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Camilla Swift is Supplements Editor at The Spectator.

What happens when they’ve climbed the ladder?

The lessons of exam results season (and what to do about them)

29 August 2015

Every year without fail, as the trees start thinking about losing their leaves, the papers are full of the same photographs and the same stories. The pictures are of groups… Read more

First he brought limp salad, and now it’s drizzling

The pitfalls of picnics (and how to avoid them)

4 July 2015

Strange, isn’t it, that despite having such famously terrible weather, we Brits are so fond of a picnic. It’s something to do with making the most of what sunshine we… Read more

Wine with a view at London's Oxo Tower

Why we need no longer fear a prosecco shortage

13 June 2015

Already this summer we have heard cries of outrage from the newspapers as headlines warned us of an impending prosecco shortage. ‘A prosecco shortage? What’s a girl to do?’ they… Read more


The crash was good news for the City's women

23 May 2015

Why would any female graduate ever want to work on a City trading floor? Lots do, of course, and very successfully, earning salaries and bonuses the rest of us can… Read more


Ten years after the ban, why are there still hunt saboteurs?

14 March 2015

If you don’t hunt or listen to The Archers, you might be forgiven for assuming that hunt saboteurs had become obsolete. Hunting with hounds was banned ten years ago, and the… Read more

Save for a home I’ll never afford? I’d rather go shopping

Why twentysomethings don't save

7 March 2015

Your first pay packet, in your first ‘proper’ job, almost seems like a miracle. So much money, coming straight into your bank account, every month? But once you’ve got over… Read more

Beauty and exhilaration: hunting in Norfolk

The sheer joy of hunting

17 January 2015

This time three years ago, I hadn’t jumped a single thing for almost ten years. This season, I am happily jumping hedges that my horse and I can’t even see… Read more

That’ll do nicely — but today’s black cards carry more kudos

Titanium and diamond studs: the loopy world of high-end credit cards

8 November 2014

When I was quite a lot younger, I was seriously impressed by a friend’s bank card. It wasn’t the fact that she had one at all, nor the amount of… Read more

A police horse guards Buckingham Palace, 1937

The lost horses of London

4 October 2014

The days when horses and humans lived cheek by jowl in the capital are unarguably over. Brewers’ drays have disappeared, and most people would argue that the black cab does… Read more


Sloane Rangers vs Arabs – the battle for Chelsea

12 July 2014

Perhaps you’re aware that it’s Ramadan right now, the month in which all good Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex during daylight. What you might not know is… Read more


Seeing London afresh, one bridge at a time

5 July 2014

Bridges aren’t necessarily something you think of as being beautiful, particularly if you consider them primarily as the means to cross a river, rather than as works of art. London,… Read more


Norman Thelwell: much more than a one-trick pony

24 May 2014

‘The natural aids to horsemanship are the hands, the legs, the body and the voice.’ But a Thelwell pony sometimes required some, er, additional aids. Norman Thelwell’s first pony cartoon… Read more


Exploring the world of Jean Paul Gaultier

26 April 2014

‘London,’ says Jean Paul Gaultier, ‘was my vitamin. I love the freedom of London…The energy, the character, all the people that are different.’ It was perhaps inevitable, then, that the… Read more


Behind the scenes at Spitting Image

8 March 2014

If Margaret Thatcher is remembered by many more as a caricature than as her actual self, then blame Spitting Image. The show, which ran from 1984 to 1996, portrayed her… Read more


Blackfish and the scandal of caged killer whales

30 November 2013

If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don’t you think you’d get a little bit psychotic? Well, yes, probably. But this is how captive killer whales live. Tilikum… Read more

An incredible amount of off-piste: Val d’Isère

Going off-piste in Val D'Isere

12 October 2013

First things first. Yes, Val d’Isère does have a reputation for being expensive — and it is, especially if you’re planning on eating out and embracing the après ski every… Read more

Proper walking country: the Cairngorms

Notes on….Walking in the Scottish Highlands

17 August 2013

The simplest and best way to get straight to the heart of the Highlands from London is by sleeper. Board in Euston, have a plate of haggis and tatties (and… Read more


Mountain High

1 December 2012

Prettier than the French Alps, closer than the States, credited with being the home of modern slalom skiing, and with some of the best powder and off-piste skiing you can find,… Read more


Seven things to do if you’re not skiing

17 November 2012

These days, a winter holiday isn’t just about skiing. The majority of larger resorts offer a range of activities from dog-sledding to five-star spa facilities, while adrenalin-fuelled sports such as… Read more