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Election diary

28 March 2015

It’s just six days before the Israeli elections. Bibi versus Buji and Tzipi. Labor’s Isaac ‘Buji’ Herzog and Hatnuah’s Tzipora ‘Tzipi’ Livni are running together on the Zionist Union ticket… Read more


21 March 2015

By the time the audience hear Lateline’s newly remixed opening song begin to play on Monday night, the show has been off the air for 13 weeks. During that long… Read more


14 March 2015

After I fell off my chair again, it was time to get ready for the launch of the Intergenerational Report (IGR). As I re-read the IGR, it did strike me… Read more

Vietnamese Diary

7 March 2015

I had been loitering around some dreadlocked types, working up the courage to join the conversation, when the people smuggler sat down next to me. Actually, that might not be… Read more

Diarist’s Diary

28 February 2015

‘At a certain point, you go, there’s a human-being here and you would think this must be incredibly bruising.’ Greg San Miguel is looking at me intently, trying to decide… Read more

Australian diary

21 February 2015

I blame the BBQ ribs. Rowan Dean, Peter Van Onselen, Troy Bramston and I had just finished a great dinner at a steakhouse close to Sky News’ studios. Over the… Read more

Oxford diary

14 February 2015

Oxford students being the custodians of Western civilisation, I expect a big rollup of young tweed eager for a dose of great chamber music (between drinking games) at one of… Read more

Californian diary

7 February 2015

The American Republic has always been characterized by great political families. From earliest days, from the Adams and the Harrisons through to the Roosevelts and the Rockefellers, elite families have… Read more

Zimbabwean diary

24 January 2015

It’s time to try my hand at currency exchange with the tourist touts of Zimbabwe. I manage to get one billion to one. I buy the $100,000,000,000 Zimbabwe note for… Read more

Intern’s diary

17 January 2015

Four months in Washington D.C., interning on Capitol Hill sounded pretty good to a kid who was addicted to The West Wing at 14. In reality, time spent exploring the… Read more

Holiday diary

10 January 2015

Holidays are a time to abandon the comfort zone and try new things. So when my mate Adam Brereton, an editor at the Guardian Australia, graciously offers to introduce me… Read more


Lima diary

3 January 2015

Peru is a delight to the senses, from its fusion of ancient native and European, principally Spanish, cultures. This is reflected in every facet of life, from its world-renowned cuisine,… Read more


13 December 2014

I’ve been to Kirribilli House only twice. John Howard had little time for the Melbourne media, and I suspect did not consider me staunch. Fair call: I was the first… Read more

Islamic diary

6 December 2014

Australia originally appeared to me in the form of a boyfriend. A fellow student brought him home one evening without explanation except that he was a mechanic and it was… Read more

Australian diary

29 November 2014

The Israeli’s and I didn’t get off to the best start. Maybe they just didn’t like the cut of my jib; my intimidating 5’2” frame, my name, the contents of… Read more

Indian diary

22 November 2014

Not your usual welcome. The duty manager at New Delhi’s Taj Palace Hotel greets me on arrival. Two sari-clad and bejeweled young ladies are alongside. One paints a small dot,… Read more

Australian Diary

15 November 2014

‘Australia – love it and leave it’ says my t-shirt. The good news is that kindly sponsors are flying me back to London first class. The bad news is that… Read more

Medical diary

8 November 2014

Among the delusions I use to warm myself in the bleak midwinter, channeling Dr Who is not one. But as the 17th editor of The Medical Journal, now concluding its… Read more


1 November 2014

The last week in parliament has been the political equivalent of a burger with the lot. The PM’s whistle-stop tour to Indonesia for the inauguration of its president, the passing… Read more


25 October 2014

I am an atheist, not one of those leftie agro ones. I respect people who have faith; I just don’t share it. That means my cathedrals are not limited to… Read more

Austro-Sino diary

11 October 2014

Austria is one of those nations which is known by everybody, but visited by few. Though considered to be within the very epicentre of Europe, economically, culturally and technologically it’s… Read more

Diary Australia

4 October 2014

Riding to work just seems obvious from this range: an easy 15 minutes from Fitzroy to the Southbank home of the ABC. It’s one of the true and simple pleasures… Read more

Labour MP Annette King waves to media before a Labour leadership meeting at Parliament on November 20, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. Image: Getty

Diary Australia

27 September 2014

Every three years in New Zealand, incumbent politicians must hit the campaign trail. Since 2008, I have chased votes in the Rongotai electorate. My Labour opponent, Annette King, has held… Read more


13 September 2014

The first week of September marks not only the first anniversary of the election of the Abbott Government, but the seventy-fifth anniversary of Britain’s declaration of war against Nazi Germany.… Read more

Polynesian diary

6 September 2014

Speccie Oz editor Rowan Dean called, sounding incredulous. His mother had just rung him. Radio 2GB said I was eloping to French Polynesia, was it true? Er, yes, but don’t… Read more