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Tony, Bibi, and the commentariat

28 March 2015

The Prime Minister is doomed. On that, the commentariat, the elites and the whole political class are unanimous. He has gone too far. He is an international embarrassment. The polls… Read more


Farrago of leaks, libels and downright lies

7 March 2015

The principal skill of some Liberal MPs, acquired over years of taxpayer funded mobile telephoning, is Machiavellian intrigue. Normally, this is in the service of some factional boss who has… Read more

The harlot throughout the ages

21 February 2015

Like some banana republic, Australia is in the middle of an attempted coup. Not by the army, but by the commentariat. Their theme is ‘Tony Abbott must change, and anyway,… Read more

Sir Phil the Greek; the truth

7 February 2015

Who would have predicted that Prince Philip’s knighthood would have been marked by a serious tactical blunder? That wasn’t the knighthood. It was the commentariat overplaying its hand and revealing… Read more


Could an ‘Aussie Hebdo’ survive?

24 January 2015

Imagine a government introducing legislation to declare unlawful anything done in public, including the media, which is offensive to Muslims, such as a cartoon in the Charlie Hebdo style. And… Read more

The sordid state of voting for the Senate

3 January 2015

Australia is one of the oldest continuing democracies in the world. As our constitution says, the politicians are ‘directly chosen by the people’. Not always. We now have senators who… Read more

Breaking Republicans hearts

15 November 2014

Fifteen years ago, Australians rejected a proposal by the ruling class to ditch the Queen. This ignored all the great constitutional issues facing the nation, such as making the politicians… Read more

The persecution of Cory

11 January 2014
The Conservative Revolution Cory Bernardi

Connor Court, pp.180, $29.95, ISBN: 9781922168962

Cory Bernardi’s book is a reminder of the traditional values that made Australia and inspired earlier generations to fight for its very existence. Which perhaps explains why The Conservative Revolution… Read more

I was a victim of Tony’s feminist ideology

29 September 2012

It was Tony Abbot’s fault that I just missed out on being elected as a delegate to the 1998 constitutional convention. The reason was Tony’s obsession with women’s rights. He… Read more


28 January 2012

Why did the expert panel on Aboriginal recognition in the Constitution overplay its hand and try to slip in that mini-Bill of Rights? Australians are too smart not to sniff… Read more

A life in law

1 October 2011

Born in 1938, Michael Kirby soon concluded that his place of birth, Concord, was particularly blessed. In the Anglican church he was taken to by his father, the priest would… Read more


4 December 2010

My week began when a dear friend took me to the Berlin Philharmonic concert. The program — Rachmaninov and Mahler — was modern by my standards. The acoustics in the… Read more

A double dissolution? Perhaps, but there’s only a six-month window

3 June 2009

An early election would be fought over who will be best at running the economy, says David Flint — and a double dissolution must take place between February and August… Read more