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Quiet lessons for the political beginner – and a clip round the ear for senior players

29 October 2010

More concerned with posterity than Menzies’ memoirs and more of a narrative than Whitlam’s, John Howard’s autobiography shows he is still slightly surprised by the measure of his success A… Read more


Identity politics

17 July 2010
The Unknown Nation James Curran and Stuart Ward

Melbourne University Press, pp.326, $35.99

In the past half century, much ingenuity and humdrum effort has gone into redefining Australia as a nation. Politicians, intellectuals and advertisers have joined in the game of searching or… Read more

Identity politics

2 June 2010

The Unknown Nation: Australia After Empire by James Curran & Stuart Ward Melbourne University Press, $35.99, pp. 326, ISBN 9780522856453 In the past half-century, a lot of ingenuity and humdrum… Read more