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(Photo: Johan Persson)

Modern dance vs Shakespeare

19 April 2014
The Winter’s Tale Royal Opera House

In a dance world that has chosen to dispense with stylistic and semantic subtleties, ‘narrative ballet’ and ‘story ballet’ are often used as synonymous. Yet there are differences — and… Read more

Tabac Rouge at Sadler's Wells Theatre Photo: Richard Haughton

European postmodern dance can be just as boring as American postmodern dance

5 April 2014
Tabac Rouge James Thiérrée/Compagnie du Hanneton, Sadler’s Wells Theatre

What’s in a definition? As far as theatre dance is concerned, quite a lot. Labelling — and often labelling for the mere sake of it — is integral to our… Read more

Roberto Bolle in ‘Le Jeune Hommeet la Mort’ at the Coliseum

Kings of Dance: a show to keep the Sun King happy

29 March 2014
Kings of the Dance Coliseum

Louis XIV might have been a narcissistic and whimsical tyrant, but he did a lot for dance. An accomplished practitioner, he made ballet a noble art and turned it into… Read more


The dancers who said ‘no’ to postmodernism

22 March 2014
Pilobolus Peacock Theatre

It all started in 1971, when a group of physically and artistically talented youngsters decided to create a dance company and call it Pilobolus, after a fungus. Not unlike this… Read more

An ambassador for his art: Ivan Vasiliev

Ivan Vasiliev and Roberto Bolle: interview with ballet royalty

15 March 2014

In 1845, the theatre impresario Benjamin Lumley made history by inviting the four greatest ballerinas of the day to appeartogether on the stage of Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. It… Read more

Steven McRae in Frederick Ashton’s ‘Rhapsody’

Bach is made for dancing

15 February 2014
Royal Ballet Triple Bill Royal Opera House

It appears that J.S. Bach’s music is to theatre-dance what whipped cream is to chocolate. Masterworks such as Trisha Brown’s MO, George Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco and a plethora of less-known,… Read more

Dance_Fanfare LX_Anna Osadcenko, Evan McKie_7437(c) Stuttgart Ballet

Stuttgart Ballet - still John Cranko's company

30 November 2013
Stuttgart Ballet: Made in Germany Sadler’s Wells

Stuttgart Ballet’s rapid ascent to fame is at the core of one of the most interesting chapters of ballet history. Between 1961 and 1973, the year of his untimely death,… Read more

Zenaida Yanowsky (Photo: ROH / Bill Cooper)

The Royal Ballet's triple bill was danced to perfection

16 November 2013
Royal Ballet Triple Bill Royal Opera House

There was a time when the term ‘world première’ was not as fashionable as it is these days. Great works simply ‘premièred’, and their artistic status was not diminished by… Read more

Hannah Shepherd (Picture: Gabriele Zucca)

Is there or isn't there a hanged man in 'Sun'?

9 November 2013
Hofesh Shechter Company’s Sun Sadler’s Wells

Sun is one of those performances that confront reviewers with the eternal dilemma of whether or not it is appropriate to give things away. Yet a reference to what is… Read more

Junor Souza, Erina Takahashi, Alina Cojacaru and Vadim Muntagirov in Le Corsaire (Picture: English National Ballet)

A rich, colourful romp

26 October 2013
Le Corsaire Milton Keynes Theatre

Bold decisions are at the core of great artistic directorship. And Tamara Rojo, the ballet star leading English National Ballet, knows that well. Le Corsaire is not the usual ballet… Read more

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 12.11.05

Carlos Acosta’s Don Quixote lacks the wow factor

5 October 2013
Don Quixote Royal Opera House
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Sadler’s Wells

Superstar Carlos Acosta makes little or no reference to Don Quixote’s established history in his programme note about the genesis of his new ballet. As a dancer hailing from Cuba,… Read more

Ekaterina Krysanova and Vyacheslav Lopatin in Balanchine’s ‘Rubies’

A masterclass in stage presence from the Bolshoi

17 August 2013
Jewels Bolshoi Ballet, the Royal Opera House

Jewels is everything a George Balanchine admirer could ask for. The sumptuous triptych, set to scores by Fauré, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky, is a compendium of what Balanchine’s style is about;… Read more

The Bolshoi remains faithful to the classics

10 August 2013
La Bayadère; The Sleeping Beauty Bolshoi Ballet

Tradition is often frowned on. Yet, if properly handled, it can be sheer fun and pure bliss, as demonstrated by the Bolshoi Ballet’s current season in London. Far from being… Read more

Gusto galore from Boston Ballet

13 July 2013
Boston Ballet London Coliseum

Those who lament sluggishness in contemporary stagings of Balanchine’s ballets — and those who are responsible for it — should have seen and learnt from Boston Ballet last week. Forget… Read more

Dance: William Forsythe’s new work is choreographic narcissism

29 June 2013

As someone who once raved about William Forsythe’s innovative approach to ballet and fondly admired his groundbreaking choreographic explorations, I felt let down by last week’s performance by his company… Read more


Dance review: Raven Girl, Symphony in C

1 June 2013
Raven Girl; Symphony in C Royal Opera House

Last Friday, ballet’s overcrowded aviary welcomed a new addition: Raven Girl.  Sexy, sleek, troubled and troublesome, she is the creation of the bestselling author Audrey Niffenegger and Royal Ballet’s resident… Read more

Dance: Hansel and Gretel

18 May 2013
Hansel and Gretel Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

As far as memory serves, in my 46 years of being both in and at the ballet I have encountered only seven ballet adaptations of the Grimm Brothers’ Hansel and… Read more

Mixed blessings

23 February 2013
Ashton Mixed Programme Royal Opera House
Two Cigarettes in the Dark Wuppertal Tanztheater Pina Bausch, Sadler’s Wells

Last week, Sergei Polunin’s powerful entrance in Marguerite and Armand was saluted with a wave of electrically charged silence: not a cough, not a sound, all eyes glued to the… Read more

From Russia with love

9 February 2013
Onegin Royal Opera House

If you want to know what’s so great about John Cranko’s choreography, look at the opening phrase of the final duet in Onegin (1965). The male dancer encircles the ballerina… Read more


Bourne again

5 January 2013
Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty — A Gothic Romance Sadler’s Wells

While most theatres brace themselves for the annual invasion of prancing Nutcrackers and flying snowmen, Sadler’s Wells offers something that is mercifully not as sugary. Never-ending love and magic kisses… Read more

Captivating kaleidoscope

10 November 2012
Panorama Compagnie DCA, Sadler’s Wells Theatre
Royal Ballet Triple Bill Royal Opera House

When Philippe Decouflé first introduced the idea of sheer fun into the deadly serious business of postmodern dance-making, sceptics predicted that his comic strip and animated movie-like ideas would soon… Read more

Mixed bag

3 November 2012
Opposites Attract; Autumn Celebration! Birmingham Royal Ballet, Sadler’s Wells

Last year I raved about Birmingham Royal Ballet, their artistic drive, their freshness, their impeccable artistic eclecticism and, not least, their superb dancing. It was with such memories that I… Read more

Twin peaks

20 October 2012
Swan Lake Royal Opera House
Dance Umbrella Central St Martins

According to an old ballet commonplace, no one can beat the Russians when it comes to Swan Lake. Biased and historically inaccurate as this may be, the generalisation has a… Read more

American beauty

22 September 2012
San Francisco Ballet Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Tragically, the number of ballet directors who can orchestrate good programmes and good openings is dwindling these days. Helgi Tómasson, of San Francisco Ballet, is one of the few who… Read more

Grim realities

7 July 2012
Palermo Palermo|Triple Bill Sadler’s Wells|Royal Opera House

It was somewhat weird that Pina Bausch’s Palermo Palermo opened on the same night as Spain’s victory over Italy in the Euro 2012 final. After all, the Sicilian capital was… Read more