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Greece’s secret weapon: Grexit would hurt Merkel most

27 June 2015

German chancellor Angela Merkel may still be the most formidable politician in Europe, but this week she lost a bit of her reputation as the scourge of Mediterranean debtor nations.… Read more

Bob Dylan Performing In England

Bob Dylan and the illusion of modern times

3 January 2015

I was talking the other day to a young woman who knows a lot about the history of rock. We shared an enthusiasm for Bob Dylan’s later work — especially… Read more


What Angela Merkel really wants (it's not good news for Dave)

8 November 2014

Angela Merkel is misunderstood. Last winter, when Russia moved to annex Crimea after the overthrow of Ukraine’s government, American officials put it about that the German Chancellor had described Russia’s… Read more

Obama Works On Strategy For Syria

Obama knows that America has lost its appetite for war

7 September 2013

It was to Fort Belvoir that President Barack Obama repaired on Saturday, minutes after he announced that attacks by the Syrian government on a rebel stronghold in Damascus constituted ‘an… Read more

Christopher Caldwell

19 January 2013

Washington DC: My elegant and sociable mother-in-law received an email this week warning that, should she wander on to her balcony to smoke on Monday, somebody might shoot her. The Secret… Read more


Merkel’s sovereign remedy

17 November 2012

‘Europe is speaking German now,’ said Volker Kauder, parliamentary chairman of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party, about a year ago. He was urging Britain to back Merkel’s plans… Read more


Sarkozy’s last stand

18 February 2012

The man who promised to reform France looks set to become a martyr to the euro – and his own abrasive personality Paris Nicolas Sarkozy chose an unpropitious week to… Read more


America’s overdue financial crisis

6 August 2011

When Congress went into deadlock on the debt ceiling, it was the culmination of years of bitterness and complacency – and there is worse to come Washington DC It’s obvious… Read more


25 June 2011

If you want a friend in Washington, the saying goes, get a dog. In summer I devote most of my un-air-conditioned hours to Daisy, who is a Portuguese water dog.… Read more


You can’t say that here!

15 January 2011

Thilo Sarrazin is breaking Germany’s taboos on welfare and immigration – and selling over a million books in the process In Berlin in September, I noticed that Deutschland schafft sich… Read more


My room was not ready when I arrived, underslept after a flight from Washington, at the hotel near Shaftesbury Avenue where I’m going to spend the next few days. My… Read more

Obama is on course for victory. But he isn’t ready for the White House

29 October 2008

Two Sundays ago, I was sitting in the café in the Borders on L Street in Washington, a table away from a couple of middle-aged black men who were discussing… Read more


An American conservative who loves the Constitution

12 December 2007

A Republican debate in Florida in late November marked this electoral season’s debut of Adolf Hitler, that reliable presence in American presidential campaigns. The Arizona senator John McCain, struggling to… Read more

The message of this wipeout is that Americans believe they’ve lost the war

8 November 2006

Washington On Monday afternoon, President Bush addressed a crowd of several thousand Republican supporters in Pensacola, Florida. The appearance was meant to shore up the sputtering campaign of Charlie Crist,… Read more

Why I love the French

Taking issue with the Americans’ Francophobia Washington DC On the night of the Arsenal-Barcelona match, I was on the train between Manchester and London when something happened that would be… Read more

This is how Bush will be impeached

Washington In early April a silver-haired lady held up a placard at an Iraq war protest that has since been replicated on bumper stickers across America and blogs all over… Read more

Bush: Palestinians good, but not great

4 February 2006

Washington In the 48 hours before George W. Bush took the podium to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, the presenter for ABC news was… Read more

The fruits of victory

1 February 2003

Washington DC George W. Bush announced during his State of the Union message that America and its allies will disarm Iraq with or without the UN. If America, as appears… Read more