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What I’ve learned helping to found a specialist free school

5 September 2015

King’s College London Mathematics School is precisely one year old. And on 13 August it woke up to AS-level results that make it one of the ten best state schools… Read more


Alison Wolf on power, politics and porn

22 June 2013

Awards ceremonies are big. People love cheering the walk to the podium, love it even more when they’re the ones on the carpet. But to pick up an Adult Movies… Read more


The unfair sex - how feminism created a new class divide

27 April 2013

James is 15 years old, coming up to his GCSEs; and the researcher he is talking to is clueless about girls. Yes, he tells her, girls at his school, underage… Read more


28 May 2011

In C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books, the children walk through the back of a wardrobe to enter a different universe. For the past eight months, I’ve done it via a single… Read more