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Heard the one about me…?

1 November 2014

Gough Whitlam is the greatest Australian I ever knew. I followed his career avidly, joining Labor at the same time he became leader. These are among my fondest memories of… Read more

Bush telegraph: get the message

Big smoke vs region

19 July 2014

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the bush. I could continue but I am sure you discern my drift. Those who have lived in large metropolises, unless they have previously owned huge… Read more

People hold up banners as they gather to

We’re not the real culprits

31 May 2014

Suddenly Australians have become obsessed with freedom, particularly ‘freedom of speech’. For that we can thank the Prime Minister who decided to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act… Read more


Stop ringing me!

22 March 2014

It was 6.30 when the phone rang and dinner had just been served. ‘Which telephone company do you represent?’ I asked. ‘How did you know?’ ‘Just a wild guess.’ ‘Is… Read more

History of Apartheid in South Africa

Where were you during apartheid?

14 December 2013

It was the second session of the 27th parliament, 3 March 1970. The House was sitting for the first time since John Gorton had been re-elected as Prime Minister. On… Read more

Caring for your koala

2 March 2013

Most Australians are unaware that the 31st President of the United States of America, Herbert Hoover, was also the patron saint of koalas. Early after European settlement, koalas were hunted… Read more


Bring ’em back in

12 January 2013

It was 1963 and I had been a member of the Labor party for just six months. I was however confused. Having joined to save the world, not to remove… Read more

Standing at the altar

20 October 2012

There are moments during a parliamentary debate when I conclude that some of my erstwhile colleagues are doolally. I felt that way when I watched the parliamentary television debate about… Read more

Don’t tie me kangaroo down with red tape

10 September 2011

Bureaucrats are no friends of the wildlife conservation movement    For over a century Australia has annually culled two to three million kangaroos (eastern and western greys, reds and wallaroos).… Read more

Bushfires are the real emissions problem

30 July 2011

Carbon cap, carbon dioxide, carbon emissions, carbon fibre, carbon footprint, carbon market, carbon monoxide, carbon permits, carbon sequestration, carbon sink, carbon tax. Had enough? These are just a sample of… Read more

No room in Parliament for one of its crippled veterans

9 July 2011

Life with a cane has turned me into one of those bolshy ‘disabled’ types I once scorned I can’t recall when it was that I first noticed, but as one… Read more

Fast forward to a Zero Road Toll

16 April 2011

It’s time to stop blaming drivers for road deaths and let engineers do their jobs First the good news. Barry O’Farrell has promised to reduce the confusing number of speed… Read more

The Nervous Nellies could use some of Chifley’s spirit

26 November 2009

Our 16th PM contested his seat ten times over 25 years, but today’s MPs panic after one negative poll, says Barry Cohen A friend of mine was a practising psephologist… Read more

This isn’t Britain: there’s no expenses scandal here

17 June 2009

Hypocritical journalists are going after MPs, but they won’t find the juicy story they’re looking for, says Barry Cohen Australia’s Constitution states: ‘Until the Parliament otherwise provides, each senator and… Read more

An unacceptable ‘sport’

10 June 2009

The Northern Territory’s plan to support crocodile hunting is as nonsensical as it is barbaric, says Barry Cohen There are a number of situations where killing animals is acceptable. Those… Read more

There’s more to opposition than simply opposing

13 May 2009

Malcolm Turnbull’s lack of new ideas keeps the Coalition languishing on the wrong side of the house, says Barry Cohen ‘The duty of an opposition is very simple… to oppose… Read more

Guilty, yes, but entitled to some respect

29 April 2009

Marcus Einfeld’s exemplary public service record has been overlooked in the rush to condemn him, says Barry Cohen They just can’t help themselves. In the recent Four Corners programme on… Read more

Passport to Hell

1 April 2009

Travelling on government business should make it easy to get a passport — or so Barry Cohen thought ‘All you need is a passport. Pop into any post office. They’ll… Read more

Time to put up or shut up, Mr Costello

18 March 2009

I missed Keating the Musical, but I won’t miss Costello the Dance. I never thought I’d feel sorry for Malcolm Turnbull, but the former treasurer’s performance of late has guaranteed… Read more

We owe it to the dead to trial bushfire detection

11 March 2009

One of the joys of living in rural Bungendore, a mere 30 minutes from Parliament House, is that friends and family visiting the national capital pop in for the odd… Read more

Job creation works only with community support

25 February 2009

A mid predictions of a major recession and a million Australians out of work by the end of this year, the Rudd government has taken unprecedented steps to minimise the… Read more

The national identity

14 January 2009

As benefits bureaucracy spirals, Barry Cohen calls for a revival of the Hawke government’s Australia Card proposal Have you just been retrenched, turned 65 or taken a turn for the… Read more

Balance population with quality of life

10 December 2008

Unless I’ve been grievously misled, global warming/climate change is caused by the excessive amount of carbon emissions poured into the atmosphere. The major offenders are the developed countries, and the… Read more

An Aboriginal PM? Get some Aboriginal MPs first

3 December 2008

The parties are dragging their heels while Australia’s Barack Obama goes unrecognised, says Barry Cohen It was hardly surprising that, the morning after the night before, letters to the editor… Read more

The Devil’s Number? Not a shred of evidence

22 October 2008

Barry Cohen dismisses cricket pundits’ superstition regarding the number 87 Warney, Gilly, Huss, Haydos, Johnno, Watto. Australia may well have the greatest cricket team in the world but they don’t… Read more