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Pope Greenpeace

27 June 2015

A fter the Second Vatican Council, a large part of the Roman Catholic Church stopped looking heavenward and began to look earthward. Not finding enough to say about the world… Read more

The liberation of butter

28 February 2015

The liberation of butter from the dietary exile to which stern medical opinion had condemned it makes you wonder what else that we’ve been magisterially told is bad for us… Read more


Touting for abuse

23 August 2014

For well over a year now, the Royal Commission on child sex abuse has been trundling its inquisitional way around the country like Judge Jeffreys and his assizes. Soon its… Read more


I’m being stalked by Facebook

16 August 2014

I don’t recall how it happened but some time ago I got signed up for Facebook. Why I’m not sure because I have never used it, partly because I find… Read more


Putting the ‘your’ into the ABC

15 March 2014

What to do about the ABC and its shameless indulgence of in-house ideological bias at the taxpayer’s expense? The pragmatic Germans have already solved the problem. They have found a… Read more

Manufactured guilt

2 March 2013

‘I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonised the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today.’ So said African-American student… Read more

Watch what you say

15 December 2012

‘Imagine being made to feel like crap just for being born left-handed’, exhorts a poster at the tram stop, neatly illustrating not only the delicate sensibility of advertising agents but… Read more

Imitation without flattery

7 April 2012

In the days when Australia’s gratitude to the United States for defending us in the second world war was still undimmed, Australians did not call each other ‘guys’. They didn’t… Read more

Relax: leftist media bias never made a difference

14 January 2012

‘The ABC is biased to the Left.’ ‘Q&A is stacked against the Right.’ ‘The Fairfax press is irredeemably Green.’ All very true, no doubt, but does it matter? Are all… Read more

Put back that picture of the Queen

5 November 2011

The popular success of the Queen’s visit and the decline, as indicated by recent polling, in support for an Australian republic raise the question of whether it’s time to restore… Read more