LINEAGE £12 per line

First 3 words in bold capitals

• The remaining copy is in lowercase lightface

• Minimum 4 lines (No discount available)

LINEAGE Plus £15 per

• Text centred and enclosed in two bold green lines.

• The heading and contact details also highlighted

• Minimum 5 lines (Discount Available)

TEXT BOX……………. £35 per single column cm

• Minimum 3 cm

DISPLAY……………. £56 per single column cm

• Minimum 4 cm

Quarter Page £1,120
Half Page £2,240
Full Page £4,928

Quarter Page 100mm high x 90mm wide
Half Page 100mm high x 185 mm wide
Full Page 220mm high x 185 mm wide
1 column width 42.5mm
2 column width 90mm
3 column width 135mm
4 column width 185mm

The Spectator has a 4-column classifieds page format

All prices quoted before V.A.T where applicable

Booking deadline: Friday 5 p.m. eight days before publication

Copy deadline: Monday 10 a.m. the week of publication.

Display copy to be sent to the production team at: classified@spectator.co.uk

or Tel: +44 (0)20 7961 0243

The Spectator is published on a Thursday with a Saturday cover date.

Enquiries to: Paul Bentley

Tel: +44 (0)20 7961 0090

Email: paul.bentley@spectator.co.uk