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English novelist and journalist Angela Huth (Photo: Getty)

An Austenesque Aga saga with hints of postmodernism

13 June 2015
Colouring In Angela Huth

Long Barn Books, pp.384, £9.99, ISBN: 9781902421261

Lovely, gentle Isabel, just 40, makes masks. Her husband Dan, erstwhile ‘student of the Classics’ and playwright manqué, is ‘bored by the import-export business’. Enter long lost, lonely Bert, who… Read more


'The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice', by Polly Coles - review

27 April 2013

Master your disappointment. The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice (Hale, £9.99) is as far from the fantasy-relocation genre of hapless writer transposed to sunny European idyll with cast… Read more

Of vice and verse

2 March 2013
Losing It: A Novel in Verse Ranjit Bolt, illustrated by Roddy Maude-Roxby

Muswell Press, pp.154, £7.50, ISBN: 9780957213661

‘All human life is binary’, explains a Vestal Virgin to the time-travelling heroine of Ranjit Bolt’s verse novel, Losing It. Young and lovely, Lucy’s plan is to lose her virginity.… Read more