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A king hit to common sense

11 January 2014

Society has taken a wrong turn with our city streets filled with self-obsessed thugs bent on violence — and the answer is so startlingly simple. Let’s blame it all on… Read more

Industrial accident

9 March 2013

The Australian Labor Party is so blinkered by ideology that it is killing what is left of Australian industry. Even more remarkably, the party sees its position as a good… Read more

The new PC

16 February 2013

There is an old joke about acceptance of homosexuality that ends with the punchline: ‘Well it’s alright as long as they don’t make it compulsory.’ The gag is ubiquitous, but… Read more

Salem revisited

17 November 2012

The Prime Minister’s announcement this week of an open-ended royal commission into child sexual abuse will please many, but the inquiry has the potential to become the biggest witch-hunt since… Read more

Ray Martin and Malcolm Turnbull should grow up

27 January 2010

Memo to the television celebrity and failed Liberal leader: we’re not a colonial relic, argues Ian Moore  Outside of, at one time, choosing journalism as a profession, Malcolm Turnbull and… Read more