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A boy named Marion: John Wayne pictured on the set of Stagecoach (1939)

I was John Wayne's driver

26 July 2014
John Wayne: The Life and Legend Scott Eyman

Simon & Schuster, pp.512, £25, ISBN: 978439199589

I’m not making a picture [The Green Berets] about Vietnam, I’m making a picture about good against bad. I happen to think that’s true about Vietnam, but even if it… Read more

Freed US journalist Charles Glass 87

A hostage’s daydream

18 August 2012

Twenty-five years ago, in a windowless Levantine oubliette, my wrist and ankle were bound with chains, but my imagination soared. Among my many daydreams was a reunion a quarter-century hence.… Read more

Man with a mission

3 March 2012
Patriot of Persia Christopher de Bellaigue

Bodley Head, pp.310, 20

He was a Persian aristocrat who struggled to make his country a democracy. Given to mood swings and sulks worthy of Achilles, Mohammed Mossadegh was born in June 1882 just… Read more


The original special relationship

3 December 2011
The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris David McCullogh

Simon & Schuster, pp.560, 25

Of all the cities in all the world, Paris dominates the American imagination more than any other. Although Americans may admire Rome or London, more have enjoyed a love affair… Read more

Farewell, my father: the sun sets on my horizon

12 March 2008

When the sun lowers itself into the Pacific Ocean, west of California, it has a way of lingering on the horizon that makes you imagine it will stay for ever.… Read more

Death of a billionaire PM

5 October 2006
Killing Mr Lebanon Nicholas Blandford

I.B. Tauris, pp.236, 17.99

Rafik Hariri was Lebanon’s bulldozer. A buccaneer. A bruiser. Built like a heavyweight boxer, he looked more butcher than billionaire. His father was a dirt-poor, Sunni Muslim tenant farmer, who… Read more

They stood me up

22 January 2005

Charles Glass discovers that women are now cancelling dinner dates by text. What’s the world coming to? For the sixth time in as many months, a woman has cancelled our… Read more