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Louisa May Alcott, Orchard House

Bare and authentic or full and fake? The dilemma of preserving writers' houses

15 March 2014

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors flock to the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut, in order to see where he lived and wrote. Many famous writers’ homes are… Read more


Are rugs becoming the new must-have art objects?

13 July 2013

Tapestries once had a place of honour in fine art, but that was during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Oil paintings, for a time, were viewed as the poor… Read more

Why on earth paint portraits in the age of photography?

27 April 2013

‘Everybody faces rejection,’ the portrait artist Aaron Shikler said. He should know, having had three official White House portraits of former President Ronald Reagan rejected — one was too large,… Read more

"Popeye" by US artist Jeff Koons is on d

Bring in the lawyers

26 January 2013

When collectors want to purchase an expensive work of art, they contact their lawyers to write up a contract with the dealer, spelling out pages of contingencies and indemnity clauses.… Read more


The only way is up

22 October 2011

Homes may continue to lose value, the euro becomes shakier by the day, the unemployed stay unemployed and even the Chinese economy shows signs of overheating, but the international art… Read more

American view – Sword of controversy

14 May 2011

‘I’ve refused to become a prisoner of “Piss Christ”,’ said the photographer Andres Serrano, referring to his 1987 photograph of a crucifix submerged in a glass filled with urine. ‘I’ve… Read more