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Hockey and the dole

26 July 2014

It is no surprise that social workers are completely unmoved by Joe Hockey’s call to end the age of entitlement. Through their peak body, ACOSS, they are opposing the government’s… Read more

Who’s afraid of Vladimir Putin?

Stand up to a bully

26 July 2014

Tony Abbott’s clarion call for action against Russia after the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine was, to many in Europe, almost a throwback to a… Read more

Infamous confrontation: Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee at the WACA, November 1981

Magic moments

26 July 2014

The first ever Test match that Australia played against Pakistan was a classic. It was October 1956 and the Baggy Greens were on their way home after losing to a… Read more

Two Roses (2005)

A legendary artist

In the early 1960s Robert Dickerson gave his father a collection of his paintings. Regarding them as a waste of time, his father burnt them all. ‘They didn’t encourage my… Read more


Not at our expense

19 July 2014

That a single cent of public money was spent on the Fifa World Cup is a disgrace. The fact that the Brazilian government has contrived to spend between 15 and… Read more

Bush telegraph: get the message

Big smoke vs region

19 July 2014

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the bush. I could continue but I am sure you discern my drift. Those who have lived in large metropolises, unless they have previously owned huge… Read more

Newspaper legends… Rupert Murdoch with Chris Mitchell

The Oz turns 50

12 July 2014

Who would have thought, 50 years on, this country would still be talking about the Australian? When Rupert Murdoch started his national daily broadsheet in 1964 most people would have… Read more

Salisbury Cathedral's Magna Carta Granted World Heritage Status

Magna Carta turns 800

12 July 2014

We all know that next year’s centenary of Gallipoli is a big deal. But were you aware of another important milestone in 2015: the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta,… Read more

Robert Menzies: a tale of redemption

The art of political comebacks

5 July 2014

Most people learn from their mistakes and failures — even politicians. Some of us even get a second chance to prove the lessons were learned. At the heart of Menzies… Read more

PM Rudd Holds First Media Conference Since Regaining Leadership

How Kevin Rudd nearly destroyed Labor

5 July 2014

Phew! That’s a relief. Labor’s long-awaited review into why it was soundly trounced in 2013 by the hated, reviled, moronic, idiotic, cretinous, stumble-bum Tony Abbott has delved deep into the… Read more

Rolf Harris CBE, child abuser

Be grateful this criminal left your lucky country

5 July 2014

It is not the least tragic aspect of the case of Rolf Harris that when Reader’s Digest Australia compiled a list of the country’s 100 most trusted people, the man… Read more

The Recognise T-shirt. Display solidarity, $18.70

Recognise what?

28 June 2014

The Recognise brand offers a great deal to the consumer-activist. The recognise.org.au website provides advice on how to get involved in this ‘people’s movement to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait… Read more

Vienna Opera Ball

Just another witch hunt

28 June 2014

One of the most admirable things about Australia is that no witches were ever burnt here. As Nick Cater has pointed out, where Oz’s close cousins America and Britain must… Read more


Our lone wolves

28 June 2014

We all know about the crucifying sadists who comprise the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). But did you know that Australia, according to Time, is the highest contributor,… Read more


Let’s learn from the mess-in-potamia

What a mess Iraq is! And how dangerously close Tony Abbott has come to compounding Australia’s contribution to it with his loose and ignorant talk about sending in Australian forces… Read more


Tony the tradie can fix it

21 June 2014

The Top Tucker Takeaway near my Melbourne suburban office just changed owners, and the other day I ordered a large hot chocolate and was charged $5. Previously the price was… Read more

Protesters Rally Against Government's Budget

A revenue raiser

21 June 2014

Let’s see if I have this right. There is a ‘budget emergency’ that’s entirely the fault of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government, before which the administration of the Australian economy was marked… Read more


The copayment is counterproductive

14 June 2014

For a ‘no surprises’ government there sure were a lot of surprises in the budget. The government has taken a large bite. The last thing it needed was to start… Read more

Dinner party anti-Semitism

14 June 2014

‘I hate f-—ing Jews!’ screeched one dinner guest, his face contorted in rage only millimetres in front of mine. It was quite an unexpected spray; delivered with the added impetus… Read more

Bootstraps: Malcolm Turnbull

One of us

14 June 2014

What is it about Malcolm Turnbull? It seems that everyone in polite society is chatting about the maverick communications minister. Since he took on the media beasts Alan Jones and… Read more


Little Scotlanders

7 June 2014

 London. Australians are well known as admirers of the Ealing comedy, and no art form has ever been invented that would do more justice to the current debate about whether… Read more


Turnbull lives on

7 June 2014

The Liberal party, its leaders are fond of claiming, is a broad church. But even the walls of St Paul’s would be creaking if they tried to contain the giant… Read more


Not in Howard’s image

7 June 2014

The morning after the budget, the repudiations predictably arrived. But there is no doubt that one critique hurt Tony Abbott more than others. ‘I wouldn’t underestimate the impact of [the… Read more

Lacklustre, pompous: Linda Cropper and Philip Quast

Grateful dead

7 June 2014

You would think that Australia in general and the Melbourne Theatre Company in particular would be up to a production of Ghosts. Ibsen’s extraordinary drama of sex and guilt and… Read more

Students Protest Deregulation Of Higher Education

Campus riff-raff

31 May 2014

What a weird consequence of the budget nightmare. Of all the surprises of this new Abbott Era, perhaps the biggest is that the Socialist Alternative still exists in this country.… Read more