people
    the great parlamentar result held by fascist party in 1924 elections was due to a drasticly modified electoral law

    I agree with major part of this article, but the above mentioned differences between fascist party and M5S let me think that the epilogue will not be the same

  • http://twitter.com/alexwbc Alessandro

    Just……just…. this:

    Nothing to see, move along.

  • RMD

    Classic anti-Italy, anti-Italian journalism from the UK. Italian democracy discredited – sure’ widespread corruption – bien sur, parties and politicians sucking the blood of the country – isn’t that in the constitution? Unconventional Italian leaders whether from the right or left are invariably compared to the big M – Berlusconi was regularly featured as well as Mr. Fini, etc… by-the-way let us not forget his charming granddaughter and niece of Sophia Loren – Alessandra Mussolini was in parliament for several terms…. I don’t think anyone really knows who Beppe Grillo is at the moment – he is able to mainuplate our broken and hopfeully on its way out sorry excuse for a second republic because the traditional parties still believe they “own” it and the general public it apathetic and distracted by a slow moving tsunami of a economic / social crisis…

  • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

    We ignore outrageous fringe politicians at our peril.
    Italy has had a corrupt government and economy for a very long time.
    I had not realized that the totally ineffective proportional representation system had been a long term bug (not feature) of Italian democracy, but that explains a lot.
    Proportional representation results in no clear winners, and allows access to parliaments by small parties, which would be rightfully laughed out of town in most other democracies.
    Italian prosperity after ww2 mostly came from the ingenuity and idustriousness of the individual italians and businesses, while the fiddlers in Rome burned the currency. Most Europeans categorized the Lira as joke currency, along with the Latin American variations on the peso.
    Forgive many of us observers for thinking that the Italian system rewards graft and corruption, and thus, the ascendancy of a funny strongman, or strong funny man, is no big surprise. It is, however plenty alarming.

  • Emanuele

    …who wrote this article have no idea of the situation in italy and how the things are evolving. My advice is to come to italy and see what the M5s does before writing nonsense things like this one!

  • Paolo

    Please help Italian!

    I’m Italian, i wish to remember to all european that in Italy was born fascim and it was export in another country (German- Nazism , Spain- Franco …).

    Don’t believe in democracy of Grillo’s moviment: there are nothing to use web for democracy (liquidFeeback for istance), so comunication is monodirectional like old TV.

    Sorry for my english

  • http://www.facebook.com/fabio.pirola.bertoldo Fabio Pirola

    Ridiculous article! Ridiculus…
    So fascist that the candidates was choosen on the web.

  • ciao

    I am Italian, I have a dream.
    Madonna alcune cose di quelle scritte sono stronzate, moVimento con la V richiama Vaffa? Ma dai si vede che siete di destra, comunque si ci sono molte somiglianze alle ex-dittature, ma voi non vi siete accorti che siamo già sotto una dittatura, non puoi andare in giro con un cartello di propaganda, i giornali dicono “L’America è grande”, i telegiornali non dicono mai un cazzo, gli italiano vengono quindi influenzati da notizie come questa e votano ancora berlusconi, è un buco dalla quale non si uscirà mai, la mentalità in questo paese è morta, andrò davvero a vivere a Oslo
    (translate with google cauz I don’t wanna write it in English)

  • brighton123

    Ahaha! A very bad analysis from a person who works for one of Silvio Berlusconi’s newspapers (you can check it on wikipedia tiping Nicholas Burgess Farrell). If you are looking for the new Mussolini maybe you have to read something about Silvio Berlusconi which is also a Mussolini’s sympathizer.

  • Libero Paolucci

    Well the author lists many innocuous aspects of fascism (they just concern folklore) and of Mussolini which are in some ways comparables with Movimento 5 Stelle and Grillo.
    He doesn’t seem to care about the enormous differences between the two movements concerning respect of minorities, war, democracy, violence, women’s rights. worker’s rights.
    Well it would be good to specify that M5S is the only party in Italy which has more women than men in parliament, they support gays and immigrants rights and condamn every kind of racism. They’re against war, against every kind of prevarication of a nation against the other, and they fight for workers and low classes rights.
    Last but not the least it is important to say that Grillo is not and (he always said) will never be not even the mayor of a small city siince he was condemned for having killed a person in a car crash. And M5S does not admit on leadership position people who have had legal problems. This is also a great difference between Grillo and Mussolini.
    I would also specify that he was banned from Italian television because being he a comedian, he used to make political satire. So I’d better say that he was censored because his satire annoyed italian partyes.

    • http://twitter.com/MichailBulgakov Michail Bulgakov

      Unfortunatly, many activists of Grillo’s Movimento, as you can also read below, are deeply racists. On Grillo’s blog you can easily read comments against “niggers”.

      Moreover, they say “come to italy”…

      … as Berlusconi does…

  • Berlusconi FC

    Just a quick one. I mean three quick ones.

    Did fascists beat voters or not? Did they kill Giacomo Matteotti or not? Did Beppe Grillo’s fans act the same way?

    I am not a supporter of M5S, but I do believe that mixing up things doesn’t help at all the messy quagmire of Italian politics…

  • ubik3

    This article misinforms people and nothing else. All right. Many months have passed since the day of the election and we saw a coalition between the right and left … BETWEEN THE RIGHT AND LEFT … then a citizen who has voted for years the left has seen the left join to the right “for the good of the country “. Sure, we have a polite dictatorship(MR Letta&company) , who never scream and say blah blah blah and say “FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY”. THIS is a silent dictatorship made ​​by amoral characters that safeguard their interest. NOT GRILLO. The 5 stars movement has shown maturity and democracy and is doing OPPOSITION …. someone has forgotten the meaning of this word in Italian … yes, OPPOSITION. Please inquire elsewhere when you read articles like this. Mr. Grillo is a comedian who for over 30 years says what really happens in this country, while the media did not do their job and the level of Italian culture was influenced by bad tv and false information. As in the best traditions clowns and jesters, tell the truth.
    Sorry for my bad english…

  • selo

    how banal is this article, I read a thousand like this in the last 20 years. still the same semplifications, hidden sarcasm, pointless coincidences, the same patronizing attitude against the Italians…what a bore. is any of you, brit joirnalist, able to read reality beyond clichès? can you see the complexity of facts? I don’t think so…not this time, at least.

  • Emanuele

    Nicholas Farrel has no idea of what’s happening in Italy

  • Fido Shery

    Although liberty’s benefits increase along with our commitment to it, liberty’s importance has little to do with the number of people who actually want to use it.

  • Giuseppe
  • ابن بطوطة

    Absolutely correct article. Even if it seems now that the most intelligent voters, like the senators and depuities, are leaving this Grillo & Casaleggio enterprise… Still I’m sure they’ll get 20% in the close Euro elections.

  • Valerio Fabi

    Fascism include physical violence…and there’s not. Fascism includes the support of media…and there’s not. Fascism includes the support from the upper middle class…and there’s not… last but not least fascism not includes a process of direct democracy…and this approximate attempt to do a blog article is just trash

  • Amanda Nevada

    While free use of our own property provides a channel to guide our energies inward, external control and plunder tend to redirect our aggression toward others.

  • http://blogmasterpg.blogspot.com/ Massy B.

    This article it’s only shit, translated from propaganda anti-Grillo by “La Repubblica” .
    On M5S there are more socialist and communist than Italian left party of PD (Partito Democratico)

  • Giuseppe

    Reductio ad Hitlerum, also argumentum ad Hitlerum (Latin for “reduction to” and “argument to” and dog Latin for “Hitler” respectively), is a term coined by conservative philosopher Leo Strauss in 1951. According to Strauss, the Reductio ad Hitlerum is an informal fallacy that consists of trying to refute an opponent’s view by comparing it to a view that would be held by Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party.

    According to Strauss, Reductio ad Hitlerum is a form of ad hominem or ad misericordiam, a fallacy of irrelevance, in which a conclusion is suggested based solely on something’s or someone’s origin rather than its current meaning. The suggested rationale is one of guilt by association. Its name is a variation on the term reductio ad absurdum.

    Reductio ad Hitlerum is sometimes called “playing the Nazi card.” According to its critics and proponents, it is a tactic often used to derail arguments, because such comparisons tend to distract and anger the opponent.

  • Luigi Caraglia

    I’m Italian.
    Everything written is absolutely wrong. Berlusconi? Isn’t he a dictator?

  • mrmoody1887

    British fascism is it’s obsessive political correctness and multi-culturalism. I prefer the Italian model.

  • attilax

    It looks like that the eminent writer is very worried about Grillo’s fascism and doesn’t consider a bid deal a parliament full of corrupted people and Silvio berlusconi sentenced to prison but still leader of major centre-right party….. It looks to me a sensibility about democracy going only one way…..
    Not to mention all the honest citizens that had the possibility to enter parliament and try to help our country only thanks to Grillo’s movement, and that are working very hard to fulfil that…..

  • luca16568

    credevo che l’informazione malata fosse solo italiana, ma mi sbagliavo….

  • luca16568
  • amphibious

    Remind me, is this the same Farrell who wrote the hagiography of all things il Duce some years ago whilst failing to get into Allessandra’s pants?

  • Chris Bond

    ahh, I see. UKIP talk about a alliance with him, so now he is fascist?

    • Belgravia85

      Oh, I see you are insightful!

  • Andreas Colombo

    with this article, your newpaper clearly demonstrates not know the history of Italy, is shown not know the political program of the movement “5 stelle”, demonstrates profound ignorance and arrogance towards my homeland. Look at your past and glorious achievements of tyranny and shame on you! you Have devoured the world with your arrogance and violence. What is happening in Italy is a peaceful revolution against the banks and the lobby and corruption. You do not know shit of our history. Come on … why do not you change your pounds into Euros? your ignorance is embarrassing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56agRaFcUXM

    • Andreas Colombo

      Who is Stiglitz? A fascist? Who is Lester Brown? fascist too? Who is Amory Lovins? Mussolini?? But you are really mad?? We are against fascism!! Against sentenced politicians? Are we fascist?? Really you are so stupid!!!???

  • Giorgio Ranciaro

    I’m Italian too, incredible article ….. are you a serious blog ? mmmmmm please 🙂 Movimento 5 Stelle is more than 150 peoples not only Beppe Grillo and, by the way , reading your words, I’ve to tell you that there are a lot of Mussolini in Italy. Stop to write stupid things, the Movimento rappresent a lot of italian people agains banks, corruption, lobby, mafia and so on …it’s an hard work, who think about fascismo or other stupid things as comunismo is very old inside .. may be you need something like M5S in your country to open your eyes or may be you don’t want …….

    • http://fcoraz.blogspot.com/ fcoraz

      La kasta dei giornalisti italiani è così potente da essere riuscita ad invadere pure la perfida Albione?

      • Zolfo

        Sono tutti pagati dal PD!

  • Marco Nastro

    I’m italian and I’m really disappointed about this article. You really don’t know the nature of this millions people movement. They have been mistakes, will continue to make some … But say that Grillo is like Mussolini is an insult to all the honest italian that voted M5S. So you have to inform Better Please !!!!

  • Dario Gatto

    Sorry but that’s all quite bullshit. I could understand people talking about similarities with fascism one year ago, when the ways the movement works were still not known by the majority. But speaking of fascism now it’s simply the consequence of disinformation about what is happening in Italy. And I don’t mean information from other countries (I’m italian too), I mean see the mechanism of what italian politicians are and what they have done in the latest 20 years, and how the members of the M5s are working on this. Lines like ‘if you don’t agree with him you are kicked out’, or ‘He’s in charge over all and decide everithing’ are really just the fruit of repeating what one’ve read the day before, caring not to go deep inside these thematics. It is obvious that medias concentrate the attention on Grillo, because of his behaviors that could appear strong, or strange someway, or way too over the line to an outside eye. But, if one’s eager to understand what the movement is doing inside the parliment, it is really clear that they’re taking under the sun all the shit that have been covered by our puppet-politicians over the latest years. Resume 20 years of Italy conduct in one sentence: Make lobbies with public money, as simple as that. Of course Italy is not the only corrupted nation! But I really think that we all should direct our worryings far from the figure of Grillo and maybe link all the things that are happening all over Europe and outside. Wars and Oil control in middle east, Russian behaviours, Germany reactions..We’re in the middle of control games all over the planet, going towards the consequences of facts that we still don’t control, simply because we’ve never been used to normal, free, true information. Mine is of course not an accuse, I’m saying that it is not easy nowadays to go through all the tons of shit infos that are poured on us every day. But still, we have to, and it is possible to. I hope that we will all be able to take care of our social situation before it’s too late, and some bad conseuences (just like war, the great cause of awareness-ground zero) happens. I know this last part may sound a little bit too much, or out of topic, but I speak driven by the strong will for truth.

    • Luca de Santis

      Grillo’s quotes: ” I am the over-Hitler”; “the HIV does not exists, it’s all a lie from Big Pharma”, “we must process all of the journalist and politicians in Italy”; on his blog he writes about the “jpurnalist of the day”, tath’s quite similar to “1984 3 mnutes of hate” and I could keep on this… (sorry for my bad English, i couldn’t exercise it fr quite a long period).

  • Francesco Finucci

    All right. Has somebody of you genius thought that the M5S’s electorate is not composed by military staff, policemen, people able and ready to use violence to obtain power? Because everything could be right, but without this “detail” the phrase “the new fascism” is a nonsense.

  • rymlianin

    The American Left should take a long, hard look at this and then at itself. It is moving in the same direction.

  • Organix

    As we are seeing more today, nefarious quacks have begun to argue that there is no need to limit the power of government officials because they have been chosen through democratic processes.

  • Eustace2

    Fascism is still the future.


    The goyim know! Shut down Grillo!

  • mark_landers

    It’s not fascism yet, but could easily become fascism. Anyway, call it what you want, he’s dangerous.

  • Arn

    Reading these comments, from Italians living abroad, who have no knowledge of what they are saying and what is really happening in Italy is shameful. Italy is already under dictatorship, by those in government now and the false opposition of other parties that in reality they do what has already been agreed between them in secret. If it were not for the M5S Grillo and we will not know anything about what really is making the government and in the last 10 years (and even more) did not make a single action that is in favor of the people (or there is still some. If you cry out to the people the truth means being fascists well, then it will become too, if we want to talk about history fascists – communists in their history they have very different weights (for both to be condemned) with 6 million deaths against 66 million . place 70 In Italy we like freedom of the press. Awake, Italy is under dictatorship, are svendento back to personal account all the salable, transport, communications, tv, roads so before commenting on foreign articles, among other things (certainly driven) back to live here and try it on your skin what it is. This is one of the many reasons why those who live abroad should not vote, does not see the reality, but only what they believe and then compromise with their vote even already the most difficult survival function of the country.

  • mathieu

    Mr Farrell , you are a very poorly informed writer,
    No words to describe the harm you are doing to the ideals of journalism,
    Time will prove you what fool you are

  • mathieu


  • fiorenzo

    Beppe Grillo will be in New York March 13 for his Show at the Town Hall.
    Go like this you can see what you talking about.

  • John

    Mussolini was good for nation until 1936 and Hitler was good until 1942 but I think Mussolini was better than most dictators of the 20 century and 21st century

  • John

    Mussolini was good for nation until 1936 and Hitler was good until 1942 but I think Mussolini was better than most dictators of the 20 century and 21st century other great dictators in history are napoleon,franco,joseph stalin,fidel castro,gamal abdel nasser,tito,chairman mao,genghis khan,domitian,julius ceaser,lenin,saddam hussein,ho chi minh most other dictators have not been good for their nations