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5 September 2015

I had never met the Minister for Finance in NSW, Dominic Perrottet, and knew little about him when I went to hear him launch Brendan O’Neill’s first Australian book, A… Read more

1 August 2015

The Prime Minister and the journalist Greg Sheridan go back a long way. The other evening in Sydney’s Parliament House, Tony Abbott launched Sheridan’s new memoir When We Were Young… Read more

4 July 2015

Who won the wooden spoon for obtuseness among the swarm of the ABC’s apologists for putting Zaky Mallah on Q&A? Barrie Cassidy? He, with the Lindt café siege fresh in… Read more

27 June 2015

I had occasion the other day to dig up a piece I had written 50 years ago for Geoffrey Dutton’s symposium of 1966, Australia and the Monarchy. What prompted me… Read more

20 June 2015

It was back in the mists of time but I easily recall the day in September 1961 when I dropped in to the NSW District Court to listen to what… Read more

13 June 2015

The redoubtable Andrew Bolt wants a referendum on same sex marriage. Edmund Burke gave the best and traditional answer to government by referendum in his famous Speech to the Electors… Read more

6 June 2015

The Royal Commission into child abuse has already done enormous service in establishing, and making public, the vast range of abuse in those religious and secular institutions that have responsibility… Read more

30 May 2015

Good advice from the (Anglican) Church of Ireland: ‘We now sincerely urge a spirit of generosity both from those for whom the result of the referendum represents triumph, and from… Read more

23 May 2015

The latest conflict of Church and State in New South Wales began when the state’s education department banned the use of two Anglican texts in the (optional) church-related religious classes… Read more

16 May 2015

For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard… Matthew 20.1. First… Read more

9 May 2015

I have to concede that I was one of those who long years ago fell for a time under the spell of the late Henry Mayer (1919-1991). He persuaded me… Read more

2 May 2015

It will get worse before it gets worse… This is how the head of French intelligence described the current state of world terrorism to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. It was… Read more

25 April 2015

Malcolm Turnbull is never far from the front pages (or even the covers of men’s fashion magazines!) usually with stories about his popularity, competence, and prime ministerial drive. But no… Read more

18 April 2015

I have over the years passed up many an opportunity to hear Keysar Trad in the flesh. Publicist, poet, media tart and ‘community organiser’, he is perhaps the most famous… Read more

11 April 2015

The mystique of Anzac Day has always been a challenge to historians. The troops of several countries at Gallipoli fought with great courage and honour but only Australians have turned… Read more

4 April 2015

Where can the ALP turn? As the NSW election made plain, the Coalition occupies the reforming Centre and the Greens are taking over the Left. The result in NSW is… Read more

28 March 2015

It was the only local meeting that I managed to get to in the NSW election campaigns. I expected the usual rough and tumble, with plenty of fiery heckling and… Read more

21 March 2015

It was more a rally of old hands recalling the glory days than a standard book launch. The venue was Sydney’s Gleebooks. The speaker was Michael Kirby, former august High… Read more

14 March 2015

In taking action for defamation Treasurer Joe Hockey is breaking a great Parliamentary convention, according to Mark Latham. He was speaking in Hockey’s electorate for the launch of his new… Read more

7 March 2015

The influential American journal Foreign Affairs has not published an article about Australian foreign policy for fifty years. Prime Minister Menzies was given space in 1965 at the time of… Read more

28 February 2015

It was one of the Prime Minister’s best speeches. He was clear, eloquent and convincing. Clear about the terrorist threats we face, eloquent about the liberal values we defend, and… Read more

21 February 2015

There were no milling TV crews or reporters at Peter Costello’s launch last week in Melbourne of the new edition of my Memoirs of a Slow Learner (Connor Court). It… Read more

14 February 2015

Quos deus vult perdere, prius dementat – with apologies to Boswell. (‘Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.’) I was one of those who wrongly predicted a far… Read more

7 February 2015

The remarkable thing about Tony Abbott’s speech to the National Press Club was how unremarkable it was. There were no great flights of oratory, no grand calls for Apologies, national… Read more

31 January 2015

The Queen has conferred knighthoods on the Americans Bill Gates and Norman Schwarzkopf. She appointed South Africa’s Nelson Mandela to the Order of Merit (along with John Howard.) Prince Philip… Read more