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Terror Australis

15 February 2014

A decade ago if you broke down somewhere between Woop Woop and the back of Bourke, the arrival of a jovial, slang-talking, sun-weathered bushman on the scene was a true… Read more


In praise of Australia's Liberal Democrats

21 September 2013

Anyone of good sense, or with a political sensibility placing them to the right of Lenin, couldn’t help but celebrate on Saturday 7 September. Electoral defeat of a disintegrating and… Read more

Australia Election

Why doesn’t the Facebook abuse of Tony Abbott prompt outrage from the moral guardians?

14 September 2013

Oh how the sanctimonious Left bemoaned the slightest criticism of Julia Gillard. Egged on by Gillard’s own rants, and abetted by heavy-hitting propagandists such as David Marr and Robert Manne,… Read more

A dangerous idea

22 September 2012

On the weekend of 28-30 September, the Festival of Dangerous ideas returns to Sydney. Last year, in these pages, I lampooned the event as ‘The Festival Of Well-Worn Lefty Ideas… Read more

Wild life Australia – 7 July 2012

7 July 2012

Cancer is a bitch. It isn’t the stuck-up kind who turned you down in high school. Neither is it the hot variety who ignores you in a night club. Nor… Read more

Fear and loathing on the shooting trail

30 June 2012

Australia has an unhealthy relationship with guns. Leftist pundits would normally level this criticism against the US, where the right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally guaranteed. But it… Read more

Katter to the rescue

10 December 2011

I can’t help but like Bob Katter. When Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor sold their souls — and sold out their conservative electorates — in a despicable deal that delivered… Read more

A hazardous occupation

22 October 2011

The usual gaggle of leftard activists descended on Martin Place last Saturday for Occupy Sydney: the Communist Party of Australia, Socialist Alliance, the Socialist Equality Party, radical unionists, pro-Palestine types,… Read more

Let it be known: I stand with Israel

20 August 2011

When the Kutusha missiles start falling on your neighbourhood, it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge. That’s what my brother and his wife did in July of 2006,… Read more

Wild life: No Cannes do

2 July 2011

The most erotic vision of my life played out before me last month, sur la plage at Cannes. It still loops in my memory like the slow-motion sequence from a… Read more

Wild life Night of the scorpion

5 June 2011

‘Shots at the bar!’ The shout erupted from behind me. ‘Shots at the bar!’ The shout erupted from behind me. It was the familiar battle cry of a well-known Sydney… Read more

The things I do to get to Cannes

21 May 2011

‘Can I see your boarding pass?’ I was at Heathrow airport, on a sanity- threatening nine-hour layover between Hong Kong and Nice. ‘Can I see your boarding pass?’ I was… Read more

On bouncers, death and drinking

29 January 2011

‘Time gentlemen, please. Time!’ The announcement from behind the bar reminded my drinking comrade and I that it was almost the end of the night. It had been a good… Read more

Liberty stripped, groped, irradiated and deceived

11 December 2010

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Lady Liberty is taking the type of savage beating that was once reserved for rented mules and redheaded… Read more

Stand up for gay zombies

20 November 2010

It sounds like the pitch for a postmodern Keystone Kops farce, if not for its frightening implications: Victorian police descend on the home of an Australian film festival director in… Read more

Trouble brewing

7 October 2010

Australia needs the Tea Party movement as much as the US does — but we should expect the same sneering response Every minute you’re at work, you’re paying tax. Commuting… Read more

Crocodile Dundee takes on the ATO

3 September 2010

There are appropriate ways to treat Australia’s national treasures: wonders of the natural world are placed under the protection of the Parks and Wildlife Service; heritage sites are guarded by… Read more

It’s easy being green

28 August 2010

Dean Bertram argues that a pervasive culture of ‘green chicness’ is responsible for the Greens’ electoral success Green smart. Green friendly. Green choice. Green alternative. Green lifestyle. Green energy. Green… Read more

Don’t be fooled: her hair’s not the only red thing about Julia Gillard

7 August 2010

If Labor and the press won’t deal with leftist extremism, it’s up to the rest of us, says Dean Bertram What should be the most controversial story of Election 2010… Read more

Hooray for Hollywood

17 July 2010

How refreshing that Russell Crowe recently voiced support of the monarchy in an interview for the UK’s Sun newspaper. Crowe, who as a rule usually refuses to talk politics in… Read more

Facebook is not guilty of murder, but it is evidence of a degraded society

22 May 2010

Blaming Facebook for last week’s murder of Sydney woman Nona Belomesoff is like blaming a deserted stretch of outback highway for the murder of Peter Falconio. It is a retarded… Read more