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Get fracked!

2 February 2013

Brisbane-based Linc Energy’s media release last week suggesting there could be in the order of $20 trillion worth of shale oil sitting under Coober Pedy set markets a-flutter and, for… Read more

Resistance is futile

12 January 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up at the start of the year to a bunch of newspaper articles about freedoms restored and taxes lowered? Yeah, I know, keep dreaming.… Read more


Radio daze

15 December 2012

It is a bizarre world we live in where Julian Assange can be hailed as a hero for exposing military secrets and putting Western soldiers in danger, but a couple… Read more

Weird mob

8 December 2012

Australians — sophisticated Australians, that is — have always yearned for their country to be more like Europe. From the cultural cringe to broadsheet columnists retailing their European houseguests’ shock… Read more

Rondo à la Turkey

17 November 2012

Ah, spring. That magical time of year when the clocks change, the leaves return, and the cranks come out to complain about Halloween. Close readers of the broadsheet letters pages… Read more

Urban grillers

8 September 2012

Remember when anti-Americanism was cool? Ten years ago, the broadsheet press and the ABC had not yet decided it ought to be illegal to make fun of the Prime Minister,… Read more

Lost in the smoke

25 August 2012

Imagine, for a moment, you were in charge of cutting Australia’s already quite low smoking rate. Would you a) spend a vast amount of time and treasure attacking the packaging… Read more

The crying games

11 August 2012

Australia, it can safely be said, has some issues to sort out when it comes to self-image. While thinking of ourselves as rugged and individualistic, we accept that being surveilled… Read more

All choked up

28 July 2012

In 1961, as word filtered back to the White House that the CIA-backed attempt to overthrow the new dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, had turned into a bloody and embarrassing… Read more

Backyard blitz

14 July 2012

Forget the Murray River carp, the feral cat or the Queensland cane toad. These days, the most despised species in Australia — if the newspapers are to be believed —… Read more

Say no to Nanny

23 June 2012

First they came for the smokers, and I did not speak out because, with the exception of the occasional Montecristo at somebody’s bucks night, I was not a smoker. Then… Read more

Bully for you

2 June 2012

By any normal ordering of things, a state government which swept into office with one of the largest Parliamentary majorities in Australian history, and whose predecessors were so decadent by… Read more

Happy meals

12 May 2012

Australia’s army of amateur food writers have a chance to show up the professionals How long has it been since you opened up your local newspaper, turned to the food… Read more

Hubris, meet Nemesis

28 April 2012

The PM’s tactical victories are leading it to strategic defeat, as the Peter Slipper disaster shows Pride goeth before a fall, counsels the Book of Proverbs. Hamlet spoke of being… Read more

Brave old world

21 April 2012

Worried about your carbon footprint? Concerned that even after sitting around a candle-lit organic restaurant eating mung beans donated by the local community garden collective to mark Earth Hour you… Read more

Cherchez l’argent

31 March 2012

Monday night is the night Australia’s chattering classes get their marching orders. After a good warm up with the evening news and 7:30, there’s Australian Story, Four Corners, Q&A and,… Read more

Let’s get out of this hellhole

17 March 2012

It is a peculiar feature of history that acts of lone madmen should have the power to change the course of events, because they explode the comforting myth that rational… Read more

Shut up, they explained

10 March 2012

The Finkelstein inquiry isn’t about protecting the truth – it’s about silencing dissent Back in what was to them the bad old days of the Howard government, the Australian Left… Read more

Hearts and minds

18 February 2012

Rather than weakening it, regular conscience votes could strengthen the two-party system – and Australian democracy Australians, let us be frank, do not hold their politicians in high regard. Whatever… Read more

The trail goes cold

4 February 2012

The Met Office has given climate sceptics some powerful arguments – not that you’d hear about it in the local press Armchair philosophers of old used to ask whether, if… Read more

Here’s a tip

21 January 2012

George Calombaris stirred the pot, but he’s right about regulated labour laws The lunch, at a famous Sydney restaurateur’s eponymous eastern suburb diner, was not complicated. A bowl of soup… Read more

Culinary complacency is killing Sydney restaurants

8 January 2010

James Morrow on why the city’s best dining is no match for that of Melbourne, Brisbane or the rest of the world There is a conventional wisdom around Australia’s eastern… Read more