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Bottom drawer

30 August 2014

The reaction of liberals and conservatives to the Abbott Government dropping its plans to reform Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act was in equal measure angry and dismayed. Culture… Read more

Internet MANA Party-On-Tour

Mavericks and ratbags threaten the NZ Nationals

30 August 2014

When he announced in March that New Zealanders would go to the polls on September 20, Prime Minister John Key could have confidently anticipated a cruisy ride. Economic growth was… Read more

Gorton vs McMahon: the secret memo

30 August 2014

Former Prime Minister John Grey Gorton walked into the office of his successor, Billy McMahon, on the afternoon of 12 August 1971. Both men knew that a showdown between them… Read more


Smash the Islamic State

30 August 2014

Apologies to the fiercely Marx-minded readers of The Spectator Australia, but: a spectre is haunting the West, the spectre of interventionism. One may recall Irving Kristol’s famous remark that neoconservatives… Read more


Shorten comes clean

30 August 2014

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has revealed police have cleared him of an allegation that dates back nearly 61 weeks. Canberra police say the investigation has been finalised and no… Read more


Ebola – the next move?

30 August 2014

Ebola is not the last major epidemic we will experience in the endless game of chess we are forced to play with the microbial world where we seem destined to… Read more


Touting for abuse

23 August 2014

For well over a year now, the Royal Commission on child sex abuse has been trundling its inquisitional way around the country like Judge Jeffreys and his assizes. Soon its… Read more


Tony’s baby deserves a bright future

23 August 2014

Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme is a prescient policy. Efforts to kill it off, both from within his party and from without, are at best short-sighted, at worst envious.… Read more

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Visits London

Bottom drawer

23 August 2014

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared war on Scotland. On the front page of the Times no less. In an interview with that great London paper – covering everything from… Read more


Sex, lies and rock ‘n’ roll

23 August 2014

The Brevet Sergeant from the Sex Crimes Unit who came to my office late in 2010 hastened to assure me that there were no allegations against me. He simply wanted… Read more

Gillard Defeats Rudd In Leadership Battle

Tony Abbott – the new David Cameron?

16 August 2014

I remember when Tony Abbott won the leadership of the Coalition by one vote of caucus. I was a fan. Here was someone who was prepared to take a stand… Read more

Abbott Flies Into Sydney To Campaign With Three Days To Go

Drowning in a sea of factional self-interests

16 August 2014

Are Tony Abbott and Mike Baird drowning or just waving? By not reaching for Liberal hero John Howard’s lifeline of fundamental reform of the NSW Liberal Party, they may be… Read more


I’m being stalked by Facebook

16 August 2014

I don’t recall how it happened but some time ago I got signed up for Facebook. Why I’m not sure because I have never used it, partly because I find… Read more

Pro-Israeli Rally Held In Sydney

Labor must not turn its back on Israel

16 August 2014

Like many supporters of Israel across the Australian community, I am stunned by the erosion of sympathy and advocacy within the Labor Party in defence of the only democratic nation… Read more


It’s time to stop funding ‘elite’ sports

9 August 2014

Something just shook to the core Australians’ boundless confidence in their own manifest destiny: the Poms creamed Australia in the medal count in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  For the first… Read more


Betraying Israel for the Muslim vote

9 August 2014

When a political party changes a long-standing policy platform, it indicates a change in the mood of the voting public; an urgency to come to grips with an issue of… Read more

Reaction To Loss Of 27 Australians In Air Malaysia Plane Disaster In Eastern Ukraine

A dark day for Australia

9 August 2014

In caving into censorious chattering-class pressure and ditching its plans to reform Section 18C, the Federal government has failed its own free-speech test. George Brandis set the test when I… Read more

Black and deep desires: Melita Jurisic as Lady Macbeth, Hugo Weaving as Macbeth

Dark star

2 August 2014

The cover of the programme for Sydney Theatre Company’s minimalist new Macbeth is as stripped as Birnam Wood will be by the play’s end. There are no words — no… Read more

Aussie superheros

2 August 2014

Recently I was sent a graphic novel, or as we might have called it in the past, a collection of comic strips. This hardback volume, published (with the help of… Read more

Menzies: wanted Winston’s job

Ming was not a nationalist

2 August 2014

The Liberal party has moved much further to the right than in the days of its illustrious founder Sir Robert Menzies. While the party continues to celebrate Menzies’s life and… Read more

So much for the claimthat Labor is reformist

2 August 2014

In the wake of Labor’s 2013 defeat, where its primary vote sank to its lowest level since 1931, we’ve been told ad nauseam by national party leaders and the commentariat… Read more

Hockey and the dole

26 July 2014

It is no surprise that social workers are completely unmoved by Joe Hockey’s call to end the age of entitlement. Through their peak body, ACOSS, they are opposing the government’s… Read more

Who’s afraid of Vladimir Putin?

Stand up to a bully

26 July 2014

Tony Abbott’s clarion call for action against Russia after the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine was, to many in Europe, almost a throwback to a… Read more

Infamous confrontation: Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee at the WACA, November 1981

Magic moments

26 July 2014

The first ever Test match that Australia played against Pakistan was a classic. It was October 1956 and the Baggy Greens were on their way home after losing to a… Read more

Two Roses (2005)

A legendary artist

In the early 1960s Robert Dickerson gave his father a collection of his paintings. Regarding them as a waste of time, his father burnt them all. ‘They didn’t encourage my… Read more