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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.


Fraser Nelson

4 July 2015

‘Hello. I’m lesbian threesome,’ the young lady tells Taki. ‘And I’m Mongolian rampage,’ says the young man beside her. We’re at Jeremy Clarke’s book launch in the Spectator’s back garden,… Read more


'We need 10,000 mayors' - an interview with Steve Hilton

23 May 2015

‘Let me give you a Californian hug,’ says Steve Hilton, and I try my best to give him a Scottish one. We have met a few times before. He served… Read more


Left-wing populism is on the rise - and may take Ed Miliband to No10

18 April 2015

A spectre is haunting Europe — and knocking on the door of Downing Street. It has installed a president in France and a mayor in New York. It is causing… Read more


Alex Salmond sets out his terms for Ed Miliband

28 March 2015

‘Would you like a glass of pink champagne?’ asks Alex Salmond at 3.30 p.m., sounding very much like a man settling down for the afternoon. It’s Monday and Scotland’s former… Read more


A jobs miracle is happening in Britain, thanks to tax cuts. Why don't the Tories say so?

21 March 2015

Feeling the genitals of freshly hatched chickens may not be the most glamorous job in the world but at £40,000 a year it’s not badly paid. It requires some stamina:… Read more


The rich marry. The poor don't

15 November 2014

In the digital era, those looking for soulmates can be brutally clear about who need not apply. There are websites like Blues Match, for alumni of Oxbridge and Ivy League… Read more


Every 73 seconds, police use snooping powers to access our personal records. Who'll rein them in?

11 October 2014

At its peak, the Stasi employed one agent for every 165 East Germans. Spying was a labour-intensive business then — you needed to monitor telephone calls, steam open mail, plant… Read more


Primogeniture Chic

1 October 2014

If David Cameron seems at his most impassioned when praisingBritish entrepreneurs, it’s because he has two women very clearly in mind. One is his wife, Samantha, who joined the management… Read more

What's at stake

Spectator appeal: tell Scots why they should stay, and why Britain is worth saving

6 September 2014

It’s extraordinary to think that we could be 12 days away from the destruction of our country. The union of Scotland and England, perhaps the most successful and consequential alliance… Read more


Danny Alexander on Scottish independence, income tax, Nick Clegg and George Osborne

21 June 2014

Danny Alexander doesn’t suntan well, but he looks more freckly than normal when we meet in HM Treasury.  He’s just back from the seaside town of Nairn in the Highlands,… Read more

Beyonce in concert on her Mrs. Carter World Tour, Merksem, Belgium - 20 Mar 2014

Why Beyoncé is a conservative icon

3 May 2014

When Time pictured an underwear-clad pop star on its cover, hailing her as one of the world’s most influential people, it looked like a crass sales ploy. But in Beyoncé… Read more

brooks edited

Old Labour, New Danger

26 April 2014

A cruel new joke is doing the rounds about Ed Miliband: that the Labour leader is like a plastic bag stuck in a tree. No one is sure how he… Read more


Why David Cameron's 'Northern Alliance' may reshape Europe

1 March 2014

If David Cameron were to divide Europe up, he’d make some crude distinctions. There would be the basket cases, like Italy, Spain, Greece, France — examples, by and large, of how… Read more

Benefits Street

Benefits Street exposes Britain's dirty secret - how welfare imprisons the poor

18 January 2014

No scandal has been more successfully covered up than the appalling truth about what happens to Britain’s poorest people. We have, as a country, grown used to pretending they don’t… Read more


David Cameron on tax, coalition, ‘green crap’ and Team Nigella

14 December 2013

It’s 9.30 a.m. on a Friday and David Cameron is about to head for his Oxfordshire constituency and work from home. This is precisely the habit that his Cabinet Office… Read more


Boozy, druggy adults. Sober, serious kids. Welcome to Ab Fab Britain

9 November 2013

Twenty-one years ago this week a sitcom arrived on British television involving three characters so improbable that they held the nation in thrall. It had started as a French and… Read more

Annabel Astor

Primogeniture Chic

2 October 2013

If David Cameron seems at his most impassioned when praising British entrepreneurs, it’s because he has two women very clearly in mind. One is his wife, Samantha, who joined the management… Read more

What remains

The joy of 1995 Lagavulin

21 September 2013

In a small cupboard at the end of my office sits a bottle of 1995 Lagavulin, distilled in a Pedro Ximénez sherry cask. Just looking at it from my desk… Read more

fraser piece

To transform schools, sack bad teachers and hire great ones. It'll transform education - and the economy

15 June 2013

The Labour years can, in retrospect, be seen as a massive experiment into the link between cash and education. Gordon Brown almost doubled spending per pupil over the past decade,… Read more

Turkey: Eurovision Song Contest - Grand Final

Why Eurovision needs to be saved from the BBC

18 May 2013

Britain is a stickler for tradition and each May we now observe a relatively new one: we bomb in the Eurovision Song Contest. The protocol now is well-established. Our entry is… Read more


Why The Spectator won’t sign the Royal Charter

23 March 2013

Whatever else is said about David Cameron’s hand-ling of press regulation, there can be no doubt that the deal he struck on Monday demonstrated masterful sleight of hand. Just days… Read more


Budget 2013: How George Osborne ran out of ideas

9 March 2013

Before every Budget, George Osborne always seeks the advice of various MPs. He usually doesn’t heed it but it’s a good way, he thinks, to keep the troops happy. As… Read more


The unlikely revolutionary

15 December 2012

Behind Michael Gove’s desk stands an imposing McCarthy-era poster which says: ‘Sure I want to fight Communism — but how?’ In their less charitable moments, Tories may argue that his… Read more

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The coming showdown

17 November 2012

Angela Merkel is running out of nice things to say about David Cameron and the Tory rebels who are dictating his European policy. Der Spiegel magazine recently compared the British… Read more


Dave’s going down

6 October 2012

By now, it will be clear even to David Cameron that he is on course to lose the next general election. The British electoral system always was rigged against the… Read more