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Douglas Murray is Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and an author, most recently of Islamophilia.


Apostle of doubt

24 March 2012

One staple of our national comedy is that someone must always fill the role of ‘Barmy Bishop’. While at Durham David Jenkins occupied the position, as perhaps in recent years… Read more


After spring, winter

26 November 2011

Spring was a long time coming in the dictatorships of the Middle East and North Africa. But when it arrived it was unhesitatingly welcomed by western leaders. William Hague declared… Read more

Skeletons in the closet

22 October 2011

Britain must publish the truth about Irish presidential candidate Martin McGuinness – before it’s too late Martin McGuinness is standing for the presidency of a cash-strapped Ireland. Soon after this… Read more

Gay rites

1 October 2011

Gay marriage will never jeopardise straight marriage. But it can provoke political divorce. In America a new generation of Republicans is challenging the traditional consensus of their party on gay… Read more

Chance of a lifetime

2 September 2011

 With the same coat of inevitability with which everything else gets glossed, it now seems inevitable to me that I ended up at Eton. But it was never any such… Read more

Breivik and the right

30 July 2011

Must all conservatives answer for the actions of a psychopath? Anders Behring Breivik believed himself a Knight Templar and awarded himself various military ranks accordingly. He also believed that he… Read more


16 April 2011

‘I’m told you’re the one to watch,’ Julian Assange says when I introduce myself in the Green Room. ‘Likewise,’ I reply. We’re backstage at Kensington Town Hall on a sunny… Read more


The beautiful and the damned

26 February 2011

Fifteen million people visit Venice each year. They admire its buildings and its density of artistic treasures. But what makes people fall in love with it and what makes them… Read more


Jihad against justice

8 January 2011

For a jihadi, Britain is one of the very best places in the world. In Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, overhead drones kill terrorists on a regular basis. In most democratic… Read more

Costs in space

13 November 2010

‘Hello. Is that the European Union? This is Earth.’ It’s a conversation that could have happened at any time in recent years, but if the EU’s planned global satellite system… Read more


Blackballed by Cameron

9 October 2010

David Cameron’s Conservative party has several uniquely destructive traits. But perhaps foremost is that it believes the lies of its enemies. And even when it doesn’t, it panders to them.… Read more


Why can’t anyone take a joke any more?

14 August 2010

Most people reading this will at some point have had the misfortune to meet one of those piggy-faced people who at a certain point in the conversation says, ‘Excuse me,… Read more

We’ll never know the truth of Bloody Sunday

9 June 2010

On 30 January 1972, a 41-year- old man named Barney McGuigan stepped out from behind a block of flats in Londonderry. Some witnesses saw a white handkerchief in his hand,… Read more

‘A liberal mugged by reality’

23 September 2009

Irving Kristol didn’t coin the term ‘neoconservative’ but he was the first person to run with it. Although it was originally intended as an insult towards those alleged to have… Read more

Studying Islam has made me an atheist

29 December 2008

Douglas Murray says that he stopped being an Anglican after analysing Muslim texts and deciding that no book — of any religion — could claim infallibility Just over a year… Read more

America is still the nation whose eyes say ‘yes’

13 August 2008

Douglas Murray tours a country despondent about its presidential race and increasingly uncertain about Barack Obama. Yet the world still needs America’s strengths In front of me at the University… Read more

A film-maker who lives in the shadow of a fatwa

12 March 2008

Debate about Geert Wilders and his anti-Koran film Fitna is everywhere in Holland. Newspapers, television shows and private conversations are awash with apprehension. Since the murders of Pim Fortuyn and… Read more

A scholar who dares to look terror in the face

20 February 2008

Michael Burleigh is riding a career high. The author of the 2000 bestseller The Third Reich: A New History has just published the last of a gargantuan trilogy of books… Read more

A thoughtful man at the eye of the storm

7 November 2007

Tom DeLay has a slightly deflated air about him in the London club in which we meet. It might be the financial accusations and personal attacks made on him for… Read more


I am not afraid to say the West’s values are better

3 October 2007

Before sidling off into history last month, the Commission for Racial Equality published a final report. Decades of multiculturalism, it revealed, had left Britain a fractured and unequal nation at… Read more

Douglas Murray

25 July 2007

I am registered as a voter in Ealing-Southall and have a problem. Though a member of the party, I could not vote Conservative. The candidate put up by ‘David Cameron’s… Read more

Neither short nor sharp nor shocking

20 March 2004
A Baedeker of Decadence: Charting a Literary Fashion, 1884-1927 George C. Schoolfield

Yale, pp.415, 30

To be fair to him, George C. Schoolfield, of Yale University, does admit in his opening sentence that ‘movement’ may be too strong a word to describe the collection of… Read more