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A History of English Food by Clarissa Dickson Wright

12 November 2011
A History of English Food Clarissa Dickson Wright

Random House, pp.500, 25

It is where cookery is involved that tele-vision gives perhaps the greatest succour to the book trade. After Jennifer Paterson’s death in 1999, the remaining ‘Fat Lady’ barrelled into view… Read more

Bookends: Not just for Christmas

2 July 2011

Sticky at Christmas, packed in serried rows around a plastic twig in an oval-ended paper-wrapped box with a picture of a camel train; dates in childhood were exotic. The mystery… Read more

Bookends: The voice of the lobster

21 May 2011

In existence for over 250 millions years, lobsters come in two distinct varieties, ‘clawed and clawless’. Human predators tend to the flawed and clueless as they overfish and — since… Read more

A clash of commerce and culture

26 March 2011
Other People’s Money Judith Cartwright

Bloomsbury, pp.257, 18.99

Other People’s Money — and How the Bankers Use It by Louis D. Brandeis was a collection of articles about the predatory practices of big banks, published in book form… Read more

Bruising times

12 February 2011
The Champion Tim Binding

Picador, pp.434, 12.99

In a market town in Kent at the time of Thatcher’s Britain, Charles Pemberton attends the town’s minor public school where his businessman father is a governor. In a market… Read more


Wonders of the world’s fare

11 December 2010

It was a slender hope, a moment of lunacy really, but I picked up Reinventing Food – Ferran Adrià: The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat by Colman Andrews… Read more