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Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson

5 November 2011
Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Walter Isaacson

Little Brown, pp.656, 25

America has always idolised its entrepreneurs, even when it has proved a thankless task — if you can glamorise Bill Gates, you can glamorise anyone. Especially Steve Jobs, whose death… Read more

A menacing corruption

20 August 2011
All the Time in the World E.L. Doctorow

Little Brown, pp.277, 12.99

E. L. Doctorow became an American household name with the publication of Ragtime in 1975. It was a jaunty book (later a successful movie) which lightened an American mood darkened… Read more

A far cry from Dr Finlay

2 July 2011
A.J.Cronin Alan Davies

Alma Books, pp.384, 20

If he is remembered at all, A.J. Cronin is known now for Dr Finlay’s Casebook, which ran for many years on both BBC television and radio, and today resonates with… Read more

Bad enemy, worse lover

11 December 2010
Saul Bellow: Letters Benjamin Taylor (ed)

Penguin Classics, pp.608, 30

Five years after his death, Saul Bellow’s literary reputation has yet to suffer the usual post-mortem slump, and publication of these lively letters should help sustain his standing. Five years… Read more

Andrew Rosenheim

28 August 2004

Pentwater, Michigan This is America’s heartland, the ‘flyover country’ usually seen by British visitors only from an aeroplane window as they head west for the coast. It’s a land of… Read more