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Unity Mitford

‘You are always close to me’: Unity Mitford’s souvenirs of Hitler

28 March 2015

The English aristocracy has had its fair share of misfits, and one of the most far-fetched was Unity Mitford. No novelist would dare invent the story of a young woman… Read more


Chávez’s useful idiots

19 January 2013

In the ranking of dictators, Hugo Chávez is in the welterweight class. President of Venezuela these past 14 years, he is supposed to be holding a ceremony of inauguration for… Read more

Blood on their hands

23 April 2008
A Dangerous Liaison: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre Carole Seymour-Jones

Century, pp.574, 20

The first 100 or so pages of this book almost made me give up, so saccharine is the description of the childhoods of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, with… Read more

Captain of a dreadful crew

22 May 2006
Black Shirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism Stephen Dorril

Viking, pp.717, 30

Listing page content here To meet Oswald Mosley was a most unpleasant experience. You knew at once that you were in the presence of someone who had lost touch with… Read more

Earning brownie points

5 November 2005
Thinking Aloud: The Best Prospect, 1995-2005 edited by David Goodhart

Atlantic, pp.320, 19.99

Prospect is a monthly magazine with high aims, and it is therefore welcome. To borrow from the old advertisement for Mars Bars, it fills the gap. It is hard to… Read more

The cured man of Europe?

21 August 2004
The Turks Today Andrew Mango

John Murray, pp.292, 20

Mustapha Kemal, otherwise Ataturk, took the corpse of the Ottoman empire and re- animated it as Turkey. Break-ing both the old sultanate and the hold of Islam, he laid the… Read more

Scholar and Cold War warrior

21 February 2004
Vixi: Memoirs of a Non-Belonger Richard Pipes

Yale, pp.320, 19.95

When not thinking and writing, Richard Pipes tells us in these memoirs, he is at a loose end. At different times he had ambitions to be an art historian or… Read more

The dangers of Fisking

15 November 2003

In the www arena where the world speaks invisibly to itself, a new word has appeared: ‘fisking’, meaning the selection of evidence solely in order to bolster preconceptions and prejudices.… Read more

Where all parties are guilty

15 March 2003
THE BATTLEFIELD: ALGERIA, 1988-2002 Hugh Roberts

Verso, pp.402, 17

Algeria is one of the most pitiful of failed Arab states. For ten years and more, the news has been coming in regularly that people somewhere in that country have… Read more

Nothing to lose but their chains

28 September 2002

A war against Iraq might destabilise the Middle East, says David Pryce-Jones, but that is precisely what the region needs Iraq may soon be liberated. The Americans are building bases… Read more