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A scene from the French Wars of Religion, engraved  by Franz Hogenberg

The Huguenots, by Geoffrey Treasure - review

24 August 2013
The Huguenots Geoffrey Treasure

Yale, pp.468, £25, ISBN: 9780300193886

France’s early 21st-century Protestants are eco-friendly, gender-sensitised and respectful of the Fifth Republic’s laïcité. But their ancestors were a less accommodating lot. La réforme in the France of the 16th… Read more


Ghosts of the Teutonic Knights

9 July 2011
Forgotten Land Max Egremont

Picador, pp.356, 20

Do the trees of East Prussia still whisper in German when the wind blows in from the Baltic and across the featureless plain? The Russian poet Joseph Brodsky thought so… Read more

Pastures new

12 March 2011
Exorcising Hitler: The Occuption and Denazification of Germany Frederick Taylor

Bloomsbury, pp.438, 25

On 20 September 1949, five days after his election as Chancellor of the newly created German Federal Republic, Konrad Adenauer addressed the Bundestag: ‘Much unhappiness and much damage’, he told… Read more


Beowulf: a digital hero from England’s lost culture

21 November 2007

‘Beowulf! How’s your father?’ shouts Anthony Hopkins as Ray Winstone steps out of the boat which has brought the Geats’ tribal leader from Sweden to Denmark. As a way of… Read more


Democracy can’t compete with the history of kings

10 October 2007

Archaeology in north-eastern Syria was once a poor relation to the great sites that lie to the south and over the Iraqi border. Southern Mesopotamia is long established as the… Read more

The Tories will need more national fear to win

12 September 2007

Only national insecurity will swing it for the Conservatives Ten years ago this autumn I started to write a history of Conservative government in the 1990s. Guilty Men was designedly… Read more


Please can we have our Enlightenment back?

4 July 2007

It must be odd being God these days. Revealed religion generally — and the Christian God in particular — are often in the dock, screamed at by literary types with… Read more

A Tory–Plaid Cymru pact?

25 April 2007

Liam Byrne says the English must be less apathetic about  the United Kingdom, and about the threat of Scottish independence that looms in next week’s elections One party rule sums… Read more