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For speaking frankly about the NHS, I was first silenced and then pushed out

8 August 2015

On 31 March, I walked out of the Royal Marsden Hospital in London for the last time, after 28 years as a consultant cancer surgeon. At the age of almost… Read more


I got a call from Jeremy Hunt about health tourism — but he still doesn't get it

2 November 2013

On Monday morning, Jeremy Hunt’s diary secretary rang me to arrange a time for me to speak to the Secretary of State over the telephone. I had already received an… Read more


The wrong way to fix the NHS

17 August 2013

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, is a decent and well-meaning man. He’s genuinely excited about the new, radical reforms planned for the NHS which he announced last weekend. I have… Read more


How NHS health tourism is costing us billions: a surgeon's story

6 April 2013

When David Cameron proposed toughening the rules that govern foreign nationals being treated for free by the National Health Service, he faced — as one might expect — a barrage of criticism.… Read more

Royal Sussex County Hospital, UK

Free riding foreigners: the next NHS scandal

23 February 2013

A fundamental and enduring principle of the NHS is that it is ‘free at the point of use’. All major political parties subscribe to this mantra and none dare challenge… Read more