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Long goodbye: Malcolm Fraser with Jimmy Carter

Radical nationalist

17 May 2014
Dangerous Allies Malcolm Fraser (with Cain Roberts)

Melbourne University Press, pp.360, $65, ISBN: 9780522862652

Many of Australia’s former prime ministers have been content to spend their political afterlife stoking the embers of their own legacy or feathering their own fiscal nests. Not Malcolm Fraser.… Read more

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No more pommy-bashing

26 January 2013

One of the great challenges for a revitalised republican debate is the task of coming to terms with the legacy of Australia’s British past, along with the doubt, discord and… Read more

Our greatest historian

19 December 2010

Reflecting on his life’s work, W.K. Hancock once recalled that during the years from 1925 to 1935 the study of nationalism was his ‘main preoccupation’. He ‘felt that nationalism was… Read more

By their Australia Days shall ye know them

28 January 2009

It was the historian Ken Inglis who said that by ‘studying people’s ceremonies of leisure one may get closer to understanding them’. If we are to take the advertising campaign… Read more

Rudd is right to clock up the frequent flier miles

3 December 2008

No PM has travelled more in his first year, but Mr Rudd’s foreign visits are more than tourism, says James Curran As the report cards continue to be handed down… Read more

Leaders old and new debate identity’s birth

19 November 2008

James Curran on Rudd and Keating’s dispute over the significance of Gallipoli to the national psyche In the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, Australians witnessed a public stoush between… Read more

Rudd’s wartime roleplay is his link with history

29 October 2008

Kevin Rudd’s $10.4 billion injection into the economy to shield Australia from the icy gales of the global financial crisis brought with it more than just higher personal approval ratings.… Read more