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Since 1828 The Spectator has been renowned for having opinions, often surprising and provocative but always elegantly and humorously expressed. We provide challenging views for interesting people and make no apologies for being opinionated but we are never dull and neither are our readers!

The Spectator is the world’s longest continually published magazine in the English language, we are now in our 184th year. Our website was created five years ago to continue and develop our social and political commentary in a blogging/social media style. Our 83% AB, male, highly educated and opinionated audience (320k unique users) generate around 2.5 million page impressions per month. 

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Online display advertising rate card:

Leaderboard (728 x 90) £30cpm

MPU (300 x 250) £35cpm

Creative specification:

  • Max file size for load is 50k.
  • Copy can be submitted as a Flash file with click tag embedded or as a gif file with click through URL attached.
  • Copy deadline is 7 days prior to live date.

Other advertising opportunities:

  • Email data
  • App ad sponsorship
  • Site section sponsorship
  • Page takeovers
  • Advertorial
  • Competition

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Display Advertisement Rates


Site Price
Run of magazine £5,078
Fixed Positions:
Site Price
Outside Back Cover £6,222
Facing Leader £5,839
Facing Contents £5,686
Facing Diary £5,586
1st Right Hand £5,839
2nd Right Hand £5,586
Fixed Sections:
Site Price
Front Half Right Hand £5,331
Front Half £5,332
Business Section £5,230
Style and Travel Section £5,230
Facing Books Editorial £5,180
Facing Arts Editorial £5,180

Double Page Spreads

Site Price
Run of Magazine £10,054
Inside Front Cover £12,431
Front Half £10,457


Site Price
Half Page Run of Magazine £2,765
Half Page Front Half £3,041
Half Double Column / Single Column(Run of Magazine) £2,350
Half Single Column on Diary or LettersPages £1,698

All fractional space will be subject to a 10% increase in rate if run in the front half.

Inserts £65 per thousand, plus postage (£1.15 per additional grm per thousand over ten grams)


10% Commission to recognised agencies.

Cancellations cannot be accepted later than 6 weeks prior to publication date.

For advertising please contact The Spectator advertising team on TEL 020 7961 0128 or 020 7961 0200 or email

For technical specifications for The Spectator please call David Brabin in Production on 0207 961 0242 or email

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