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Boris Johnson was editor of The Spectator 1999-2005.


The secrets of London's Athenian golden age

13 September 2014

I had a misspent youth. During the period when most normal adolescents were playing Grand Theft Auto or discovering ten interesting facts about Pamela Anderson, I am afraid that I… Read more


'I laughed until I cried, then retched': Boris Johnson on the wit of Simon Hoggart

11 January 2014

I really can’t remember exactly how I came to appoint Simon Hoggart the wine correspondent of this magazine, but I have a feeling that it must have been in the… Read more

Nick Garland’s take on the Thatcher legacy in the 13 April issue

A tribute to Margaret Thatcher

7 December 2013

The amazing thing about the funeral of Baroness Thatcher was the size of the crowds, and the next amazing thing was that they were so relatively well behaved. The BBC… Read more


Is my rod big enough? Boris Johnson’s fishing notebook

6 July 2013

You remember the climax of Jaws — the primeval moment when Quint the crazed Ahab-like fisherman goes mano a mano with the monster of the deep? He comes to the… Read more

Olympics Day 8 - Athletics

Boris Johnson

11 August 2012

Omigosh I don’t know why I allowed myself to go in for this one. It is Tuesday afternoon, I am trying to complete a Spectator Olympic diary, and it will… Read more


15 January 2011

We spent New Year’s Eve in Rajasthan in a kind of desert camp called the Serai, attended by every manner of hot tub and luxury. As 2010 staggered to a… Read more


More power to the press

9 June 2010

It has for many years been a commonplace of political analysis that journalists have grown in stature as we politicians have shrunk. But the full reality of our reduced condition… Read more

Boris Johnson

16 September 2009

Everywhere I go in Manhattan I meet British tourists. ‘Oi, Boris,’ they shout across the street, ‘who let you out, then?’ How come it is the Brits, with their puny… Read more

Beijing Notebook

27 August 2008

We only had a few seconds left to get ready. There were 91,000 people in the stadium and (allegedly) about 1.5 billion watching apathetically at home. I advanced to the… Read more


How, as Mayor, I would help our brave troops

13 December 2007

Even if the story is exaggerated, the underlying psychology is convincing. It is reliably reported that last month a woman in her thirties was doing her daily laps of the… Read more

James Michie, gentle genius

7 November 2007

It is a measure of James Michie’s extreme modesty that most of the younger people who bumped into him in the offices of The Spectator probably hadn’t the foggiest idea… Read more

The pursuit of happiness

23 May 2007

You’ve got to realise they would have done it. They would have gone right ahead and swept another priceless heirloom from the mantelpiece of history. They were revving up their… Read more

Boris Johnson

24 January 2007

It is one of the great mysteries of modern geopolitics. How the hell has Condoleezza Rice got away with it for so long? There she is, Secretary of State of… Read more

Talking about their generation: Britain’s golden youth

25 October 2006

By the time we had been interviewing for three solid hours I was like a limp dishrag. I was wrung out with the hopefulness of it all. It was the… Read more

Farewell to the Young Ones

24 May 2006

Now if you were an average overworked overtaxed Spectator-reading parent of a university student, I think I know how you would feel about this lecturers’ strike. I think you’d be… Read more

They love capitalism, but not elections

22 April 2006

Boris Johnson goes to Beijing on a mission to sell democracy, but finds his hosts — as wedded to authority as they have been for the last 4,000 years —… Read more

Boris Johnson

11 February 2006

As this edition appears I will be back in Edinburgh for my latest bout of electioneering. The last time I appeared there was a massive crowd of students boiling away… Read more

How to live for ever

10 September 2005

I found myself in disgrace a while ago when I contrived to fly my family to a Greek airport called Preveza, only to discover on arrival that they didn’t have… Read more

Boris Johnson

3 September 2005

It is always nice to get back and find you haven’t been burgled. The locks were secure, the windows intact, and with a song in my heart I opened my… Read more

Just don’t call it war

16 July 2005

If we were Israelis, we would by now be doing a standard thing to that white semi-detached pebbledash house at 51 Colwyn Road, Beeston. Having given due warning, we would… Read more

Boris Johnson

30 April 2005

Let no one say that this election is going to be the same as the last. We are winning back what I call the buggy vote. That is the middle-class… Read more

Boris Johnson

9 April 2005

This election is a swindle. It is a fraud on the electorate. We are asked to vote for one man, Blair, when he has explicitly said that he will not… Read more

Out of the ashes

19 March 2005

Baghdad As the Puma chugs over Baghdad I look out over the machine gun and I have to admit I am full of a sudden wistfulness. I have been here… Read more

The fear, the squalor …and the hope

19 March 2005

This article first ran in the 3rd May 2003 issue of The Spectator Baghdad We could tell something was up as soon as we approached the petrol station. There was… Read more

The end of part of England

19 February 2005

As soon as I see Bertha’s rear end backing down the tailgate towards me, I think there has been some mistake. They told me they would find a nice quiet… Read more