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Revealed: Ed Miliband's Bollinger bolsheviks

Despite the class-war rhetoric, Labour’s elite is still intensely comfortable with being filthy rich — and it’s becoming ever more so

21 September 2013

9:00 AM

21 September 2013

9:00 AM

Not a day goes by without some second-tier shadow minister squawking about the ‘cabinet of millionaires’. Under the new politics that Ed Miliband heralded when he won the Labour leadership, the backgrounds of David Cameron and his posho chums are fair game.

Some on the red side are a little quieter on the topic of dosh and background, though. Thanks to a complex web of companies, foundations and trusts, no one knows exactly how much money Tony Blair has made since he left office, but it’s safe to say it’s a bucketload. The earning capacity of other architects of New Labour — Lord Mandelson and Alastair Campbell, for instance — is well documented. And things aren’t exactly grim for the colleagues they left behind at the coalface. In the Miliband ranks there are some spectacularly rich individuals: gold-plated MPs, millionaire spin doctors and property-tycoon donors. Milibandism is awash with money.

Politicians’ wealth and background is an obvious line of attack for any Labour team, especially one as left of centre as Miliband’s, yet you might think Ed would have a look around his own back yard first. Perhaps he could start in his actual back garden; he has acknowledged that his house, valued at £2.3 million, would be subject to the sort of mansion tax he wants to introduce. It’s in Dartmouth Park, a leafy corner of north London that’s a favourite with Labour’s current ruling class — nice schools, a low crime rate and not too many poor people.

Miliband played the market well, selling flats and a house in Hampstead as well as employing some rather nifty accounting with his brother and mother in what appears to be a very efficient reaction to their inheritance from his late father. Add to that a house in Doncaster, his £139,000 salary and his wife’s reported income of £200,000 at the Bar, and life is pretty rosy for the Labour leader. He is in good -company, too.

On the Labour benches, the steel heiress Margaret Hodge’s millions are an obvious example. Steel giants Stemcor have made the Oppenheimers more than £190 million and their daughter Margaret, with her £18 million slice, is the richest woman in Parliament. Hodge and her brother own 9 per cent of the company, though Hodge describes this as ‘tiny’. And who could forget Shaun Woodward, who married a Sainsbury’s heiress and declares property in ‘France, New York State and the West Indies from which rental income is received’? With a good claim to being the richest man in Westminster, the former Northern Ireland Secretary has done well out of property, selling a St James’s Park townhouse to Sting for £5.7 million, making about £3 million on the deal and ploughing the cash back into other properties. In 2011 it was reported that Woodward sold his palatial Hamptons retreat for £11.5 million, leaving he and his wife with just half a dozen properties. Woodward sold Sarsden House, his Oxfordshire pile, in 2006 for £24 million. It is not known whether he retained the services of its famous butler.

While Ed’s focus groups tell him to whack the government as ‘out of touch’ Etonian toffs, you will not hear Harriet Harman having a dig at Osborne for going to St Paul’s. The Labour deputy leader is a niece of the Earl of Longford, has a Suffolk estate, and an is Old Paulina herself. Not content with her bumper government pension, she managed to get hubby a seat on the gravy train too. Old-timer socialist Michael Meacher could help solve the housing shortage by flogging one of the ten homes that make up his extensive property portfolio.

You don’t hear shadow international development secretary Hilary Benn saying much about Dave and co having big houses either. Along with a £2 million pad in Chiswick, Benn does not like to mention the family estate. While his old man gave up his titles to become an MP, the Benns were a little more reluctant to lose all those acres of Essex.


Across town in Islington, shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry has a growing property empire. She, Blair and Margaret Hodge were all neighbours on the same street once, with homes that would not leave you much change from a couple of million.

Some of Ed’s troops worked hard for their money, though. Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Liam Byrne used to work for those well-known progressives Rothschilds. It’s unlikely he walked out short-changed when he left — and that’s before years of ministerial pay and the pension pot it brings. It’s not just the bankers, property speculators and inherited blue-blood brigade that are kings of the one per cent. The professional politicians are not doing too badly either. Looking at shadow health secretary Andy Burnham and his man-of-the-people, football-loving, one-of-the-lads-drinking-bitter patter, he hardly screams Riviera chic. His wife, however, can be found tweeting about hosting drinks ‘on our boat in Cannes harbour’.

The Balls family have gone from wonks to millionaires entirely out of the public purse. The power couple had a joint income of almost £300,000 per annum for the half a decade during which both public schoolboy Ed and Yvette held high office. After years of jumbo expense claims, ‘flipping’ their main home not once but three times, you can see why the Ballses managed to collect properties worth well over a million. They have some work to do, though, if they are to become the true red king and queen of getting mega-rich on the taxpayer. That title remains firmly with the Kinnock family via the millions they have squeezed out of the European Union; between them the couple are eligible for an estimated £12 million of pay and allowances from the EU, including six-figure pensions.

So whose brainwave were these whack-the-Tories tactics? Step forward grumpy spinner Tom Baldwin, who joined Ed’s side from the Murdoch empire. The former Times hack dresses like a tramp and has the chippy socialist look down to a tee. He was in David Cameron’s year at Oxford; they even did the same degree. Baldwin may accuse the Tories of being out-of-touch rich boys, but he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Mrs Baldwin is the granddaughter of Vita Sackville-West and was raised in the tough surroundings of Sissinghurst Castle in Kent. Rebecca Baldwin is the ex-wife of the 4th Baron Milford, who has earned herself the nickname ‘Just 16’ after it was alleged that was her answer to a question about how many millions she had inherited. When Baldwin is up late plotting new attacks on Tory toffs, he can do so from his £4 million villa overlooking Highbury Fields. Cruel former colleagues in newspaperland still fondly remember Tom loudly declaring after his wedding, ‘I’m on the deeds, I’m on the deeds.’

While Ed’s relationship with his union donors has caused him the most grief, he has not been afraid of surrounding himself with some of London’s most loaded lefties. Andrew Rosenfeld has donated more than half a million since Ed took over, and has pledged to pour a million into party coffers before the next election. Ed turned a blind eye to the fact the property developer has spent the best part of the past decade living in a tax haven in Geneva. He’s back now, and planning permission documents lodged with Haringey council last summer reveal he wants to tear down his ‘rather ordinary’ £8.5 million house in Highgate and replace it with a rather naff 16,000 square foot, ten-bedroom ‘faux Jacobean villa’ with a cinema, gym and art gallery. Local opposition, including that expressed by Labour councillors, meant plans for a tennis court were shelved.

Yet it is not all bad news for Ed’s money man; in the same summer his grateful leader gave him an official party role. And where did he get the money for such a grand redesign? Rosenfeld sold his Swiss home to the family of Islam Karimov, the Uzbekistan president. Human Rights Watch has accused Karimov’s regime of boiling political opponents alive. Given that Rosenfeld bought the house for £9 million and sold it for £30 million, you can see why he might be feeling generous.

Rosenfeld is not the only controversial millionaire from whom Ed has gratefully received donations. This year he took £1.6 million from John Mills, the brother of former minister Tessa Jowell’s husband David, whose conviction for accepting a bribe in Italy has reassuringly been overturned on statute-of–limitations grounds. Mills’s donation was given in shares, which led the Tories to ask an obvious question: why?

Despite attacking the government for stuffing the House of Lords with rich donors, Ed nominated Willie Haughey, the Glasgow ‘fridge magnate’, for a peerage last month. The former professional poker player and Scottish businessman had donated £1.3 million. Sir Charles Allen also made that list, under his guise as chairman of the Labour party’s executive board. The soon-to-be lord also works as an adviser to Goldman Sachs.

Ed is always keen to impress his friends with deep pockets; he was left very red-faced when photographed in 2011 attending a football match in the Rolls-Royce of Assem Allam, another millionaire property developer and chairman of Hull City Football Club. It would not have been much of a story had Miliband not cancelled an appearance at an NHS rally earlier that day due to illness. It came as no surprise that Allam, nicknamed ‘The Pharaoh’, had slipped the party £100,000.

And it’s not just the donors Ed courts; leaked emails revealed that global spin merchant and Labour cheerleader Roland Rudd has organised a series of dinners at his house to introduce the Labour leader to business types. Despite promises, the names of those with whom Ed broke foccacia are so far unreleased.

As Ed pledges to tackle his relationship with the union barons once and for all, his reliance on private wealth is only set to increase. Surely he’s not ashamed of his new-found friends? It’s not as if he’s unused to being surrounded by them.

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  • David Prentice

    Labour MPs are stinking rich hypocrites shock.

  • Aaron D Highside

    Funny how rich some people get out of taxpayers, charities and saving our climate.

  • Bert

    Great article.
    I have nothing against wealth, just the rank hypocrisy. Just goes to show that none of these people have a grasp of normal lives.
    Presumably Burnham was on his boat in Cannes when he should have been keeping an eye on failing hospitals.

    • David Lindsay

      None of this comes close to having inherited £30 million, or to having had your first job arranged when Buckingham Palace rang up the Tories and ordered them to employ a cousin just out of Oxford, who 25 years later is Prime Minister without having won a General Election.

      None of which would matter if he were using it to the public good at home and to the national interest abroad. But he is not.

      • Bert

        The hypocrisy remains and is becoming rather smelly

        • David Lindsay

          What “hypocrisy”? They are still a lot poorer than the people whom they are attacking, entirely accurately, for being so rich as to be insulated from anything approaching normal life, and for having been so from birth. A lot poorer. Pretty much everybody is. There is no hypocrisy involved.

          • Bert

            This lot hardly live with the great unwashed. Its hypocrisy. Simples

          • David Lindsay

            No, they are still a lot poorer than the other side. And simply through active membership of the Labour Party and sitting for the seats that they do, they have far more contact with the middle class, with the working class, and with the poor, than does anyone in or around this Government. Not that that is saying very much. But even so.

          • GUBU

            I suspect that these days active membership of the Labour Party is much more likely to bring you into contact with university lecturers, journalists, television presenters or solicitors. Hardly horny handed sons of toil…

          • David Lindsay

            But hardly Bullingdon Club members, either. And the Labour Party was ever thus. Always. Teachers, especially. Who still account for 50 per cent of the members. No change there.

            The Labour and Conservative Conferences will do Labour no end of good and the Conservatives no end of harm. Middle-middle-class people in the suburbs and the provinces will hear
            voices like their own at the Labour one.

            But then, at the Conservative one, they will be brayed at in boorishly male versions of the accent employed by Dame Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey, which is no more natural in her case than was the one that she employed in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. In their cases, however, it is.

          • tastemylogos

            sophisticate as much as you like, Lindsey.

            if you honestly think there is much of a difference between the hand me downs inherited by the milibands of the world and that of cameron then i feel for you. you clearly lack intellectual integrity.

            dont think that the unaffiliated will be persuaded by your tedious hypocrisy.

          • rtj1211

            It’s not surprising that teachers like them. Labour treats the populace like children who need to be controlled, which is exactly what teachers do every day.

            Marriage made in heaven, that one.

          • tastemylogos

            ‘a lot poorer’


            boohoo to the slightly ‘poorer’ millionaires.

            youre an idiot.

          • Bert

            Agreed. But you can’t reason with madness.

          • tastemylogos

            this Lindsey woman is someone who stated that the enlightenment never happened in england… i thought it was a one off idiotic blunder but she’s proving me wrong.

          • David Lindsay

            There is nothing slight about it. Miliband is probably only about one tenth as rich as Cameron.

          • tastemylogos

            as i say, boohoo to the poorer millionaire!

            milliband, millionaire milliband, etonian milliband… man of the people milliband… cos hes ‘poorer’.

            course 😉

          • David Lindsay

            The claims about Miliband’s wealth are impossible. How did a pair of penniless refugees turned lifelong academics make the kind of money attributed to his parents? They could not possibly have done so. He might be able to raise a million these days if he sold his house. A lot of people in London and the South East are now in that position. Comparing him to Cameron is obscene.

          • tastemylogos

            youre idiocy and utter lack of self awareness in what you are saying here is whats obscene

          • David Lindsay

            You know that I am right, then. The claims routinely made by this Government’s supporters about Miliband’s wealth are transparently absurd.

            Where on earth is a second-generation academic who then went into Labour politics, and whose parents were Holocaust survivors, supposed to have made that kind of money?

            You are making this stuff up, and then churning it round and round until people who are sufficiently stupid believe it.

            Mercifully, there are hardly any of those.

          • tastemylogos

            im making this up, now? reports in the times of 4.5million wealth is wrong. his refusal to deny that he is a millionaire is all imagination?

            you sound like the guy who took 5 years to believe that the berlin wall had crumbled and communism had materially proved to be busted flush. something any sane person could have told him from about 1960.

            but, ye it is I who refuses to believe.

            course it is, Lindsey, luv.

          • David Lindsay

            reports in the times of 4.5million wealth is wrong

            Transparently, yes. Of course they are. How could they possibly be true? Where on earth is that money supposed to have come from?

          • HJ777
          • David Lindsay

            ed miliband owns a property portfolio believed to be worth £4.5 million according to the times.

            Believed by whom? Believed by the Internet, perhaps, which therefore repeats it endlessly. But it cannot possibly be true. Where on earth did he raise the money to buy that? It is ridiculous.

          • tastemylogos

            the times.

            lindsey, luv… the problem you have is that youve invested so much emotional capital into hatred of those of a conservative nature, that for you to even acknowledge that labour and those leading it, including the unions, are just as out of touch, removed from reality and stinking rich as the rest of the elite, would literally make your heart ache.

            in this light, i feel for you, i really do. but it just goes to show the inherent problems in taking a position premised in emotion rather than logic.

            i hope you manage to somehow reconcile your hitherto blinkered world view with reality in a way that wont make you cry yourself to sleep.

            good luck.

          • David Lindsay

            the times

            Nuff said.

            Kept going by Sun Bingo, and employs the likes of Kamm and Aaronovitch. Hardly a reliable source of information.

          • tastemylogos

            there are many more including the guardian. but you would grasp some reason not to believe it whoever it was. its what you do, youre intellectualy derilict.

          • David Lindsay

            He looks a bit like a badger and he deserves the same treatment for his position on Syria.

            As do you, just on principle.

            The Spectator now employs Harry Cole? I don’t know what the world is coming to! Really, I don’t. The Spectator now employs Harry Cole.

          • tastemylogos

            as i say. you would grasp onto any reason not to believe something you refuse to believe. youre intellectually derelict.

            he looks like a badger? whats your point? you own a girls name.

            it doesnt take anything away from this fact… millionaire miliband isnt as rich as millionaire cameron… boohoo.

          • tastemylogos

            i certainly did not agree with war on syria. just because i think youre a complete tit it doesnt mean m a neo-con/liberal interventionist.

            say hello, when you finally leave narnia

          • David Lindsay

            That was Aaronovitch. The problem with you is quite different.

          • tastemylogos

            milband aint a millionaire, right? haha. i want to dislike such dullards as a matter of principle but ultimately i find you endearing. a harmless, tortured little soul.

            despite the fact miliband IS a millionaire, you refuse to release your grip from the tenuous straws you clutch. such denial is sad but ultimately its your prerogative.

            i think this has run its course.

            when you set free your intellectual potential from the narnia land it currently lives in, please get in touch.

            get well soon, lindsey, luv. reality really isnt as bad as you think it is. tataa.

          • Barakzai

            ”The Spectator now employs Harry Cole? I don’t know what the world is coming to! Really, I don’t”. I know what you mean. The Guardian now employs Huhne.

          • Kennybhoy

            tastemylogos wrote:

            “…the problem you have is that you’ve invested so much emotional capital…”

            No. Young Maister David is a thoroughly cynical wannabe politician manque. Where he grew up and lives that meant being a Labourite.

          • grutchyngfysch

            Lindsay, you’ve got a very funny logic going on here. Rather than taking your conclusion from the facts – that the Milibands own a substantial property portfolio worth around £4.5m – you instead draw your conclusion from your perception that he must be from a genuinely “non-rich” family and think that the facts must be wrong.

            What I find truly risible, though, is your apparent need to waive away Labour MP’s wealth on the basis that they’re only offensively rich rather than grossly offensively rich like the Conservatives. When are you going to wake up to the fact that there is a political class (across all the parties) whose composition and character is only a few titles short of an aristocracy?

          • HJ777

            So still very rich then.

            I think it’s hard to understand the problems ordinary people have when you live in an inherited house and have never had to pay for one of your own with your own hard-earned money.

            That would also explain your lack of understanding, wouldn’t it, David, living as you do in an inherited house having never had to pay for one of your own.

          • rtj1211

            Well, lets start pairing them off shall we. Woodward can be paired with Cameron in the £30 – 50m brigade.

            I doubt Boris has any more than Margaret Hodge, quite possibly he’s down at the level of that oik from the Times, since both have piles near Highbury.

            Theresa May is certainly no better off than Harriet Harman and William Hague was a right pleb from Rotherham when he started out. Anything he’s got he made the hard way. I doubt he’s richer than Hodge, although he’ll be very comfortably off.

            Rory Stewart certainly won’t have got rich in the Army so I doubt he’s as rich as any of the Labour toffs mentioned in here.

            As for Nadine Dorries, I’d be amazed if she were worth more than £2m, property included. Dreadful pleb isn’t she? Couldn’t possibly be front-bench material in the Labour Party coming from that dive in Essex or wherever….

          • GUBU

            Please stop this, for your own sake if no-one else’s. David is impervious to rationale argument, as his posts demonstrate.

            I suspect he is also becoming impervious to the industrial quantities of sedatives that staff at his care facility administer to him each afternoon.

          • David Lindsay

            William Hague was a right pleb from Rotherham when he started out

            He was no such thing,. Not everyone from the North is a “pleb”. He is at least a second-generation multimillionaire. It probably goes back further than that. It usually does up here, and even more so in those days.

            Boris got into the Bullingdon Club. He is as rich as Cameron, or he would never have been let in, not in the same year.

            Dorries was a director of BUPA before entering Parliament. Her mother was a teacher, but that is hardly what you seem to have in mind. Again, not everyone from the North, etc.

          • jamie neale

            Why did you never reply to the Guardian listing http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/oct/09/ed-miliband-journalists-in-glass-houses step by step how Milliband acquired his obscene wealth? obscene as in the average hard working guy would not acquire it in this day and age. Or the fact he has lived his life from think tank to think tank and not on any ‘working class’ job. I have no issue with politicians having wealth the very idea of representative democracy is someone who is not you can empathise and represent you. But I object massively with the hypocrisy to start a class war. Labour elite have no real idea of the troubles i had growing up any more than the tory elite.

          • HJ777

            “Poorer”. Poor means having little wealth or possessions.

            You mean less rich.

          • Andrew MacGregor

            That’s the best you can come up with….? They’re ‘poorer’ than the front bench of the Govt? And their public schools and networks aren’t the Eton set?

            Goodness me, you must love this establishment run elective dictatorship.

            It doesn’t matter that both sides are deep in the pockets of the truly wealthy and that both have contempt for the electorate?

          • Steve

            David, you are being royally shafted by champagne socialist elite who throw sops your way by way of words and slogans and you continue to fall for it. Boxer must work harder indeed.

          • David Lindsay

            You missed the last General Election and all subsequent events, clearly.

          • Steve

            David, I’ve no idea what point your trying to make with that reply. Bottom line, some of the richest people in Parliament are on the Labour benches. Socialism is for the little people after all.

          • Richard Harris

            you lost this argument lol

          • Will

            I agree. To a point.
            And the point is that Labour with its ‘working class roots’ seems a world away, even from today’s working class.
            The Tories do not appear to worry about their wealth being an issue, but it is.

            The problem is that the further politicians of each side get from understanding the problems of the many, then we lose interest.

            My local MP, at the height of the expenses scandal tried to claim for a £2500 TV. If he’d gone to Currys or PC World then he might have been able to reduce his bill by half. In the event he went to Harrods – because we’ve all got an account there…..

      • PaulMJohnson

        Are suggesting that by reason of birth, Cameron and Osbourne should be excluded from pursuing a career in politics?

        It’s not their fault that they were born into wealth.

    • Graeme S

      I hate Burnham , a complete non entity . Is it me or does always looks as if he has eye mascara on !!

    • Andrew MacGregor

      It’s not the rank hypocrisy that rankles, but the fact most have made a bundle out of taxpayers whilst shafting taxpayers.

  • Ostercy

    Don’t agree with Labour attacking Tories over school backgrounds (Eton, etc). For both parties it’s irrelevant whether they are backing policies that “match” their “class” or not. It’s the policies that matter,

  • FellowHQ

    Good, solid journalism. Thank you. That must have taken some time to get together all the facts. Facts – the things lefties hate, and the Guardian will ignore.

    • Carfilhiot

      Good, solid journalism my backside. This is that cretin Harry Cole we’re talking about – it simply makes me wonder who the incompetent fool plagiarised it from since he is a talentless mass debater.

      • FellowHQ

        Hi everyone, I’m new on here, but is this typical of the level of debate here? A vulgar, ad hominem attack on the writer, which makes no effort to counter the facts or add to our knowledge?

        • Shazza

          Welcome. You will soon get used to all the loony leftie trolls here. The left always play the man and not the ball. This is because they have lost the argument and hence resort to ad hominem attacks. The hatred directed at the great Lady Thatcher perfectly illustrates this point.

          • FellowHQ

            Thanks Shazza, good to know. Hey, are you the one that turns up with Chardonnay and fags in time of crisis?

          • Shazza

            I think we are going to get on just fine!!

          • tastemylogos

            oi fellowHQ. Shazza is mine. find your own pseudonymised crumpet.

  • Flintshire Ian

    If the Conservative party still has any members by the next election, a copy of this article should be pushed through the letterbox of every council house and housing association property in Britain, so that traditional red rosette on a donkey labour voters have the chance to understand how far removed these people are from “labour”

  • aron lipshitz

    Robert Heinlein, the Science Fiction writer coined the expression TANSTAAFL–“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. But he didn’t know about being a politician in Britain—or their children.

    • george

      Finance people prefer TINSTAAFL, don’t they? ‘There is’ being as much to the point and slightly more proper. I’ve never heard one refer to TAN-stahffl (as it sounds), or CAMELSTAAFL or ECRUSTAAFL, for that matter.

  • Ian Walker

    The richest man in Parliament? I think you’re forgetting about the Other Place, young sir…

  • george

    ‘Bollinger bolsheviks’: love the lingo, despise the phenomenon.

  • rtj1211

    He’s following Tony Blair’s road to Damascus, isn’t he??

    Planning his sinecures after office/opposition most meticulously.

    After all, if he won’t be a gung ho warmonger he can’t become a Peace Envoy, an investment banking guru, can he??

    His brother’s better off: he can awash himself in McKinsey money and who knows what else now he’s kicked the habit of the HOC.

  • David Forman

    When was the last time Labour ministers went shopping in Lidl armed with a pen and paper to avoid getting to the tills without enough money to pay.

  • Erin Floy

    This content should have been entitled “The war of the hypocrites”.

    ethical coffee

  • John Anderson

    Oh come on Speccie, please…this is the most meaningless article I’ve read for ages. Just because you campaign on behalf of the less well off doesn’t mean that you have to be poor yourself. Come on, Speccie…this is drivel worthy of the BBC

  • Graeme S

    What really sticks in my craw is the fact that all not most of the Labour M.P.s are a complete bunch of wa**ers. How can these utter losers amass fortunes by never , repeat never having a proper job. How can Red Ed the son of a communist / Marxist be a feffing millionaire.
    Not one wonder everything is turned on its head…………….. They are not fit for public office, when are the public going to realise

  • zakisbak

    Get these counter revolutionary class traitors out in the fields toiling all day,followed by indoctrination,and then,maybe,a bowl of rice.
    I’m yet to meet a poor “socialist”.

  • zakisbak

    Ed Miliband’s Cristal Comrades shurely?

  • chan chan

    I used to work for a Bollinger Bolshevik in the 90s. He was in favour of massive income taxes, the state owning everything, all the usual lefty clap-trap. But he said he and his partners were making so much money in the seventies, they used to fly to Geneva with suitcases full of money to deposit so they could evade tax. Also used to raise money for New Labour.

  • roger

    It looks like the unionists who think there should be a ‘Real Labour’ for the real working class are quite right.
    Not the hypocrisy party.

  • Irva Green

    Let these people fight and ruin each others reputation.
    learn english

  • GFRF

    Sounds like the AFL-CIO in the states!
    We have rich labor union thugs here too.

  • Will

    I think the real problem is that Parliament is too rich. I’m not a hair-shirt sort of person, and I admire someone who can make something of their talents, but there has to be a limit.

    Margaret Hodge with her £millions, running the Public Accounts Committee – proletising about taxation, when her interests paid as little as possible, is about as amoral and offensive as it gets. Miliband and his London portfolio is sort-of justifiable in terms of house price increases, but as some have said below the hypocrisy is the key.

    Cameron et al, are all moneyed but seem to not worry about the effect this is having on the rest of us. Whilst we are juggling food, energy and mortgage bills, those that represent us are living in a different world. Would it be too much to ask that those that represent us reflect the lifestyles that we all have, and not one that we aspire to?

  • Stuart

    Piece verging on the idiotic by somebody who doesn’t understand what politics is about. I don’t care if Ed Miliband is the richest man in the country, it’s about the principle —the Labour Party believe in helping and fighting for working people, the Tories believe in hitting them the hardest when it comes to difficult economic times. The main reason why Mr. Cole has no clue about British politics? The belief that Miliband’s cabinet is left of centre! Give over. It’s hardly Attlee, Dalton, and Bevin.

  • Paul Ryan Lee

    Labour Ministers were stocking up on BTL in 2001 before blowing one of the biggest property bubbles ever (property prices trebled). I dare say Tories in opposition were tipped a wink too. How the likes of Michael Meacher can regard themselves as socialist is amazing. “They are all in it together” We have basically four ‘rentier’ parties. Some choice!

  • Natasha Alexandra

    What about the fact Hillary is a tax cheat? that hypocritically campaigns for the tax she evades paying!
    has anyone else read this? How come the GOP arent running with this story which is all over the UK about Clinton? http://www.europeanknightsproject.org/#!hillary-clinton-is-a-tax-cheat-evader-/ciyl

  • Natasha Alexandra

    I want to do everything in my power to see that Hillary Clinton will not get elected and will share controversial articles on sites around the world that show Hillary for the fraud she is. The American media ignores how much of a fraud and danger this woman is. Here is a story most Americans will not have read or even heard about! HILLARY CLINTON EVADES PAYING THE DEATH/ESTATE TAX SHE CAMPAIGNS TO RISE
    This is a true must read and share.


  • Tegwyn Hill

    I have nothing against wealth, goodness knows I would like a slice of it. However after reading most of this I think I know the reason why Ed is so adamant about staying in the EU and it has nothing to do with jobs or trade.

  • Anita Bellows

    Should not you declare a vested interest about Emily Thornberry or at least your boss?

  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    “and an is Old Paulina herself” should read “and is an ” etc

  • JFT96

    What a load of rubbish. Blaming people for theri parents leaving them money is like blaming someone for being born somewhere. If HC thinks New Lab are Socialist then he needs a check up from the neck up.