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Sorry, but I can’t hate Atos. Here’s why

14 March 2015

I was signed off work five years ago. I had lost my job and was, unsurprisingly, feeling low; I went to see my GP, as I was having difficulty sleeping.… Read more


Send in the clowns - how comedy ate British politics

24 January 2015

Something funny is happening in this country. Our comedians are becoming politicians and our politicians are becoming comedians — and public life is turning into an endless stream of jokes.… Read more

Granville Sharp

The conservative anti-slavery hero who Belle leaves out

14 June 2014

Americans make movies about slavery and its abolition. In the past two years we’ve seen the Oscar-winning Twelve Years a Slave, based on a 19th-century slave narrative, and Django Unchained,… Read more

WASHINGTON, D.C.., NOVEMBER 6, 2013: British comedians Sanderso

The church of self-worship: Sunday morning with the atheists

22 February 2014

I had always assumed that the one thing atheism had going for it was that you could have a lie-in on Sundays. For the past year, however, an atheist church… Read more


Shalom, I'm Santa — how to be Father Christmas in diverse North London 

7 December 2013

Twenty of us are gathered in the management suite of a shopping centre to learn about benchmarking grotto deliverables, exceeding customer expectations and, inevitably, Elf-and-Safety. Most are tiny teenage girls;… Read more

Room Service

What the butler did

10 November 2012

What has happened to butlers? They used to be the epitome of discretion and loyalty: but last week the Pope’s former butler, Paolo Gabriele, began an 18-month prison sentence for… Read more

Keeler photocall - London

The new Establishment

22 September 2012

The Establishment Club reopens in Soho this week, and it is easy to see why. Peter Cook started the original club in 1961, when there was an unpopular Conservative government,… Read more


Edinburgh notebook

25 August 2012

One of the rites of passage for a comedian is walking through the rain at the Edinburgh Fringe, looking down and seeing one of your own flyers being trampled underfoot.… Read more