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‘About time too!’: Joan Collins curtseys to Prince Charles

25 April 2015

The day of my investiture at Buckingham Palace dawned bringing freezing rain and fierce winds, which lashed at the windows as I regarded the outfit I had painstakingly planned —… Read more

Photo: David Benett/Getty

Joan Collins

13 December 2014

Every year Christmas comes earlier and earlier in America. Cards, baubles and imitation trees were being sold in the big department stores in August, and the street decorations have been… Read more

The Spectator Magazine Summer Party

Joan Collins

12 July 2014

Can there be anything more perfect than early July in London, when the sun is shining, the sky a cloudless azure and the temperature hovers in the mid-seventies? Sorry, I… Read more

Freddy Highmore and Vera Farmiga star as Norman and Norma Bates in Bates Motel

Joan Collins

26 April 2014

Ahh! Spring has sprung at last! Or has it? Leaving a warm and sunlit London last month we expected balmy weather in Los Angeles but the skies were grey and… Read more


Joan Collins's notebook: Captain Phillips is great, but Gravity sent me to sleep

16 November 2013

All eyes on the Philippines this week, and rightly so. Godspeed to those American and British ships making their way to the devastation in Leyte and Samar. It’s sad, though,… Read more

Joan Collins

Joan Collins’s notebook: Fighting libel and rude houseguests

17 August 2013

I recently had to spend a great deal of time attempting to clear my name from a ludicrous assertion in an actress’s memoir that I and my then husband Anthony… Read more


American Notebook

15 December 2012

I bumped into Steve Martin dining with Eric Idle at a Beverly Hills boîte, as one does. ‘I really enjoy your Spectator diaries,’ said Steve. ‘And I,’ said Mr Idle.… Read more

The Queen and I

2 June 2012

Well it’s all too terribly, terribly exciting: 60 glorious years on the throne of England and almost more than that in my consciousness. I first became aware of the then… Read more


A star at Christmas

17 December 2011

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the Beverly Hills bitches are out and about in full force and full maquillage. Driving their Beemers and Mercs with maniacal intent, they hit the… Read more


With Great Pleasure

12 November 2011

The Luxuries I can’t live without – and those I’d like to live with The most luxurious thing in my life, these days, is time. The hours too quickly melt… Read more

Joan Collins

3 September 2011

Saint Tropez is as bawdy as ever, so we spend most of our time tucked away in the hills. But even our monk-like existence sometimes requires some amusement and when… Read more


Christmas on stage

18 December 2010

Thanksgiving is always a huge deal in the US and this year was no different, except for the fact that the media were full of dire warnings about the inconveniences… Read more



24 July 2010

Wandering around the Canal at Little Venice many years ago, a young bohemian started chatting to me. After telling me he was an artist and lived nearby, he invited me… Read more


31 March 2010

My dear LA agent told me that out of the 60 or 70 TV pilots cast this season, 80 per cent of the roles were for men. The other 20… Read more

Christmas in L.A.

14 December 2009

When my daughter Katyana was eight years old she fell into a coma in hospital. I would not allow any of the medical staff around her to talk about her… Read more

Joan Collins

29 July 2009

As the President of the Associates of Rada and an ex-Rada student, I was asked to make a speech about my days at the academy for the third-year students and… Read more


1 April 2009

I’ve always believed that corruption in government, banking and politics in the Western world was just an interesting device in movies or a twist in a John Grisham novel. However,… Read more

Obama Notebook

28 January 2009

As Obama-mania engulfs America, I feel that I’m living in the middle of a historical bubble. As Obama-mania engulfs America, I feel that I’m living in the middle of a… Read more

Christmas in L.A.

15 December 2008

Christmas always comes early to Los Angeles. In fact, the slightly tacky decorations hit the lamp-posts even before Thanksgiving. But the really good thing about this time of year in… Read more

Joan Collins

16 July 2008

We’re back in St Tropez after a whirlwind week in London. The party season is in full swing so I dipped my toes in a couple, and what a difference… Read more

An Actor’s Life

14 May 2008

Joan Collins lives an actor’s life Channel surfing on a rainy afternoon, I zeroed in on an old black-and-white movie that looked quite interesting, and with a wonderful cast too —… Read more

Joan Collins

27 February 2008

We woke up early on Oscar morning to see the hills of Hollywood wreathed in fog, clouds and spitting rain. I shivered in the unseasonable freezing weather. ‘Should be fun… Read more


A star at Christmas

12 December 2007

In Los Angeles last month we were wined and dined and mulligan-souped up to our eyeballs. Los Angelenos love entertaining their visitors and even though I’ve lived on and off… Read more


A stay in St Tropez

10 October 2007

When people think of St Tropez they imagine a life of total hedonism, but that’s not always the case. Sure the beaches are thronged with gorgeous tanned topless girls (and… Read more


Riviera notebook

15 August 2007

The shiny new ‘Vodka Palaces’ lie scattered across the bay of St Tropez like the discarded toys of a spoiled child. The shiny new ‘Vodka Palaces’ lie scattered across the… Read more