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David Hare’s notebook: The National Theatre belongs to taxpayers, not corporate sponsors

13 December 2014

The nicest day of the year was spent at Charleston in May. The Sussex farmhouse shared by Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell looked splendid in the streaming sunshine. As a… Read more

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David Hare

5 October 2013

So mysterious, the Conservative party. In every poll, our five most admired institutions are the NHS, the BBC, the Royal Mail, the armed forces and the monarchy. The Conservative party… Read more



15 December 2012

For obvious reasons, people are always looking for a nicer word for right-wing. For a while, they tried ‘free-market’ — after all, it sounds spirited and buccaneering — but the… Read more

David Hare

11 February 2012

One of the best things about being a writer is that you get asked to interesting places. I’ve always turned everything down because I believed I should sit at my… Read more