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Douglas Murray is Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and an author, most recently of Islamophilia.

World War I. Belligerent children feeling hopeful.

Who cares if Wagner’s 200? The plague of the anniversary

24 August 2013

Back in the 1960s, the producers of the Tonight programme had a running joke for linking the show’s segments. They would use lines like: ‘And that item commemorated the 23rd… Read more

Douglas Murray

27 July 2013

The pilot refuses to get going until everyone is seated and quiet. When we take off there are raucous cheers. I am on a midday budget-airline flight to Ibiza. Louder… Read more


Chen Guangcheng – the brave Chinese activist who David Cameron refused to meet

8 June 2013

How did a blind Chinese dissident scale the walls of his house while under house arrest, evade government surveillance, travel hundreds of miles to Beijing, seek asylum in the American… Read more


After Woolwich, what will change?

1 June 2013

The decapitation of a British soldier on a street in London is the latest disgusting new low in this country’s experience of Islamist terror. But everything else in the aftermath… Read more

Miniature of Edmund Burke in middle age (English School)

"The right hero" - Douglas Murray reviews Jesse Norman's Burke biography.

18 May 2013
Edmund Burke: Philosopher, Politician, Prophet Jesse Norman

William Collins, pp.325, £20, ISBN: 9780007489626

Edmund Burke is one of the most difficult thinkers to write about. His philosophy defies easy summary. His career, while noble, was not glittering. Many details that he exhausted himself… Read more


The not-so-great Gatsby

11 May 2013

You do not need to have read the book or even seen a film adaptation to feel a thrill at the word ‘Gatsby’. More than a novel, a film or… Read more


If there was ever a time to intervene in Syria, it has passed

4 May 2013

It is more than ten years since I first sat down with members of the Syrian opposition. Back then they included real moderates, but even these didn’t predict a bloodless… Read more


Lars Hedegaard interview: ‘I may be killed if I write this’

16 February 2013

The assassin came to his home dressed as a postman. When the historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard opened his front door, the man — whom Lars describes as ‘looking like… Read more


Atheists vs Dawkins

9 February 2013

Sometimes a perfectly good argument can be stretched too far. I heard the resulting snapping noise last week in Cambridge during a debate with Richard Dawkins. We were meant to… Read more


Israel under siege

24 November 2012

The dictators have fallen one by one. Several more look likely to fall soon, and few will miss them. But as popular revolutions approach their demise, something else has come… Read more

Alan Bennett

Beyond a joke

10 November 2012

This week the National Theatre opened another new play — its seventh — by Alan Bennett. For those who know only his earlier work, Bennett remains the Queen Mother of… Read more

President Barack Obama walks past Marine

Even if he wins, Obama will be diminished

20 October 2012

If a US presidential election has the potential to wear down foreign observers, let alone the American public, imagine what it must do to the candidates. The challenger must spend… Read more


Free speech betrayed

22 September 2012

In Benghazi the ‘spontaneous protestors’ arrived with rocket-propelled grenades and killed the US ambassador. In Kabul the crowds chanted ‘Death to America’. American flags were torched from London to Sydney.… Read more


Dictating terms

25 August 2012

When the International Criminal Court (ICC) was set up ten years ago, it was meant to make the world a safer place. The Court and the various UN war crimes… Read more

TS Eliot

Have it by heart

18 August 2012

Earlier this year the Education Secretary Michael Gove suggested that primary school children ought to learn a poem by heart. Even if the teaching unions had not objected I would… Read more


Is there any way to stop the infantilisation of Britain

21 July 2012

As the world turns to London it may still imagine us a serious, taciturn people. If so, the world is in for a shock. For Britain has become a land… Read more


At home with the Stalins

30 June 2012

We all know what a city does when a local boy or girl has done good. But what do you do when the local boy turns out to have done… Read more


Apostle of doubt

24 March 2012

One staple of our national comedy is that someone must always fill the role of ‘Barmy Bishop’. While at Durham David Jenkins occupied the position, as perhaps in recent years… Read more


After spring, winter

26 November 2011

Spring was a long time coming in the dictatorships of the Middle East and North Africa. But when it arrived it was unhesitatingly welcomed by western leaders. William Hague declared… Read more

Skeletons in the closet

22 October 2011

Britain must publish the truth about Irish presidential candidate Martin McGuinness – before it’s too late Martin McGuinness is standing for the presidency of a cash-strapped Ireland. Soon after this… Read more

Gay rites

1 October 2011

Gay marriage will never jeopardise straight marriage. But it can provoke political divorce. In America a new generation of Republicans is challenging the traditional consensus of their party on gay… Read more

Chance of a lifetime

2 September 2011

 With the same coat of inevitability with which everything else gets glossed, it now seems inevitable to me that I ended up at Eton. But it was never any such… Read more

Breivik and the right

30 July 2011

Must all conservatives answer for the actions of a psychopath? Anders Behring Breivik believed himself a Knight Templar and awarded himself various military ranks accordingly. He also believed that he… Read more


16 April 2011

‘I’m told you’re the one to watch,’ Julian Assange says when I introduce myself in the Green Room. ‘Likewise,’ I reply. We’re backstage at Kensington Town Hall on a sunny… Read more


The beautiful and the damned

26 February 2011

Fifteen million people visit Venice each year. They admire its buildings and its density of artistic treasures. But what makes people fall in love with it and what makes them… Read more