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Giles Coren eats fried seal loin with Eva Avila

16 February 2013

My week began on a plane to Quebec, where I’m filming a show for Canadian television. It is a broadcast pilot for a format of my own devising and, if it flies,… Read more


Fifty shades of Santa

15 December 2012

During a frantic online rummage for last-minute Christmas presents (I am too old to risk actually purchasing anything on the internet this close to the 25th, but I thought I… Read more


Not graphic and not novel

1 December 2012

As someone who once spent a whole summer refusing to leave the house in anything except his Superman costume (to be fair, I was only 23 at the time), I… Read more

Potty-mouthed and proud

1 October 2008

Swearing and shouting are underrated, says Giles Coren. Four-letter words can be immensely satisfying and extraordinarily effective When I was ever so small and sweet, romper-suited and frilly-booted and really… Read more