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Do not resuscitate

20 November 2010

No one can fault the doctors: they are using every tool available to them to save their very ill patient. But they will probably fail in their efforts to save… Read more

Picking losers

16 October 2010

So we are to have a new industrial policy, this one courtesy of the coalition government and, more specifically, George Osborne and Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and… Read more


What Washington thought of Cameron: smooth, genial, evasive — and tough

31 July 2010

He came, he saw and, to the surprise of many in Washington, David Cameron conquered. Those who have been exposed to his personal charm were less surprised. For them, the… Read more


Requiem for a heavyweight

12 May 2010

It’s a dirty business. When you’re on top, everyone wants something from you; when you’re not, well, as Billie Holiday says, ‘God bless the child that’s got his own.’ It… Read more


7 April 2010

This is the best time of year here in Washington. The weather is wonderful, the temperature and humidity not yet in the high 90s to which both will be heading… Read more

Who would lend to a bankrupt Britain?

9 December 2009

Alistair Darling’s budget forecasts assume that Britain can keep borrowing all it wants for the foreseeable future.We may not be so lucky, says Irwin Stelzer Federico Sturzenegger and Jeromin Zettelmeyer… Read more

Tips for the new US ambassador

30 September 2009

Obama’s man in London needs to stop bashing Bush, immerse himself in domestic political discourse, and get out and meet some true Brits, says Irwin Stelzer ‘He is not even… Read more

This shotgun marriage of minds between Labour and the Tories won’t last

22 July 2009

It just might be that out of the shouting at Prime Minister’s Questions, the sallies and charges, a set of sensible fiscal and financial policies is emerging. The leader of… Read more

No more consensus: this time there is a choice

24 June 2009

The next election will present voters with two distinct futures, says Irwin Stelzer: Labour’s rising taxes and love of the EU, or the Tories’ spending cuts and plans for the… Read more

This is how you should use your reprieve, Gordon

10 June 2009

Irwin Stelzer says the PM should seize the opportunity presented by this stay of execution: plot a path to fiscal sanity, cut red tape and restore Britain’s stature on the… Read more

Obama’s plan to turn America European

15 April 2009

Irwin Stelzer says that Obama’s budget shows that he wants to turn the United States into a European-style social democracy Congress has now gone through the Obama budget with what… Read more

Sarkozy’s dream of taming America is doomed

26 November 2008

The American model of lightly regulated capitalism may be in disrepute, says Irwin Stelzer. But the French President’s ambition is deluded French presidents/emperors are given to delusion. Napoleon thought he… Read more

The Tory quest for a fiscal Holy Grail is doomed

5 November 2008

Brown’s golden rules have been exposed as a sham, says Irwin Stelzer, but the Tory response has been feeble. Their target should be the PM’s feathering of Old Labour nests… Read more

Brown must stop sounding like a sore winner

15 October 2008

‘I was born for this moment,’ Gordon Brown is said to have told a small group at a recent dinner party. The Prime Minister is too keen a student of… Read more


8 October 2008

Gordon Brown’s critics are confused. For months they have been accusing him of dithering, of timidity, of being unable to make the bold moves that are needed if his government… Read more


13 August 2008

Irwin Stelzer reviews the week in politics  There are several ways one might look at Gordon Brown’s leaked plan to send £150 to each of the seven-plus million families receiving child… Read more

Obama and McCain offer a choice, not an echo

28 May 2008

In the Republican corner it is to be John Sidney McCain III, white, age 71. In the Democratic corner we have Barack Hussein Obama, black, age 46. No American election… Read more


Balls wants a 100 per cent tax on inherited brains

30 April 2008

Irwin Stelzer admires the Schools Secretary, and so regrets that his admissions policy prevents schools from taking account of a pupil’s prospects of success. Bad news all round Seemingly alone… Read more

Go nuclear, but keep your hand on your wallet

12 March 2008

John Hutton, the energetic Secretary of State for Business and a few other things, has reason to be pleased with the expressions of ‘significant interest’ in constructing new nuclear power… Read more

The economic consequences of Mr Brown

16 January 2008

Gordon Brown might be overstating his case when he ignores his Thatcherite inheritance and a benign global economic environment, and takes sole credit for Britain’s rather good economic performance during… Read more

Guess what? Gordon has done something right

5 December 2007

Spare a moment for a story in which Gordon Brown is the good guy. Not as exciting as tales of the money trail from David Abrahams to the Labour party’s… Read more


Brown has outsourced British foreign policy

21 November 2007

Now we know. Until now, we Americans have been wondering whether we were witnessing from the new boy on the foreign policy stage a cock-up or a considered change in… Read more


Listen to Adam Smith: inheritance tax is good

17 October 2007

Politics trumps economics. That’s the best summary of the Tory and Labour competition to pander to those who until now have been threatened with paying to the Treasury a portion… Read more

Brown and his critics must admit their errors

19 September 2007

Not even his severest critics doubt Gordon Brown’s intelligence. They might object to the causes in which it has been enlisted, but they knew that it is both formidable and… Read more

No more Mr Nice Guy

22 August 2007

Smile and shoeshine get you only so far in any business, says Irwin Stelzer. But Labour is still vulnerable if the Tory leader produces solid conservative policies David Cameron is… Read more