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Camilla Swift is an editorial assistant at The Spectator.


Exploring the world of Jean Paul Gaultier

26 April 2014

‘London,’ says Jean Paul Gaultier, ‘was my vitamin. I love the freedom of London…The energy, the character, all the people that are different.’ It was perhaps inevitable, then, that the… Read more


Behind the scenes at Spitting Image

8 March 2014

If Margaret Thatcher is remembered by many more as a caricature than as her actual self, then blame Spitting Image. The show, which ran from 1984 to 1996, portrayed her… Read more


Blackfish and the scandal of caged killer whales

30 November 2013

If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, don’t you think you’d get a little bit psychotic? Well, yes, probably. But this is how captive killer whales live. Tilikum… Read more

An incredible amount of off-piste: Val d’Isère

Going off-piste in Val D'Isere

12 October 2013

First things first. Yes, Val d’Isère does have a reputation for being expensive — and it is, especially if you’re planning on eating out and embracing the après ski every… Read more

Proper walking country: the Cairngorms

Notes on….Walking in the Scottish Highlands

17 August 2013

The simplest and best way to get straight to the heart of the Highlands from London is by sleeper. Board in Euston, have a plate of haggis and tatties (and… Read more


Seven things to do if you’re not skiing

17 November 2012

These days, a winter holiday isn’t just about skiing. The majority of larger resorts offer a range of activities from dog-sledding to five-star spa facilities, while adrenalin-fuelled sports such as… Read more