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L’homme qui dit non

31 July 2010
The General Jonathan Fenby

Simon & Schuster, pp.707, 30

The study of history is a subversive calling. All countries make up a story that suits their idea of themselves. Authoritarians stamp out independent historical scholarship; extreme nationalists simply vilify… Read more

Westminster politics has nothing on Oxford’s battles

21 November 2007

In the last month, another respected international survey placed Oxford and Cambridge joint second to Harvard in the league table of world-class universities. This confirms what others have suggested in… Read more

Cleverly out of step

14 January 2006
Balliol College: A History John Jones

OUP, pp.392, 65

In his second, revised edition of a history of Balliol College, John Jones — vice-master, chemist and archivist — shows the same sure touch that distinguished his earlier work as… Read more

I am a Tory to my toes

7 June 2003

It is modestly flattering to find one’s views the subject of occasional comment by contributors to The Spectator. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is the latest to have a run at it (‘A… Read more