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The new wowserism

5 September 2015

The first time I darkened the shores of Oz, in 2011, I was delighted to discover that the clichés I’d grown up with were true. No, there weren’t blokes in… Read more

Aping racism

22 August 2015

There has been a dark, delicious irony to the commentariat’s crying over the booing of Adam Goodes. These mostly white, footie-dodging, city-based scribes present themselves as implacable opponents of racism,… Read more

Death online

The brave thing now: don’t write about your death

25 July 2015

Not content with Facebooking our every foible, Instagramming the births of our children and live-tweeting our daily lives, more and more of us are now making a public spectacle of… Read more

Clash of the gay-marriage glory-hunters

13 June 2015

Do you need a moral makeover? Maybe you’re the leader of a clapped-out political party whose public image desperately needs some spit and polish. Or perhaps you run a global… Read more

Sex, lies and, er, rape

28 February 2015

Wait — it’s now a crime to fib your way into bed with someone? That is the take-home message of the Kafkaesque case of Akis Emmanouel Livas, who recently was… Read more


An A-to-Z guide to the new PC

7 February 2015

Anyone who thought political correctness had croaked, joining neon leg warmers, mullets and MC Hammer in the graveyard of bad ideas from the late 1980s and 1990s, should think again.… Read more


Gay marriage and the death of freedom

6 December 2014

Has there ever been a sweeter-sounding, more goosebump-inducing phrase than ‘Freedom to marry’? Everyone likes freedom (even illiberal politicians pay lip service to liberty), and who doesn’t love a good… Read more


Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’

22 November 2014

Don’t be a Stepford student — subscribe to The Spectator’s print and digital bundle for just £22 for 22 weeks.  Have you met the Stepford students? They’re everywhere. On campuses across… Read more

Now it’s the tranny-state

18 October 2014

Why are trannies so touchy? So touchy that even that use of the word ‘tranny’ – which, yes, is designed to make a point – will have them reaching for… Read more


Do adults really need to be taught about the moment of ‘consent’ in sex?

27 September 2014

The freshers heading off to university this month won’t only be bombarded with invites to join clubs and enough free Pot Noodles to sustain them till Christmas. They’ll also be… Read more


The biggest civil liberties outrage you've never heard of

23 August 2014

Imagine you bought a ticket for the opera and then a copper told you how you may travel to the opera house. You absolutely may not drive there, he says,… Read more

Reaction To Loss Of 27 Australians In Air Malaysia Plane Disaster In Eastern Ukraine

A dark day for Australia

9 August 2014

In caving into censorious chattering-class pressure and ditching its plans to reform Section 18C, the Federal government has failed its own free-speech test. George Brandis set the test when I… Read more

Vienna Opera Ball

Just another witch hunt

28 June 2014

One of the most admirable things about Australia is that no witches were ever burnt here. As Nick Cater has pointed out, where Oz’s close cousins America and Britain must… Read more


The creepy campaign for masturbation

28 June 2014

Remember when masturbation was something everybody did but no one talked about? It was not most people’s idea of a conversation starter. Certainly nobody boasted about being a self-abuser. It… Read more


10 May 2014

I knew from reading his book that Bob Carr was colossally vain. But still I’m stunned when, 90 seconds before Q&A goes to air, he barks: ‘Brendan’s chair is higher… Read more


In praise of Big Coal

26 April 2014

Why are so many Australians so sniffy about the coal industry? Everywhere I go I meet someone who has a beef with the black stuff. And it isn’t just the… Read more


A culture war on whaling

5 April 2014

It’s official: no one is safe from the killjoyism of Australia’s green-leaning chattering classes. If you thought the only people who had to put up with having their lifestyles mocked… Read more


Please stop trying to raise my awareness

29 March 2014

I wish people would stop trying to raise my awareness. I can’t so much as surf the web or stroll a high street these days without being accosted by one… Read more

Netanyahu Meets With Cameron

Israelis don’t care that we hate them. But they’d like to know why

15 March 2014

 Jerusalem   Talking to Israelis feels a bit like talking to fans of Millwall FC. ‘No one likes us, we don’t care,’ sing Millwall fans. Israel is the undoubted Millwall… Read more

Cleo Bachelor Of The Year - Judges Photocall

Trollhunters are a menace to the internet

1 March 2014

Within seconds of the announcement of Charlotte Dawson’s death, her body barely cold, lowlifes on the internet were swarming together to make dumb comments about her. No, I’m not referring… Read more

Foreskin Man

The latest anti-Semitic cry: ban circumcision

19 October 2013

There are lots of weird campaign groups around today, but none so weird as a band of unmerry men called ‘the intactivists’. If you’ve never heard of the intactivists and… Read more

British musicians Miss Dynamite (5th L)

Why interns don’t deserve pay

17 August 2013

In the modern political firmament, is there any creature more ridiculous than the agitating intern? Interns are rising up. These one-time coffee-makers have reimagined themselves as history-makers, fancying that they… Read more

Ein Schaf nach dem Scheren

In defence of individualism

22 June 2013

It’s the funniest scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian. A parable-seeking mob gathers outside Brian’s home. They think he’s the messiah and will dispense some wisdom they might live… Read more

Shot down

25 May 2013

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together will agree that the Australian Vaccination Network is a mad movement. From its evidence-free claim that vaccines are toxic concoctions that can… Read more

A woman carries her dog during the Gay P

Can animals really be gay?

16 March 2013

Last week, at the select committee on the same-sex marriage bill, a lawyer for the Christian Institute revealed that a teacher had been disciplined for refusing to read to her… Read more