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Bizarre Cars, by Keith Ray - review

21 September 2013
Bizarre Cars Keith Ray

The History Press, pp.176, £9.99, ISBN: 9780752487717

My various Oxford dictionaries define bizarre as eccentric, whimsical, odd, grotesque, fantastic, mixed in style and half-barbaric. By so many tokens, and with the casuistry of both Calvinist and Jesuit,… Read more

The massacre of an English mission in January 1897 led to the British sack of Benin and the taking in booty of the famous bronzes

'Lost, Stolen or Shredded', by Rick Gekoski - review

13 April 2013
Lost, Stolen or Shredded Rick Gekoski

Profile, pp.256, £14.99, ISBN: 9781846684913

Below the title of this book, engendering immediate distrust, lies the legend ‘Stories of Missing Works of Art and Literature.’ ‘Story’ is such a weasel word, implying a tale as… Read more

Professor Brian Cox AT The London Studios Photo Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Screen burn

15 December 2012

In mid-November an Indian chauffeur taking me to Broadcasting House made a detour to show me the Christmas lights in Regent Street. He wished to share the pleasure that they… Read more

Brian Sewell

12 May 2012

Bidden to the Barbican for the Bauhaus exhibition, I trekked from the eponymous underground station. I noted that there are many steps from the platform to the street, perhaps a… Read more


20 January 2010

The desire to sleep is overwhelming. It is not the ice and snow of recent days but winter itself that is so enervating, so much so that I harbour the… Read more