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The troubled ex-informers neglected by MI5

15 August 2015

When a terrorist group is active in the UK — as Islamist extremists and dissident republicans are at the moment — there is no more essential figure in the prevention… Read more


The DUP’s Nigel Dodds may soon be propping up the Tories. What does he want?

25 April 2015

Nigel Dodds, the Democratic Unionist Party leader at Westminster, is reflecting drolly on his party’s recent popularity: ‘I certainly think that the last year or two has been remarkable in… Read more

Yoga For Dancers

Belle Gibson and the pernicious cult of ‘wellness’

28 March 2015

Belle Gibson was a publicist’s dream: a ‘wellness guru’ and young mother with a wholesome blonde beauty, a wide white smile, and just enough tattoos to look modern. She had… Read more


The Tory barrister who defended the Krays and Dennis Nilsen on why Chris Grayling has gone too far

10 January 2015

I’m standing with Sir Ivan Lawrence QC in a narrow room at his Pump Court chambers, examining an oil painting sent to him from Broadmoor by his former client the… Read more

String Telephone.

The agony of dying gadgets

29 November 2014

It’s hard, being a technophobe today. The condition is defined as ‘a fear, dislike or avoidance of new technology’, which in slow-moving times — involving a popular shift from the… Read more


Does Jonathan Powell really want to negotiate with the Islamic State?

18 October 2014

I think I’ve finally worked out the time-honoured Jonathan Powell formula for promoting a new book: take which-ever group constitutes the most bloodthirsty terrorist organisation of the day — in… Read more


So, Ken Livingstone, do you like Boris personally? 'No'

13 September 2014

I am standing outside Ken Livingstone’s family home in a pleasant row of terraces in the multi-ethnic, north-west London suburb of Willesden Green (commemorated in the novel White Teeth by… Read more


The terminal confusion of Dignity in Dying

5 July 2014

If you were around in the days when the US series M*A*S*H was a regular feature on British television, its sing-song theme is probably still lodged in your memory: ‘Suicide… Read more


Malcolm Gladwell is wrong about the Irish

12 October 2013

Malcolm Gladwell, the curly-haired, counter-intuitive guru of modern thought who wrote The Tipping Point and Blink, certainly has a readable style, and often a striking way of turning received notions… Read more

Seamus Heaney, Recipient of 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature, In Bologna

Seamus Heaney's poems are for Protestants too

7 September 2013

The one and only time I met Seamus Heaney, in 2007, he was making tea in the kitchen of his Dublin home when he asked — more modestly regretful than… Read more

Is the cupcake invasion over?

Jenny McCartney

22 June 2013

The calendar of British summer events often involves a master class in surviving a deluge cheerfully, and recent years have tested that cheer almost to destruction. On Saturday it was… Read more


2 April 2011

At what age is one officially expected to embrace adulthood, in these days of perpetually extended adolescence? I turned 40 last week, so I suppose that this is crunch time.… Read more


Mr Powell’s ‘talking cure’

21 August 2010

I’m beginning to wonder where I can go this summer to get away from Jonathan Powell. Suddenly Tony Blair’s curly-haired former chief of staff is everywhere, bursting out of newspapers… Read more

Jenny McCartney

2 April 2005

My husband and I have a week’s holiday, and we have told everyone who asks that we are going to Marrakesh. We haven’t bothered booking, of course, because we are… Read more