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James Gillray’s ‘Maniac Ravings or Little Boney in a Strong Fit’ (published 24 May 1803). From Bonaparte and the British: Prints and Propaganda in the Age of Napoleon by Tim Clayton and Sheila O’Connell (The British Museum, £25, pp. 246, ISBN 9780714126937). The book accompanies an exhibition at the British Museum until 16 August

Man of destiny: Napoleon was always convinced he was the chosen one

16 May 2015
Bonaparte Patrice Gueniffey, translated by Steven Rendall

Belknap Press, pp.1008, £29.95, ISBN: 9780674368354

It is almost inconceivable that there could be a more densely detailed book about Napoleon than this — 800 crowded pages to get him from his birth in 1769 to… Read more

Canadian Press Photos

Conrad Black

1 February 2014

When visiting Britain and Australia last November, I discovered that the mayor of Toronto, Robert Ford, is now the world’s best-known Canadian. He has acknowledged the occasional use of cocaine… Read more

Conrad Black’s diary: Sydney, Murdoch, Paxman and other stories

23 November 2013

What a pleasure it was to be back in Sydney this month after an absence of 14 years. That city has lost none of its world-famous natural attractions, geographic and… Read more

Conrad Black

3 August 2013

The astonishing level of enthusiasm over the birth of the new prince goes far beyond the pleasure that people naturally feel for an attractive young couple who have had a… Read more

Conrad Black

3 November 2012

Air Canada has outwitted the superstorm and I am about to return to Canada after my nine-day stay in London following an absence of seven years, and nine years since… Read more

Conrad Black

19 May 2012

It is unusual in Canada to have had the same address for 60 years, and for an urban house to have ten acres around it (testimony to my father’s foresight),… Read more


The American way of justice

21 April 2012
A Price to Pay: The Inside Story of the NatWest Three David Bermingham

Gibson Square, pp.384, 8.99

Conrad Black sympathises with the NatWest Three — victims of British cowardice and a corrupt US legal system It was the misfortune of David Bermingham and his co-defendants to be… Read more

Conrad Black

7 January 2012

It is hard for me to monitor this from my prison cell in Florida as I wait for the spurious and failed prosecution of me to flounder to an end,… Read more

I’ll be back

2 July 2011

It has been confusing for anyone relying on the British media to fathom what has happened over the eight years of my persecution in the United States. And the volume… Read more


9 June 2010

Coleman, Florida It is a unique sensation to await a US Supreme Court decision in a low security US prison, on appeal of charges of which I am innocent. Seven… Read more

Conrad Black

30 December 2009

There was something about the spectacle of the Queen grimly, and Tony Blair cheerfully, holding hands as they sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’ at the Millennium Dome at the end of… Read more