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Freddy Gray is deputy editor of The Spectator. He was formerly literary editor of The American Conservative.


The hottest tipster in golf

23 May 2015

Why would anyone bet seriously on golf? It’s fun to have a little punt on the big tournaments — but you’d have to be a moron to put real money… Read more


Hold your nose and bet on Team Ed

7 March 2015

Political betting is serious business these days. About £10 million’s worth of bets were placed on the 2010 election; this year the sum is expected to surpass £40 million. It can’t be… Read more


How the NHS silenced a whistleblowing doctor

3 January 2015

Almost two years ago, a cancer surgeon named Joseph Meirion Thomas decided that he could no longer keep quiet about what he regarded as a major abuse of the NHS.… Read more


How I joined the gym cult

22 November 2014

Something strange is happening to me. Instead of starting this piece, I have spent ten minutes exercising on my kitchen floor. I then check the MyFitnessPal app on my phone… Read more

Big Issue seller Steven jokes as he sell

Is the Social Economy boom just too good to be true?

8 November 2014

Have you heard about the Social Economy? It’s big stuff, apparently. Last year, it contributed more than £24 billion to the British economy, a sum which is expected to grow… Read more


Britain’s demographic timebomb (and how to profit from it)

13 September 2014

Demography is destiny, they say, and if that’s the case then Britain’s future looks wrinkled and grey. Today, one in six Brits is over 65. By 2050, on current trends,… Read more

Sweden v England - Group D: UEFA EURO 2012

Meet Alex Salmond’s secret weapon: the England football team

31 May 2014

Why did Alex Salmond choose this year to hold the Scottish independence referendum? People have said it is because 2014 is the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn, Scotland’s greatest victory over… Read more

England's national soccer team captain Bobby Moore

How to win the World Cup (in the betting shop)

24 May 2014

Summer is a difficult time for serious investments — it’s hard to be rational when hot — so why not try betting on the football world cup instead? Thanks to… Read more


Welcome to crypto-currency land

26 April 2014

These online crypto-currencies have made the financial world more fun. It’s all so gloriously bonkers. First there was Bitcoin, the ‘peer-to-peer’ online payment system founded in 2009. Almost nobody understood… Read more

Rotterdam 6 Day Cycling

Sir Chris Hoy declines to discuss Scottish independence

30 March 2014

‘As a heads up,’ says Sir Chris Hoy’s PR lady in that breezy-yet-bossy voice that is public relations, ‘Chris doesn’t answer questions that relate to politics or Scottish independence.’ Very… Read more

How to beat a robot bookie

22 March 2014

What does it mean these days to beat the bookie? Many of us like to imagine that winning a bet still involves trumping some wizened geezer and his chalkboard. In… Read more

Betting machines

A FOBT ban could be terminal for high-street bookies – and great for a Labour donor

22 February 2014

Hands up: who knows what a FOBT is? It stands for fixed odds betting terminal. No? Well, you should, because they are a serious menace to society. That’s what Ed… Read more

Bear-faced exploitation

Valentine’s Day

8 February 2014

One of the many things I love about my wife is that she doesn’t make me do anything for Valentine’s Day. Bloody Valentine’s. It brings nothing but resentment and misery.… Read more


The Frogs of war

7 December 2013

What happened to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys? Just over a decade ago, the French, having refused to join the allied adventure in Iraq, were the butt of every hawkish joke.… Read more


A sartorial service for hopeless men

30 November 2013

Like many men, I’ve never got used to the idea that Mother doesn’t dress me any more. I tried in my teens to establish a measure of sartorial independence by wearing… Read more


How we beat the Boche — at sidecar racing

9 November 2013

There’s courage, there’s fearlessness, and then there’s the sort of sublime audacity you need to do something like sidecar racing. Stan Dibben, 87, has it in spades. He won the… Read more


The Speculator: Why I get so excited at goalless football matches

2 November 2013

A successful gambler once told me: ‘Never bet on football, never bet on multipliers, and never ever bet on football multipliers.’ Multipliers, in case you don’t know, are those enticing… Read more

U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Launches National Loan Guarantee Scheme

The Speculator: Put a tenner on Osborne as next Tory leader

5 October 2013

When you hear the words ‘economic recovery’, do you think: ‘Great! Britain is on the mend’? Or ‘Damn! I should have bet on the Tories to win an outright majority’? If… Read more

At once exhuberant and understated: Rome

Notes on…Rome

31 August 2013

Leave Florence and Sienna to the aesthetes. Let the in-crowd do Naples and Palermo. For the amateur Italophile, Rome is the destination. The eternal city is endlessly glorious, chaotic, stylish… Read more


Boris’s Paris match: an interview with Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet

18 May 2013

It’s Monday lunchtime, downstairs in the Spectator office, and Boris Johnson is trying to flog a bus to a Frenchwoman. ‘What about the new Routemaster? It’s absolutely great, yup, fantastic,… Read more


Investment special: Confessions of a stock picker

4 May 2013

My name’s Freddy and I’m an online gambling addict. The problem started a few years ago when I opened an account on At first it was small bets on… Read more


Diarmaid MacCulloch: Am I anti-Catholic?

6 April 2013

Does being gay make you a better historian? ‘Immensely, immensely,’ says Diarmaid MacCulloch. ‘From a young age, four or five onwards, I began to realise that the world was not… Read more

Vatican State Secretary Cardinal Tarcisi

Sex, lies and the next Pope

2 March 2013

In a corner of the Sistine Chapel, below Michelangelo’s hell, is a door to the little chamber they call ‘the room of tears’. Some painter-decorators are in there, frantically doing… Read more


Israel Notebook

26 January 2013

Friday night in Jaffa, and it’s a party. Jaffa, to the south of Tel Aviv, is where the cool kids hang, apparently — think Dalston or the meatpacking district, and… Read more


The Pacific President

19 January 2013

On Monday, as Barack Obama is sworn in again as President, his allies in the West will ask themselves the same nervous question they posed four years ago: how much… Read more