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James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in the Mail on Sunday.

John Prescott and Alistair Darling Join The Scottish Labour Battle Bus

'There's no one left to tell the truth': how Scottish unionism lost the plot

13 September 2014

This is really happening. The Scots could vote to end the greatest, most successful union in human history next week. Westminster has, at last, woken up to this threat and… Read more


Why many Tory MPs think they'll lose – and some want to 

6 September 2014

The general election is now Ed Miliband’s to lose. This is not a controversial statement: the polls say it, the bookmakers say it and in the last week several of… Read more

Prime Minister David Cameron Spends A Holiday In Cornwall With His Family

Why this could be David Cameron's last summer in politics

2 August 2014

At this time of year, whenever you see a British politician looking particularly busy, you can take it as a sign that they are about to go off on holiday.… Read more

Downing Street Prepares For Cabinet Reshuffle

Parliament's next crisis: a dangerous shortage of middle-aged men

26 July 2014

The House of Commons is off for the summer. But few MPs and ministers expect to make it through to September without the House being recalled because of the grim… Read more


Gove, gone

19 July 2014

‘There’s no shame in a cabinet to win the next election,’ declared an exasperated senior No. 10 figure on Tuesday night. This week’s reshuffle was not one for the purists:… Read more

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg First Speech After European Elections

Angela Merkel is losing patience with David Cameron again. This time, it's a good sign

12 July 2014

In recent weeks British government visitors to Berlin have been confronted with a persistent question: when will David Cameron make up his mind about who he’ll send to Brussels? Picking… Read more


Without Scotland, England will be a weedy laughing stock

5 July 2014

On 19 September, people over all Britain could wake up in a diminished country, one that doesn’t bestride the world stage but hobbles instead. If Scotland votes to leave the… Read more

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang In The UK For First Official Visit

George Osborne's been playing politics since he was 12. Now, finally, he's winning

28 June 2014

George Osborne’s first taste of political leadership came aged 12. At his prep school, Colet Court, he took charge of a party for school election in 1983. The Chancellor’s chosen… Read more

Peshmerga fighters provide  outside of Mosul which is currently under control of ISIS militant Photo: Getty

How the Westminster hawk became an endangered species

21 June 2014

There is a slight whiff of the summer of 1914 to Westminster at the moment. The garden party season is in full swing and the chatter is all about who… Read more

Jo Johnson and David Cameron Photo: Getty

The English question (and why David Cameron really doesn't want anyone to ask it)

14 June 2014

Before David Cameron heads off for his summer holiday, he’ll be presented with a first draft of the Tory manifesto by Jo Johnson, Boris’s younger brother and a cautious, well-organised… Read more


Nigel Farage is becoming his party's David Cameron (and that's a good thing)

7 June 2014

There are many words that you might associate with Nigel Farage, but moderniser probably isn’t one. Yet the Ukip leader is embarking on the process of modernising his party. He… Read more

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Speech On International Development

Why no one’s ready to oust Nick Clegg (except the Tories, of course)

31 May 2014

Nigel Farage is pretty good at giving people hangovers, and on Monday morning all three Westminster party leaders woke up with one. Ukip’s victory in the European elections represents the… Read more

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Unveils New Campaign Poster For European Elections

'Every pub is a parliament': on the campaign trail with Nigel Farage

24 May 2014

Ambushing your opponent’s walk-about is a classic tactic of the political insurgent. When a major party leader comes to town, you position guerrilla campaigners on his route, near the cameras.… Read more

Nick Clegg To Launch European Election Campaign

Nick Clegg's weird war with a former Gove adviser

17 May 2014

We’ve come to expect strange things from coalition government, but the events of the last few days have been particularly odd. On Saturday, several newspapers contacted the Department of Education… Read more

Decisive moment: ‘Closing the Gates of Hougoumont’, by Robert Gibb     Photo: National Museums Scotland

Meeting George Osborne at Waterloo

10 May 2014

The defence of Hougoumont is one of the great British feats of arms. If the farmhouse had fallen to Bonaparte’s forces during the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon’s 100 days would… Read more

The Conservative Party Annual Conference

Revealed: George Osborne's plan to become Foreign Secretary

3 May 2014

Confidence is coursing through Downing Street at the moment. The economy is growing at a good clip and senior Tories feel more optimistic than ever about the result of the… Read more

David Cameron And George Osborne Speak To Staff At Skanska

David Cameron must tackle the optimism deficit

26 April 2014

There is an optimism deficit in British politics. Politicians seem incapable of making a positive argument for anything, including the country itself. The British government’s case in the Scottish independence… Read more

(Photo: Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty)

How David Cameron does God (even when his Chancellor wishes he wouldn't)

19 April 2014

If Ed Miliband wins the next election, he’ll be Britain’s first atheist Prime Minister. It is a sign of how social attitudes have changed that Miliband feels comfortable wearing his… Read more

Jeremy Browne Photo: AFP/Getty

Could Jeremy Browne be the anti-Nigel Farage?

12 April 2014

Conviction politics is back. The two men making the political weather at the moment, Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage, both serve their politics neat. They have no interest in any… Read more

Duke Of Edinburgh's 90th Birthday

Two coming revolutions: in election tactics, and in Whitehall

5 April 2014

This is a unique moment in British politics. All three major parties have a realistic prospect of being in power after the next election, but they are all acutely aware… Read more

Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Has Ed Miliband's luck finally run out?

29 March 2014

Ask anyone in Westminster about the obstacles to a Tory victory in next year’s election and you’ll hear a well-rehearsed answer. The constituency boundaries are so ancient that Labour can… Read more

The Chancellor George Osborne Prepares To Give His Budget To Parliament

The risks for Osborne now he's back on top

22 March 2014

The old Budget traditions are dying off. No Chancellor has observed Budget purdah, the tradition of not speaking about the economy for two months beforehand, since Norman Lamont. These days,… Read more

Education Secretary Michael Gove Speech On Education Reform

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the return of Tory wars

15 March 2014

From the moment he took his job, Michael Gove knew that he would make energetic and determined enemies. The teachers’ unions, local councillors and even his own department all stood… Read more


Patrick McLoughlin on HS2, rebellion and Ukip

8 March 2014

It was, perhaps, inevitable that heading to interview the Transport Secretary I would end up stuck in traffic — so by the time I reached Patrick McLoughlin’s office, I was… Read more

Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

Welcome to the age of four-party politics

1 March 2014

Two things will make the next general election campaign quite unlike any previous election in this country. The first is that we now have four-party politics right across Britain. In… Read more