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Raving right-wingery?

29 August 2015

If we are to believe the ABC then this Abbott government is somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. It is a union-bashing, mysogynistic, Islamophobic, tax-slashing, international-law ignoring, cohort… Read more

It’s the swill, stupid

15 August 2015

It is easy to blame the lack of reformist zeal in Australia on the politicians, the politicians on both sides of the aisle. Low comparative productivity. Very high personal income… Read more

Wrong diagnosis, again

25 July 2015

Repeat after me. ‘Finding ways to raise more money for government is not the same thing as undertaking much needed reform.’ Say it again, and again, and if you happen… Read more

Steyin’ alive

18 July 2015
The (Un)documented Mark Steyn Mark Steyn

Regnery Publishing, 2014, pp.448pp, $29.95, ISBN: 978-1621573180

What are the odds that one of the world’s best political commentators happens to be an expert on the songs of Cole Porter? Or that he knows more about Frank… Read more

Mission impossible

27 June 2015

Tom Cruise has made an awful lot of commercially successful movies.There’s the one in which he cross-examines Jack Nicholson who yells back ‘You can’t handle the truth’. There are all… Read more

Big Easy notes

13 June 2015

I’m hoping that at least a few readers will be happy to hear that I survived my first ever trip to New Orleans, the Big Easy. My wife and I… Read more

Closing young minds

16 May 2015

Aren’t you wonderfully proud of this nation’s universities? Over there in Western Australia we see a Vice Chancellor on a seven figure salary cave in to people who oppose the… Read more

May day! May day!

2 May 2015

Readers will know there’s a big election pending in the UK, one in which a Conservative (albeit coalition) government is taking its record to the voters. That will happen on… Read more


GSTea Party

18 April 2015

Je suis Western Australian. I stand with them and against my own Queensland and all the other States. I refer to WA’s ‘Boston tea party’ complaints about the carve-up of… Read more

Hounds or poodles?

11 April 2015

Terry Barnes recently claimed (Hounding Abbott, 28 February) that a pack of ‘Jokers to the Right’ commentators think ‘it’s more important to correct [Team Abbott’s] errors than actually to win… Read more

Our Constitution and the Senate

4 April 2015

Most of the journalists in this country, and pretty much all of the ones who work for the ABC, basically haven’t got a clue when it comes to our Constitution.… Read more

Even the states dislike federalism

21 March 2015

Did any of you notice that the State of Victoria is now lobbying for national anti-bikie laws? Why, you might wonder. Victoria can pass any criminal laws it pleases. It… Read more

Let him who is without sin…

7 March 2015

Let me lay down two propositions. The first is that labour relations in this country are in a bad way, too centralised, too inflexible, too much a throwback to the… Read more

The Y.U.U.Y. disease

14 February 2015

Let me put my money where my mouth is and make this bold prediction. Tony Abbott can save his leadership of the Liberal Party, and his Prime Ministership. It is… Read more

Censorship guide

31 January 2015

Here is a wee little guide for all of you people who work for the ABC, or Get-Up!, or the Australian Human Rights Commission, or who happen to be some… Read more

Jarryd Hayne, meet Adam Smith

24 January 2015

Imagine that a Visiting Martian has just landed on earth. The first thing he or she does is to read Adam Smith’s magisterial The Wealth of Nations. Then our inter-planetary… Read more

Demonstrators wave posters reading ‘Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie)’, during the Unity rally Marche Republicaine in Paris in tribute to the 17 victims of the Charlie Hebdo killing spreeby three Islamist terrorists.

Responding to murderous bullies

17 January 2015

The Paris terrorists who murdered in the name of their religion opted to attack people who draw cartoons. They didn’t blow up an army base. They didn’t kill a President… Read more

Wicked versus Stupid

13 December 2014

Why is it so hard for those with ‘lefty’ political sensibilities to be funny when they write about politics? And why do those with ‘righty’ political sensibilities so frequently surrender… Read more

The Silence of the Barnes

29 November 2014

I had the great good fortune to play varsity basketball at university in Canada back in my youth. I was part of a team that practised six days a week… Read more

Freedom’s just another word

25 October 2014

Do you tend to judge people by what they say or by what they do? Imagine you and your spouse have neighbours whom you both really like. You’ve invited them… Read more

Cheques and balances

11 October 2014

Have you heard the news? The Upper House of the Commonwealth Parliament, our Senate, has decided to launch an inquiry into how one of our states is doing business. Yes,… Read more

A funny thing happened on the way to the Senate

27 September 2014

Australia’s Constitution copied much from the United States. We explicitly opted for an American-style federalist arrangement whereby only the centre’s heads of powers are listed, and what is not listed… Read more

Gillard Defeats Rudd In Leadership Battle

Tony Abbott – the new David Cameron?

16 August 2014

I remember when Tony Abbott won the leadership of the Coalition by one vote of caucus. I was a fan. Here was someone who was prepared to take a stand… Read more

Scottish diary

14 June 2014

Not so long ago I travelled to Dumfries, Scotland, the first leg of the trip being on an Emirates A380. This was my first time on the world’s biggest passenger… Read more


The devilish problem of Tasmania

22 March 2014

Now that the state election is over, and Tasmania has rid itself of 16 years of Labor governments, including a spell of genetically modified Labor-Greens togetherness, we will now be… Read more