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Rumble in the jungle

1 August 2015

In the surreal tropical politics of contemporary Malaysia it is good business sense to use government funds to make loss-making property investments in order to enrich personal bank accounts. Recent… Read more

Abbott’s ‘Goldilocks’ balancing act

22 November 2014

As the G20 concludes, Australia is in a Goldilocks position when it comes to the Asia Pacific. It has good relations with China, culminating in the free trade deal, and… Read more

Australia Indonesia Spying Row

Indonesia should grow up

1 March 2014

Since the Whitlam era, an abiding myth about Australian foreign policy goes like this: Asia is a monolith and we must engage with it. Moreover, it is the Australian Labor… Read more

Indonesia Australia Protest

No apology

30 November 2013

Given that spying is the second oldest profession, it would seem somewhat redundant for Tony Abbott to apologise to Indonesia for the Australian Signals Directorate’s eavesdropping on the conversations of… Read more

Australia Election

A political melodrama

10 August 2013

In Lionel Shriver’s 2003 novel We Need to Talk about Kevin, a mother struggles to love her strange child despite the many vicious things he says and does. Something similar… Read more

A new Malaysia

23 February 2013

Detained last weekend at Malaysia’s low-cost carrier terminal outside Kuala Lumpur, independent Senator Nick Xenophon confessed to being ‘gobsmacked’ at his treatment by Malaysian authorities. Keen not to offend Asian… Read more

Big Sister

Orwell’s daughters

3 November 2012

The Labor party gynocrats currently playing the Misogyny Monologues in Canberra to an admiring media audience both locally and globally are a political extension of the self-referential and self-regarding feminism… Read more

Democratic malaise

28 April 2012

It’s time to address our relationship with Malaysia In 1971, Australia and the recently decolonised Malaysian government enjoyed, as Peter Boyce observed ,‘something akin to a special relationship’. That relationship… Read more

Memo from Machiavelli

3 March 2012

In The Spectator Australia’s 18 February edition, Mark Latham observed that ‘in the modern Labor party, no one serves revenge cold. It is consumed… straight off the hot plate.’ Recent… Read more

Old South Wales socialism made Gillard who she is

30 June 2010

The cultural influence of her birthplace pervades the PM’s political outlook and personal style, says David Martin Jones Australia’s 27th prime minister is not only the first female holder of… Read more