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19 April 2014

Bob Carr’s Diary of a Foreign Minister is further evidence for those who need it. Years ago the late John Wheeldon, once a minister in the Whitlam government, was guest… Read more

12 April 2014

My modest proposal for the reform of the Labor party is to relieve Billy Shorten of his duties and make Senator Honest Joe (‘a lot of them are mad’) Bullock… Read more

5 April 2014

I am in John Howard’s corner rather than Tony Abbott’s on the great question of knights and dames. But the only people who work themselves into a lather on the… Read more

29 March 2014

Until recently the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement was on its last legs in Australia. Few Australians had heard of Jake Lynch of Sydney University’s Centre for Peace and… Read more

22 March 2014

Cheers all round for Andrew Bolt who extracted an apology, however grudging, from the ABC for broadcasting false and defamatory slurs on him! One for the books! For a hundred… Read more

15 March 2014

An Aborigine, an Arab and a Jew enter a public bar. They look more worried than angry as they bear down on two Aussies who are having a quiet beer… Read more

8 March 2014

What an eccentric case the Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane mounted against the federal government’s proposal to amend section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act — the ‘Andrew Bolt clause’… Read more

1 March 2014

The Labor party and many journalists are scandalised (‘aghast’, ‘outraged’) by the Abbott government’s decision to accede to a request by Royal Commissioner Hanger for access to Cabinet papers concerning… Read more

22 February 2014

In his eloquent ‘Closing the Gap’ speech Tony Abbott’s call to all Australians ‘to open their hearts’ to Aborigines was far more effective than Paul Keating in his Redfern speech… Read more

15 February 2014

A new class war is being mounted between those who feel for Schapelle Corby in her long ordeal in an Indonesian prison for her marijuana offence and those who dismiss… Read more

15 February 2014

Now that I’ve moved into the silly old duffer age bracket, a lot of invitations to film festivals, as a jury member, turn up on email. I couldn’t resist the… Read more

8 February 2014

When Senator Eric Abetz was a raw youth of 23, he had what he calls an ‘instructive’ experience. A newly graduated lawyer from Tasmania, he joined the 1985 group in… Read more

John Pilger and Aboriginal elder Bronwyn Kunis-Monks (Photo: Getty)

1 February 2014

A footnote to the Dolce Affair in which the literary-political magazine Overland has banned the work of the songwriter and poet Joe Dolce because of his guilty association with Quadrant.… Read more

25 January 2014

Almost every newspaper in the world from China to Peru has an opinion, usually censorious, about President Hollande of France and the women in his life. The Kathmandu Post, for… Read more

18 January 2014

To start with a story: long years ago in 1978 Mary Lady Fairfax hosted a dinner in her Point Piper home Fairwater at which the guest of honour was Baron… Read more

11 January 2014

John Howard tells the story about a public meeting organised by the Women’s Electoral Lobby back in 1974 when he was first a candidate for Bennelong. He was asked his… Read more

Captain Arthur Phillip's statue in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Photo: GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty)

4 January 2014

Advice to new graduates from an old Chief Justice of Australia, Murray Gleeson: ‘To think against the spirit of the age you must have courage. To speak against it you… Read more

14 December 2013

Hal Colebatch — lawyer, historian, poet, novelist — tells the story that, when speaking a few years ago to a Rotary Club in Perth, he mentioned in passing the damage… Read more

7 December 2013

One or two obtuse observers expressed surprise that Martin Sharp came in the end to embrace conservative values. He even went to church! The point is he was always a… Read more

30 November 2013

Tony Abbott is right. Too much is being made of the Governor-General’s ‘injudicious’ support for republicanism and gay marriage. It is more likely to damage her standing than the monarchy… Read more

23 November 2013

The protest rally across the road from Parliament in Sydney was no lynch mob. They were ordinary, mostly elderly people who support police and think judges are too soft. They… Read more


16 November 2013

Mr Keating cannot help himself. The solemnity and splendour of the Remembrance Day service in a drizzling Canberra was a deeply moving occasion. It was marred only by some of… Read more

9 November 2013

In his call to arms at the black-tie dinner in Sydney Town Hall celebrating the Lowy Institute’s tenth anniversary, Rupert Murdoch — one of the few in a simple neck-tie… Read more

2 November 2013

Good to see the names of another 11 writers added to the Circular Quay Writers’ Walk in Sydney. But can anyone explain why there is still no plaque for the… Read more

26 October 2013

The offence of the Greens, especially Adam Bandt, in blaming the bushfires on Tony Abbott is not that they politicised a ghastly situation. Almost all commentators have scored political points.… Read more